11 Good Luck Foods To Eat For The New Year

Everyone looks forward to having a better New Year. Therefore, it would do you some good to incorporate the following good luck foods in your New Year's menu.

By Auntrone89
11 Good Luck Foods To Eat For The New Year

Good luck food for new years

For the longest time, the New Year has been used to symbolize a new beginning. And for that matter, different people have made a point of coming up with ways to ensure they are starting afresh and doing so on a high note. For instance, many people opt to consume a number of special cuisines believed to possess the power to bring good luck to a person, a family or a community. Apart from making people lucky in the new year, most of these foods have the nutritive value that ensures the people stay either healthy and not just wealthy. But when all is said and done, the most important thing is to ensure that you have your mind in the right place. To achieve this, you can start by developing a positive attitude long before consuming any good luck cuisines. The mind is the only organ that has the ability to connect and communicate your true feelings to the universe. And that makes it very powerful hence the dictum, “What you wish for is exactly what you’ll get.” Also, try your level best to familiarize yourself with some of these recipes if not most of them. Thankfully, most of these lucky foods are readily available. Therefore, you should focus more on learning how to prepare them than worrying about where to find them. Some of these lucky foods include the following:

1. Eat Sauerkraut for good luck

Despite having a rather complicated exotic name, Sauerkraut is one of the most popular canned foods mostly in Pennsylvania and German homes. It is an indigenous type of cabbage that is believed to possess the power to attract wealth mostly when consumed in the new year. And on top of that, sauerkraut also boasts of a surfeit of health benefits. And that’s why you need to incorporate Sauerkraut into your regular diet and not just during the new year festivities. Lucky for you, there are plenty of homemade recipes that you can use to prepare this new year good luck food. Apart from making its consumers lucky and healthy, Sauerkraut seems to be readily available. And that makes it hella affordable. You, therefore, have no excuse just in case you were looking for one. Start by visiting your nearest supermarket and stock your cart with as many cans as you can. If you can’t find it in your local supermarket, then you should give your local farmer a try. Doing so might help you find it at a much cheaper price. As I said earlier, Sauerkraut happens to be one of the most common good luck vegetables out there. Therefore, stocking it in your fridge way before the last-minute rush would end up doing you and your family some good.

2. Enjoy delicious pork for new year good luck

Throughout history, pork has always been associated with nothing but good luck. Pork is also believed to possess the power to ward off evil. And with all of these spiritual attributes attached to pork, it’s no wonder it makes it to a lot of people’s tables during New Years as part of their good luck charm cuisines. Apart from the obvious fact that pork is available anywhere and everywhere and is, therefore, pocket-friendly, there are many recipes that allow people to turn pork into a lot of delicious meals. And all that information can be readily accessible online. You can enjoy this good luck food for the new years in the form of sausage, pork ribs, ham, and pork chops just to mention a few. Feel free to check the internet for tips, picking out the simplest or most delicious recipes you can get your hands on. Don’t shy away from learning how to cook because it is just too much fun. As you are enjoying your pork, make sure you are believing in whatever you want to happen. If you are seeking to enjoy good health or wealth, then that’s exactly you’re your mind ought to be focusing on. Remember, it’s your mind that attracts the luck. The pork, or any other food for that matter, is just but a vessel.

3. Achieve good luck by consuming cornbread

Just like people use the green candle to symbolize money when carrying out their effective money spells, the golden color of cornbread is used to represent wealth in this case. Therefore, if you want to be lucky and have an eventful year filled with tons of money coming your way, then you should try eating some cornbread this coming new year. Cornbread is also a good source of carbohydrates, which makes it a healthy food. This means that cornbread has the ability to provide you with the necessary energy to work hard and therefore increasing your chances of becoming wealthy. You can either buy cornbread from the nearest convenient shop or even better, you can DIY. All you need to do is acquiring the recipes online or have someone teach you how to go about it. You can also prepare the cornbread as a family because it’s a hell lot of fun and therefore one helluva a bonding experience. And as I hinted much earlier, if your entire family isn’t gifted in the culinary arts department, you can always make the most of the bakeries within your locality.

