50 Fabulous Hair Styles With Bangs

There are so many unique, fun, and adorable hairstyles to do when you have bangs. It doesn't matter if you have light brown hair, red hair, or even black hair! Bangs look good on anyone! Come take a look, who knows, you might find a hairstyle in our queue to try for yourself!

By Brittany O
50 Fabulous Hair Styles With Bangs

Bangs, Bangs, and more Bangs! Check out our queue below and use it as a guide before your next trip to the salon.

Have you ever wondered what kind of hairstyle would suit you if you had bangs? Or even if you want bangs but have a different length of hair compared to others who already have bangs? In today's society, there are many different hairstyles that you can do when you have bangs. Bangs date all the way back to 30 BCE, when the lovely Egyptian Cleopatra had thick bangs, and curls. So yes, bangs have been around for a very long time. With that being said, how would you wear your bangs? Use this queue as a guide to lead you in the direction of the perfect hairstyle!

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Below, you'll find 50 fabulous hairstyles with bangs in our queue! No matter the color of your hair, light, dark, or red, we have a hairstyle for you! So lets jump to it and get bang-tastic!!

1. Bobs with bangs.

We have all seen the famous hairstyle that is short in the back but long in the front, and we sure have seen the bob with some bangs! Many celebrities have used the bob with bangs for certain events. And honestly, only a few have completely rocked the look!

2. Long hair with Bangs

Now we have plenty of hairstyles for long hair with bangs, this is just one of the many looks that is easily done. Long hair with bangs also means more styles to try. One of the celebrities that has rocked long hair with bangs for a while is Anneliese Van Der Pol.

This redhead below looks amazing in bangs!

3. Ponytail with bangs.

This style can be the easiest to do. You can do a ponytail with long hair, or medium length hair. And it is so simple. All you would need is a brush, a hair tie, and to just slick your hair back! One person we all know who has this type of hair style as a signature, is Ariana Grande! You can even do a jura look with a ponytail and bangs.

Ariana looks great with light blonde highlights and bangs!

4. Pixie cut with bangs hairstyles.

Ever wonder if a pixie cut would look good on you? It probably will! Pixie cut hairstyles can vary as well. You can have them done unevenly, straight, or even do an up=do with them using bangs as extra hair. It might even look pretty cool if you have brown hair and decide to dye your hair blonde! Having bangs with a pixie haircut can also be fun. You can style it so many different ways and we will surely get to some of those ways!

5. Short hair with bangs.

A lot of people have cut their hair short and felt as if they needed to add more to their hair. They may even dye it a few times from brown to another color and still don't feel as if they have enough going on with their hair.

6. Curly hair with bangs.

Curly hair with bangs? Yup, its a thing, and its awesome! You can do your bangs however you want when you have curly hair, and it'll still look bang-tastic!

7. Wavy hair with bangs.

Everyone love wavy hair. Whether its beach wave hair or just waves that you're born with. You can always apply bangs and enjoy the look even more!

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8. Braids with bangs.

Everyone likes braids. Whether its french braids, pigtail braids, or fishtail braids. Adding bangs to your hairstyle allows the face to achieve a full shape. And it'll look Chic!

9. Messy bun with bangs.

Messy buns, or jura hairstyles are the easiest hairstyle to do. Just throw your hair up with a hair tie and fix your bangs and you're good to go! This has got to be one of the well-known, favorite hairstyles.

10. Bangs with bandannas.

Do you remember using bandannas back in the 90's? Well they have made a comeback, and in style. You can use Bandannas when you don't want all of your hair in your face. Just fold the bandanna and then tie it under your hair. Then create a not at the top. It'll separate your bangs from your hair as well.

11. Shaggy hair with bangs.

Shaggy hair can seem messy from time to time, but with different style bangs it can look pretty cool!

12. Side swept bangs

Side swept bangs are gorgeous with any sort of hair style. If you have short or long hair, you can part it nicely and it'll look good.

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13. Flipped bangs

Have you ever straightened your hair and added that little flip towards the end of the tips? You can do that exact same thing with your bangs and just have the bangs flipped to either the right or left side of your hair.

14. Feathered bangs.

Feathered bangs. No I don’t mean actual feathers as your bangs, but the way the bangs are cut. You see, the bangs are lightly trimmed in a way that they seem thinner than they naturally are. You can do feathered bangs with any type of hair style.

15. Uneven bangs

Uneven bangs, are uneven yet seem fashionable lately. Especially with short hair.

16. Fringe or bangs.

Fringes are the same exact thing as bangs. It honestly just depends on where you live in the world. The United States called the top hair that is cut shortly to the front, bangs. In other countries such as London, Italy, Spain, it may be known as a fringe.

17. Deep parted bangs.

Deep parted bangs are done by basically separating the two sides and having a huge part in between them.

18. Thick and curly bangs.

Thick and curly bangs. These bangs are full of volume and fun!

19. Eyelash skimming bangs with long hair.

Eye lash skimming bangs are when the bangs are just above your eyelash, but not close enough to bother your eyes. These bangs can be quite fashionable with long hair.

20. Topknot hairstyle with bangs.

The topknot is another kind of jura hairstyle, sort of like a halfway bun but one that is very tight and wrapped up neatly. You can do this hair style and let your bangs hang out, or even put a bandanna to separate the top knot from the bangs and it’ll look pretty amazing!

