20 Fall Cocktails To Enjoy The Best Flavors Of The Season

Here are 20 cocktails that are sure to please, from rye to bourbon, scotch, and ales. Try warming up with these recommended cocktails for the fall season.

By Sophia A. Franklin
20 Fall Cocktails To Enjoy The Best Flavors Of The Season

Introducing your bartender for this fall season's cocktails

Try to warm up with these easy 20 cocktails for the fall, some created and most recommended by Kevin Baker, a world-traveling bartender for 16 years. Baker has bartended in Scotland, Tokyo, L.A, N.Y the British and American Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Cuba and currently works in Boise, Id.

1. The wine down (Fall down cocktails)

The wine down is a traditional mulled wine. It’s like a warm sangria. Warming your insides as you enjoy the fragrant aromas. All you need are red and white wine and Velvet Falernum, warm it up in a pot, with cinnamon, cloves, star anise, rose petals and lemon peels. This is a great drink to have at a fall wedding. Just keep it away from the wedding dress! Velvet Falernum is a sweet syrup, known to be used in the Caribbean and in tropical drinks. It flavors profile consist of ginger, lime, almond, cloves, and sometimes vanilla. Sangria is an appetizing cocktail punch made from red and or white wine, fruit and some Sangrias have either orange juice or brandy added to it. I sometimes add vodka to my sangrias.

Alcohol-free mulled wine with pomegranate juice and honey. ______________________________ «Зверь с востока» знатно потерзал нас холодами. Ночами было -20, -22 , что для нас все же большая редкость. С сегодняшнего дня уже обещают потепление до +14 (и даже +18) и дожди😱. Спасаюсь горячим безалкогольным глинтвейном на меду 😍! Можно взять и вишневый сок! Глинтвейн получается очень насыщенным по вкусу 👍🏻 Гранатовый сок 700 мл, вода 300 мл + 4 пакетика специй для глинтвейна @kotanyi_dessert (очень классные), 1 апельсин (режем дольками), все в кастрюлю и нагреваем. Варим на медленном огне 20 минут и ещё столько же настаиваем под крышкой. Разливаем по стаканам и добавляем мёд! Позволяет пережить зимние вечера 😉

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2.Vieux Carre (This fall’s cocktails)

This cocktail is named after the French quarter in New Orleans. A little taste of the splendorous combination of sweet, yet aromatic flavors come together in this cocktail. Baker recommends this drink due to the bitters complementing the citrus notes. To make this drink you will need, Cognac, sweet vermouth, Bénédictine liqueur, Peychaud's Bitters, Rye whiskey and angostura bitters. Bénédictine liqueur is a French herbal liqeur. Peychaud bitters is a sweeter, more floral tasting bitters.

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3. Clove and peach tea old fashioned toddy

A hot toddy is a classic cocktail to drink during the colder months of the year. Baker decided to spruce up this classic by using peach tea instead of plain old hot water. This cocktail was created by Baker for another coworker. This welcoming cocktail is perfect to warm you up. This version of the hot toddy is made with peach tea, cloves, demerara syrup, bourbon and angostura bitter. The cloves in this cocktail accents the bitters. You could also try using hot cider instead of the peach tea. Demerara syrup is a richer version of simple syrup. It dresses up any old cocktail to a fuller taste. All you need to make the syrup is Demerara sugar and hot water.

4.Jack rose cocktail

This drink has been mentioned in the works of Hemingway. This classic cocktail popular in the 1930’s to 1940's is making a comeback. This drink consists of apple jack, which is a mix of brandy, lime juice and grenadine. Make this tart cocktail for those windy fall days when the dresses are put away and the coats are out to play.

5.Mamie Taylor

During the turn of the century, a well-known opera singer named Mamie Taylor had a delicious cocktail named after her, which is similar to a Moscow mule but predates it by 40 years. This cocktail recipe is made up with scotch, lime and ginger beer, unlike the Moscow Mule, which is made with vodka, lime, and ginger beer. This drink is great to have at any wedding. If you spill it on your dresses, you won't have to worry about a stain! This drink is a personal favorite. It tastes just like sprite, which makes it a little dangerous on how quickly it will go down.

6.Smoking jacket

This cocktail recipe is a variation of a Manhattan, smoked with marinated cigar tobacco. A Manhattan is cocktail that is made from bourbon, sweet vermouth and bitters. For those who like a smoky and rich flavor, this drink is great for you.

7. Blue blazer

This old Jerry Thomas cocktail recipe was invented sometime in the 1860s. It consists of sugar, bitters and scotch. You could use bourbon instead of the scotch if needed. Baker makes this cocktail by lighting the ingredients up while in mugs and pouring them back and forth. To make this drink it needs to be warmed up. Add a little zest to it by garnishing it with a lemon peel.

