Andrew Lincoln Wiki: TV Show, Net Worth, 'The Walking Dead' & Facts To Know

Here are Andrew Lincoln's net worth, TV shows and other important and interesting facts about the "Strike Back" actor you have always wanted to know.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Andrew Lincoln Wiki: TV Show, Net Worth, 'The Walking Dead' & Facts To Know

About Andrew Lincoln, The TV Show Actor

Andrew Lincoln is an English movie actor who was christened Andrew James Clutterbuck at birth. He was born on the 14th of September, 1973, in London, England and renowned for his epic role in 'The Walking Dead' and 'Love Actually.' His father was a civil engineer while his mother was a Nurse from South Africa. From London, Andrew Lincoln's parent had to relocate to Hull City when he was barely 2 years old. The exodus continued as Andrew Lincoln had to relocate again to Bath in Somerset when he was barely 9 years old. Andrew Lincoln's high school education was at Beechen Cliff School and that was where he first had the opportunity to act when he was 14 years old. The school set out to produce the movie "Oliver!" and Andrew Lincoln got the role of Artful Dodger in it. Andrew Lincoln's interest in acting began when during one summer he visited the National Youth Theater located in London. From there, he made up his mind to go the way of acting. As such, when Andrew Lincoln completed his high school, he enrolled at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) drama school from where he adopted the name, Andrew Lincoln as his stage name which he's now popularly known by today.

Andrew Lincoln's Career (TV Shows & Movies)

Although Andrew Lincoln rounded off his drama school in 1995, he had started acting officially before his graduation. His debut TV show appearance was in a movie titled 'Births and Deaths'. However, his first lead role in a movie was in a drama by BBC titled 'This Life' where he, Andrew Lincoln acted the role of Edgar, the Egg Cook. Completing that job, he went to feature in many other TV shows and dramas, including 'Wuthering Heights,' 'The Woman in White,' and 'The Canterbury Tales.' Talking about his film appearances now, Andrew Lincoln has featured in several movies such as 'Human Traffick,' 'Gangster No. 1,' 'Heartbreaker,' and 'Love Actually.' Worthy of note among these is 'Love Actually' where Andrew Lincoln played the role of Mark. The movie was released in 2003, and it was among the work that brought Andrew Lincoln into stardom. Other plays where Andrew Lincoln has performed include Hushabye Mountain (1999), Blue/Orange (2000), The Late Henry Moss (2006), and The Parlour Song (2009). Andrew Lincoln isn't just a TV Show and movie actor; he also partakes in various government and private campaigns and advertisements. He is equally good at doing voice-overs for different documentaries. Andrew Lincoln also directs and one work to justify this is "Teachers" (third series) which he directed and as a result, won himself a BAFTA nomination in 2004 as the Best New Director for fiction. Doing the statistics now, in all, Andrew Lincoln's stage drama beginning from 1998 to date is 9 while his TV Show total appearances beginning from 1994 to date is 25. He is still featuring in 'The Walking Dead' which started in 2010 until present. In all, Andrew Lincoln has featured in 13 movies with the most popular ones being 'Gangster No. 1' where he played the role of Maxie King and 'Love Actually' released in 2003 where Andrew Lincoln acted as Mark. In the 2010 epic romantic movie, Heartbreaker, Andrew Lincoln equally played the role of Jonathan. All of these movies brought this English actor into the limelight.

Andrew Lincoln's Awards And Nominations From TV Shows And Movies

The different sterling performances of Andrew Lincoln in various movies and TV shows haven't gone unrecognized by different Award-giving bodies. Beginning from the year 2014 to date, Andrew Lincoln has been nominated for up to 20 different types of awards. Except for the 2018 Saturn Awards, which has not been decided, Andrew Lincoln has won 6 out of the 20 nominations. 'The Walking Dead' is one work that has brought the highest number of awards to the coffers of this handsome actor. Of the six awards that he has won to date, 5 of them came from his role in 'The Walking Dead.' His awards include: -IGN Summer Movie Award as the Best TV Hero awarded to him in 2010 -Satellite Awards as Best Ensemble-Television also presented to him in 2010 -People's Choice Award as Favorite TV Anti-Hero awarded in 2014 -Saturn Awards Best Actor on Television bestowed on him in 2015 and 2017 The only work outside 'The Walking Dead' that has won Andrew Lincoln an award is 'Afterlife' which won him the Golden Nymph Award in 2007 as Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series. Other movies that have won Andrew Lincoln nominations are 'Love Actually' and 'Teachers.'

