Advice For When You're Feeling Lost In Life Without A Direction

It's hard when you reach the phase of feeling lost in life, right? Don't fret though! Here are some tips to get your life back on track!

By Neko Yama
Advice For When You're Feeling Lost In Life Without A Direction

Are You Lost In Life?

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Do you feel as if you are just doing things because you are obliged to? Perhaps you always find yourself tired despite the simplest things you do every day. And the only reason you can think of why you are still getting up every morning is because you have to earn money, or you have to provide just the necessities. Well, that is not entirely bad but something is surely missing from there. Have you ever wondered if you’re still enjoying your life? All people go through a phase where they feel as if almost everything they do is useless. And this usually happens during early 20s where people are just starting their journey to the real world after a whole life of schooling. We get used to having someone—parents, and teachers or professors—to guide us all throughout our teenage years that we get confused when they leave us alone to fend for ourselves which is actually the custom so it’s pretty normal. However, a life lost without direction for long starts to be unhealthy where one may feel depressed overtime so you mustn’t ignore it when you get the feeling of ordinariness. Life is too short to get lost in the wilderness of unaccomplished hopes and dreams so you must get back on track to enjoy it.

Reasons Why You Get Lost in Life

People may think that they can never get lost in life if they’re following a daily routine. You may not notice it but depending on these routines, your life is already lost without direction because you’re just like running around and around a race track with no other turns. And with these repetitive cycle every day, there are actually unnoticeable occurrences that make someone feel more lost in life.

‘Go With The Flow’ Attitude

Try to ask yourself if the work you currently have is something that you dream doing. Ask yourself if you are actually contented with your whole life. If you can’t say yes or you’re somewhat in between, then you just let yourself drift along with where you ended up to. Everything that’s happening to you wasn’t something you planned. You decided to go with the flow and though that may not be an entirely bad thing all the time, it’s a strong trigger for you to feel empty eventually because you’re starting to unconsciously lose what you really want to achieve.

Ignoring Your Passion

I have seen a video before of a child genius who learned to paint at the age of 4. That made her the sole bread winner of the family in her teenage years by selling her works and with her parents just being on the support side. It received a lot of mixed opinion from people—some phrased her for it while the others raised their eyebrows with the fact that she’s working for the whole family at a very young age. Although it’s not the custom, something there at least happened right and that is she was able to dedicate time for her God-given talent and that she was already earning tons of money for something she loves doing. In short she definitely enjoys life. People tend to keep their focus more on their monthly bills that result to being practical. With how hard life is, that’s just okay. But you should never lose time for something that you really love. If it’s really impossible to give your full attention to your passion, at least try to balance responsibilities and the things you love while you’re still younger so you can already form an idea what kind of empire you’re going to build when you get old. Because once a person reaches his/her early 20s, the world will give you tons of additional responsibilities that will take your time.

Your Life Is Meaningless

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Do you sometimes wonder why you still find it difficult to function even with all the inspirational quotes you read to motivate yourself? The probable reason for that is because you don’t know what your actual purpose is. Perhaps, you’re just working for other people but not for yourself. It’s hard to do something without knowing the meaning of it so you must find things that you’re actually passionate about. Find your purpose and have a meaningful life. Make your life as an inspiration itself because when you achieved that, you wouldn’t even need to read quotes anymore because what you do is already your own fuel.

You Get Lost In Life Because You Lack Social Support

Our life is our own journey but that doesn’t mean we have to go through it alone. People tend to get lost in life because they lack social support from other people—loved ones, and friends. Reading motivational quotes may be helpful but a word of advice really coming from the people who have concern for you is much more effective. If you are in your early 20s, you actually need social support more because you’re at the stage where you’re just starting to learn to use your wings.

What Should You Do?

Getting lost in life shouldn’t take long because the more you let yourself drift along, the more the tides will take you away from what you really want. So how are you going to get your life back on track?

Remind Yourself To Always Have Fun

From childhood to teenage years, we already have our responsibilities. Nonetheless, when we try to think of the fun moments we had back then, there are actually a lot to remember. That is because despite of the serious work we had to do at school, we still know how to have fun. However, we feel empty as we get older because we focus more on our responsibilities. When was the last time did you have fun? When was the last friendly gathering you attended? If you can’t remember, you probably tired yourself out working for the past couple of years and that’s really unhealthy! Never lose in touch with your passion. Make time for something you love and continue to develop the talents you’re given. Forgetting about having fun will make you depressed eventually and nobody wants to get to that stage.

Go On An Adventure Alone

Sometimes, we don’t notice the ordinariness of our life because of the hustle surrounding us. We are too much influenced by the busy working people around that we just imitate them and forget that we have our own life. Know that you have the right to rest too. When you feel like you’re too confused already, go on an adventure. Go somewhere alone and quiet so you can think properly about what you really want.

Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Are you doing the same routine every day? Do you wake up every morning to go to work and go back home very late, tired only to do the same thing over and over again? If yes, that’s the probable reason why you’re lost and depressed, confused, empty, and why you feel like you’re moving without direction. Don’t settle only with whatever’s in your comfort zone. Make yourself uncomfortable sometimes by exploring things entirely new to you. Meet new people, find out if you have any other talents and skills, and let yourself experience terrifying challenges.

Take Notice Of The Simplest Signs Around You

Believe it or not, life is full of divine interventions. Sometimes, we just don’t notice them because we are lost in our wilderness of jumbled thoughts. We only see what is noticeable and ignore the little things. Try to listen to your surroundings. Appreciate everything around you because there may be signs present that are meant for you. Who knows? Maybe the stranger you saw a few moments ago will end up having a huge part in your life. Maybe the song on the radio you just listened to relates with your current life. Maybe the quotes you are reading are actually a divine entity trying to talk to you. There are many possibilities around; you just have to reach out to them.

Ask Help From Your Loved Ones

The people around you exist for something. Your family and friends are there because they have a huge role in your life so don’t ignore that fact. When you’re feeling lost and you think that your journey seems to be without direction, ask support from them especially if you’re just in your early 20s and much more prone to get easily depressed. There are falls where we can get back up on our own, but life will push you through your limit. When that happens, never force yourself alone.

Don't Rely Too Much On The Competitive Motivation

People are always competing for something. We usually get the wrong kind of motivation which is to win over someone. Although it’s healthy to have your inner competitive spirit to be awaken at times, it’s bad when you solely depend on it. Winning because you just want your enemies to envy you will make you feel lost and empty rather than having feelings of achievement. Find the real meaning of everything you do. Are you doing something because you just want to step over someone or are you doing it because this is something you really love? Know that you’re not actually winning if this is the only reason why you’re still living. If you focus too much on other people rather than yourself, you’re just letting them control you. Don’t express to impress. Your life is your own and if there’s someone you should please the most, it’s yourself. Don’t get lost by worrying too much about what others might think of you.

Don't Get Lost By Fully Knowing Yourself

There are really instances where people get lost in life because they themselves are confused about their own abilities—limitations, skills, talents, etc. When this happens, ask help from the people closest to you. You may not realize it but the people around us can see what we’re not aware of in ourselves. You’ll never know; maybe there is a quality of you that you’ve been taking for granted while others envy it. Maybe while you’re having self-pity, others actually look up to you. Perhaps, you’re not actually lost; you just don’t know how to start with your journey.