Ryan Coogler's Wife Wiki: Everything To Know About Zinzi Evans

Get to know more about Ryan Coogler's wife, Zinzi Evans

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Ryan Coogler's Wife Wiki: Everything To Know About Zinzi Evans

Zinzi Evans: Ryan Coogler’s wife

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A bigger chunk of this month has been all about 'Black Panther,' and for those who love watching movies this was Marvel’s idea to showcase “blackness.” One of the main players taking credit for the film is director and screenwriter Ryan Coogler. Coogler is the one directing the film, the one who rose to fame after he produced a feature film, 'Fruitvale Station' in 2013. The film helped him to win an award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

He also helped direct 'Creed', and 'Creed2.' but he admits that he hasn’t won these awards alone. He has his wife, Zinzi Evans’s heart as a lifetime award though not much is known about her at this time. When 'Black Panther' premiered, Coogler gave a shout out to his beautiful wife, thanking her for all her hard work. 

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Coogler is born on born May 23, 1986, and Evans in 1985. That means she's about a year older than her husband. But that makes no difference to how successful this couple is. Oddly enough both were born and raised in Oakland, California. If Evans would have starred in 'Black Panther,' she could have perhaps defeated the rest of the Wakandas with her athletic prowess. Zinzi Evans was a high school letter woman who won seven league championships and also served as the team captain of the high school cross-country team for three years in a row.

Evans also left high school with a record of being one of the top cross-country runners under the Fresno Bulldogs While at the University of California, Fresno, she was a scholar-athlete and graduated from the university in the early 2000s. Her father, Zishan and her mother Maria raised six children, one son and five daughters. Zinzi loves to play volleyball, dance and listen to music and her favorite sport is cross-country, as you can already tell.

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Facts to know about Zinzi Evans

She was moved to tears by Black Panther’s reaction

The movie made Evans and Coogler cry a little after learning just how successful 'The Black Panther' was during its' weekend premiere. Just on its opening weekend, the movie grossed for $242 million dollars and it broke the record for the biggest standalone superhero launch ever. Evans’s husband wrote a letter to his fans thanking the fans for the considerable support stating that he and the rest of the team working on the film were not aware that the film would be that successful. Coogler’s letter was shared on Marvel Studios’ Instagram stating that he and his wife were expressing their gratitude for the success of the film. He also thanked the people who were with him and believed in his story and revealed that he never thought that it would turn out to be so successful.

Evans said that she didn’t imagine that people could care enough to spend their money and time to watch the film so overwhelmingly. Evans was also excited to see people wear clothes that represented their heritage, and those that were taking pictures with their friends and families next to the posters and others dancing in the lobbies of the theaters showing the movie. It moved Evans to tears to see all that.

Evans is a director and a producer

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Evans is an assistant director and producer, but she hasn’t been as successful as her husband. Nevertheless, she has worked on a few projects including some short films and TV commercials. Whenever she’s not busy with her projects, Evans helps her husband not only by cooking for him and making his bed but also in his professional career. Evans is a great director and producer and her has taught her much about production and directing. She played a major role as her husband’s assistant standing in the background and not many know that she was part of 'Black Panther' until now.

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Evans is an ASL Interpreter

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Evans holds a degree in communicative disorders and deaf studies from California State. She’s an American Sign Language interpreter and has worked with the (DCARA). Currently, Evans is employed as a freelance interpreter and has even worked with Apple when they needed help in software training for clients who were hearing impaired. People on Twitter and Instagram are amazed at what Evans does. She's a busy woman who is grateful that her name appeared on the credits of the movie 'The Black Panther.' Fans have been checking her Instagram photos admiring her beauty and searching for her wedding photos.

Her husband said that he wants daughters with her

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'Black Panther' had a direct impact on Coogler and he revealed that he was inspired to have daughters with his wife. She said in an interview that he realized that he wanted to have daughters really bad with his wife after working with Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright and Danai Gurira. When he was making, “Fruitvale,” he thought that he wanted to have children but after 'Black Panther,' he realized that he actually wanted girls. The women of Wakanda inspired him in a special way.

Fast forward the years and here they are, revealing the pregnancy at the 91st annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Congratulations!

She manages her time

Time is precious, and Zinzi Evans is aware of that completely. Evans takes time to push her career goals and she utilizes her free time by spending it with her husband. While in an interview, Evans said that there is a difference between being busy and being successful and she can busy doing something but successful in completing it or excelling. Knowing that helped her relationship grow.

Evans’s net worth

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According to 'Celebrity Net Worth,' Zinzi Evans’s net worth is not clear but her husband Ryan Coogler has a net worth of $14 million dollars. He has made his net worth from projects like 'Creed,' and 'Creed2.'

Zinzi Evans is a lucky lady being the wife of one of the most successful black directors in Hollywood. It’s hard to find their wedding photos, but Evans and Coggler look amazing together.

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