Top 10 Flattering Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shape

Hairstyles should complement your face cut. Here are some very flattering hairstyles for diamond face shape from where you can pick the one that suits you.

By Tanaya Nath
Top 10 Flattering Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shape

Top 10 Flattering Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shape

Diamond shaped face is dream of many woman and some men as well. But there are times when this face cut could be a nightmare. Those who are born with the diamond face shape will tell you how they sometime appear mean and catty even when they aren’t really giving out any expression. This goes for both women and men However, here is your escape route ladies with diamond face shape, so be happy. In this article we will discuss everything there is to this particular face shape and the hairstyles that will make any female look good. You must understand that the hairline of diamond face shape is a little narrower than other face cuts. Also, cheekbones are wider while the forehead and the jawline have same width with the chin being pointed. So, to make your face look better, you need a hairstyle that will balance out the narrow chin thus minimising the width of cheekbones and shortening your overall length of face. But you must not forget that your hairstyle needs to bring out the softness and warmth in your face. Since, the sharp features do not tend to radiate warmth on their own. So, what you can do is deep side part your hair. It will take away the attention from the middle of your face. You can also opt for a lot of layers and bangs that fall around the centre of your forehead. You can also go for styles that need hair to be pulled back or go for side swept bangs and side long bangs. And if you want to show off those gorgeous cheekbones and eyebow, pull your hair behind your ears. Avoid all the heavy and straight bangs that hide your forehead and eyebrow completely. Don’t go for flat styles where your hair is too straight, falling around your face in a straight line. If you have straight hair already, don’t go for centre parting. Avoid too much volume on the sides of your face and don’t go for short bangs and very short hairstyles. Don’t give too much volume at your crown. Finally, here are a few flattering hairstyles for diamond face shape.

Chin Length Bob

The chin length bob hairstyle will help your jaw look a little wider in your diamond face shape, thus avoiding the extremely sharp and sometimes bitchy look. You can also add a little framing effect around your face in the hairstyle. It will give your diamond shaped face softer edges and will take away the boxed appearance that the diamond face shape usually have.

Deep Side Parting For Diamond Face Shape

Deep side parting will soften the characteristics like harsh angles and edges of your face by shifting the attention to a specific side of your face from the entire width. And that’s how the deep side parting works wonder for diamond face shape.

Medium Bangs

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A diamond face shape needs proportion and bangs give you just that. Go for bangs that falls on the centre of your face. They work the best for adding balance to the diamond face shape. Thee bangs partially cover the forehead and leave your eyebrow exposed for flaunting, thus taking away the attention from the middle and lower part of the face. Rest, let the makeup do the magic and be the pretty female in the crowd that everyone turns around and look at.

Tousled Waves

Tousled waves not only adds volume to thin and fine hair but also softens the angles around your face. Also, it adds a pleasantness and glamour to the characteristics of your face cut and look. Every female with diamond face cut should once try this look. And don’t part your hair midway. Keep side parting for taking away the attention from the entire width of your diamond face shape. You can add makeup to complement your hairstyle and accentuating your features.

Pulled Back Hairstyle

Any pulled back hairstyle will accentuate those gorgeous looking cheekbones, one of the many characteristics that you must flaunt with the diamond face cut. You can either go for a ponytail or just pin your hair back. You can also go a little stylish by sing a small section of your hair around your hair band. Bun will also look good on your face shape. Whatever you do, pullback hairstyle will always accentuate the best characteristics of your, if you are a female with diamond face shape, you can opt for this hairstyle.

The Faux- Hawk Bangs

This one is, I know, unexpected. However, it works for the diamond face shape, especially for short hair. If you have diamond shaped face, you would know that your hairline is narrow. This faux hawk look will not emphasise your hairline but it's punky textures creates interest and volume, making top half of your face appear wide. Add a little makeup for accentuating the features of your diamond shaped face.

The Bardot Bangs Hairstyle

If you have seen the variation on the centre parted hair that Freida Pinto so gracefully carries, you would know why this hairstyle is flattering and good for your diamond face shape. The Bardot-esque fringe softly parts in the middle and is fuller on the sides. Your narrow forehead is hidden with the tapering on the sides. Also, the exposed forehead and accentuated eyebrow will ensure that the hair doesn’t overwhelm your small face.

Short Side Swept Bangs

If you want to know how these bangs will look on your diamond shaped face, have a look at Camila Alves, the Brazilian and American model and designer and wife of American actor Matthew McConaughey. She wears her flattering short side swept bangs with grace. Keep the bangs shorter, fuller and swept over your eyes. That would highlight your eyes while the exposed part of your forehead will keep your face looking longer. You don’t have to keep your side part very far off, you can experiment and find a spot for the parting where it suits you and where your hair is likely to stay put.

Long Side Swept Bangs

The long side swept bangs hairstyle, like that of Ashley Greene's, is a no-brainer for the ones with diamond face shape. The bangs are diagonal in this hairstyle that creates an illusion of your face being oval by bringing out your cheekbones. The only problem with this hairstyle is that because of the way the hairline narrows, sometimes it can be difficult to get a side part with diamond face shape. So, in that case, just blow dry it into place as soon as you are out of the shower and for giving the roots some hold, use styling products. Difficult but a flattering hairstyle to have for your diamond face shape.

Baby Bangs

These teensy tiny bangs can be pulled off really well with the diamond face shape. It is because the diamond shaped face are in balance and usually have amazing cheekbones. All you have to do is keep them textured and soft. You will be amazed at how flattering this hairstyle will look on your diamond shaped face with a little makeup.

Now here are certain hairstyles that you must stay away from. Avoid heavy and rounded bangs. The heavy, flat and rounded bangs with no softness or layering will make your diamond shaped face look odd and miniature. So, if you want to bring out the features of your face, you must avoid the heavy rounded bangs at all cost. Also, if you think simple straight-across bangs would work for you, you are wrong. This hairstyle will just emphasise the pointness of your chin and width of your cheekbones. So, you need to expose some of your forehead and eyebrow for creating a balance and diffusing this effect. So, say no to straight-cross bangs for your diamond shaped face. Same theory applies for the long straight bangs. Long bangs hides not only your forehead but your eyes as well, instead of accentuating them. And they will bring out your cheekbones and your chin but be sure it will not be in the best way. So, you will have to push the bangs aside for people to admire your diamond face shape and your features. Hence, there is no use of getting the long straight bangs if you can’t flaunt them, and if your flaunt them you can’t flaunt your pretty diamond shaped face. Now, with the shape cut of face like yours, you would not want to create the width where you have it already. Short graphic bangs do the same thing. They give your diamond shaped face the width where you already have enough of it, that is, at the centre of your diamond shape face. These bangs will make your face look very angular and odd. So, if you are looking for a flattery hairstyle that will accentuate your features, Horst graphic bangs isn’t the one. When it comes to having a wispy bangs, you will love the width they will create at the bottom, the bangs, in this hairstyle, are where it falls apart. However, wispy bangs are too thin and of course too wispy to be flattering. Instead of this one, if you go for something more substantial like the ones that Freida Pinto flaunts, the one that we have talked earlier in the section about what hairstyles to have with your diamond face shape, they will be more flattering than the wispy bangs. For summing it up, once you get to understand the shape of your face, it gets easy to determine what works best for your face shape and what you must absolutely avoid. These are just a few suggestion of flattering hairstyles for your diamond face shape. You can either try one from these or mix and match or pick any other from the wide range of styles available on the interest. Go, get that makeover done and flaunt the best features of your diamond face shape. And don’t forget to tell us what’s your favorite hairstyle for your diamond face shape and which ones worked for you!