5 Magic Sex Spells To Attract Casual Sex & Maybe Even Love

Are you looking to have casual sex? Maybe even find love? By the end of this article you will have mastered the love and sex spells. Which will you try first?

By Lisa
5 Magic Sex Spells To Attract Casual Sex & Maybe Even Love

Sex Spells for casual sex and possibly love

Tired of being in a crappy relationship? Are you ready to just have some casual sex with no strings attached for a while? Maybe you are looking to attract a man that you have been eyeing at you favorite hang out spot. Or, maybe you just want to have sex with the hot person that sits at the end of the bar every friday night. With these magic spells you now have the courage to go over there and talk to that person. Then you need to try some spells that will get you to have sex with no strings attached for as long as you want. They might even lead to love. It is how you go about the spells. I will give you the ingredients for the spells as well as tell you how to use them and make them. Magic is a powerful thing so make sure this is something that you want to do.

Sex spells

You have someone in mind that you want to sleep with. No strings attached! There are many spells that will help you achieve that goal. You will need to be very specific in what you want. Magic is serious and can also be a lot of fun at the same time. You will need to get all the ingredients and follow the rules to the tee. They will be great for casual sex or possibly even love for that special someone you have in mind. How you know it works: You are ready for your night out on the town. You have rubbed yourself down with the oil of your choice and are ready to get your sex on. You are at the bar and having drinks with your potential suiter. You are having a really good time and you think that the magic spell is starting to work, so you make your next move. You ask him to come back to your place for meaningless sex. He says YES!! The spell has worked and you are both satisfied.

Oil Spells to get the causal sex you want

These oil spells are very effective. You will need to be very specific in what you want from the spell and go all out. You will first need to take a shower and rub and scrub everything. Once you have dried off, then you need to take the oil of your choice. The oils you should use are a fast luck oil or a come to me blend. You can get them at any occult store or you can make your own with the same ingredients. THe ingredients are common herbs and spices. Take the oil and rub it from your feet to your head and chant what you want to happen. For example, say you want to meet a man and fuck him tonight. Be very specific in what you want. After you have done that, get dressed and ready to go hit the town.

Candle spell to attract someone

For the candle spell you will need: 1 red candle, 2 pins, paper and a pen and a kiss me now oil. You can get the oil at an occult store. Start by writing the name of that special someone that you want nine times on the piece of paper while also writing your name across his name on the piece of paper. Dab the four corners of the paper with the kiss me now oil and fold it towards yourself three times. Carve your name and that special someone names on the sides of the candle. Hold the candle so that it points out and away from you and drop the kiss me now oil stroking it toward yourself nine times while chanting who you want at the same time. Take the pins and stick them in the candle to form an X. Put your piece of paper under the candle and chant the desire of casual sex out loud.

Meditating sex spell

In order for this spell to work, you will need to become relaxed and become one with yourself. You will need to stop what you are doing and meditate. Get so relaxed you will hear nothing around you. Once you have done that, you need to chant the specifics on what you want to happen. For example, say that you want to meet a special someone or if you have someone in mind chant his name over and over. Next you will need to get ready for the night, put on some come get me oil and hit the town and find that someone that you want to be with.

Enchanted sex spell

Hold a pink candle in your hands and chant the name of the person you want to have sex with. Then take your oil and rub it on the candle while still chanting the name of the person you want to sleep with. While you are chanting and rubbing the oil on the candle be very specific in what you want to have happen at the end of the night. Once you are done with that get your best clothes on and go hit the town and find that someone that you want to be with for the night. Who knows it might even turn into love and you end up together for a long long time. If you are looking for a one night stand with no strings attached, then you should try this spell. It is not only the spells that work but what you are chanting that will bring you what you want. If you know who you want than you need to say their name over and over, if you just want to have sex with someone you need to be specific about the kind of man you want. For example, tall, dark and handsome. Rich and hot. Whatever you desire. Just make sure this is something that you want to do. You need to go for the gusto and go all out. Make sure it is with someone you are attracted to at the very least.

The best sex spell

I feel that the best sex spell is to be yourself. Get all dressed up in your best outfit and your best perfume. Put your makeup on and do your hair. Go to your favorite hangout spot and work your magic. Being yourself is the best magic spell that you can use. Does not mean that you can not be a little mysterious and seductive to add to your great attitude and look. I bet you will have every guy drooling over you and wanting to take you home with them and do naughty things to you all night long. Being yourself is the best magic spell that there is. You can always have fun and be yourself.

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Sex spells to attract casual sex or maybe even love

You are sick and tired of crappy relationships with the wrong person. You just want to have some fun for awhile. So why not try something new and see what happens? Magic spells can be very strong so make sure it is something you are ready to try. If you just want to have some fun for a while, give it a try. Why not? Right? You can have all the fun you want. Love happens in mysterious ways. You could be having casual sex and find the love of your life. Just be ready for what is about to come to you. Magic spells are very powerful and can yield exactly what you have chanted about. Make sure you are ready for what is about to come your way. Make sure to have fun and enjoy doing them.

Have you ever considered that the things you desire might just be...meant to be? 💎 Today I realized just how much patriarchal bs conditioning I was fed about what my desires meant about me. 💎 In a nutshell, they meant I was sinful, that god was outside of me, that I needed to consult this thing outside of me to make sure it was in alignment with what “it” wanted for my life...wherever that was?! 💎 And all this did was result in me not being able to trust myself, to go after what I wanted, because maybe what I wanted wasn’t meant to be or even worse, maybe what I wanted was wrong! 💎 So I lived many years experiencing way more grief, pain, and unhappiness than was ever necessary. 💎 Today, I was guided by my coach into a chat with my inner teenager. In this talk, adult Lacey had the opportunity to teach teenager Lacey all the things about desire that I wish someone would have taught teenager Lacey. In coaching, we call this re-parenting. It really is possible to undo the bs we were taught and integrate new empowering truths into our lives. 💎 For the past 5 years, I’ve known that desire is divinely inspired, but I never knew it in my bones and I never had all parts of me on board with that truth until today. In other words, I wouldn’t have desire if having it didn’t lead me to my and everyone else’s highest good. 💎 I encourage you to sit with this mantra in meditation or breath work for a few moments, “If you want it, it’s meant to be!” You really are that powerful. And see what comes up! 💎And also, totally unrelated aside, If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Lacey, wtf is this jade egg stuff and does it really work?” Then join me on FB and IG Live at 10:30am CDT Tuesday to ask all your Jade Egg Q’s and get them answered!💎

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It worked!

You used one of the spells, and it Worked!! You have never been more satisfied and happy in your whole life when it comes to casual sex. You got the person you have been crushing on in your bed. Now hopefully it will lead to a long loving relationship that you have been hoping for. If not, oh well at least you got to sleep with him for one night. You could also keep using the spells on him to see where it leads. IF you want him more than one time. There are some many spells to keep someone engaged in you. You can do what you want the spells are endless.



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