How To Become A Powerful Wizard

Do you want to become a powerful wizard but don't know where to start? Here is some information to help you on your journey to discover your powers.

By E.M. Love
How To Become A Powerful Wizard

So You Want to Become a Wizard?

Anybody can learn to become a real modern wizard or sorcerer by following certain steps. One must first learn how to use their own innate magical powers to be a powerful wizard. The steps to follow are going to be different for everyone, but to be a powerful and knowledgeable wizard, everyone should first research and learn what they can about being a wizard. Then follow that research with practice and do the work necessary. One should be patient, persistent, motivated, and have a strong will to become a real, strong wizard. It is essential to know what a wizard actually is because most people are not really sure of the proper definition. The meaning of being a powerful wizard is going to be something different to everyone. There are many different philosophies out there on how to be a real wizard, and what they believe in, so here are a few different ones.

What a Real Wizard Sees

Real wizards learn to see past any illusions and know what the truth really is. They learn to know when something or someone is fake. Becoming a powerful wizard or sorcerer involves questioning everything and digging to uncover the truth about anything and everything, even reality itself. A powerful wizard must be able to see through illusions to the truth of reality. Otherwise, they will be stuck in the everyday world full of lies and deception that everyone else lives and believes in. A wizard must believe in the magical world. If people do not believe that real magic exists, they will not be able to see it or use the magical powers around and within them.

What It Means to Become a Powerful Wizard

The word wizard dates back to ancient times and used to mean no more than 'an expert in wisdom'. In the Middle Ages, the word wizard started being used to reference someone with magic. Magic is a Greek word, first referencing someone in the class of priests or someone else who had wisdom and learned knowledge. Then in the Middle Ages, the word magic started to mean influencing how an event was going to happen and other marvels that were not normal. Sorcerer is a Latin word which initially meant fortune, but again, in the Middle Ages, the word sorcerer started meaning a person who uses magic and can influence events. Wizards not only see the truth, but they also do magic. Wizards can be men or women;, and the term itself is very broad and includes many who practice all different kinds of magic. Magic involves casting real spells that can change or make something happen. Casting spells is a form of manifesting what you want as a sorcerer by using your mind, along with other wizarding tools at your disposal, such as herbs, potions, incantations, crystals, and energy. Spellcasting means using your own energy and emotions as a wizard to get what you want. Setting your intention and focusing on it is often all that it takes to cast a spell or get what you want. Before you start using any magic powers, however, you need to learn about magic and the dangers that come with it. Sorcerers must make sure to practice magic safely as there are grave consequences for wizards who do not know what they are doing and make a costly mistake in the process.

Learn About How to Become a Powerful Wizard

To be a great, powerful wizard, you must first learn what it means to be a wizard and more about being a wizard. You must learn about magic powers, how to manifest, how to use magical tools, when to do certain spells, and many other things. Aspiring sorcerers need to learn about the history of magic and about the different forms of magic, which include astrology, Hoodoo, Voodoo, necromancy, chaos, white magic, black magic, witchcraft, and others. You can join online courses that are available over the Internet with free or low tuition. There are also books available on Amazon and in many large bookstores. The more advanced of a wizard you become, the harder the path gets. Illusions become harder to see through as you advance and grow as a wizard. There are also demons and otherworldly creatures that do not want you to learn magic and may attempt to scare wizards away.

Basic Practice Spells to Become a Wizard

A powerful wizard does not become powerful overnight, but instead over time with a great deal of practice. It is a good idea for sorcerers to start out with casting simple, basic spells to practice. These spells will not harm you or have severely negative consequences if you do not perform them accurately. Below are a few easy spells that you can cast to practice your magical powers with as an amateur wizard.

Simple Black Magic Love Spell for Wizards

This spell is for beginners so any wizard at any level of magic powers can perform and cast this. It is a relatively weak spell, so there is little risk involved. The first thing that you need to do is choose a sigil that represents a supernatural being that is associated with love or lust. A sigil is a symbol for something. Some of the supernatural beings that deal with love include: 1. Cupid, who is known as the angel of love; 2. Eros, who is the Greek god of love; 3. Aphrodite, who is the Greek goddess of love; 4. Erzulie Freda, who is the spirit of love; and 5. Asmodeus, who is the demon of lust. Whichever supernatural entity you choose, you should be able to find their sigil easily with some basic research. Wizards can increase the strength of the spell by drawing the sigil with certain materials, which may help raise the control you have over the supernatural entity that you have chosen. When you have this, try and feel a connection with that supernatural being. Focus on what you want, tell the being your desires, such as who you want to kiss you. When you have focused and sent this thought to the supernatural being, then this wizard love spell is complete and has been cast. Be careful when casting this spell though as there are some dangers. If the person that you are casting doing this spell on is not the person you are meant to be with, a good supernatural spirit may help you, but if you summoned a demon, they may forcefully make you and that person be together and then ask for something in return.

