Madonna Wiki: Everything To Know About Sean Penn's Ex Wife

You are about to know more about Madonna, who is the ex wife of Sean Penn. Below are facts about the singer that you should know.

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Madonna Wiki: Everything To Know About Sean Penn's Ex Wife

Madonna: Sean Penn’s ex wife and 'queen of pop'

Most of the parents of today grew up listening to Madonna, and not only them, their parents probably met in the club and were dancing on one of Madonna’s song before they bumped in to each other. Apparently, there wasn’t even any affection between them, but after they heard one of Madonna’s love songs, their emotions were ignited to a different level. When people speak about the most successful and influential artists who have ever lived, they surely mention Michael Jackson and Madonna. The two stars held the king and queen of pop titles, respectively. Madonna is still one though. Madonna’s real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone and she is a singer-songwriter. She is has made a net worth from her songs and movie roles, examples being, “Like a Virgin”, “La Isla Bonita”, “Evita”, “Desperately Seeking Susan”, and “Body of Evidence.” Apart from singing, Madonna is also an actress and a businesswoman who has used her influence to grow her brand. She was declared the Queen of Pop in the 1980s. She is the ex wife of Sean Penn, an actor and filmmaker who has also made a name for himself in Hollywood. The 59-year-old Madonna was born and raised in Michigan in a humble home and a Catholic family. Her mother is known as Madonna Louise (Fortin) while her father is known as Anthony “Tony” Ciccone and they all lived in Bay City, Michigan. Her father’s parents immigrated from Pacentro, Italy, while Madonna’s mother was a French-Canadian. Madonna’s father, Tony, worked as an engineer designer at General Motors and Chrysler. Since Madonna shared the same with her darling mother, their relatives used to call her “Little Nonni.” The singer-songwriter has two elder brothers, Martin and Anthony as well as three younger siblings, Paula, Melanie and Christopher. After Madonna was confirmed in the Catholic Church back in 1966, she adopted the name Veronica as a confirmation name. Sean Penn’s ex-wife was raised Detroit suburbs of Pontiac.

Madonna’s life changed after her mother’s death

Madonna’s mother died of breast cancer when she was just 30 in December 1963. Before she succumbed, Madonna had noticed a change in her behavior and personality. She tried to ask her what was happening to her but her mother was at a loss to elaborate her medical condition. Whenever Madonna insisted on what was going with her, her mother would break into tears. In of her interviews, the singer-songwriter admitted that she hadn’t grasped the concept of losing her mother. Madonna then consulted her grandmother from her father’s side, but her siblings resisted any effort or anyone brought into their home including housekeepers because they thought they wanted to take the place of their mother. Madonna told Vanity Fair that she felt a lonely girl in her youth at the time, and was searching for something. Madonna said that she was not rebellious in sort of a way, but she cared about being good in something. She revealed that she never used to shave her underarms and she didn’t use any makeup like other girls. But after she went to school, Madonna studied hard and got some good grades because she wanted to be somebody. The singer-songwriter and the ex wife of Sean Penn always felt terrified that her father Tony could also die and she lacked sleep unless she was near him. In 1966, Madonna’s father married the family’s housekeeper, Joan Gustafson and they had two children. Madonna was angry about her father getting married again and began resisting against him. That resulted in a strained relationship between them.

Her school life was interesting

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Madonna went to St. Andrew’s Elementary Schools and West Middle school. She was notorious in school and her behavior was funny. No wonder the visual imagery in her music videos and stage. Even though she performed well, there was a ‘bitch” side of her that most of her former classmates still talk about. The singer-songwriter would perform cartwheels and handstands in hallways while going for classes. At other times, during recess, she would dangle by her knees and pull her skirt so that the boys could see her underwear. But come the final exams, she would pass and earn good grades. Later on, after graduating from elementary school, Madonna attended Rochester Adams High School and she would get straight-As. Madonna also became a member of the cheerleading squad and after graduating, the actress received a dance scholarship to join University of Michigan’s faculty of music, theatre and dance. Sean Penn’s ex wife would attend the American Dance Festival during summer and convinced her father to pay for her ballet lessons. After she joined ballet, her teacher, Christopher Flynn persuaded her to take a career in dance. In 1978, Madonna dropped out of college, relocated to New York City, and secured a job as a waitress at Dunkin’ donuts. She would then use the little money she earned to pay for her classes at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Eventually, Madonna got a chance to perform with Pearl Lang Dance Theater. In an interview, Madonna said it was her first time to board a plane and the first time she was ever carried by a taxi when she went to New York. The singer-songwriter went to the city with only $35 in her pocket. Well, back then, that was quite valuable. She added that it was the bravest thing she ever did. Madonna started by being a backup dancer for established artists. Sean Penn’s ex wife revealed that there was one time when she was held by two men at knifepoint and was forced to perform fellatio on them, and she felt weak that she couldn’t save herself despite the strong girl she thought she was. She never forgot it.

