Lauren J. From The Bachelor: Everything To Know About The Contestant

33 year old Lauren J is an American woman featured in the TV show 'The Bachelor'. Find out more about this soft-spoken woman, including her net worth.

By Dagmar Thomson
Lauren J. From The Bachelor: Everything To Know About The Contestant

Everything to Know About the Contestant Lauren J

Lauren J is a 33-year-old woman who stars in the famous TV show called ‘The Bachelor’. She was born in February 1984. Lauren J currently lives in New Roads, Los Angeles. She previously lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Ventress, Louisiana. Lauren J has different nicknames like Lauren Renee Jarrean or Lauren Renee Jarreau. Her religion is Christianity and she is an Asian American. Lauren J was once married in the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. It is unfortunate that the relationship did not last for long and the details are still not clear. Lauren J stayed in Las Vegas for almost nine years after moving from Louisiana. She worked at Wynn as a model server for some time after its launch. Lauren J loved staying in Las Vegas that even after moving back to Louisiana, she still goes there to visit.

Lauren J’s Path in Education and Net Worth

In 2006, Lauren J graduated from LSU with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She decided not to further her education but instead chose to pursue her luck in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas. Lauren J got her master’s degree recently and wants to pursue her career as a mental health professional. It has always been Lauren J’s dream to become a marriage and family therapist. Lauren J’s net worth is unknown but it is reported that she has an annual income of about $50,000- $59,999.

The Bachelor TV Show

Lauren J is one of the 29 contestants in the popular TV show ‘The Bachelor’. She is one of the most popular among the four Laurens who are also contestants. Lauren J is one of the oldest contestants in the TV show but this gives her an advantage over the others since she is close in age to the bachelor Arie Luyendyck who is 36 years old. The other four Laurens in the TV show are Lauren Burnham, Lauren Griffin, and Lauren Schleyer. Lauren Burnham is 25 years old and lives in Dallas. She is in sales and looks exactly like Lauren Bushnell who was once a contestant. Lauren Griffin is 26 years old and is an executive recruiter from Los Angeles. Lauren Schleyer is 31 years old and is a media manager who lives in Dallas. Lauren J is in ‘The Bachelor’ looking for love. She hopes to get her true love this season. People are speculating that Lauren J is the one who is likely to steal Arie’s heart. Lauren J’s maturity and experience are some of the qualities that Arie is looking for. Arie declared that he is ready for marriage and we can all just close our fingers and hope that he picks Lauren J. As ABC was interviewing Lauren J about the show, she talked a bit about herself. She disclosed that what mattered most in her life is her family, close friendships, and her faith. Lauren J mostly posts photos of herself, family, and friends on her Instagram page, Facebook, and Twitter. In her interview, Lauren J talked about how she loved taking her meals in bed and that her favorite food is pizza.

Lauren J in the Race for Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. will be the next bachelor in the TV show ‘The Bachelor’. He was last seen on the TV show ‘The Bachelorette’ where came in second after Emily Maynard broke his heart. The Bachelor tried to get him as their next bachelor but he evaded them for about five years. He has been out of the reality TV shows for quite a while so it is hard to know his taste when it comes to women. Arie is 36 years old and is a professional racecar driver as well as a part-time realtor. The new season of the Bachelor will have tours to Paris, Peru and Fort Lauderdale where Arie is supposed to find his inner self and fall in love. The biggest challenge he will have is meeting the 29 contestants who are interested in falling in love. People magazine released the names of the 29 contestants and their careers. The net worth of the contestants was not released since most want to keep it private. Arie is going to have a hard time choosing among the women especially the four Laurens. Arie and Lauren J are a good match but it is very hard for an older contestant to win the Bachelor or even get to the final two. Arie got the nickname ‘the kissing bandit’ from his earlier appearance in the Bachelorette. His net worth is unknown since he loves to keep it private. The only person whom he wants to know his net worth will be the person who steals his heart. Lauren J is a very talented woman. It is clear that Lauren J has taken her studies seriously. She wants her dream of becoming a marriage and family therapist to come true. We can see from Lauren J's photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page that she is so much into her family and faith. Lauren J's journey in reality TV shows has not been easy. It is also clear that love has evaded Lauren J but she hopes that she finds it in this season of the Bachelor. Let us see if Lauren J will be the lucky woman to win Arie’s heart in the Bachelor.