Top 5 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Shedding - Hair Loss Advice

Is your hair shedding and you can't understand why? Here are the top 5 reasons why you are suffering from this problem.

By Saadia
Top 5 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Shedding - Hair Loss Advice

Are you having hair loss problem?

Whether it’s men or women, healthy and shiny hair is linked to the idea of what’s beautiful. It is actually your hair that makes you look attractive and unfortunately, many of us are dealing with hair shedding and I am not talking about minor, but excessive hair shedding. The American Academy of Dermatology says it is perfectly normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. But if the hair fall is beyond that, then it’s a problem. Dermatologists say that our hair goes through 3 phases; growth, rest and then shedding. If you are dealing with chronic hair shedding, it is time to book an appointment with a pro. If you are losing more than 100 hairs in a day and it is happening for several weeks in a row, you could have an irritated scalp, bald patches or a sore scalp. All this is linked to shedding.

What’s normal hair shedding?

As mentioned above, it is perfectly normal for a human body to shed 100 hairs per day as a part of the normal hair shedding cycle and this does not affect the thickness of the hair in any way. If, however, you are seeing excessive hair in your hairbrush or down the shower drain, it is time to question why your hair is falling out. Sometimes, even if the shedding is more than usual, it is a temporary condition associated with a stressful event in life, over-styling or changes in the hormonal cycle. There are instances when your hair stops growing and it doesn’t grow back until the condition is addressed. A man or woman who inherits hair loss through hereditary might need medical treatment for hair re-growth otherwise, a lot of hair could be lost because of the shedding.

Reasons why your hair is shedding

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Now that you know you are suffering from excessive hair fall, it is time to figure out the causes of shedding. Here are top 5 reasons why your hair might be shedding:

1. Stress

Your hair is going to shed when you wash, comb and style it. That is normal shedding, but, how can you tell what type of hair shedding is unusual? It’s when you see tiny white bulbs at the end of the hair strands. This bulb has a meaning---it means that your hair has gone through a cycle of growth and it has fallen out. Stress can play a huge part in hair fall. In fact, stress is the enemy of your hair. When the physiological functions of your body change in the form of loss of appetite or irregular sleep, this means you are stressed out. The human body has the tendency to react to stress by speeding up the phase of resting prematurely and this results in hair shedding. Stress also triggers scalp problems and it can mess up with your digestive system which is going to leave a negative impact on the health of your hair. This could be a seasonal hair shedding and you can fix it by seeing your doctor or maybe even take therapy to channel out your stress and anxiety. Even a dog can lose hair due to excessive stress.

2. Vitamin deficiency

If you have a vitamin deficiency, it could lead to seasonal hair shedding. It is one of the causes of hair shedding you can’t ignore because when your body isn’t getting all the right nutrients and vitamins, it can come in the way of hair growth. Most deficiencies in Vitamin B and Protein are linked with hair shedding and when your body lacks Vitamin B12, you feel low on energy but it doesn't stop here. It also takes a toll on your hair. Since it affects the health of your red blood cells that carry oxygen to tissues, you start experiencing hair fall.

3. Moisture and Protein Imbalance

If you are using moisture-based hair products, it could be one of the causes of hair shedding. As you use too much moisturizer, it makes your hair follicles weak and hence your hair shedding cycle speeds up. It can also disrupt the natural protein balance. Your hair needs protein as it strengthens the hair follicles. You may mean well for your hair by using such hair products but they too can lead to seasonal hair shedding.

4. Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is linked with serious beauty issues starting from weight gain, acne to hair loss. Estrogens (the female hormone) are responsible for keeping the hair in the growth phase for a long time but the case is totally opposite for men. Androgens (the male hormones) are not hair-friendly at all and they are responsible for shortening the hair growth cycle. Excess of these male hormones can lead to chronic hair shedding. This is often because of genes and those who have a genetic predisposition to follicle sensitivity, a little disturbance in the hormones can affect the health of the hair badly. You might be surprised to know that hormonal imbalance can cause hair shedding in a dog too.

