Christine Marinoni Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Cynthia Nixon's Spouse

Best known for her marriage to 'Sex in the City,' star, Cynthia Nixon, Christine Marinoni has some facts about her that you need to know, apart from being Nixon's spouse and the possible second to first lady of the Governor of New York. Read more about her, including her overall net worth, below. Be sure, as well, to check out Instagram photos of her, Nixon, and their son together.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Christine Marinoni Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Cynthia Nixon's Spouse

About Christine Marinoni, Cynthia Nixon's Lesbian Spouse

You can search the internet and you won't find much information about Christine Marinoni as you would find about other renowned personalities of her status. She is fiercely a private person and not many things are known about her life and career in the public eye. Notwithstanding, however, there are certain facts about her that are up for grabs. Christine Marinoni is a Washington-born education activist and former director of New York's Alliance for Quality Education. She is also the spouse of 'Sex and City' star, Cynthia Nixon. The duo became engaged in 2009 and together they have a son, Max Ellington Nixon- Marinoni. Prior to meeting her current "Wife," Cynthia Nixon had once been married to a certain Danny Moses with whom she had two children, Samantha, born in November 1996 and Charles Ezekiel, born on December 16, 2002. It was during their marriage that Nixon realized she was a lesbian and this marriage ended in divorce. Judging by the years these two children were born and the year in which Marinoni and Nixon were said to have met and become engaged, one thing might be certain-- Christine Marinoni must have become engaged to Cynthia Nixon while she was still married to her former husband. It should, therefore, not be difficult for anyone to understand why her first marriage ended the way it did. Christine Marinoni is nearly 46 years old although her real age has not been made public. Her spouse, Cynthia Nixon is popular for playing Miranda Hobbes on HBO's 'Sex and the City' Series. She even won a Tony Award for Best Actress in the Series for the excellent role she played as a mother whose son died accidentally. Cynthia Nixon caught the world by surprise when she announced on March 19 of this year that her intention is to run for Governor of New York. In her words, "I love New York, and today I’m announcing my candidacy for governor." And just when you think it's a joke, Cynthia Nixon released a video on Twitter confirming her decision. Within a few hours of that release, the video garnered millions of viewers testifying to the popularity of her candidacy. If elected, Cynthia Nixon would become the first female openly gay woman to occupy the position of New York's Governor. Relax and unwind as we beam our searchlight on this gay education activist while we also tell you five facts you need to know about her. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Christine Marinoni Married Her Lesbian Spouse, The Future Governor of New York, In 2012

It's hard to talk about Christine Marinoni and not talk about how she met her spouse, "Sex and the City' star, Cynthia Nixon. Talking about how the two lovers met, 'Advocate' has it down on paper that they met first in 2001 when Nixon was leading a campaign that centered around the fact that she felt that the sizes of public schools in New York should be reduced. At that time, Christine Marinoni was serving as an education organizer. It turned out that the interest of these two women was similar and that was how they became friends. They began doing this together including working on some political projects and that brought them closer together. Somehow, the friendship between them managed to spring up a feeling of attachment which exceeded just being friends. At this moment, Cynthia Nixon was already married to a man named Danny Moses but it was all over the news then that a married woman (Nixon) was in an affectionate relationship with another woman, (Marinoni.) This became too much for Cynthia Nixon to handle and she had to hire a publicist who helped her handle the media. Both women made it a habit to tell anyone that asked about their relationship, that they were just friends. The friendship was, however, to be revealed for what it was when in 2009 when Cynthia Nixon announced to the world that she was engaged to Christine Marinoni. Prior to that, Nixon's relationship with her husband had been falling apart and the pair ended their marriage in divorce. It was the legalization of gay marriage in New York that she was waiting for to exchange vows with Christine Marinoni. With the laws amended in NY, they tied the knot in 2012. A photo of their wedding posted by 'People Magazine' reveals Cynthia Nixon putting on a green gown while Christine Marinoni wore a suit with a tie.

2. Christine Marinoni Gave Birth To Their Son In 2011

Here Is An Instagram Photo Of Their Son Max

The couples' first child, Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni was given birth to by Christine Marinoni on February 7, 2011. Before his birth, Cynthia Nixon never announced that she and her spouse were expecting a child. In their characteristic manner, everything surrounding the birth of Max was kept secret. The Instagram picture above is one the only photos of their son posted by Cynthia Nixon on her page. Stories have been told that say when the 'Sex and the City' star and her spouse began dating, one thing that attracted Cynthia Nixon to Christine Marinoni was the latter's love for Cynthia's children. It wasn't long after that the two children of Cynthia Nixon adopted Marinoni as their mom.

