Zara Carr Wiki: Net Worth, Social Worker And Facts About Leslie Phillips's Wife

Get to know more about Zara Carr who is the wife of Leslie Phillips. Below are facts about her and her husband that you probably didn't know.

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Zara Carr Wiki: Net Worth, Social Worker And Facts About Leslie Phillips's Wife

Zara Carr: Actor Leslie Phillips' wife

Leslie Phillips has been entertaining fans for generations. There are people who grew up watching him on television and they will continue to do so until his acting days are through. For now, however, Phillips is still around and stronger than ever. Life is funny in a way with some people wishing they could live longer when resting on their death beds in anticipation of what they didn't wish for, their, last dying breath. There are those who live longer, and still try to find happiness and one of these men is 93 years old. Phillips’ story is all about love and his successful career as an actor where he has built a decent net worth. His love life, however, is quite tragic as he has had three wives this far. His first wife was Penelope Bartley whom he married in 1948 and divorced in 1965. He married his second wife, Angela Scouler, in 1982, but she committed suicide in 2011. Phillips married his third wife, Zara Carr, who is a social worker, in 2013. Not much is known about Zara Carr as she has concealed much about her life on Facebook. She joined the popular social network, Facebook just after it became active around 15 years ago but being the wife of Leslie Phillips, it’s probably important to dig into Phillips’ past. When you check his photos in from the 1990's, you might think Phillips grew up in a wealthy family, but that’s not the case and the photos tell a different story. In reality, Phillips came from a poor background. He was born in Tottenham, and he is the son of Cecelia Margaret and Fredrick Samuel Phillips. Samuel Phillips worked at Glover and Main, a manufacturer of cook stoves in Edmonton. The conditions of the factory caused Fredrick Phillips to suffer from edema and he died when he was 44. In 1931, the family moved to Chingford before settling in Essex where Phillips attended Larkswood Primary School.

Leslie Phillips studied at Conti Academy

Leslie Phillips' mother decided that he should be sent to Italia Conti Academy for him to lose his natural cockney accent. At the time, an aspiring actor was required to have a regional accent and it proved to be an astute thought. By the time Phillips turned 14, he was the family’s breadwinner and he saved his mom from penury. He earned his first role in 1936 but rose to prominence in the 1950's when he starred in 'Carry On' and the series 'Doctor.' He also earned roles in the 'Harry Potter' series and many other television sitcoms and by the time he retired in 2013, he had already made a decent worth by staring in many films and television shows.

Leslie Phillips’ second wife committed suicide because she was depressed

A former actress in a James Bond movie, Angela Scoular lost her life after she drank drain cleaner that contained 91% sulphuric acid. Scoular had fought manic depression and alcoholism for years and weeks before she committed suicide, she was notified that the bowel cancer that she had undergone chemo and radiation treatment for had come back. The day Phillips wife died, he served her breakfast in bed, and she gave him no indication that she wanted to take her life. She had made an attempt before and had been taken to a counselor. The actress played Ruby Bartlett in Bond’s film, 'On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.' She found a bottle of One Shot drain cleaner and she drank from it. She then ran outside, poured the some of the corrosive liquid over her body and fell down the steps of her house in Maida Vale, fracturing some of her bones and her spine. Phillips thought that his wife was still in their bedroom where he left her when he was alerted by a neighbor who called for help. When he went outside, Phillips found his wife outside as she lay sprawled on the ground covered with acid and blood. He tried to help her by pouring water over her burns, but it was already too late.

She was pronounced dead in hospital

His late wife was just 65 when she was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead just two hours later on April 11, 2011. She suffered severe burns to her throat, lungs, and vocal tracts and the doctor gave her just a slim chance of survival. The coroner, Dr. Fiona, recorded a verdict where she stated that Leslie’s wife killed herself because her mind was disturbed. The report was given at Westminster Coroner’s Court. Scoular’s son, Ian, was told by the coroner that his mother was an extraordinary woman and a successful actress who fought with a mental problem for most of her adult life though in the end it finally defeated her. Leslie Phillips was ill and didn’t attend the inquest, but he released a statement stating that when he saw his wife with whom he had spent 35 years, she was lying on the low end of the steps, and she was in a shocking state. He mentioned that she had been an alcoholic for years, but on the day she died, she had not taken any alcohol. He, however, doubted that Angela had confused the drain cleaner for something else and that she had not talked about committing suicide. Phillips also revealed in the statement that his late wife was an alcoholic when he met her and she would return to drinking every time she tried to abandon it.

Leslie Phillips married Zara Carr at the age of 89

Phillips and Irish social worker, Zara Carr got married in December 2013. Carr was the one who was taking care of Phillips after his second wife committed suicide. Phillips was 89 years old when he maried Zara Carr who was in her fifties. He joked that he didn’t even know the age of his social worker wife, who had not even revealed her age on Facebook. Phillips, who is a self-proclaimed ladies man said that people wouldn’t be surprised to see that he got married again. He also said that his relationship with his social worker wife, Zara Carr had developed over time from just a friendship. Speaking to 'Sunday Mirror,' Phillips said that Carr, who he knew through Facebook looked after everyone including him and their relationship didn’t just happen right away. They became friends and learned to appreciate and love each other until they decided that they wanted to get married. The pair first had a civil ceremony at a Mayfair Library in London and invited friends and family to St. Mark’s Church, also in London. Their buffet was done sausage rolls, and quiche and the reception was in a church hall with plastic chairs. Some of the family members who attended Carr and Phillips’ ceremony was their great grandchildren, grandchildren and three of his four children with his first wife that died in her 50's after she suffered a stroke. It was at the reception that Phillips said that he didn’t know the age of Carr because he was brought up not to ask a lady’s age and so he didn’t. He added that age wasn’t important to him and that Carr was a very special person to him and nothing else mattered. Later in the evening, photos were taken. The news about Phillips marrying Carr came out two weeks before the wedding. Phillips, who retired from acting has had one of the longest careers in acting and he surprised everyone when he announced that he was engaged to Carr. Carr, who is Turkish-born also shared the good news on her Facebook page and that she was the one watching over Phillips. She helped him overcome Angela’s death, something that left the actor heartbroken and devastated.