4. Have rice pudding at new year’s and enjoy good luck

Another one of the most popular good luck foods to consume during the New Years is none other than rice pudding. The thing about ride pudding is that it’s so easy to prepare that anyone without any gastronomic knowledge can pull it off flawlessly. And for that matter, I don’t really see why you shouldn’t have it as part of your new year’s al carte. And as I have mentioned over and over again, always make your internet your best friend when it comes to experimenting with new recipes. Needless to say, rice pudding has a plethora of health benefits which only come as a bonus to being lucky. That’s why I’ll keep insisting on trying it out. If you aren’t that much of a cook, you still don’t have to worry because that can’t stop you and your family from enjoying some rice pudding at new year’s. You and your entire family could stroll to the nearest bistro and enjoy as much rice pudding as you can. Believing in the power of rice pudding as a good luck cuisine is vital for it to work. The reason I’m starting to sound like a broken record putting an emphasis on the latter is so you don’t forget it. Failing to believe in whatever you are eating will only render the good vibes useless. And it goes without saying that it will all be a total waste of your time.

5. Fish is arguably the most popular lucky foods

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Everyone – with the exception of vegans and those that are allergic to fish – loves fish. And for the longest time, many people believed that eating fish during the new year celebrations brings good luck and prosperity. This has something to do with the shiny scales which are the semblance of silver coins/wealth. Thankfully, there are countless fish recipes that you can learn and incorporate into your new year’s diet. Also, there are literally thousands of fish available in the market. Therefore, go for the kind of fish that your taste buds find as the most irresistible and stick to it. And as you are eating your fish, try focusing on the good luck that’s about to pour into your life. Apart from being a good luck food, fish is a very nutritious food. Therefore, making a habit of consuming it on a regular basis will go a very long way in sorting you out from a health point of view. At the end of the day, making a habit of consuming fish on a regular basis will not only give you a healthy body to enjoy all year round and not just for the New Year celebrations.

6. Try the black-eyed peas as your lucky food

No. I’m not talking about inviting the immensely famous black-eyed peas music group over and eating them for your New Year celebrations. I am talking about the legumes for crying out loud! You know, the legumes which have been considered as one of the luckiest foods to eat at the start of every year. And since most of the people who believe and consume it at the start of every year are fairly successful, I don’t really see why you shouldn’t try as well. The black-eyed peas were popularly used during the Siege of Vicksburg, an ancient civil war that saw humanity hitting an all-time low. According to the historical records, the carnage was of biblical proportions. But few who survived it were believed to have taken black-eyed peas for good luck and protection and that’s exactly what they got. And with that in mind, you can always be the lucky person by making a habit of eating black-eyed peas on a regular basis and not just at the beginning of the year. That way, your run with good luck will be assured at all times while the nutrients keep you nourished as well as healthy. The black-eyed peas are also very easy to cook and therefore shouldn’t give you that much of a hard time.

7. Add Bundt cakes to your list of lucky new year foods

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The good thing about Bundt cakes is that their recipes aren’t as complicated as pronouncing it may seem. Therefore, don’t ever shy away from learning how to go about baking them. Also, bear in mind that this good luck food is just too darn delicious and gives one that impeccable feeling of fullness. And this attribute alone makes Bundt cakes the most appropriate food for your New Year’s breakfast. You can have your cake accompanied with some tea or milk together with some hot, lucky vibes on the side, wink. From a healthy point of view, Bundt cakes are a remarkable source of carbohydrates. And that feeling of fullness will effectively prevent you from the urge to overeat. Feel free to get a tad creative by putting surprise treats in them right before baking. That way, the family can always look forward to enjoying their cakes while making unexpected discoveries. The latter is why Bundt cakes represent unexpected challenges and events that usually make our lives much better. If you ever fall short of ideas, then, by all means, go check the internet. Also, feel free to personalize your ideas since you are the one who truly understands your family and not the guys putting their Bundt cake recipes and ideas online.

