Jill Rhodes Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Sean Hannity's Wife

You are about to know more about Jill Rhodes, who is the wife of Sean Hannity. Below are facts about her that you should know.

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Jill Rhodes Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Sean Hannity's Wife

Jill Rhodes: The wife of Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is one of the most popular political commentators. He has had much success as a commentator more than he had been as an author. Hannity is an ally of the government in power and staunch supporter of Donald Trump. Any other commentator who attacks the president gets the Wrath of Hannity, the most recent “victim was the funny and outspoken, Jimmy Kimmel. But it’s not just in politics where Sean Hannity and Donald Trump share the same opinion. They are birds of the same feathers when it comes to women. We all know about Donald Trump’s “Grab ‘em by the P***y” remark, lest we forget, and now when one hears The White House, a porn star, Stormi Daniels comes to mind. Hannity really defends Trump, but he also has the same skeleton in his closet. Hannity has been accused of having affairs and cheated on his wife, Jill Rhodes. They almost divorced because of Hannity’s outside eye and affairs. So, who is Jill Rhodes? 56-year-old Jill Rhodes was born in Alabama. She was working at the WVNN Radio when she met her husband. She is an American journalist and she first met the high profile commentator and author when he was his off-record adviser. At the same time, Rhodes would share her stories and ideas with husband for his talk show. They became close for almost a year and the chemistry between them was so powerful that everyone thought they were meant to be. They were right! In 1992, Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity had their first date and they couldn’t hide the love they had one another so they got into a relationship and the wedding bells rang the next year. When she was young, Rhodes loved to work for the community and participated in community building projects inside and outside of school. Hannity’s wife, Rhodes went to Alabama University and took a journalism course. Sean Hannity’s wife, Jill Rhodes graduated from the university with bachelor degree in journalism and set out to build a career out of her credentials to accomplish her dreams and goals, not knowing what the future had for her including being shaking hands with one of the wealthiest men in America and the most powerful man on earth at the moment, President Donald Trump. She just got a job at a local reporter to start with and later on, Rhodes got a job at Fox News as a journalist, but it was for a brief period. Even though she a journalist, and a talented one, in that case, she didn’t make it her bread and butter. Instead, Sean Hannity brought his wife aboard and he has been working with her building his brand. Jill Rhodes is known to be the force behind Hannity’s conservative TV personas and Hannity sometimes has given credit to his wife for her support and the success he’s attained for his family. When she is not busy, Rhodes checks into her social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Sean Hannity’s affair with his wife, Jill Rhodes

Just like it was mentioned above, Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity met at WVNN radio when both of them was in Alabama, back in 1991. Alabama is Sean Hannity’s wife’s home. They had a similar field of career, they developed some attraction for one another and one thing led to another. Sources close to the couple say that Jill and Sean exchanged their ideas via voicemails and actual encounters. A year after the two found solace in one another, the decided to turn their affair into marriage and soon afterward, the wedding invitations cards were being distributed to their family member, friends and colleagues. Hannity and his wife, Rhodes moved to Atlanta Georgia. For a while now, the couple has been living with Sean Hannity’s relatives, Merri Kelly Hannity and Patrick Hannity as well as their two children in their $3.6 million 5-bedroom which is situated in Lloyd Neck, in New York. The couple has been married for 25 years now and their kids are part of the joy they share together. Their first kid is known as Patrick and he was born in 1999. The family blessing is balanced as Hannity and his wife, Rhodes has a daughter as well, known as Merri Kelly who was born in in 2002. Apart from the mansion in Lloyd Neck, they also have an exotic mansion in Oyster Bay which they have owned since 2014. The house in Lloyd Neck was bought in July 2003 and was worth a whopping $3.6 million. Probably the house is worth double right now and if you follow Sean Hannity or his wife Jill Rhodes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you have since some of their photos at their home. The homes are super amazing. Their current mansion has a swimming pool and a tennis court and you can’t imagine a million times what it’s worth, well can you imagine eight and a half times? Hannity has a huge salary so don’t worry about where he got the 8.5 million dollars.