Simple Good Luck Spell For Your Journey to Become a Wizard

Everyone has a different amount of good or bad luck,; many people often see more of one kind of luck over the other during their lives. Whether luck is good or bad can also depend on that person's frame of mind. There are many good luck charms out there that you can get, including clover leaves, a rabbit's foot, and talismans. Luck is not influenced by science at all so it only makes sense that luck can be influenced by supernatural means, such as with magic. Here is an easy magic spell that you can do as a beginner sorcerer to influence your luck to become good. There are no negative consequences that you may see, but this may upset the balance of nature, and you may never know if that has a detrimental effect or not. All that you need to cast this spell is a penny, the lowest amount of money that you can have in your hand. This penny represents material success, wealth, and making more of this wealth. For this spell to be successful, you have to believe that it will work and put your good intentions and energy into the penny. When you are out doing your thing in the ordinary world, get the penny out. Take the penny and hold it up to your heart, then center and raise up energy within yourself to use for this good luck spell. Now move the penny up to where your third eye is, right between your eyebrows above your eyes, while thinking and saying "A Penny for Luck!" If you are out in public with lots of people around it is okay just to think this mantra and not say it aloud. Next, kiss your hand that is holding the penny and say, "Give the penny to the fairies for luck." Now throw the penny into a fountain, or flip it into the grass, or leave it by the side of the road, on a windowsill, a tree branch, a fence, or wherever seems to be the right place. Then leave. Walk away from the penny and don't look back at it. This simple sorcerer's spell will increase your luck for real, and it will also bring real good luck to the person who finds the penny next. Wizards could also do this spell on a penny and leave it in the home of a friend or other loved one to make their luck better.

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Easy Black Magic Wizard Spell to Attract People

This spell is good for beginner wizards to practice as it will help increase their skill and powers. Wizards can attract people and draw them in with their eyes. All you have to do for this is to train your eyes; anyone can do it. First, take a blank sheet of white paper and draw a small spot in the middle of it with a marker. Put this paper on the wall with glue, just a dot of glue should work. Make sure that the wall you put the paper on is white without any marks. The dot should line up with your eyes while you are standing up. Now look at the dot on the paper and focus on it. Don't look at anything else and don't get distracted. Clear your head and don't let your mind wander. Do this for at least 10 minutes every day for a month or more. Doing this will help you focus your mind and will also improve your meditating skills to clear your mind. After you have looked at the dot for one month, do the same thing with a candle flame for another month. Then, watch the moon every night for at least a month or two. Be ready when you watch the moon - you may see some scary faces but don't be frightened and don't look away as they could make you sick if you do. Once you have completed all three phases of the spell, you can now attract people to you with your eyes. You can look at them even when they do not notice and put your intention in your look, whether you want them to look your way or talk to you or anything else.

How To Become a Modern Wizard

Many people who are modern wizards focus on magic with the One. The One is all-powerful. It is infinite and accomplishes what the One wants to accomplish. It is pure, awesome energy to use and work with. These modern wizards don't do spells or anything else that focuses on what you want. Instead, they just work with the One and let the One guide them. The One is the unconditional love that is in everything everywhere, including in your soul. Everything is connected by the One; wizards can feel everything through the One. Those who follow this will and work with the One will not need to do any spells because they don't need anything. The One takes care of everything you may need in every aspect: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When you connect with the One, you just have to listen to what it tells you. There are several laws to follow to help you get on this path to becoming a powerful modern wizard.


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Find the One Inside of You

Before anything else, wizards must find the One that is inside of themselves. The One is a part of everything in the universe, and wizards are a part of that universe. Some names that have been given to the One include the Goddess, God, Spirit, Creator, etc. The best way to grow as a wizard is to use loving energy, to connect with more loving energy, which the One has. To help you find the One, go somewhere quiet and lay down. Meditate and clear your mind of all thoughts. Put your palms crossed over where your heart is, which is where you can give and take the loving energy from yourself. Say a positive affirmation such as, "I am finding where the One is inside of me." See how this makes you feel. To grow as a modern wizard, you have to feel loving energy and give unconditional love to everything and everyone, no matter what. Everyone is a part of the One, so that means we are also a part of everything since the One is inside of us. It can be hard to give complete unconditional love to everyone, so this is something that will take work at first. Another exercise that you can do to develop the strength of the power of your unconditional love is to lay down somewhere and meditate. Think about a loved one, not a spouse or partner, but a parent or best friend. Think about them and visualize smiling at them. Let that unconditional love you have for them build up inside of you. When you are ready, decide on where you are going to give this unconditional loving energy, whether a favorite pet or a plant or some other object. Think about that pet or plant while you are thinking and feeling that unconditional love. Hold that visualization of both things for at least twenty seconds while you look at that pet or plant from every side. Look at the colors, the shape, etc. Now give that unconditional love entirely over to what you chose. Push this pure loving energy into the pet or another object, pushing, squeezing the love in. Think about how this makes you feel. Keep a journal to watch your progress as you practice this daily. Practicing this meditative spell will help you become able to give loving energy to everyone, no matter the situation you may be in as a person and a wizard.

