20 Home Remedies To Treat Your Dry Hair

Do you ever experience dry hair at some point? Well, there are now home remedies that you can use to remedy this situation. Find out more.

By Dagmar Thomson
20 Home Remedies To Treat Your Dry Hair

20 Home Remedies to Treat Your Dry Hair

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Hair is the crowning glory of a woman. This can apply to men as well because who in this world would not love to have nice looking healthy hair. When hair suddenly becomes unappealing, then your first action is to seek remedies. Damaged hair is a common problem and there are a number of causes for dull, brittle, and dry hair.

Causes of Dry Hair

Sometimes we are oblivious to the damage that we cause to our hair until it turns dry, frizzy, and brittle. Secondly, over-exposure to some extreme environments is also unavoidable. This can take a toll on the condition of your hair. In summary, these are: • Nutritional deficiencies • Excessive use of dry heat on hair • An extreme climate that is either hot and dry or cold and dry • Wrong choice of hair care products • Excessive washing of hair • Excessive use of bleaches and hair dyes • Exposure to chlorinated water

Advantages of Using Home Remedies on Damaged Hair

1. Homemade remedies contain common ingredients that are easily available. Most ingredients are right in your kitchen or garden. 2. Homemade remedies are friendly to your pocket. Homemade concoctions are inexpensive as compared to buying products from the market or going to a salon. It can cost you as little as nothing if you grow the ingredients or make home remedies for dry hair yourself. 3. The best thing about homemade remedies is that they are super gentle to your hair. There is no fear of hair loss or damage since you only use natural treatments to maintain healthy hair.

Superb Do-It-At-Home Remedies for Dry Damaged Hair

There are several surprising ways to treat dry and brittle hair naturally. If you suffer bad hair days or even hair loss, try some of these simple home remedies to revitalize your dry and coarse hair:

1. Olive Oil

a) Slightly warm a half cup of olive oil or just enough olive oil for your hair length. b) Rub it into your hair tresses over a minimum period of five minutes. c) Cover with a shower cap and wrap in a warm towel. Then leave it in for 45 minutes or overnight. d) Shampoo and condition your hair. Pat your hair with a dry towel. e) Repeat this on a weekly basis. Olive oil returns the lost moisture by sealing of the hair cuticles. This home remedy revitalizes dry hair as it has several antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin E.

2. Sandalwood Oil

a) Put a few drops of sandalwood oil with olive or jojoba oil in the palms of your hands. b) Rub your hands together and apply to the hair; ensure to reach the ends significantly. This home remedy conditions brittle hair while keeping your hair shiny and sleek. Your hair will never be dry again with frequent application.

3. Avocado

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a) Scoop the pit from a ripe avocado. Mash the avocado. You may want to add an egg to it for even better results. b) Apply to wet hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. c) Repeat at least once a week for coarse hair. It rejuvenates healthy hair when repeated once a month. Avocados are rich in fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals that restore natural sheen to dry hair. It prevents future damage and keeps dry hair soft and tangle free.

4. Egg

a) After washing your hair, towel dry and apply whisked egg white to scalp and hair, ensuring you cover the ends. Give it a good massage for 15 minutes, and leave it in for 1 hour. b) Rinse thoroughly with cold water and shampoo. Rinse again and pat your hair dry. c) Do this on a weekly basis. This home remedy can be repeated twice a week if your hair is exceptionally dry. Whole eggs can be used in combination with other remedies like olive oil or honey to do the trick. Just add a tablespoon of each and cover your hair for 30 minutes. You may also use almond oil in place of olive oil for better results. (This is indicated in home remedy number 15 here below.) Egg reduces hair damage by providing essential nutrients while softening dry hair. Egg white, in particular, contains enzymes that deeply cleanses the scalp.

5. Castor Oil

a) Massage castor oil into your hair every week to combat that dry texture. Castor oil is rich in omega fatty acids that feed the hair and prevent hair loss. It reduces the brittle texture of damaged dry hair.

6. Tea

a) Rinse with a cup of unsweetened tea after shampoo and leave it in to dry naturally. One may not believe that tea can be used as a home remedy, but it can do wonders to enhance your hair color. Chamomile tea is good for blond hair while the darker teas are for dark shades of hair. It leaves coarse, dry hair looking strong and shiny.

7. Butter

a) Apply a little butter to hair according to hair length and massage it in. b) Use a shower cap to cover your hair for about half an hour. c) Shampoo your hair and rinse out the butter. This home remedy is ideal for dry, brittle hair that has been over-exposed to the sun.

8. Honey

a) Mix half a cup of honey with a little olive oil to loosen the honey. b) Massage the mixture gently into the hair. c) Leave in for 20 minutes, rinse, and towel dry. Honey is an effective home remedy for dry hair. It can be combined with an egg yolk to improve course hair.

9. Aloe Vera

a) Apply Aloe Vera directly to damaged hair and leave it in for 15 minutes. b) Rinse with warm water and wash with a mild shampoo. Pat with a dry towel. Good for repair of damaged hair as it has humectant properties; it retains moisture. Aloe vera also contains enzymes, vitamins E and C plus amino acids that are a good combination for preventing hair loss. It is compatible with other home remedies like plain yogurt and coconut oil to combat dry hair.