Andrew Lincoln in 'The Walking Dead' (TV show)

Being a TV show that has brought the highest number of awards on Andrew Lincoln's path, it would be good to beam our searchlight on the said series and Andrew Lincoln's role in it. The Walking Dead is an adaptation of a post-apocalyptic horror comic book produced by AMC in April 2010. Andrew Lincoln acts as Rick Grimes in the series which is still ongoing. As the story goes, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) went into a coma that lasted for a month as a result of a violent caused by a pathogen-induced zombie. The story has it that Grimes eventually regained consciousness from the coma to become the head of a group of family and friends commissioned to fight hostile humans and zombies that eat flesh to their stand still. The leadership of Rick Grimes as the head of the survivors fighting zombies is something many of his die-hard fans love him for. The first episode reveals how Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was very loyal to his family. In the history of cable television, 'The Walking Dead' remains one drama that has gotten the highest Nielsen ratings. At first, it was the thought of Andrew Lincoln to partake in the drama for just six years, but as it is, he has negotiated two more seasons which may see him featuring in the show till the end of this year.

Net Worth Of Andrew Lincoln, The Movie And TV Show Actor

Andrew Lincoln has made some cool cash and gotten himself assets worth millions of dollars. According to Celebrity Net worth, the 'Strike Back,' and 'Heartbreak' actor has a net worth of $16 million. Celebrity Net Worth further affirm that each episode of 'The Walking Dead' brings a sum of $ 650, 000 to the bank account of the 'Strike Back' star. At age 44, one can presume that this English actor may have just started making money especially if he keeps being on top of his game. The 'Love Actually' icon has a bright chance of shooting up his net worth even though one has to admit that a $16 million net worth isn't a small one.

Family Life Of Andrew Lincoln, The TV Show Actor

Andrew Lincoln, the Gangster No. 1 actor, is married and that took place on the 10th day of June 2006. His wife, Gael Anderson, is the daughter of a former vocalist and flutist in Jethro Tull by the name Ian Anderson. At their wedding, the flower girl was Apple Martin who is the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. The couple is blessed with two children already (Matilda and Arthur), and they are still solidly together.

Some Facts To Know About Andrew Lincoln, The TV Show Actor

Here is the section to know some important and maybe hilarious facts about this talented English actor. These facts are presented in bulleted points below.

1. Andrew Lincoln's Motivation For Acting Was To Get Girls

If you say this is hilarious, you wouldn't be wrong. Surely, it must be that this 'Strike Back' actor wasn't initially using his mirror enough. You ask why? It's because if he had, he would have realized just how easy getting girls would have been for him regardless of the profession he decides to choose. But that was while he was still much younger and a high school boy anyway. Andrew Lincoln was originally into rugby before quitting it for acting because he believed actors had more access to girls than other professionals. Well, that may be true to some degrees or what do you think? It appears girls like celebrities a lot especially those into the acting profession. But now that Andrew Lincoln has gained a lot of grounds in his profession, it's obvious that his motivation for settling for the profession has changed. The 'Heartbreak' and 'Strike Back' star now has a higher motivation for acting, and if anything, he certainly doesn't seem to want the girls as before now. Andrew Lincoln seems satisfied with Gael Anderson and describes her darling wife as the best woman he has ever come across.

2. Andrew Lincoln Is A Good Cook

Which woman wouldn't love a handsome, brilliant, and fantastic chef as Andrew Lincoln? This talented English actor who starred in 'Strike Back' and 'The Walking Dead' is also good in the kitchen. It is on record that Andrew Lincoln always cooks dinner for cast members in his house. One example of this kind of gesture was in Atlanta where Andrew Lincoln regularly hosts cast members to a sumptuous meal every night. Steve Yeun described his experience eating spaghetti Bolognese as great. This is a quality Gael Anderson his wife would be proud of. To have a husband with a great culinary skill is something most women desire. You're sure you don't always have to do all the cooking alone.