Find the One in Everything Else

Since everything and everyone is connected to the One, this means that you can also connect to everything and everyone too. Everything is joined by the same energy, so what someone else feels, you can feel too. You can connect to any person that you want on some level. To connect with another person, first find the One inside of yourself like how you learned to do above. You should start to feel your body tingle with the One's energy once you have connected. Now imagine that there is a stream or ribbon of loving energy going out of your Third Eye and going to who you are trying to connect with. When your stream of energy gets close to this person, you will start to be more aware of this person and feel them. This feeling will grow stronger as your energy connects to them. You will feel unconditional love flowing between the two of you. Always ask the person for permission first before linking to them more entirely, such as to their Crown Chakra right above their head. When you connect your energy to this area, you also connect to the One, as the Crown Chakra is associated with the higher self. Connecting to another person's Crown Chakra helps them grow and connect to their higher self, and helps you develop spiritually also for having this experience. You can practice this exercise with all of your friends, family, and other loved ones, along with inanimate objects such as crystals and stones. When you get more advanced as a wizard and feel more comfortable doing this, start doing this with people that you do not get along with for whatever reason. This helps you and that person come into harmony so you may get along in the near future. It helps rebalance your relationship. You can also do this with random people that you meet who seem to need this unconditional loving energy. It will help them realign themselves and do better for both themselves and the world.

Find the One: Become a Modern Wizard

Since the One is everything and everyone, and it connects everything, this means that the One also has all of the knowledge that there is and ever was. The One has all of the experience that has ever happened and ever will happen. The One has seen everything and has known everything since the beginning of time. To be able to gain access to and use this knowledge, a wizard must practice regular unconditional love, giving it to all. Wizards must use the powers of this unconditional love to help everyone and everything also connect to the One. When this is done, the One will connect with you more thoroughly and you will be able to use some of the knowledge that the One possesses. The One will help you on your true path in life if you let this unconditional loving energy in. To do this, a wizard must not think in terms of their ego but instead be open to receiving what the One guides them to, as that is what is best for you. Accept what the One gives you as the One knows what you need the most and what to give you to help you grow as a wizard. When you are open to the One, and you are aware, you will notice lessons that the One gives you to help guide you and give you what you need. Take notice of these lessons and use them in your life to continue along your path as a modern wizard, growing as you go. If you fail to take heed of the lesson that the One sent, you may go backward on your path and have to redo the lesson over, whatever that may be. This path that is yours to take in life is often referenced to your Wyrd, which is an Old English word that means fate or destiny. Modern wizards use the word Wyrd to mean our path to follow that the One helps guide us on. The Wyrd is always there for us, even when we leave this path for a while, but we can always go back to it. Because we have free will, our lives can always change and are not necessarily just up to fate. Our path as a wizard constantly changes as everything can affect your Wyrd, from your actions and reactions to other people and how they affect your path. The One is always there to help guide us as wizards though, no matter how much our path changes.

Start Finding What You Need To Become a Powerful Wizard

When you are able to connect to the One, you will be able to see when the One sends you lessons to help guide you along on your path as a Wizard. You will be able to notice what you need in life around you to help you become more enlightened and grow your powers of connecting to the world of magic. While connecting to the One, wizards can ask for something. If it is something that they do not need in order to grow, the request will feel very wrong, and they will not get it. You will probably have to make sacrifices along your journey, but the One can help you identify the right sacrifices to make. Keep a positive attitude and know that everything will work out as it is supposed to, which will ensure that you have a high energy vibration as a wizard on the correct path. When you are looking for something, always use positive affirmations to tell yourself that you will find what you are looking for. Saying affirmations out loud can give your search even more energy, but just thinking it or even writing it down helps put this thought out into the universe.