21. Center parted bangs with short hair.

Center parted bangs with short hair.. pretty much explains the style. You can do your hair however you please, with brown and blonde hair color. Or even just split the bangs in the center and flip them. Either way, the style is definitely fashionable.

22. Side parted bangs with a bob.

Side parted bangs with a bob can be quite the look. You just flip your bangs to the side and do your bob however you want!

23. Eyebrow grazing bangs with short hair.

Have you seen the bangs that gently graze your eyebrows but aren’t long enough to bother your eyes? Yup. Those are the eyebrow grazing bangs and you can do those bangs with long, medium, or short hair and design your hair however you want.

24. Perfectly straight across bangs with long hair.

Everyone has seen a few people with perfectly straight bangs. And when they see perfectly straight bangs, they also see perfectly straight hair. Whether it’s with long hair or short. It always looks amazing.

25. Curled off to the side bangs with short hair.

When it comes to short hair you can always curl your bangs to go with the length of your hair and push them to the side. You also get more volume when the bangs are curled.

26. Pin straight bangs with short hair.

Pin straight bangs look like thin straight lines without the little curve from your forehead. These bangs mainly look good with short hair, but if you know how to do hair and combine it with long hair, it’s definitely going to be a new style!

27. Blunt micro bangs with long hair.

Blunt micro bangs are more so short and above the eyebrows. They are also bold which creates that blunt look to them. They best go with short hair. Preferably a bob, but when you have long hair you can definitely pull it off with a ponytail if need be!

28. Softened blunt bangs with short hair.

Softened blunt bangs are a bit more longer on the sides and still contain a lot of hair. Plenty of celebrities have used this hair style while walking on the red carpet.

29. Medium bangs with short hair.

Medium length bangs with short hair are typically used more often than most. Short hair keeps you cool during the summer days, adding bangs, kind of gives your eyes some sort of shade! Especially when they are medium lengthed.

30. Long, layered bangs with shoulder length hair.

Yes you can also get your bangs layered just like your hair. And they look pretty cool too! Especially with long hair!

31. Long hair with crescent bangs.

Crescent bangs are definitely in style. So many celebrities have these bangs, and they are easily done. Crescent bangs remind you of a moon in the middle of your bangs. And you can have your hair up and still look adorable!

32. Baby bangs with pixie hair cuts.

If you have a pixie haircut, you should definitely get baby bangs. It’ll complete the look. Baby bangs are cute, simply because of how short they are and the thickness that it has.

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33. Angled side bangs with wavy hair styles.

Angeles side bangs are just like the parted bangs except all of the bangs are to one side of the head. And look best with short hair. Whether it’s wavy, curly, or straight.

34. Grown- out bangs with short hair.

Grown out bangs are simply that. Just grown out. And with short hair it could be pretty cute because it’ll end up looking like a bob! Short in the back, long in the front. Who wouldn’t want that?

35. Layered hair with long bangs.

Layered hair is always a go to for people with long or medium lengthed hair. But doing some bangs that are long could be pretty worth it. You can do the bangs however you want.

36. Layered hair with arched bangs.

Arched bangs are like a lowercase n short at the top and long towards the sides with layered hair.

37. Long hair with blunt bangs.

Long hair with blunt bangs. Picture Ariana grande, her signature hairstyle is blunt bangs with long hair tied up in a pony tail.

38. Side swept bangs with pixie hair

If you have a pixie haircut just push the bangs to the side and you’ve got side swept bangs .

39. formal hair styles with bangs.

Formal hair typically means your hair done for prom, a ball, a wedding. You can style your hair however and keep the bangs noticeable as well.

40. Side swept bangs with buns.

Side swept bangs could also go good with buns. Just simply tie your hair up in a juru style bun, or a regular bun and you’re fashionably ready for whatever your days holds.

41. Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs simply touch your eyelashes just enough to not annoy you, but are spread across evenly.

42.Thick mid-length bangs with hair up.

Having thick mid length bangs would look amazing with your hair tied up in a ponytail. Or even a bun.

43. Side- swept bangs with straight hair.

Side swept bangs are adorable. And this is one of the many styles to do. Just straighten your hair and put your bangs to the side.

44. Mini bangs with a pixie cut.

Mini bangs are just like baby bangs, except they are a tad bit longer. And you can do a pixie cut hairstyle with them as well.

45. Long shaggy bangs with medium length hair.

Shaggy bangs look good with short or long hair. They provide a messy look yet a creative style at the same time. You could even wear your hair jura style, just pull it back into a messy bun, pull your bangs down, and your good to go!

46. Jagged bangs with short hair.

Jagged bangs are really short, and can almost pass as half of a hairline. You can do this with short hair or even long hair.

47. Long face framing bangs with wavy hair.

Face framing bangs help shape your face and can pass as curtain bangs depending on the way your shape is formed. You can do face framing bangs with any hairstyle but it fits best with wavy hair.

48. Messily face framing bangs with short hair.

You can simply get face framing bangs with short hair and just make them look messy. Overall this look will create a shape for your face as well.

49. Uneven baby bangs with short hair

Uneven baby bangs could be kind of cute, but can also seem as if you’ve cut them yourself. But it could work good with short hair as well.

50. Fake bangs.

Fake bangs. You can always buy clip on extensions and cut them to the bang length you want and just clip them in.

There truly is a hairstyle for every woman on the planet!

It doesn't matter what length your hair is, or even what color it is! There is a hairstyle out there that is meant for you. We hope you enjoyed looking through our queue and using it as your guide to choose the right style of bangs for you hair!