20 Tricks To Make Your Lips Look Bigger And Plumper

Learn how to make your lips look bigger with these 20 awesome makeup tricks. You'll smile when you see how plump your lips look after trying these tricks.

By Katherine P. Haley
20 Tricks To Make Your Lips Look Bigger And Plumper

Cursed with thin lips? Learn how to make them bigger

In a world where lips like Kylee Jenner's are popular, it can be hard to have naturally thin lips and no money to waste on lip fillers. However, there are many other ways to make your lips look bigger than having anything synthetic injected into your lips. There are many makeup tricks that can give you bigger and plumper lips naturally. Below are 20 tricks to make your lips look bigger and plumper. These range from lip scrubs, to lip liner, to even paper. Explore these ideas and see which works best for you. Maybe they even all work great for you! Enjoy your bigger, sexier lips!

Trick # 1: exfoliate lips

Removing dead skin and excess flakes can do wonders for your lips. This is a simple trick that will make your lips look bigger without adding makeup to the mix. This also keeps your lips soft and shows off their natural color. This can be done simply with a toothbrush that will lightly brush off any easy to remove flakes without you damaging your dry lips any more. It can also be done with any lip scrub, like sugar scrubs or gloss scrubs, or any exfoliator made specifically for lips. There are even lip masks that you can leave on to create smoother lips. There are some intended for overnight use and other intended for only 20 minutes, so make sure to read any and all directions before using any of these store bought products.

Trick # 2: adding lipgloss

After you put on your lipstick, add a little clear lipgloss to the center of your lips, or even a lipgloss that matches your lipstick color. The shimmer and shine this creates grabs the light which causes your lips to look bigger and luxurious naturally. This simple makeup tip can create an instant plumping effect that will make you smile every time you see yourself in the mirror.

Trick # 3: Lip line

This trick involves overdrawing your lip line. Get lipliner that is the same color as your lipstick and draw it slightly outside of your natural lip line. You can use concealer on your lips to even further enhance this look. Just fill in your lips with lipstick and smile because your lips are bigger and you look totally amazing.

Trick # 4: dark lipstick

This next trick is a simple one: avoid dark lipstick. Dark lipstick makes your lips look smaller and therefore, less plump. Wearing lighter shades will make your lips stand out and look bigger. Colors to avoid can include dark purple, dark red, dark blue, etc. Colors to use can include light pink, nude, lavender, and more depending both on your lip and skin color.

Trick # 5: Concealer

Another way to make you lips look bigger is to put concealer on your lips. For this, simply dab concealer over your lips and over the lip line. Make sure to use concealer that matches your skin color. What this little trick does is it makes the lipstick go onto your lips looking closer in color to what it looks like in the tube, making your lips look bigger. Additional makeup is always a good and simple way to help out your lips.

Trick # 6: mixing nudes

On your lips, use two different shades of nude lipstick. Use the darker shade to cover the entirety of your lips, then use the lighter shade only in the middle of your lips. Blend together and add a top layer of clear gloss to create fuller and bigger lips. Pro tip: if you have a full bottom lip with a smaller top lip, only apply the lighter shade to the top. Same goes for if you have a bigger top lip and a smaller bottom lip, only apply the lighter shade to the bottom. Enjoy!

Trick # 7: Lining with concealer

This tip brings back in the concealer but in a different and creative way. After applying your lipstick, line your lips with concealer that matches your skin tone. This simple and easy trick makes your lipstick bolder, allowing it to pop.

Trick # 8: Use lip plumping lip balm

There are lip balms out there that soften, color, and plump up your lips all in one go. Some examples of these would be GrandeLips Hydrating Limp Plumper, Buxom Powerplump Lip Balm, and Josie Maran Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter. All of those and more are available for purchase from Sephora and other makeup stores both in store and online, so check them out! Wearing these overnight may even have a slight effect on the overall fullness of your lips, but there's no word whether or not this has actually been proven to have a long-term and lasting effect.

Trick # 9: Add a base coat

By adding a base such as a hydrating lip balm to your lips before applying lipstick, you will get plumper and softer lips. It's a good idea to let the base sit for 3 to 5 minutes before applying your lipstick. Apply your lipstick and go about your day with a bigger and brighter smile on your lips.

