How To Rock Bangs With Long Hair To Look Younger

Long hair is fun. Bangs are back and trending. Don't be left behind in style or time. Grab these tips on wearing bangs right and erase years from your face.

By Suprita Jayaram
How To Rock Bangs With Long Hair To Look Younger

Bangs, Back With A Bang!

Bangs are back in style! Yes, you read right. Bangs are back to add that touch of current, sexy, cute, rockstar-look to your hairstyles. Looking for trendy, effortless, no-hassle hairstyles and want to show off your lovely long tresses? Wear bangs. It’s that simple. Mid-length hairstyles are the new long and are here to stay. Don’t be the one to be singled out as the one scoring zilch on your style quotient. Follow your favorite celebs and their stylists to stay tuned for what’s in and what’s not in hairstyles. Or, an easier way (since you’re already here) would be to read through this blog and check out how you can bring back youthful freshness to your face, with a few snips of layers in your hair that would frame your face oh-so-perfectly.

Try These Out, Your Hair Will Love You For It!

Long side bangs on a feathered cut for long hair

If you’re trying bangs for the first time, it’s but natural that you may be slightly nervous about how it’ll turn out. We suggest - side-swept bangs to the rescue! Normally, long hair loves long bangs. So give your hair what it loves and do it in a way that makes you comfortable too. Try a few layers with long bangs brushing down to the side of your face just about at the level of your chin. This look is soft and breezy and works like magic for long and thick hair. If you have thin hair, try styling your hair first, to give it volume. A winning hairstyle adds volume is a feather-cut. Couple this with long, layered, side swept bangs, and who would dare say that you had thin hair.

Super trendy long bangs, for hair any length!

For those of you who love your hair and want it looking Instagram-worthy, bangs are a classic and never go out of fashion. They are excellent ways to make boring hair come alive. With an air of sophistication coupled with a sexy appeal, long bangs are about being on-point. But bangs come with work. It is crucial that you maintain your bangs every single day if you care about the compliments and want them coming your way ever so often. What if you didn’t have that kind of time? Then, long bangs are the thing for you. Long bangs work with any hair type and especially warm up to loose waves. Long bangs that end at your chin level or taper down to you mid-neck work as an elegant frame for your hair tied up in a high ponytail or a bouffant updo. Long bangs are a great option for those of you who want to grow out your hair and change up your style to try out other trendy styles and add a few layers to a distinct look.

Bangs and a ponytail

Wearing a ponytail is casual but when you couple it with a long bang, you add that touch of glam right there, and you turn in to that girl-next-door to that show-stopper you always wanted to be. Pair this hairstyle with long dangling earrings and you’re femininity and and grace rolled into one. There are two ways you can wear your hair in a ponytail and sport long bangs with it. One way to do it is to have a sweeping and wispy side bang that starts at around the center of your hairline on your forehead and tapers down to the side of one ear. This is a very feminine and elegant look. Another way to wear your hair in a ponytail and accent it with long bangs is by framing your face in a voluminous, rounded, blunt bang. Blunt bangs look great with a messy, high ponytail roughly bunched up. Blunt bangs also compliment a neatly done ponytail, to give you that sweet girl-look

Wavy bangs flatter wavy hair

Wavy hair is very feminine. While wavy hair has a natural bounce and looks voluminous, it can be quite a lot of work, especially if you’re hair is less wavy and more frizzy. Typical hairstyles that work their magic on wavy hair would be a messy side ponytail, a pouf ponytail, messy fishtail braid, a dutch braided bun or just simply a side ponytail if you wanted to keep it simple. Now imagine all these hairstyles with some bangs. Take your imagination further, when you think bangs, do you always think long, straight, blunt, or side swept? Ever considered wavy bangs? Wavy bangs are way too cute, especially if you have wavy or curly hair. Wavy, blunt bangs that just about graze past your eyebrows frames your face in a way that perks up your look and steals away years from your age. Try out wavy bangs, and complement your naturally wavy hair with a very feminine touch. Don’t forget to put on that bright, baby-doll smile to complement your new wavy-all-the-way look.