And Madonna’s love for music gave in

Madonna was still working as a backup singer and dancer and while working under the French disco artist, Patrick Hernandez on his 1979 world tour, she fell in love with Dan Gilroy and they lived in an abandoned synagogue located in Corona, Queens. They formed a rock band together known as the Breakfast Club. Madonna sang, played drums and guitar but left the band later on with another lover, Stephen Bray. They began writing songs together, but later on, the singer-songwriter decided to market herself as a solo artist. Her music was impressive enough to be noticed by a DJ and record producer known as Mark Kamins and he arranged a meeting between Madonna and Sire Records founder and manager, Seymour Stein. From 1982, Madonna was making some good music after signing a deal with Sire. Her first single, “Everybody” was released in 1982. Her songs began dominating the charts and so she decided to drop her self-titled debut album, “Madonna” that was produced by Warner Bros. her overall sound was in the form of upbeat synthetic disco and used some of the technology back then. Some of her songs dominated the charts and her then boyfriend, John Benitez, helped her make the album a little more interesting. After it was released in 1983, it peaked at the fourth position on Billboard 200, about six months later. The album had some top ten singles at the time. Her style of dressing, her performances and her music videos influenced a lot of girls and women. The singer has made hits like “Like a Virgin”, “La Isla Bonita”, and starred in movies like “Evita”, “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “Body of Evidence” making a net worth from the roles and her music.

Sean Penn said he still loves his ex wife, Madonna

It’s almost 30 years since Sean Penn went separate ways with Madonna, but he still has a soft spot for her in his heat. In an episode on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actor participated in a game known as Sean Penn-y for Your Thoughts in which he revealed some random info about himself such as his favorite karaoke song which is “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls. The last question was for him to pick between Madonna his ex wife, and Britney Spears, the Queen and Princess of Pop respectively. After a chuckle, the actor stated that he loved his first wife a lot and he couldn’t compare those things. Colbert noted that people usually compare the two stars and Penn agreed with him that it was very true. Madonna and Penn were married for only four years and starred together in “Shanghai Surprise” before divorcing in 1989. Madonna usually complained that Sean Penn was domestically abusing her and she filed divorce a couple of times and withdrawing them before she finally decided that she had enough. In June 1986, Madonna released an album, “True Blue” and it was inspired by Sean Penn who was her ex husband by the time she was releasing the album.

Tom Holland failed to impress Madonna with his dancing

He’s changed with his responsibility of saving this beautiful universe with the latest Marvel made a superhero movie that is meant to hit the big screen this April, “Avengers Infinity War,” but not even his character, Spiderman, could save him from humiliating himself before Madonna. Holland and Madonna had a stilted meeting during a past appearance in a party just after the Academy Awards. Tom, who is 21, revealed that on The Graham Norton Show that Madonna wasn’t impressed after gamely tried to dance with her. The actor said that he was highly drunk when his friend dragged him to meet the “Evita”, “Desperately Seeking Susan”, and “Body of Evidence” actress and the singer of “Like a Virgin” and “La Isla Bonita”, Madonna and he was just wondering what he could tell her. He just said Hello! Probably to cover the awkward moment, his friend told Madonna that Holland was a great dancer and she asked him to show the singer-songwriter what he had. So, Holland took Madonna’s hand and started dancing with her. He knew that he was terrible and Madonna wasn’t impressed at all, so he bailed out and left, leaving her alone on the dance floor. According to Holland, that was the most embarrassing moment of his life. When he went home and told his family what had happened, his dad was laughing, his mother cringing and best reaction of all, his little brother asked who Madonna was.