Trick # 10: Highlighter

By adding highlighter to your cupid's bow (that small divot above the middle of your upper lip) your lips will instantly look bigger. As with most makeup, the addition of the highlighter creates sort of an eye trick, mostly to do with the way the light now hits your cupids bow. This is a simple and effective life-saver.

Trick # 11: Bronzer

We're going a different direction now by adding bronzer to the middle point under your bottom lip. Just smooth a small line of bronzer below the middle point of your bottom lip, creating a contoured look that adds dimension and volume to your lips. This is a great way to make your lips look bigger if you don't have a lot of time to blend lighter colors into your lips or line them with concealer.

Trick # 12: White lip liner

This trick is similar to the use of two nude lip sticks in the fact that it also involves adding the light color to the middle of your lips. The difference with this though, is that it can be done with any shade of lipstick. Simply apply your lipstick, then draw a line with white lip liner down the middle of your lips. Blend it in and your ready to go. This effect makes the middle of your lips look lighter, meaning they look like they're catching more light, which in turn makes them look bigger. It's simple and so sneaky!

Trick # 13: lip gloss

Wear some lipgloss! I'm not even talking about any special lip gloss here. Lipgloss naturally adds a plumping effect to your lips making them look bigger because of the way the light catches your lips. Any lip gloss will do, either clear or tinted, if you want to create this simple effect for your next night out or instagram selfie. Enjoy your bigger lips!

Trick # 14: Lip balm, foundation, lipstick

This is simple. Apply lip balm (pumping or regular), then a layer of foundation (either lip primer or actual facial foundation power or liquid), and lastly the lipstick of your choice. This add the moisture to your lips, then a smooth and matte effect, and then the color. This'll make your lips look bigger and softer and definitely more kissable. Also, in general, applying regular lip balm and leaving it on overnight will make your lips smoother and looking plumper.

Trick # 15: Highlighter on your lips

This is similar to the white liner, but adds a slightly different effect. After applying your lipstick, add highlighter onto the center of your lips, the cover them with a clear gloss. Smile and see an instant change in the size of your lips. They'll be bigger and you'll be happier.

Trick # 16: exaggerate lip line

This trick is different than overdrawing your lip line because it takes effect in certain locations. Instead of overdrawing your lip line on your whole lips, do so just on your cupid's bow or near the corners of your mouth. This changes the shape of your lips, making smaller lips look bigger.

Trick # 17: X marks the spot

This trick is simple as all it is, is adding a simple guideline to applying your lipstick. Before applying your lipstick, add an X from one top corner of your cupid's bow to the bottom of your upper lip and the other top corner of your cupid's bow to the bottom of your upper lip. This creates a simple guide telling your lipstick exactly where to go. The better you apply your lipstick, the bigger your lips look.

Trick # 18: Paper

This trick is a little odd and not a long lasting effect. Add a small, folded up piece of paper underneath your upper and lower lip, causing your pout to grown and your lips to plump. This trick is not intended for people who plan to go out with their plump and pretty lips, it's is mainly for pictures (namely selfies). However, even though it is short lived, it is definitely an easy and instant way to get fuller, bigger lips and more likes on your choice of social media.

Trick # 19: Dark liner

Using a lip liner that is darker than your lipstick creates an interesting effect on your lips. This makes them look fuller and just plain cool. It's a neat effect that creates an out of the box lip design for your bigger lips.

Trick # 20: Shaded liner

Using liner that is a shade darker than your natural lip color also creates an interesting effect. This makes your natural lips look bigger by fooling anyone who sees that liner popping out from underneath your lipstick into thinking they're seeing your real lips. This is a neat idea that works best with lighter shades of lipstick or shades that more closely match your skin tone.

Before you go and make your lips bigger

Above are 20 tricks to make your lips look bigger and fuller. Some tricks work really well for overnight use and some can work for 5 minutes at most (we're looking at you, paper). No matter what tricks you'll be trying, and, hey, you may be trying them all, remember to have fun with it! Having bigger looking lips can definitely give those with smaller lips a sexier look for an evening. So, make those plump lips look extra kissable and have a great time.