This week I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about Brigid, as this time between the blood moon and new moon eclipses is her time... The Celtic Goddess Brigid was often associated with snakes and transformation… Ground Hog's Day is actually a descendant of the pagan Imbolc celebration (also known as the Feast of Brigid). In Scotland, Cailleach, the Old Woman of Winter, was reborn at Imbolc as a goddess named Bride who was the Scottish incarnation of the Irish Brigid and also the Maiden of Spring. And folklore had it that "Early on Bride's morn the serpent shall come from its hole.” In other words, if hibernating animals emerge to find sunlight and shadow on February 2nd, then winter will continue for the full 12 weeks. . That saying goes on, though, in interesting ways… . ‘Early on Brides morn, shall the serpent come from the hole. I will not harm the serpent, nor will the serpent harm me.’ . Sounds kinda sexy, doesn’t it? The link between Brighid, being a goddess of hearth fires and inspiration, and her association with the resurgence of life-force at springtime, suggest that she was once associated with a Celtic version of Kundalini, which rises up through the earth at this time. This is made even more clear by her association with serpents, one of her sacred animals, which signified life force, health, and potency to our ancestors. There are deep, potent connections here between shedding, transformation, and reclaiming our erotic energy and vitality. . To nourish my life-force and inner fires this week, I’m embracing transformation, clearing the clutter and making space for the new to emerge. Which makes me curious, how are you moving through this waning moon time and avoiding “eclipse hangover?” . . . . . . . . . . 🌿💚🌿💚🌿 #witch #witchesofinstagram #witchcraft #witchesbrew #plantwitch #hedgewitch #tarotreadersofinstagram #plantmagicpeople #magicisreal #magiciseverywhere #witchythings #theartofslowliving #WitchTips #WitchLifeCoach #witchlife #blessedbe #moonwitch #witches #thecraft #moonmagic #paganism #moon #spirituality #spiritual #coven #Pagan #Brigid #Imbolc

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Wizards Question Everything

Wizards should question everything around them to help them grow and gain new insights. Don't doubt anything that comes your way but question it and try to figure out how it fits into your wizarding life. Know that you can find access the answer to what it means if you connect to the One and it deems that knowing is something that you do need. Make sure that you have positive questions and you are open to the answers, however hard that they may be. Keep a positive frame of mind, and you will be able to receive the answer if you need it, and then learn from that. When you are having a hard time in your life, do not have a pity party. Instead, ask the One where you can go from this time in your life. This will help the answer come to you easier, and you will be able to act sooner and in a more positive frame of mind. You will be able to learn from that hard time in your life and move on, knowing that you had to have it to learn certain lessons that you needed as a modern wizard. Look at hard times as something that you can help change with some guidance from the One. Try and figure out how this hard time that you are in came to be. By doing this, you can learn from how you got there, not make that mistake again, and move on to a better situation quickly with the help of the One guiding you as a wizard.

Remove Guilt and Accept Mistakes

On your journey to become a powerful wizard, you will make plenty of mistakes. Don't feel guilty about these errors as they are a part of the growing and learning process. The important thing as a wizard is to learn from mistakes that you may make while learning to become a wizard, as that is ultimately what will make you even more powerful and skilled. Accept mistakes and even accidents, and just take what you can from them, so you do not commit them again. Don't feel guilty about them because although you could have done differently, you can't change what has happened. However, you can learn from the past. When you accept mistakes and remove any feelings of guilt, you are more open to learning from those mistakes and examining them more thoroughly. Do not let your ego hinder you from learning to the fullest extent from these mistakes or accidents, which is often what happens to most people. As a wizard, be above what most people let happen with their egos getting in the way. If you feel guilt coming on, which is a negative feeling that is not productive at all, try and stop it in its tracks. Think about what made the feeling of guilt come on and how you can prevent yourself from feeling it again. Learn what you need to learn as a growing wizard and release that guilt and all negative energy that goes with it, so it does not rot inside you. One thing that you can do to get rid of any feelings of guilt is to go outside and get some exercise while saying positive affirmations. You can also go somewhere remote and yell as loud as you can, letting out any frustration you have, and then declare positive statements. Let yourself cry, but then visualize white light all around you and then say positive affirmations. There are many other things you can do, but the critical thing to do as a wizard is to let out those negative feelings and then follow up with a positive affirmation to surround yourself with positive energy.

Conclusion: Become a Powerful Wizard

Wizards have been around for a long time and have a rich, diverse history. Magic is becoming more popular than ever in this modern day and age. Becoming a powerful modern wizard means many different things to different people. There are a variety of practices and magic out there today for you to learn about, try out, and ultimately choose which one to practice. From Voodoo to black magic to modern wizardry, there is sure to be a set of beliefs and practices for any beginning wizard to enjoy and believe. Anyone can become a powerful wizard with magical powers with enough dedication, hard work, and focus.