Sean Penn’s ex wife shares wellness secrets with kids

Having Madonna as a mum is definitely a lot of pleasure and it includes unlimited access to her beauty products as well as wellness tips. The singer-songwriter told E! News that her 17-year-old son with her ex-partner, Guy Richie, Rocco Ritchie usually uses her lotions and serums which she developed for her famous skincare line, MDNA. She said that she felt it was funny that her son was asking her if he could have more serum or more face wash. Besides having easy access to her products, the six kids of “Evita”, “Desperately Seeking Susan”, and “Body of Evidence” actress and the singer of “Like a Virgin” and “La Isla Bonita” have grown up with a mother who has been maintaining a youthful look. Sean Penn’s ex wife stated that she has beauty tips that she shares with them including three that she believes are the most important. Her first tip was, they shouldn’t squeeze the pimples on their faces because that would be scaring the face and she added that acne comes from having dehydrated skin. Madonna’s next secret is not to stay under the sun rays despite the temptations and not smoking. The singer-songwriter revealed that she was broke and couldn’t afford any fancy skin care until she made decent net worth in her mid-twenties and attributed her perfect skin to those habits and not drinking a lot. Madonna said that she never went to the beach while growing up and got a suntan, she never smoked and never drunk much. That helped her have a nice skin because he paid attention to those things when he was younger. So, if you wondered what Madonna used, now you have the secrets to ageless beauty. You might be thinking of getting some of her skin care products. Well, prepare to spend a lot. Her line is, of course, fancier just like most celebrity brands. A 4 oz bottle of face wash will cost you $50 and that serum which her son loves, 1.7 oz bottle, you will part with $250. They seem to be very expensive, but you care about quality, they are the best. Despite them being sold, we are glad that Madonna shares her skincare tips for free.

Interesting facts about Sean Penn’s ex wife, Madonna

Her movie jacket outsold her Sean Penn’s wedding dress

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In 2014, Madonna auctioned her 1985 wedding gown that she wore when she was exchanging vows with Sean Penn and the famous jacket that she wore in her first role in a movie to donate to a charity. According to ABC News, the singer’s custom-made Marlene Stewart wedding gown was sold at a price of $81,250 while the black leather jacket she wore in her 1985 movie, “Desperately Seeking Susan sold at a whopping $252,000.

She got a standing ovation and became famous

Madonna is considered the most influential pop star of all time, but it has been a long way to having that title. Madonna’s first dabble in music was when she was a drummer for the band, The Breakfast Club in 1979. Sean Penn’s ex wife convinced the band to allow her to sing one song in a show that was going on in New York. After performing, she got a standing ovation and she immediately became the lead singer of the band. Do you know that Randy Jackson was also in The Breakfast Club as well, later on?

She beat actresses for the role of Eva Peron in Evita

“Evita”, “Desperately Seeking Susan”, and “Body of Evidence” actress and the singer of “Like a Virgin” and “La Isla Bonita”, Madonna, got a role in “Evita in a very exciting way and no one expected that she would take the role. Academy Award winner, Meryl Streep had been offered the role. The film is an adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. However, production was delayed and Strep took another project. After actresses were called to fill the position, Glenn Close, Barbra Streisand and Michelle Pfeiffer tried to get the role. Madonna was also campaigning for the part and somehow, she managed to win over the filmmakers. That’s how she landed the leading role. Madonna has been lucky in the world of entertainment.

Madonna’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth site, Madonna has a net worth of $800 million. That’s quite a fortune and that net worth can take care of probably six of her generations. Madonna’s role in “Evita”, “Desperately Seeking Susan”, and “Body of Evidence” and her songs including “Like a Virgin” and “La Isla Bonita” are the ones that have helped her build a net worth.

Madonna is one of the most accomplished singer-songwriters in the world, and even though she is aging, she still looks energetic and youthful because she keeps fit. Sean Penn’s is still a legend.