5. Excessive use of hair styling products

Too much styling, dyeing, and shampooing can harm the condition of your hair and cause shedding. When your hair is exposed to heat and chemicals, they become weak. It is often a combination of hair treatments like coloring, keratin, and blow drying that do the damage. All of this is a clear sign that you need to reduce hair styling. But how do you know that hair styling is damaging your hair? Here is a simple sign of shedding--you will no longer see bulbs at the end of your hair. Does that mean you shouldn’t style your hair anymore? No, not really but you may need to follow the precautions below to avoid hair shedding: • Don’t use those appliances that can overheat your hair. • Always set the hair dryer on cold and low setting. • Avoid using flat irons. • Don’t dye your hair with more than 1 or 2 shades. Otherwise, too much chemical can cause hair shedding. • When using hair gel or even hair spray, do not wait for these hair products to dry before combing your hair. Otherwise, your hair will harden up and break.

Other causes of hair shedding

There can be other causes of hair shedding too apart from the common ones mentioned above. Such as: • Pregnancy is one cause. Hair shedding in this situation happens because of the hormonal changes but it is seasonal. Also, childbirth can be pretty stressful. • Too much Vitamin C is responsible for hair shedding. Adults need 5, 000 IU daily value of vitamin A each day. Anything above that causes hair shedding • Male pattern baldness is pretty common. Two out of three men experience hair loss when they reach their 60's. That could be why your hair is shedding. • Iron deficiency i.e. Anemia causes hair shedding too. You might have to get your blood tested to determine if that’s really why you are losing hair. • A medical condition called hypothyroidism can disturb the health of your hair too. The thyroid gland in the neck is responsible for producing hormones that are essential for hair growth and a healthy metabolism. When it is not producing enough hormones, hair shedding takes place. • Dramatic weight loss can result in massive hair thinning. This can even happen if the weight loss is good for you. Since you are not eating right and your body is not getting enough vitamins and minerals, it starts affecting the health of your hair taking you down the road of hair shedding. • If you are taking anti-depressants or blood thinners, this could also be promoting hair loss. If that’s what’s happening, you should talk to your doctor right away. • Trichotillomania, also known as the impulse control disorder, also linked with hair shedding. It is a condition that makes a person play or pull their hair constantly. When you are doing that you are taking away the natural protection of your hair. This condition is common in women. You need to see a therapist to get rid of this habit otherwise, you will be shedding lots of hair. Sometimes, taking anti-depressants can help too. • Aging leads to hair thinning and then eventually causes hair shedding. Experts say that this condition cannot be treated since it is a part of the natural cycle. The only solution is to go for a cosmetic surgery or wear a wig. • If you are an athlete and you are taking steroids, they can impact the health and growth of your hair. This explains why your hair is shedding. It is recommended to get yourself checked by a dermatologist to find out what is actually causing the shedding. He will then suggest you the right treatment as per your condition.

Is there a cure for hair shedding?

Apart from seeing a professional, there are certain things that can improve the health of the hair and reduce hair shedding. Let’s have a look at them:

Change your diet and stop hair shedding

This is the first thing you need to start with if you want to stop excessive hair shedding. Increase your protein intake for instance. Take complex carbohydrates since they provide energy for hair growth. Instead of eating out, prefer home cooked meals and make fruits and veggies a part of your daily diet. Even your dog will stop shedding hair if you improve his diet.

Take supplements

Do consult your dermatologist before taking a supplement to cure the shedding. Generally, it is recommended to choose a hair supplement that contains Iron, Vitamin b12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Selenium, Zinc, and Copper.

Use hair styling products moderately

Too much of something is bad and the same goes for hair styling products. The meaning here is to avoid using those styling products that contain harmful chemicals since they are responsible for hair shedding. It is best not to choose those hairstyles that can place traction on your hair follicles. Heavy serums and styling creams add unnecessary weight to your hair too which is why shedding happens.

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Whether it is your dog that is shedding hair or you, never freak out. You are not only one suffering from this problem. You should not feel embarrassed about hair shedding either. The truth is, there is no single remedy that can cure the hair shedding problem. You will have to re-examine your general health, the condition of your scalp as well as your diet because of all these factors may collectively be responsible for hair shedding. Be patient because it will take at least six weeks to see improvement in the growth of your hair. Take charge of your general health as well as the health of your hair. You never know, your hair loss might just be fixable.