Leslie Phillips has watched his loved ones die

Phillips second wife was not the first person he lost because he has seen many of his loved ones die and yet, he still maintain his strength. Phillips father died of rheumatic fever which he contracted while working in a factory. One of the things he has never been able to forget is the open coffin in the front room and the body of his father in it. His ears and nose had fungus growing in them because his body had not been attended like it’s supposed to be attended to at the morgue. After his father died, he and his two siblings had to go and work to help make ends meet. His father encouraged him to begin acting which he did, and soon after leaving Italia Conti stage school, he was one of the highest paid theater actors. He made a net worth starring in black and white movies and he was making far more than everyone in his home combined. He married Bartley in 1948 and she divorced him in 1965 accusing him of cheating on her with Caroline. They stayed in touch afterward and he looked after her after she suffered a stroke. Bartley later died in tragically, in a fire. Another death that broke Leslie Phillips heart was the death of his mother who inspired him and watched his stage career. She used to buy her own tickets and when she was 92, some teenagers mugged her of her bag and she didn’t want to give it up. The bag carried things her son had given her so the muggers dragged her along the road and the old woman broke several of her already weak bones. She lived for a few weeks before she succumbed to her injuries. It was the first time ever in her life that she visited a hospital. Phillips’ sister, Doris took care of their mom and she would never get over the fact that her mom was no more. Soon after the death of her mother, Doris died of a stroke.

Leslie Phillips, Zara Carr and money problems with his children

The world was probably shocked to learn that Leslie Phillips had married Zara Carr who is more than 30 years younger than he is. Phillips, himself, probably felt that it was right to approach his 90th birthday with a familiar twinkle in his eye and a younger bride by his side. Days after they exchanged vows, even before the ink was dry on the marriage certificate, some of his children were ready to defend what they felt was their inheritance. Philips looked content to be married once again and was living with his bride in his shabbily elegant home. The wedding was fantastic and he confirmed that as he sat on his antique chair and that it was the most wonderful day of his life. He said that Zara Carr was an incredible girl, that she was lovely and that he didn’t feel like there was anything else he needed. He reached for Carr’s hand whose ring finger sported a square cut diamond ring. There is something exciting about Phillips as he is a gentleman who likes to treat his wife with old-fashioned courtesy as well as consideration. In return, he enjoys when he is being looked after and for the first time ever, he and his wife are living a quiet life together. Neither of them drinks alcohol, they believe in God and they go to church together Both of them appreciate and love one another unconditionally. Phillips also noted that no one wants to be alone and he thought the idea of getting married to Carr was cool. He added that he and Carr never thought about their ages when they married. Speaking of people who criticized his marriage, he asked if it bothered anybody, apart from the nosy and critical ones. Phillips spoke of his children and told 'The Daily Mail' that he had four children and grandchildren who were over 30 years of age in number. He looks at all of them and feels thankful for his not only his life, but his career spanning over eight decades. Did you know that he has starred in over 120 films? He made a successful transition from comedy to acting roles and he has made quite a net worth over the years. When he announced that he was getting married to Carr, all his children were surprised that he had another woman. He felt that they wanted to control him and Leslie wasn’t happy about it. He knew that they were concerned about him, but he also felt that it was partly financial and they wanted to protect the net worth he had made in his career from anyone else. His eldest child is around 70 years old, currently and Zara Carr is about 15 years younger than him, so it looked like his children were afraid that Carr would maybe have a share of their inheritance. None of them understood that their father’s greatest fear was spending his life in a residential home and he was lucky to have Carr. His children are busy and live their own lives and they now had to worry less because Carr would be there to take care of him. Phillips said that the only reason they were giving him so much attention was because he had quite a bit of money in the bank and they were afraid that Carr was only in the marriage to inherit the money after the death of their father. If he didn’t have any, they would probably left him alone though he told 'The Daily Mail' that after his death, Zara will be provided for because he fought for that and he has remained strong despite the ordeal.

Zara Carr and Leslie Phillips are not the first couple to share a huge age gap

Love is keeping Phillips young and healthy and but his marriage to Carr wasn’t the first case where an actor married a younger woman. He decided to marry her after his great friend, Peter O'Toole passed away the weekend before their wedding. He stated that he realized he didn’t have much time left to live and he wanted to make the most out of his life. He was attracted to Zara and looking at their photos, you couldn’t help but notice that their chemistry was strong. It’s said that an acceptable age gap is someone’s age plus seven years on top of that. This is according to 'Mirror' and Phillips is certainly not the only actor who proved that number wrong. Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver, a make-up artist, have a 46-year age gap as the actor is in his 90's. Another actor who has a younger wife is Alec Baldwin whose wife, Hilaria Thomas is 25 years younger than he is. Tom Cruise was 42 when he married Katie Holmes who was 26. Another actor who has married a younger man is Joan Collins. She was 68 when she married Percy Gibson who was 36. The list goes on and that is a clear indication that age is just a number. All those stars love to take photos together meaning they could care less. If people love one another, is there any reason they shouldn’t be together?

Zara Carr, Leslie Phillips’ wife’s net worth

Carr’s net worth is not clear but her husband, Leslie, has a net worth of $82 million dollars, a fortune he has made as an actor.

Zara Carr is probably the kindest person Leslie has ever found and they look happy together. Let no man separate what God has set together. You can check Carr’s photos on Facebook.