Advantages & Disadvantages Of Social Media: Unexpected Insights To Know

Social media has completely changed the world, but not without some pretty big advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most relevant insights.

By E.M. Love
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Social Media: Unexpected Insights To Know

Social media

There are a variety of social media platforms out there, with Facebook being by far the most popular. Instagram is gaining popularity with its hashtags and being able to easily follow and unfollow people. Snapchat is popular, especially among high school students, as it allows you to send a picture or text that disappears after a few seconds, keeping no record of it.

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Types of social media

There are a variety of different social media platforms out there, with facebook being by far the most popular. Instagram is gaining popularity with its hashtags and being able to easily follow and unfollow people. Snapchat is popular, especially among high school students, as it allows you to send a picture or text that disappears after a few seconds, keeping no record of it.

The debate on social media

Many say that social media is unhealthy and has a lot of disadvantages that outweigh the advantages. There are many disadvantages to social media, which may be harming students today in ways that we cannot even fathom yet as this technology did not exist in the past. Others say that social media has more advantages, as it has become a great place for businesses to advertise and for people to connect one-on-one. People can find old friends on here and catch up. It helps everyone keep up with what their friends are doing even though they are too busy with their own lives to actually meet up with them, so in this way they are still in the loop. Many read the news on here and learn about what's going on in the world. There are many advantages and disadvantages to social media, and here are some good points to think about for each side of this great debate.

Advantages of social media

Before we get to the disadvantages, there are a number of advantages that social media has, so here are some of them.

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1. Connect

Social media enables people to connect with others that are from all over the world. Location is not a problem when using social media, the only requirement is the Internet and either a computer, phone, or tablet. This has opened up the world for many students, allowing them to discover other students in different countries and connect to them, seeing how they learn on the other side of the world. Social media allows us to connect with old friends from high school, no matter where they moved to. We can see what they are up to on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, even if they are across the country from us. We can find family members on social media, enabling us to keep better track of family. Facebook even helps us remember birthdays, so your family members won't have to remind you or get upset that you missed your birthday, because you won't with Facebook reminding you!

2. Quick communication

Communication is faster than every with social media. The days are long gone when we used to have to put a letter in the mail to a friend in another country, or call internationally and use extra minutes. We don't even have to use email and wait for a response from someone. Social media allows us to instantly communicate with anyone we want, ensuring that our messages get through to that person. They may not actually be on to read it right then, or may choose to not respond, but it is there for them right when you send it. You can communicate in relevant groups if you need help with something. Facebook has every kind of group that you could imagine, so if you have a question about an aspect of parenting, there is sure to be a group for that where you can see what everyone else does. There may even be a professional in the group who can give you an expert's advice.

3. News and information

Social media is a newer source of news and information. The younger generations, students especially, use social media as their primary daily news source. No more waiting for a newspaper to come to see the weekly news, or even having to go to a separate website to look at the news. Now, all of the relevant news that someone is interested in and chooses to follow is right there on their social media home page. Many news groups have joined Facebook and post their stories and up to date news on there so people can see the information instantly on their feeds. This also allows for easy interaction, creating more interaction with newspapers and such than ever before. Social media has allowed information to be more easily distributed, such as when there are school closings or a water break, county governments can let their people know. Nowadays, more people will see the news on social media than they will by watching TV, checking the news site, or listening to the radio. There is also a lot of educational information on social media that is useful. There are many groups that focus on a niche, and people can join groups that they are interested in. They will then see related educational information on their main account page, allowing them to choose whether they want to read it and learn something new, or save it for later.

4. Great for businesses

Social media, Facebook especially, has given businesses a new form of marketing and connecting with their customers. Businesses can more directly market to their customers and interact with them, allowing their target market to easily ask questions, voice concerns, and help spread their business over Facebook. People can share the business's posts if they are interesting, which their friends will see and may go to the business page. This can quickly increase a business's online presence and visibility to the market. Many businesses are popping up today that focus all of their advertising just on social media and get great results. Some businesses are even in the business of promoting other businesses on social media because it is such a big income stream for many.

