Mia Swier Wiki: Everything To Know About Darren Criss's Girlfriend

Darren Criss and Mia Swier have been dating since 2010. Curious about Darren Criss’ girlfriend? Read on to discover all you need to know about Mia Swier.

Mia Swier Wiki: Everything To Know About Darren Criss's Girlfriend

Get to Know Darren Criss' Girlfriend, Mia Swier

Mia Swier and Darren Criss have been dating for several years now, but not much is known about the actor's long-time girlfriend. Perhaps this is because unlike Criss, Swier works mostly behind the scenes. Let's get to know more about the love of Darren Criss' life, Mia Swier.

Mia Swier's Early Life and Education

Mia Swier is a TV writer and producer. She was born in Alabama on the 1st of September in 1985. Swier attended New York University where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies in 2007. While studying at NYU's Steinhardt School for Media Studies and Television Production, Swier gained work experience at various television networks such as ABC, NBC, and USA Network. She also attended New York Film Academy and became an intern for “Saturday Night Live.”

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Relationship with Darren Criss

Mia Swier has been the girlfriend of Darren Criss since 2010, even before Criss made his debut on "Glee." The pair has kept their relationship private until around 2013. Criss, born on the 5th of February in 1987, is an actor and a singer who portrayed the character of Blaine on “Glee” from 2010-2015. He is also part of a band and a co-founder of theater production company called StarKid Productions. Criss has performed in several theater plays including "A Very Potter Musical," and more recently, "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." Because Criss played an openly gay character on "Glee," some people wondered about the actor's sexual orientation and relationship status. Around 2013, Criss finally admitted that he was in a long-term relationship with Swier. Swier and Criss have yet to collaborate on a film or music album. Nonetheless, the pair is frequently seen side by side in red carpet events and music festivals.

Career in TV and film

Mia Swier has dedicated most of her life to the media and entertainment industry. Swier started Effin Media, a film production company, together with co-founder Dan Bricker in 2009. She has co-written and directed several films including “A (Not So) Civil Union” and “Somewhere Between.” She has also participated in The Tribeca Film Festival as a volunteer. Swier has also done work for countless TV shows. Some of these TV shows are Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Tony Awards, The Daytime Emmy Awards, The Thanksgiving Day Parade, The NFL Kickoff, The Tony Danza Show, Nashville Star, and One Life to Live. She has also worked for White Cherry Entertainment. Swier has also worked as a producer for Showtime Networks. Her work can be seen in many programs and documentaries such as Dexter, Homeland, Californication, Weeds, House of Lies, Shameless, The Borgias, The Twilight Saga, Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, The Real L Word, Web Therapy, The Franchise, Gigolos, and The Green Room. To add to her already impressive resume, Swier has directed short films and music videos. One of the music videos that she directed is for the song "I Don't Belong to You" by Keke Palmer. Until 2015, she worked as a producer and writer for Fox Networks. Swier was involved in the production of several popular TV programs including Glee, Scream Queens, Gracepoint, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Raising Hope, and The Following. Currently, Swier is based in Los Angeles. She is the founder and director of Von Glitz Productions, a Los Angeles-based company that she founded in 2012.

Career in Music

Just like Darren Criss, Mia Swier loves making music. Aside from working in TV as a producer and writer, she is also a talented rock and roll musician. She is a bassist and a vocalist. In 2009, Swier formed an alt-punk garage rock band called Shoot the Freak. The band consisted of Mia Swier, Garrett Cillo, Alberto Duhau, and Devon Johnson. After Shoot the Freak disbanded in 2012, she started an all-female band called Guns n' Hoses. It was a tribute band for Guns n' Roses. The other band members were Charlene Kaye, Erin Marsz, Emmy Wildwood, and Gina Ilasi. Swier was also the vocalist of another rock band, Mad Moon Riot. She left the band in 2015 due to issues with her work schedule. Swier uses the stage name Mia Von Glitz. She is fond of wearing fishnet stockings while performing on stage.

Net Worth

Currently, there is no information regarding the net worth of Darren Criss’ girlfriend Mia Swier. On the other hand, Criss has a net worth of about $3.5 million.

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Instagram and Social Media

Mia Swier, unlike her boyfriend Darren Criss, does not normally post pics on social media. In fact, she does not have an Instagram account. But if you want to see more pics of Swier, then you can just visit Criss’ Instagram account since he usually posts pics of him and his girlfriend. Swier does have a Twitter account though. You can follow her @miavonglitz.

What's Next for Mia Swier and Darren Criss?

Mia Swier and Darren Criss have been a couple since 2010, so many people are wondering what's next for the pair. They have kept their relationship strong for many years, which is quite rare for a young couple in Hollywood. So, who knows? Could they get engaged soon? We can only wait and see.