Mark Mitten Wiki: Producer, Net Worth, 'Abacus: Small Enough to Jail' & Facts To Know

You are about to know all about Mark Mitten, the producer of the film, Abacus: Small Enough to Jail. His net worth has not been revealed yet.

By Jesse
Mark Mitten Wiki: Producer, Net Worth, 'Abacus: Small Enough to Jail' & Facts To Know

Mark Mitten: Producer of Abacus: Small Enough to Jail

If you have watched “Abacus: Small Enough to Jail,” a documentary about Abacus bank in Chinatown and that has been nominated for an Oscar 2018, you perhaps know its producer, in case you cared to check, Mark Mitten. Mitten has been a producer for a while now, and he is the one who has produced most of the documentaries that Steve James directed. James is also a producer just like Mitten. Not only is Mitten a producer, but he is also an author of some of the best-selling books in America. His first book is “Sipping Whiskey,” which was published in 2012. Mark Mitten was born in Texas but was raised up in Colorado. He grew up serving in his church and volunteering. Mitten might have been like T.D Jakes or Joel Osteen if he would have seen the religious potential in him because the current Mitten is just a writer, singer, and producer instead of a preacher with a whole mega church. The reason it was worth mentioning, Mitten graduated from Moody Bible Institute. He holds a bachelor degree in theology. He even progressed to acquiring a master’s degree in religious studies from Liberty Theological Seminary.

Facts about the producer

Mitten is a folk singer

Mark Mitten’s real intention was to become a teacher, but art had a louder calling, and soon after graduating, he was lining up for auditions. Mitten has appeared on many Colorado-based independent movies. Moreover, he is a musician. When Mark Mitten was 20, he took his grandfather’s guitar and trained on how to play it for six months. To date, he has four solo albums and a folk-rock collaboration. Mitten is a great singer and songwriter, and he states that he specifically makes folk music. The author and musician performs in small venues and shows. However, he doesn’t perform much in Minnesota and hopes to find a band to play with because he believes that a band gives a whole new life and experience to music. To him, music is just another way of making his net worth.

He is a great author

Mitten has a couple of books that he has marketed on his Facebook page. Some of them are “Hard to Quit,” and “Sipping Whiskey.” Mitten states that his whole life is connected to the American West. Being born in Texas and grew up in Colorado, of course, laid the groundwork for Mitten being a westerner. Mitten also said that he worked with horsed when he became an adult, worked in barn management at several therapeutic centers and even his better half, is the director of We Can Ride, a therapeutic riding center. Mitten said that he spent some time before publishing his first book to figure out the publishing process. He was lucky to work with Sunbury Press a publication which gave him some creative control on his books. Mark Mitten also stated that there was a difference between a publisher and a publicist. Authors who were starting were supposed to market their own work, and so he took to popular social media sites like Facebook to market his books. The books have contributed to his net worth.

Mitten loves mountain climbing

Mitten has climbed all the 54 summits of the Colorado mountains. It took him almost 20 years to climb all the peaks. Mitten and a friend used to climb rocks when they were in high school. His first climb was the Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs. Mitten has even climbed the Devils Tower National Monument situated in Wyoming. He still plans to climb in Grand Teton National Park. Mitten and his wife met when they were in college. He was head mountaineer at Colorado Springs while she was the head wrangler. Being on the same field of work worked their chemistry. Afterwards, he was promoted to the senior climbing instructor of the Bear Trap Ranch. Since then, Mitten and his wife have been working together in other facilities.

He is the producer Abacus: Small Enough to Jail

If you remember the mortgage crisis that happened around ten years ago, you must have heard that some banks were involved. However, it’s only one bank that was indicted, the Abacus Federal Savings, a small New York bank that was trying to grow. Some major banks managed to save themselves. Mitten so an opportunity of telling a story of a bank that the media never talked about. He was fascinated by the story himself and the family that owned the bank, who happened to be his friends. It was critical to have the Sung family, Abacus’ owners cooperate with them in the making of the movie. They were however committed to having the story told even though they never knew what the outcome would be. It was hard for him to get the Manhattan District Attorney to tell his side of the story. Abacus: Small Enough jail is nominated for the Oscar 2018.

His net worth

The producer’s net worth is not revealed, but judging by his past work, he must be having a net worth to hold on to.

Mark Mitten might not be the best producer in the world, but he is one man with so many things that he can do. We can all sit back and wait to see if we will be treated to another documentary from Mitten.