10. Coconut Oil

a) Use warm coconut oil on your scalp every day by massaging it in for at least five minutes. b) Leave it on overnight and wash once a week with a mild shampoo. Coconut oil easily penetrates hair follicles and prevents damage to the cuticles as well. You may want to combine coconut oil with another remedy according to preference. This home remedy can go with honey where the proportion is three tablespoons of coconut oil to a quarter cup of honey. Ensure to rinse after 30 minutes.

11. Banana

a) Thoroughly rub in one mashed, ripe banana to hair and leave it in for an hour. b) Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel. A banana is an excellent home remedy that aids in improving elasticity. It prevents split ends that cause hair to have a coarse texture. It can be combined with coconut oil, honey, or olive oil for better potency.

12. Essential Oils

a) Mix argan oil, peppermint oil, and lavender oil with coconut oil as the base. b) Pour into a small sized hair-spray bottle and spray onto your dry hair, paying attention to hair ends. This home remedy has a very pleasant scent and when used often, it gives your hair body and prevents hair loss.

13. Mayonnaise

a) Apply one cup of full-fat mayonnaise on damp hair. Give the scalp a good massage and work it into the ends of the hair. b) Cover your hair with a shower cap for an hour. c) Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel. Repeat this every week to hydrate dry hair. This is an excellent home remedy that has proteins that keep hair soft.

14. Beer

a) After a mild shampoo, spray some beer onto your hair and air it until dry. Natural airing does not leave any residual smell in hair. Beer is a marvelous hair conditioner as it has proteins that repair damaged hair cuticles. It nourishes hair follicles, thus making your hair silky and shiny.

15. Almond Oil

Almond oil is commonly used together with other ingredients to make a powerful remedy for dry hair. Here are some combination remedies: a) Mix almond oil with yogurt as indicated in the yogurt remedy number 17 below. b) Whisk one whole egg with four tablespoons of almond oil. Apply to hair after shampooing and leave it in for 40 minutes. c) Combine 1 tablespoon each of almond oil and olive oil. Apply to scalp and massage for a minimum of five minutes. Leave it in for 30 minutes and shampoo. Rinse and towel dry. The above three treatments can be repeated thrice a week. For a super blend, try incorporating honey and banana and repeat twice a week. This home remedy will replenish moisture and rid dry hair for good.

16. Jojoba Oil

a) Apply two to three tablespoons of slightly warm jojoba oil onto the tresses of your hair. b) Keep it in for 20 minutes, and wash with a mild shampoo. Rinse and towel dry. Jojoba oil is an excellent home remedy. It moisturizes hair follicles and leaves no residue while aiding in hair growth. It has vitamins and minerals, which prevent hair loss and smoothens course the hair.

17. Yogurt

Yogurt is mostly used in combination with other ingredients for its maximum effect. Apply these yogurt remedies and allow 30 minutes before shampooing: a) Mix one cup of yogurt with one tablespoon of almond oil. Apply to dry hair. b) Mix plain yogurt with your favorite hair conditioner and apply it half an hour before shampooing. c) Mix three spoons of yogurt, four spoons of aloe vera gel, and two spoons of coconut oil. Apply to hair, and do not -cover in order to let it dry. Rinse in lukewarm water then shampoo. Yogurt has antifungal properties due to its high lactic acid content, which gets rid of dead cells and leaves your scalp clean. Now you can get rid of all your hair care products and revert to this inexpensive home remedy for dry scalp and hair.

18. Henna

a) Mix henna with cold water and apply to damaged hair. b) Wash and rinse thoroughly. Henna as a remedy for dry hair will strengthen hair cuticles and thicken the hair. It easily binds to keratin in the hair and penetrates the hair shaft.

19. Rice Water

a) Collect the second rinsing water of any kind of rice. b) Keep the rice in water and after 15 to 30 minutes, the water will be cloudy. c) Fermentation: Keep the rice for a total of 24 hours. It will turn sour and then strain out the rice. Slightly dilute the fermented rice water before use. d) Use fermented rice water as a final rinse after washing your hair. e) Gently massage the scalp and leave it in for 20 minutes. Rinse again. Rice water is good for reduction of hair loss, conditioning, and hair elasticity. It contains inositol, which is a carbohydrate that repairs damaged hair and remains intact in hair even after rinsing. Rice water has been used in India for centuries and it is common among the Yao women.

20. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

a) Use amla powder. Mix the powder with warm water. Ratio 1:2 until it forms a paste. b) Apply to your dry hair and scalp. c) Leave it in for 40 to 50 minutes then rinse. Indian gooseberry remedy is great for controlling hair loss, dandruff, conditioning and blood circulation in the head.

Additional Tip

If your dry hair is beyond repair, trim it in order to remove the damaged ends. Hair damage usually occurs at the ends of hair shafts. Afterward, ensure you use a combination of the above remedies at intervals. Avoid doing a blow dry so often. This will give your growing hair that healthy, natural glow to nourish your scalp.


At a glance, this is good news to all of those who are not crazy about going to a salon every time they have bad hair days. However, while keeping in mind that we need to maintain a healthy diet for glorious hair, it is relieving to know how to keep hair looking good naturally. It is a secret worth spreading!