Sean Hannity and wife Jill Rhodes' divorce rumors

Last year, some press sources reported that Hannity and his wife were divorcing. The news was not verified by big sites and media houses such as New York Times and Daily Mail. It was rumored that Hannity was caught pants down by his wife in an affair with another woman and she decided to file for a divorce. However, they were just nothing but rumors. The gossip media reported that their marriage was on the rocks and the source’s authenticity is of course debatable. There were some sexual harassment allegations against Hannity last year when the wind started blowing over Hollywood and people like Harvey Weinstein were swept up to a place where everyone in the world could see the kind of man he had been. On April 24, on his show, Hannity denied that he had taken advantage of a regular guest and sexually harassed her. The former guest alleged that after a book signing, Hannity had invited her to a Detroit hotel room. The guest in question is Debbie Schlussel, an American attorney, author, political commentator, movie critic and blogger. She said that she would never accuse Hannity of that because sexual harassment has a special meaning under the law of the land. She didn’t think that Sean Hannity sexually harassed her like the gutter press reported. Debbie just thought that he was weird and creepy and not someone he liked. She said that the controversy was a 100 percent false.

But the allegations were not the only reason

Their marriage was reportedly not going steadily. It was insinuated that despite spending a long time as husband and wife, Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes were calling it quits and rumors were flying that their divorce was almost due. Apart from the sexual allegations, there were other reasons that were thought to be the cause. There were rumors that Hannity had an outside eye behind his wife’s back, Jill Rhodes and some of their fans and critics stood or made fun of Hannity n Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is said that he is easily moved by a random pretty woman. In 2013, Hannity revealed that he usually feels sexual arousal when he sees other women and there are some rumors of him sleeping with his co-workers. Hannity even doubts his own sexual preference. He said that there was a time he was sitting in the theatre with his wife like he used to do on Saturdays but something was different. His mind cleared and he found out that he was mesmerized by Channing Tatum’s chest which was glistening. The baby oil drew his attention to a single tear that slid down Channing’s breast and dripped from her “erect nipple” like a leaky faucet which left his pants exploding. When Hannity was watching Magic Mike, he just thought what it would look like to be the pole Tatum swung with. His Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers wondered if he had become gay and were asking below his photos.

Facts about Sean Hannity’s wife and her net worth

Hannity dedicated a book to his wife

In 2002, the author launched his book, “Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism” and dedicated to his loving wife, Jill Rhodes. He said that his most crucial acknowledgment was to his loving family-the wife, Jill, Rhodes, and his two children Patrick and Kelly to whom he dedicated the book to. He mentioned that they put up with his long working hours and allowed him to invest in that project.

Her husband caused a stir in 2013

Hannity caused a little controversy back in 2013 when he admitted to a random caller on his radio show that apart from his wife, he also thought about other women. He stated that he couldn’t help notice attractive people around him, and if anyone said that that was possible, then he was lying about it. Some sentiments like those made people believe that the commentator actually cheats on his wife.

Rhodes said that she loved Hannity at first sight

The story about their love is simply interesting. They met in Alabama where the commentator was working at WVNN, according to People magazine. Rhodes said that she looked at Hannity’s face and said that he was the man she wanted to marry; at least she didn’t fall for him after seeing his photos. She was serious because she allowed them to be together and gave up on her career to concentrate on her husband’s brand.

She loves her children

Despite the hard times, the couple is going through and the problems they are facing, they never forget about their children and show tremendous love and care towards them. Both the children love playing tennis and they are the reason Hannity bought a home with a tennis court. He is never afraid to play with his kids like a ten year old.

Her net worth

Jill Rhodes has a net worth of $3.8 million while her husband has a net worth of $90 million. They have made their net worth from journalism.

It’s an understatement to say that Jill Rhodes is a supportive woman. They say that every successful man has a supportive wife behind him. Rhodes is one of those wives and their photos together is proof enough.