Rachael Taylor Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The Transformers Actress

Rachael Taylor is an outstanding actress and model who has been featured in many movies and thus she has accumulated her net worth. Find out more about her here.

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Rachael Taylor Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The Transformers Actress

Rachael Taylor Wiki: 5 Facts to Know About The 'Transformers' Actress

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Rachael Taylor is a remarkable actor and model who has accumulated her net worth over time. She has done a wonderful job making her reputation known globally despite dropping out of college. Rachael Taylor is a native of Launceston, Tasmania, an island in Australia. She was born as Rachael May Taylor. She became globally famous after starring in an Australian series, Headland (2005 – 2006). Rachael Taylor has taken part in different genres of both television movies and series. She earned her reputation due to her remarkable performance in 'See No Evil' (2006), 'Transformer' (2007), 'Shutter' (2008), 'Red Dog' (2011), '666 Park Avenue' (2012), 'Jessica Jones' (2015), 'Grey’s Anatomy' (2010), and 'The Loft' (2014).

Rachael Taylor’s Early Life and Education

Rachael Taylor was born on 11, July 1984 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. She is the lovable child of Christine and Nigel Taylor. During her early life, Rachael Taylor attended Riverside High School. Since she was a young girl, she dreamed of becoming an actress and a model so she started modeling for Skye-Jilly International Agency when she reached her teens. She also competed in Miss Teen Tasmania, and she Won! Rachael Taylor further pursued her modeling interest in Australia and she was lucky enough to appear in many magazines and commercials. In order to become successful in her modeling career, Rachael Taylor shifted to Sidney. She further upgraded her education by enrolling at the University of Sydney and she obtained a degree in History and Politics.

Rachael Taylor’s Career in Movies

While Rachael Taylor was in Sidney, she landed an opportunity to play in a television drama movie, 'The Mystery of Natalie Wood' in 2004. She later moved to Australia to take part in movies and in television and in 2005, she landed played a part in an Australian drama 'Headland.' Her role in 'Headland' got her nominated for a Logie Award in 2006, for the Most Popular New Female Talent. After her nomination, Rachael Taylor landed another chance to act alongside WWE superstar Kane in the horror movie 'See No Evil.' Rachael Taylor’s most prominent role to this date was when she played the character of a signal analyst ‘Maggie’ in 'Transformers.' However, Rachael Taylor verified that she will not return for the 'Transformers' sequel. In 2008, Rachael Taylor landed another role in a horror-thriller movie, 'The Shutter.' In this supernatural horror, Rachael Taylor takes the part of a new bride who ran over a girl in the middle of the wilderness. 'The Shutter' was a remake of the Thai film in 2004 that had a similar name. 'Shutter' received many negative remarks. However, it was successful, and it grossed six times its normal budget. In 2010, Rachael Taylor landed another role in a medical drama series 'Grey’s Anatomy.' She starred as Dr. Lucy Fields who is a maternal-fetal doctor and an obstetrician. 'Grey’s Anatomy' is a reoccurring romantic and medical drama that was created and written by Shonda Rhimes. In 2011, Rachael Taylor had a leading role in 'Red Dog.' She also starred in a Russian science-fiction movie 'The Darkest Hour.' During 2012-2013, Rachael Taylor starred in a new drama '666 Park Avenue.' '666 Park Avenue' is an American horror-fiction that was based upon a novel. She also played Ann, a prostitute in an erotic-mystery movie, 'The Loft' in 2014. Rachael Taylor landed another role as Trish walker in a Marvel series 'Jessica Jones' in 2015. 'Jessica Jones' is an action-detective neo-noir psychological thriller that consists of superheroes.

5 Facts To Know About Rachael Taylor

1. Rachael Taylor was one of Charlie’s Angels 2. Rachael Taylor dropped out of Sidney University to pursue her career. She landed an opportunity in the drama 'Headland.' However, the drama lasted for only two seasons. Rachael Taylor’s decision to drop her studies was the right decision for her since her career is now on the rise. 3. While Rachael Taylor was in her teens, her English professor Rebecca Miller who taught at the University of Sidney, persuaded her to aspire to her career interest. 4. Apart from being a model and an actor, Rachael Taylor originally wanted to study history and politics. She graduated from the University of Sidney with a degree in history and politics. 5. Rachael Taylor was crowned in 2008 as one of the 7 Fresh Faces at Sundance.

Her Net Worth

Rachael Taylor is the most sought-after actor who has made her reputation with her amazing performances and she has an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars. She has starred in major series and television films such as 'The Loft,' 'Shutter', 'Jessica Jones, 'See no Evil,' and and many more. Her net worth fortune accumulated from her role in 'Headland' and 'Transformers' movies. 'Transformers' was a big hit that brought in $709.7 million dollars. The movie 'Shutter' has also added to her net worth fortune after it grossed six times its budget. Her success in her acting career has paid her well financially. The 34-year-old model and actor has made her reputation shine. She is an amazing model as well as she is an actor. Rachael Taylor started building her career at a very tender age and she has done a remarkable job since then. Her performance in many genres of movies and series has made her net worth to accumulate over time. Rachael Taylor continues to amaze her fans with her remarkable performance in acting.

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