5. Fun

One of the biggest advantages that social media has is that it is fun. Who does not like looking at their social media accounts and seeing what their friends are up to. Most people post about the cool things that they did that day, thoughts they were thinking, or big events that happened for them. You can get ideas on things to do, places to go, recipes to cook all from social media. Best of all, you can interact on social media and let that person know what you are thinking, congratulate them, wish them a happy birthday, or give them some advice. You can share ideas or businesses on your profile so that you can remember them for the future, or as a way to tell someone else about it. You can create events and invite your friends to them, making it much easier than texting, calling, or emailing everyone about coming.

6. Charitable causes

Social media is a great way for charities to educate people on their cause and to help raise money for it. Non-profits can have pages on Facebook where their followers can keep up with current happenings and take part in activities that are open to the public. Non-profits are able to bring humanitarian issues to the attention of more people than ever with social media such as Facebook, teaching students and people of all ages about what goes on behind the scenes in our country and in other countries.

Disadvantages of social media

There are many cons to using social media, some of which people say far outweigh the advantages. Here are some of the biggest cons and disadvantages.

1. No emotional connection

One of the cons is that social media has created a world where one cannot ever be completely certain of the intent of the message that someone sends. If someone apologizes over social media, the other person has no way of knowing if it is sincere or not without seeing their face and hearing their voice. This is a big disadvantage and is causing students to have worse social skills than any other generation. People can get away with saying anything they want and not having to deal with any backlashes personally. People are able to be more hurtful and bully others more on social media than in person because of how easy it is for them.

2. Reduced social skills of youngsters

Social media has definitely made students’ social skills much worse than the older generations, putting them at a disadvantage. Teenagers and young adults of today grew up with social media and communicating over the internet, and spent much less time communicating in person and over the phone with random people. There's evidence of this by the anxiety that many younger people have when it comes to making phone calls to someone they don't know and to having a conversation with a random person. This affects their ability to make small talk in person, making it awkward for both parties.

3. Inauthentic emotions

Most people on the internet get used to using words such as "lol" or "haha" to show that they think something is funny and are laughing. In reality, however, most people are usually not laughing at all, even though we may think that it is slightly funny. Interacting on social media has the disadvantage of taking away a lot of the real feelings that people feel in physical interactions, such as humor, friendship, and love. We just can't replicate those real feelings when sitting in front of a computer screen instead of in front of that person you are corresponding with.

4. Reduces quality family time

Today most of us are guilty of checking our social media accounts when we are spending quality time with our loved ones. This quality time that you are spending is being interrupted when you check your social media, as your mind is on what is going on with other peoples' lives and in the world instead of what is going on right now between you and your loved ones. This is a big disadvantage as it reduces the bonding experience that you should be having with your family as you are not really there mentally or emotionally, but instead are in the virtual world of social media. This disadvantage can have a hugely negative impact on your future relationships with your loved ones.

5. Poor health

One of the biggest cons of social media is that it can cause poor health. Many users are spending more time on their social media than being outside doing a physical activity. Sitting too long is very bad for our health, and those who are guilty of this will pay for it in the future with serious health problems. It is already evident everywhere around us in those that are overweight. Another disadvantage of social media that negatively affects your health is how addicting it is, so much that many people check it right before they are ready to go to bed. The artificial light that electronics give off is not conducive to a good night's sleep, and can actually keep you up later than you want. This can develop into poor sleeping patterns, which will ultimately negatively affect your health.

6. Bad influence

With the ease of posting anything, a big disadvantage of social media is that it can be a very bad influence on people. It can give young, impressionable students ideas that will actually hurt them but makes them think it is cool to do, such as eating tide detergent. Many who are addicted to drugs and have a lot of money will post videos and all about their life on social media, which makes other people think that it is fun to be addicted to drugs and that they can also be rich and have fun. This is a big disadvantage in that it gets more people to act out and be a hinder on society instead of doing the right thing and working hard for something worthwhile.

Advantages and disadvantages of social media

Social media has enabled people to connect to others around the world more than ever before, making the world a smaller place and allowing the exchange of ideas and culture for everyone. However, there are some pretty big disadvantages that come with social media, including making the current generation have worse social skills. Another huge disadvantage is that it allows the misfits of society to influence more people than they otherwise would, making what they do look cool and exciting, which can cause more people to act like them and do harm to society than there otherwise would be. Many think that the disadvantages by far outweigh the advantages, but there are those who think the opposite. The argument can go either way, but there are a few things for sure. Social media has completely changed the way that we have relationships with people and how businesses connect with their customers, which can be good and bad in different ways.