3. Christine Marinoni's Spouse (Cynthia Nixon) Is An Activist

If you're beginning to wonder how it feels to be a woman who is an activist, then talk to Cynthia Nixon. First, she started her activism with education calling for better class conditions for high school students. In particular, she criticized the then governor, Cuomo stating that his intention to increase the funding of schools by $840 million was inadequate but that instead, it should have been $1.3 billion. Moving on from being an education activist, Christine Marinoni's spouse became an LGBT activist. In Cynthia Nixon's own words, her interest in the LGBT activism was self-motivated. Cynthia Nixon recalls how when she opened a lesbian coffee shop and bar in 1995, one of the attendants was "a victim of hate crime" causing her to leave. She said that this is a major part of her activism because she had to organize a protest to bring the attention of the authorities particularly the security personnel to the hatred. Following that incidence, according to Christine Marinoni's spouse, was the Park Slope Shephard killings and she too was among the key figures that led a protest against it. From there, Christine Marinoni and Cynthia started making efforts to convince New York legislators to pass a law approving gay marriage. They both lobbied for it so their dreams of getting married would one day come true.

4. What Is Christine Marinoni's Net Worth?

Christine Marinoni's net worth is one such detail about her that is not in the public eye. Most popular net worth estimating sites have nothing to say about Christine Marinoni's net worth and she herself hasn't declared it yet. However, her partner, Cynthia Nixon is said to have a net worth of $60 million dollars. This amount, of course, gives one a picture of what Christine Marinoni's net worth is likely to look like. In 2004, according to 'Daily News' report, Christine Marinoni got a job with de Blasio administration worth $120,000 a year. Cynthia Nixon's spouse was appointed to serve as a special adviser for community partnerships in the Department of Education. Among other roles, Christine Marinoni by her appointment was to work on “developing a plan on how we engage community partners — including businesses, nonprofits, and community-based organizations — on our major education initiatives.” She was to report to Deputy Mayor Richard Buery. Prior to her appointment, Christine Marinoni and her spouse Cynthia Nixon have been a staunch supporter of de Blasio and have been a long term loyal friend to Richard Buery who is now the new Mayor of New York. During the Mayor's election campaigns, Christine Marinoni and Cynthia Nixon donated the highest permissible amount $4,950 at that time towards the effort. It's not difficult therefore to understand while Christine Marinoni was appointed to her new role.

5. Christian Marinoni's Spouse Declares For NY Governorship

Check Out Her Instagram Photo Below!

In addition to being an actress, Cynthia Nixon, Christine Marinoni's spouse is also much into politics. She recently declared her intention to run for the New York Governorship position coming this September. As you check her Instagram page, you see photos of this 'Sex and the City' star declaring her intention for New York's highest office. Apart from Instagram, Cynthia Nixon equally uploaded a video on Twitter as to that effect garnering some 2.92 million views. Cynthia Nixon's intention to run for Governor of New York is because of her love for the city. She says she has never thought of living in another city or state because New York was where she was raised and attended school. Again, Cynthia Nixon who is Christine Marinoni's spouse says the current course of events in New York has to change. As seen in the Twitter photo above, Cynthia Nixon has started receiving endorsements from different corners the latest being NWFP. Should Cynthia Nixon's dream come true, she would not only be the first female to be New York's governor but the first open female gay to occupy the much-coveted office. Cynthia Nixon is contesting under the Democrat Party and she would be slugging it out with the incumbent governor, Andrew Cuomo in a primary election slated for September 13 this year. If she defeats the governor at the primary, then her chances of becoming the next New York governor may have just become brighter.

Final Remarks

There you have five solid facts about Christine Marinoni who is Cynthia Nixon's spouse. Christine Marinoni seems not to be a social media fan as her Instagram and Twitter pages contain few posts, photos, and followers unlike her spouse Cynthia. Nevertheless, the couple hasn't been ashamed of coming out as a gay and Cynthia Nixon has even declared her intention to be the next Governor of New York. Of all that was said in this piece, one fact stands out and that is the manner in which the duo of Christine Marinoni and Cynthia Nixon have been able to manage their relationship. Marinoni has been especially accommodating and fantastic in that she had adopted as it were, the two children Cynthia Nixon had from her previous marriage as her own. Cynthia is reputed for calling Christine Marinoni "My wife" but Christine seems to prefer using a gender-neutral title such as a spouse. It's up to be seen what becomes of their relationship in upcoming years and if the gubernatorial hopeful, that is Cynthia Nixon would eventually clinch the seat.