8.Autumn leaf

The name says it all for the fall season and fall weddings. This cocktail is a variation of the Vieux Carre. Instead of using brandy in this cocktail you would mix apple brandy and Strega. Fall in love with this fall cocktail. Try using vodka if you like to taste the Strega. Strega is a digestive with over 70 herbal ingredients in it, some of which are saffron and mint.

9.Dark and stormy

Originating from Barbados, this drink is a mixture of Gosling black seal rum and ginger beer. It’s a variation of the Moscow mule. The flavoring is a little spicy with the rum combined with the ginger beer. This cocktail is perfect to spice up your night during the fall.

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10.Red flannel flip

A classic New England drink for the fall. It’s a mulled ale heated with an iron poker that has been in the fireplace. You need an ale, any would do, or you could even try a cider, a whole egg, and if you have one laying around, a hot poker. Traditionally you would mix all the ingredients and stir them together with the iron from the fire to warm the drink up and give it it’s unique smoky flavor. If you don’t have a poker laying around, just mix the ingredients in a pot.

11.Stone fence

This easy cocktail is made with rye, bourbon or brandy and apple cider. It is a simple but delicious cocktail that is great for a long day in the fall weather. American Rye whiskey is distilled from at least 51 percent Rye. Brandy is a spirit that is made from distilling wine. Bourbon is a distilled spirit made mainly from corn.


This is Baker's version of a Puerto Rican eggnog cocktail. The eggnog that Baker uses is the same recipe as Charles Mingus, a bass player in New Orleans. Mingus was known for his holiday parties where his eggnog would be served and for his rowdy behavior…Guests would go to every single party despite Mingus behavior just for his eggnog. To create this cocktail you need bourbon, rum, scotch, egg, honey and garnish it with nutmeg and add lime zest.


This easy cocktail is a rum Manhattan. It is made with rum, Carpano Antica, bitters and garnished with an orange peel. Enjoy the sweet combination during a fall party, perhaps at your place or at a fall wedding! Just make sure your dresses match the drink. Carpano Antica is a honied and enticing sweet vermouth.

14.Para todo mal

Meaning for all evil, this drink could be considered evil for how good it tastes. It’s made with a mescal, sugar bitters, orange peel, and a cherry. This is an easy Smoky mescal version of an old fashioned. Mescal is a spirit that is distilled from the syrup of the agave plant. Old fashioned is a cocktail made by muddling sugar, bitters and adding whiskey to it.

15.Eddy Alexander

Baker invented this drink and named it after his favorite bar in Providence, Rhode Island. You will need gin, cocci americano cream, lemon and black walnut bitters. Try having this drink at your next wedding. Cocci Amreicano is a quinine-laced aperitif.

16.Barrel aged gin Sazerac

You’ll need ransom gin, sugar, and a lemon peel. Baker suggests that you caramelize the glass with Absinthe and a flamed lemon peel. This strong, yet delicious cocktail will surely warm your spirits up for the coming holidays. Absinthe is an anise flavored spirit. Typically, it is high in alcohol content.


Named after the city, this drink is made up of rye, sugar, Fernet Branca, and a lemon peel. A sure way to warm you up in the bustling cold cities. Fernet Branca is an herbal, aromatic spirit.


This cocktail is equal parts green curacao, sweet vermouth, and gin. It got its name after the three “Jewels.” Baker recommends this drink as a wonderful night cap.

19.Problem child.

Kyle Browning, a friend of Baker’s, invented this yummy cocktail. You will need to mix rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and mulled bitters.


This is an old cocktail that uses, Branca Menta, orange blossom water, brandy and a lemon peel. The orange blossom water brings out the herbal notes in the Branca Menta, Baker says.

Night cap

Instead of boring vodka-based drinks, ciders, and just wine, these cocktails are rich in flavor and history. Whether you are enjoying these cocktails at home alone, at a wedding or during a house party, guests and yourself are sure to enjoy the combination of warm spirits during the fall season. These drinks are great not only for the fall season but year-round. Some are better served hot, others cold. You will enjoy the bold and distinct tastes of bourbon, mescal, ciders, and sweet and herbal aromatic liquors. Enjoy the fall with these flavor awakening cocktails. Impress others around you with your knowledge of the fancy yet simple drinks. Whether you are at home or at the local bar, order these drinks to make others curious. These drinks are sure to be a hit with any who try it. These craft cocktails are sure to excite and spread the word about what you have tried. A good substitute for any scotch is bourbon or rye- differing in flavor profiles yet maintain the same consistency in taste. Invite your in-laws, business partners, and new friends to try these drinks. They bring out the season's atmosphere. The spirit and joy that is to be found during this time of year can be found in these cocktails and will be the talk of the town or at least the office cooler. Whether you are at a house party or a wedding, dress not only to impress, use your savvy knowledge of different cocktails to spruce the conversation and taste buds. Be in the know and the how. “These drinks are just so goddamn good,” Baker said. Please remember to drink responsibly. Some of these drinks use fire to heat it up. Do not try to do any tricks, just follow the recipe as instructed.



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