Who is Karen Gillan And Whats Her Net Worth?

Who is Karen Gillan And Whats Her Net Worth?

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Who is Karen Gillan And Whats Her Net Worth?

Who is Karen Gillan

You may know her as Amy Pond from BBC One’s series Doctor Who. Or maybe as the mesmerizing Nebula from Avengers: Infinity War. Karen Gillan is a 32-year-old actress from Scotland who has made it big in the acting industry.

Her Rise to Stardom

Modeling Career

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This sci-fi actress is known for her prominent roles in the film and television industry. Even though she is recognized for her outstanding performances on the big screen, in her early years she pursued modeling for a bit as well.

In the year 2007, at the ripe young age of 19, she was scouted by a modeling agency. This was a year after her first on-screen appearance. She launched into the modeling world at the 2007 Fashion Week in London. Even though she took interest in this fashion and glamour field, she has stated on multiple occasions that she prefers her acting job to her modeling professional life. Her focus and drive have always been directed at establishing her career as an actress.

All we can say is this woman slays at whatever she does because her work as a model is simply stunning.

First On-Screen Appearance

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Karen got to appear on the screen for the first time back in 2006. Her first role was in the television series Rebus. The show was based on a novel written by Ian Rankin with the same title.

Our radiant redhead celebrity appeared on the second episode of the series’ third season. This episode was called A Question of Blood. She played the character of Terri Cotter as a guest appearance. We wonder if Gillan thought that was how far she would get because look at her now. It goes to show the smallest win can trigger a chain of events leading to greatness.

Rebus was a crime-solving series. The show revolved around a detective named John Rebus solving some spine-chilling crimes. It was set in Edinburgh.

Her Big Break

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There was one role that set off the multi-talented actress on to the path that would eventually result in her landing an integral character in the multi-billion dollar Marvel franchise. Karen Gillan was cast as Amy Pond, the Time Lord’s assistant and partner in 2009.

The Doctor Who series is arguably one of the most popular shows produced by BBC One. She accompanied the Eleventh Doctor in his travels through time and space. According to the opinion of many Doctor Who fans, the eleventh doctor has been the best.

Karen Gillan played her character, Amy, in the series for three years from 2010 to 2013. Although she did play Soothsayer in a previous episode of the BBC One show titled ‘Fires of Pompeii’. After 2013, her character left the show. When she was asked if she will return to her roots and be a part of the Doctor Who universe once again after her success, it was clear that nothing of the sort was planned at least for now.

On Stage at Broadway

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Apart from on-screen fame, Karen Gillan has also had her time performing on stage. Before her Broadway role, she played the part of Shirley in the play “Inadmissible Evidence” in the year 2011. 

Two years later she made her first Broadway appearance in November of 2013. The play was titled Time to Act. She was a powerful presence even in the short amount of theatre she has participated in. Nevertheless, landing a role and getting to act it at Broadway in the Big Apple is something aspiring actors can only ever dream of. Time to Act was a part of “The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway”. This colorful project was meant to advantage the Urban Arts Partnership which is a non-profit.

Directing her Film

Karen’s talents as an actress aside, in 2018 she not only acted in the film but also directed and produced it. This girl is just the perfect example of an all-rounder champion. Her work ethic something we can all look up to.

The film had a title of “The Party’s Just Beginning”. She played Liusaidh, a woman who hates her boring job at a supermarket. To cope with the loss of her best friend due to suicide, she indulges in heavy drinking and has numerous casual hookups. Until a stranger comes into her life and things get shaken up.

Karen Gillan has performed in many other movies and TV shows including The Circle with her costar Emma Watson and Oculus, a horror film. She even has a music video and a radio show under her belt. Let’s just make this clear Karen worked her way up in the industry and her rise to stardom is not surprising given her various talents.

In the world of Jumanji

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Gillan made her way into the latest Jumanji movie, with the title “Jumanji: The Next Level”. She acted as the heartthrob Ruby Roundhouse and left fans mesmerized by not just her looks. Her stunts were incredible, and we wouldn’t want anyone else to play the role.

Just like every other actress who has made it big in Hollywood, Karen Gillan had to face her fair share of rejection. When she got the role though she didn’t think it would make her an action star. Gillan said in an interview that the ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ role had even more training than its prequel as well as for her role as Nebula which involved a lot of fighting.

But when she was asked if she had taken on any new skills due to the film, she happily responded in the affirmative. Through all the stunts, fighting, running, jumping her favorite happened to be the nunchuck wielding. She was proud to have adopted such a cool skill and oh Lord are we impressed!

The Mysterious Nebula

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If you have only seen the 32 years old actress perform in the Avengers movies, you may not even recognize her if you saw her on the street! Gillan got to portray the misfortune daughter of Thanos. If you are not familiar with the Marvel universe, Thanos is one of the main villains of the franchise.

He has two daughters; Nebula and Gamora. They are made to fight each other and well you can say they have some major daddy issues. Every time Nebula fails, her father replaces a part of her body for machinery. This sad role was beautifully illustrated by Karen’s talented acting.

Something you may not know is that the actress was so dedicated to the role that she agreed to shave her entire head! I mean I don’t know about you but to me, that is a commitment to a dream. The Guardians of the Galaxy movies would not be the same without her.

Current Status and Her Upcoming Movies

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In December 2019, Karen voiced the character Eyes in the animated film; “Spies in Disguise”. It was a witty and charming performance and this Scottish actress showed us that her talents are not limited to on-screen acting. She works with a voice acting role just fine.

Her most recent work includes the movie released earlier this year in February titled “The Call of the Wild”.  It is based on a fascinating novel and follows the story of a very special canine who accompanies an old man on a dangerous adventure. The NY Times describes it as;

“A defanged and updated version of Jack London’s classic novel doesn’t lack for excitement.”

Gillan plays the role of Mercedes who is one of the owners of the remarkable dog, Buck. She lives in New York at the moment but moves back and forth to LA as her job requires.

We are beyond excited to see her new project Gunpowder Milkshake. It is an action thriller directed by Navot Papushado in which she will be acting alongside Lena Headey. You heard that right the spellbinding actress who played Cersei Lannister. This is a film you will not want to miss out on.

Net Worth

With End Game making a whopping 2.798 billion US dollars and the new Jumanji moving reigning in 962.1 million US dollars, Karen Gillan’s net worth will not come as a surprise to fans. Now here’s the big number you all have been waiting for. Currently, in the year 2020, rising star Karen Gillan’s net worth stands at 2 million dollars.

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In our opinion, Karen is a very talented young actress who deserves all the hype she can get. Her roles in these hit blockbuster movies were well deserved. We hope to keep seeing her shiny, bubbly face on the big screen. Stories like hers go to show how stars are just people with talent who give their all to chasing a dream.