Brad Pitt Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The 'Fight Club' Actor

One of the sexiest actors alive, Brad Pitt is the man of dreams for many women worldwide. Find out the net worth and other facts about the 'Fight Club' actor.

By Amanda Palmer
Brad Pitt Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The 'Fight Club' Actor

Who is Brad Pitt?

William Bradley Pitt commonly known as Brad Pitt is an American actor and film producer. He is often considered as one of the most good looking men in Hollywood and his looks have inspired countless magazine covers, media and Internet shrines. His charm, charisma and looks have in a way camouflaged his acting skills and has often had people drooling over him! The actor has had a very successful life and to sum it all up in a single page could be very tough. Pitt got his breakthrough as the wickedly charming drifter who seduces Geena Davis and then robs her in the movie, 'Thelma & Louise' in 1991. Soon after he became one of the most sought after actors in Hollywoood. He spent most of his 90s being lauded as Robert Redford's apparent heir to the sexiest man alive. Brad Pitt was also seen in the 2004, epic period film, 'Troy'. 'Troy' was a war film directed by David Benioff. Pitt got into production and is as keen on producing movies as he is in acting. Pitt's production company, 'Plan B Entertainment', produced a lot of movies in 2010 including, 'Kiss-Ass' and 'Eat Pray Love'. 'Plan B Entertainment' was founded in November, 2001 by Brad Grey, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Pitt is best remembered for his 2009 film, 'Inglourious Basterds' which did a whopping $320 million business at the box office. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, 'Inglourious Basterds' was bizarre, bold and bloody just like of his other films. Brad Pitt has also rendered his voice for a couple of roles and also worked behind Dreamworks Animation's 'Megamind'. His movie, 'Fury' was released in 2014. Brad Pitt stars in the lead role in this Drama/action 'Fury' movie which got the Critics Choice Award for the Best Action movie. William Bradley Pitt was born in 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States. Pitt has been married and divorced twice. He was first married to actress Jennifer Aniston in 2000 and they got divorced in 2005. He next married actress Angelina Jolie in 2014 but divorced her in 2016. Brad Pitt has six children with Angelina Jolie. Their wedding was private affair in 2014 in Chateau Miraval, France. Pitt does a lot of charitable work for the society. He supports the ONE campaign, an organization which works to combat poverty and AIDS in the world. Pitt will next be seen in 'World War Z 2' set to release in 2019. 'World War Z 2' is a science action film and is the next installment of the franchise, 'World War Z'. Pitt will also be seen in 'Ad Astra' in 2019. 'Ad AStra' is also an American epic science fiction thriller film.

Net worth

American actor and film producer, Brad Pitt has an estimated net worth of $240 million. The actor has earned this huge net worth through his endorsements, film productions and acting career.

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Some interesting facts about the actor

Everything about the famous Brad Pitt seems interesting. Every bit of news and every notable event in his life are worth knowing. Following is a brief collection of some interesting facts about the actor: * Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma but brought up in Missouri. He became a Gun owner at the tender age of 6. He acquired his grandfather's shotgun and said that it is a rite of passage in Missouri to inherit your ancestor's gun. * When only two weeks were left for Brad Pitt to earn his graduate degree in journalism, he packed his bags and headed to LA to become an actor. * The actor had to struggle in the initial days of his career. He supported himself by working for El Pollo Loco where his job was to wear a chicken suit and dance around to attract potential customers to the restaurant. * He had his debut in 1987 in the movie 'Hunk' which went un-credited. He got recognition later from 'Thelma & Louise'. * While he was filming for the movie, 'Seven', he broke his arm and his injury had to be written into the script. * He got many lead roles after 'Thelma & Loiuse' but his major work came as a supporting role in Terry Gillliam's, '12 Monkeys' for which he got an Oscar nomination. * Brad Pitt has been banned from entering China after he played the lead role in the movie, '7 years in Tibet', the movie is all about China's controversial takeover of Tibet. * The actor was initially in a relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow and Juliette Lewis before getting into a relationship with Friend's star Jennifer Aniston. He married her in Malibu, California in 2000. * The actor quit drinking after his split with Angelina Jolie. He has been relatively candid about his drink and drug abuse in the past. * Pitt is currently working out custody details with his ex-wife. Both of them do not wish to take the matter to the court and sort it out amicably between them. * Pitt has resorted to therapy after agreeing to going through a mid-life crisis in his life. He says that a lot has gone in his life in a short while and he is enjoying therapy a lot. * As far as his interest in music goes, Brad Pitt loves listening to Frank Ocean.

Brad Pitt has worked hard his way to the top. He has garnered more attention for his romances than for his acting skills. The actor with his chiseled good looks has been aptly ranked as one of the sexiest men alive by the Empire Magazine in 1995. The actor has won the hearts of millions with his charitable work. May he continue to entertain his fans with his good work!