3. He Doesn't Make Use Of A Trainer

Everything you see about Andrew Lincoln's physique and appearance is natural. He doesn't even tone either. For his exercise, the 'Heartbreaker' star would often walk out attending to his work which is mainly acting, and he's got the moderate exercise he needs to be fit. The role he is often assigned is physical, and before the rehearsals are completed, Andrew Lincoln would have gotten enough exercise to keep himself fit. One example of such works that require physicality is Gangster No. 1. Sometimes, he spends as much as 18 hours outdoor working on a movie. So, by the time he completes these long hours of auditioning, he's just in shape. You may not get to see his packs because he is usually fully clothed in movies and TV series.

4. Andrew Lincoln Mildly Uses Technology

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Just like the Rick Grimes which Andrew Lincoln portrays in The Walking Dead, he doesn't 'do' technology in real life. Not minding his impressive net worth, the 'Heartbreaker' star still rocks a flip phone unlike other celebrities often found with iPhones and other expensive gadgets. Andrew once stated that he is a busy man and doesn't have the time to sit with WhatsApp, Instagram, or any of the other social media. Again, it doesn't make much sense to him people snapping and posting pictures of them eating online. The only difference between him and the character he portrays in The Walking Dead series is that his choice of not making use of technology was not money-based. That is, he has the money, but he doesn't want to. Andrew Lincoln would rather spend his time at home with his wife Anderson who over the years, he has described as the best thing to have ever happened to him. Geil Anderson, Andrew Lincoln's wife, is a full housewife and the couple greatly love each other. Perhaps, Andrew Lincoln's way of giving her wife his full attention while at home is to desist from making use of tech things. He often describes his wife as his technology. In fact, the Gangster No. 1 actor was once quoted as saying "‘My wife is my app.’ She’s magnificent. She’s in the most honorable profession in the world — she’s a full-time mum.” That's one thing to make anyone jealous of the couple, or don't you think so?

5. Andrew Lincoln Wasn't The First Choice For Rick Grimes

Sometimes, it's surprising how things work out in life; you are planning and depending on someone to do a thing for you and a reason or the other, they disappoint, and then you are forced to use someone else. However, that someone else now turns out to be the best. That was the case of Andrew Lincoln in the ongoing series, The Walking Dead. The English actor wasn't the first choice for the Rick Grimes role. The developer of the show, Frank Darabont, was hoping that Thomas Jane who starred in 'Hung' aired by HBO would be playing the role but the latter couldn't combine it with 'Hung.' Now, seven seasons down the show, one cannot just imagine anyone else aside Andrew Lincoln playing the Rick Grimes role. He is much like the character in many spheres such that you would even think the story is all about him. For instance, as earlier noted, both Andrew Lincoln and Rick Grimes don't 'do' tech. So, you can call that a disappointment that paid off although primarily to the developer of the comic movie but much more to Andrew Lincoln himself who hasn't only won the admiration millions of fans because of the show but has also gotten a lot of awards to his credit.

6. Andrew Lincoln Enjoys Using The Colt Python

Except where condition makes it impossible, Andrew Lincoln, the Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead loves the Colt Python greatly. He calls it his signatory gun. There were instances in the series though that he was deprived of it though. Interestingly, even off the screen, Andrew Lincoln loves the gun because to him, it's just like a Rolex that never fails. Clicking Colt Python, according to Andrew Lincoln is as easy as anything to him. It took the effort of the props department to strip it off him because if he goes around with it as he would have wanted to do, he would be arrested. Throughout the show, however, Colt Python, was the only gun Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) used except in a few instances when he lost it but regained it again.

6. In Real Life, Andrew Lincoln And Jon Bernthal Are Besties

Both Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal played key roles in The Walking Dead. While Andrew Lincoln acted Rick Grimes, Jon was Shane. Both characters were bosom friends in the show until Rick discovered that Shane slept with Lori and things started falling apart for him. Eventually, Rick forgave his wife for the infidelity and accepted raising with her a child which he believed came as a result of the infidelity. Before anyone starts thinking the duo would carry their enmity off-screen, the guys are actually best friends. Shane is also not the character he often portrays onscreen. He is very calm, hilarious, and approachable.