Side bang for straight hair

Straight hair has its huge advantages and styling opportunities. Now is the time to give it that added oomph, by deciding on what kind of bangs you would like for your hair. Typical fetching hairstyles for straight hair are silky, soft ponytails that mesmerize with their minimalist flair and enhanced luster. Add layered side-swept bangs to this, and you’d be looking at a diva. Crossed over twists, which go across the back of your head are also a great option for straight hair. Adding side-swept bangs that graze at your cheekbones enhance pristine, angelic beauty. Or if you’re looking for something simple and wanted your hair to make a statement, look no further; you can get your straight hair talking. Try out a medium length bang, swept to the side that grazes barely over your eyebrows. Be sure to get some admiring second glances. This hairstyle works great for school or a party. Go, girl, make a statement, without having actually to say it!

Bangs For A Round Face

If you have a round face, if definitely been called cute a zillion times. Add bangs to your face, and your cuteness quotient will bump up a zillion times. There’s a lot you can do with a round face. Most stylists will emphasize that when working with round faces, it’s best to use styles that make your face look longer and sharper rather than broader. Straight, blunt bangs would emphasize the width of the face and are perhaps not the most ideal. Instead, a doing your hair up in a way that gives you height is the best way to go with a round face. Try gentle waves with side bangs or a bouffant updo with side bangs. You can even try a fake bang top knot. For this, you’ll need to tie up your hair in a high ponytail. Pick up about a third of your hair from your ponytail, iron it out poker straight and spread it out over your forehead to create faux bangs. Use bobby pins to hold your hair down. Use the rest of your hair to roll it into a rough bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins from all sides.

Bangs For A Heart Shaped Face

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An Audrey Hepburn like the heart-shaped face is all you need to woo the hearts of everyone around you. If you are blessed with a heart-shaped face, try a soft, blunt bang that takes away attention from you pointy chin. Heart-shaped faces are versatile and look great with full, blunt bangs or wavy, soft bangs that gently kiss the middle of your forehead. Heart-shaped faces fit well with both, long and short hair. So if you have a heart-shaped face, explore your options, ‘coz you have plenty. You can go from lengthy-longs to short pixie hair and do ‘em up with bangs and double up on that cute-factor.

Bangs For A Small Forehead

Just because you have a small forehead and less space to work on, does not mean you can’t have the cutest bangs to call your own! Think- Aishwarya Rai, Emma Stone, Deepika Padukone- they are all gorgeous beyond words, and sport small foreheads. Here a few are ways to enhance the beauty of your face when you have a small forehead. If you have long hair, a choppy, asymmetrical cut, sweeping your bang to the side is a sure fire way to disguise the size of your forehead. Consider having light layers and waves which will frame your face well and will focus attention on your long hair. A soft middle parting on your bangs will give your hair a gentle softness.

Bangs For A Large Forehead

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Those long, painful conversations that you had with the girl in the mirror about your forehead being half the size of your head is soon going to turn into happy and thankful cheers of joy. Why? ‘ Because it turns out, large foreheads provide ample opportunity to get creative with your hair and try out different styles of bangs to cover up your forehead, giving you a touch of glam, right there. If you have long hair, try out a super, messy half-bun. For this, you’ll have your hair in long straight bangs that go past your eyes, and half your hair will be up in a messy bun on top, leaving the other half to fall naturally over your shoulders. Part your bangs gently in the middle to prevent them from coming in front of your eyes. Another of my favorites for long hair is to have an Angelina Jolie look. Try a fringe that starts at your eyebrow level and then tapers towards the side of your face; this is another great option for a high forehead.

Go, Rock Your Bangs

Now that you have several options and you know how to work with your face type, what are you waiting for? Go try them out. The one thing to remember though is to care for your hair. Every time you use a hot iron to style your hair and straighten those bangs, remember to use a heat protectant and texturizing spray. After all, you want to be able to have fun with your hair for always.