8. Soba noodles should be your lucky food

If you want to accumulate enough wealth for you and your family, then having a long, healthy life is an important requirement. Thankfully, that’s exactly what the irresistibly delicious soba noodles are for. It is believed that due to their long, straight nature, people who consume it will end up mirroring this rather conspicuous quality. This means that they’ll often end up having long, healthy lives. The trick usually lies with not breaking the soba noodles into tiny bits lest you end up breaking the spell. Therefore, irrespective of whatever recipes you love or choose to use, always make sure that the soba noodles are cooked whole. The good thing about soba noodles is that they are very easy to prepare. As a matter of fact, if you know a thing or two about making spaghetti, then you shouldn’t worry too much about getting your soba noodles ready for consumption. And if you can’t get your hands-on soba noodles can be scarce, then use spaghetti as your alternative New Year good luck food. Spaghetti, just like fruits and greens, can be found just about anywhere. Therefore, make sure you have some soba noodles or spaghetti lying around before the new year celebrations officially kick off.

9. Enjoy lucky fruits as part of your New Year cuisines

Apart from trying out all sorts of good luck foods for your New Year celebration meals, don’t forget throwing a few lucky fruits into the mix. And even before we talk about the luck bit, it is important to acknowledge the fact that fruits are generally healthy. They come with a myriad of nutrients from vitamins all the way to minerals such as iron and zinc – depending on the fruits you choose to eat. In this case, always remember to pick the sweetest fruits i.e. ripe mangos and bananas. This is because they symbolize the sweetness of success. It is also very important that you believing in your thoughts because it’s the only way you can actualize your dreams. Apart from keeping you lucky throughout the year, these sweet fruits will keep you healthy by giving your immune system a tremendous boost. Also, make sure you are getting your fruits from a trusted vendor. In as much as we are trying to get lucky and wealthy down the line, our current health status should always take precedence. I mean, what’s the point of having all the money in the world when you are bedridden because you ate a dirty mango? Think about it.

10. Enchant yourself by eating beans this New Year

If you want to be lucky from the get-go, then you’ll have to add beans to your list of new year cuisines. Beans are super easy to prepare. First, you need to soak right before boiling them for a couple of hours. Note that there are different kinds of beans available on the market. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to cook them differently as the procedure remains the same. Again, if you can’t cook, then go out with the family and order beans as part of your New Year meals. But I always recommend cooking your beans at home for a number of reasons. One advantage of cooking beans at home is that you can give them an ample time degas properly. Doing this will go a long way in protecting you from embarrassing “gaseous” incidences which have a knack for happening especially when you least expect. Needless to say, beans have a plethora of health benefits. There are also plenty of customized recipes online that you can use to cook the beans to your liking. So, how did beans come to be considered as lucky? One might ask. Well, whether they are green beans, black beans, chickpeas, cannellini beans or garbanzo beans – they all look like bitcoins.

11. Have your lucky greens this coming new year

The color green has always been associated with wealth mostly because that’s the color of the mighty dollar bill. Therefore, having some greens in your diet at New Year should be prioritized this coming year if you want to get wealthy. And don’t just do it because it is the new year. Make it a habit if you want to stay healthy all year around. Start by incorporating greens into your diet just because you want to be healthy. Greens are rich in all sorts of vitamins and mineral elements such as iron and so forth. You can also find a lot of protein in greens such as spinach. There are countless recipes you can use to cook your favorite greens, turning them into irresistibly delicious meals. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect New Year good luck food that’s not only not only delicious but also brings you good health, then greens should definitely top your list.


One thing that you’ll definitely appreciate about lucky New Year cuisines is that they are not only lucky and healthy but are also too darn delicious. Another thing to consider apart from consuming these healthy foods is that you’ll need to work hard in the process. Remember what they say, luck favors the brave. Therefore, ensuring that you are working too hard to align your desires with the universe will definitely improve your odds. Remember to always have a positive mind. And last but not least, try and enjoy the food, please!