7. Andrew Lincoln Daily Perfects His Southern Dialect Skills

As initially stated, the 'Love Actually' and 'Strike Back' star hails from London, in England and as such, naturally has the British accent. However, as duty demands that he acts in Atlanta often, the English actor had to do something about his dialect. His desire to perfect his southern accent is all over him as he rehearses now and then to make sure he perfects the accent. As soon as Andrew Lincoln steps out of his house each day, according to him, he stays on the southern dialect all through. In fact, right in his bathroom and while taking coffee, the 'Strike Back' actor is always doing his southern dialect thing. And, of course, this effort is paying off. Andrew Lincoln can now speak in two different dialects - British and southern. He's so much good at the southern dialect that unless you are told, you wouldn't know that the 'Heartbreaker' star is from London.

8. Andrew Lincoln's Preparation For His Movies

You'll be amazed at what actors like Andrew Lincoln go through to effectively portray the character they're assigned to movies. Although Andrew Lincoln affirms he's not a methodical actor, he did subject himself to certain conditions to effectively play his assigned role. Take, for instance, in portraying the role of Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead; he had to leave his wife and only child in England while he traveled all alone to Georgia. His separation from these people that matter most to him in life helped him understand how painful the situation of Rick was when he woke up from the hospital's bed. Can you imagine? Having to subject yourself to a real-life situation so you can effectively act on screen? But that's what being a good actor sometimes demand. In the audition of the same play, Andrew Lincoln had another coincidence that equally fit him for his next role. Anderson just gave birth to their second child; and as expected of newborn parents, Andrew Lincoln couldn't sleep well for three days. Eventually, when he was to act Rick next season, he was also to play a similar role where he's been deprived sleep for three days. What a coincidence!

9. At Andrew Lincoln's Wedding, Apple Martin Was The Flower Girl

Besides the famous Jon Bernthal, other notable personalities are good friends of Andrew Lincoln. One of such is the couple Gwyneth and Chris Martin. This closeness was revealed during Andrew Lincoln's wedding when their daughter, Apple Martin played the flower girl role. Andrew Lincoln also doesn't lose contact with his friends and colleagues that they trained together at the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Arts, London. Many of them still wonder how a classically trained actor like Andrew Lincoln can fit so well into a zombie role. But what would an Andrew Lincoln say? He is now a Zombie Slayer. In his own words, Andrew Lincoln says "the people I trained with at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts think it is hilarious — I am classically trained and yet I wear cowboy boots and a Stetson, and I shoot zombies for a living. I am a zombie-slayer.”

10. Andrew Lincoln In Heartbreaker

Apart from Gangster No. 1 and The Walking Dead, one other movie that often brings the person of Andrew Lincoln to people's mouth is Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker is a French romantic film which starred Andrew as Jonathan. Heartbreaker has the majority of its settings in Morocco, North Africa. The film tells how the trio of Mélanie, Alex, and Marc break relationships by concocting an elaborate story to deceive wives and make them have issues with their husbands. Jonathan (Andrew Lincoln) is a very rich English businessman who fell in love with Juliette, the daughter of Jacques Frantz a French, wealthy man. It turns out that this wealthy man never likes the idea of her daughter getting married to Jonathan and wants the relationship breakers to do what they know how to do best. The Heartbreakers seem to be successful in breaking Jonathan's heart as the story ends up. This movie also received some considerable accolades since its release as many fans both in France up to certain parts in Europe gave it wide acclaim.

Final Submission

There you have the facts about Andrew Lincoln, the 'Gangster No. 1' actor. Although he initially opted into the acting profession, he's now getting a good reason to stay there. Among other things, Andrew Lincoln has been able to prove that it is not the number of appearances in movies that matter but how well each role is carried out. Andrew Lincoln appeared in fewer movies compared to other actors but has won 6 awards and has an impressive net worth. Andrew Lincoln's role in these three work 'Gangster No. 1,' 'Love Actually,' and 'The Walking Dead' has written the name of the handsome English actor in bold in the heart of his admirers and fans worldwide. His marriage is something to be jealous of too. Andrew Lincoln and his wife have been able to conclude that the woman should stay back at home and take care of the kids while he goes to do the rough work. The fact that this arrangement is working for the pair is what we are eulogizing. Andrew Lincoln places his wife's interest above even the use of technology, and it's no wonder the pair are still happy together. One can only wish Andrew Lincoln and his wife a great time together as they live in understanding and also 'The Walking Dead' actor a more successful career.