Small Is Good: Why You Should Be Happy With 5 Inches

Contrary to insinuations in certain quarters that you need a large penis to satisfy your partner, the truth is that five inches often looked at as small is ok.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Small Is Good: Why You Should Be Happy With 5 Inches

Five Inches: Is It Actually Small?

As a man, you probably have come across different online adverts claiming to be able to enlarge and extend your penis by whatsoever means. Their argument for proposing this adventure has always been one of the age-long myths surrounding sexuality, and that is the erroneous belief that the larger and longer your penis is, the better you are as a lover. Their claim among others is that if your penis is small, your lover will consider you not to be manly enough. As such, even though the subject of sexuality has suffered severe setbacks in times past due to the delicacy in language, many men and even women are now desperately searching for information on what penis size is too small or big for them. Perhaps before we go too deep into this subject, we need to admit that although very rare, some men's genitals can be very small especially when the size and length are compared to their age. That said, it needs to equally be emphasized that many of the anxieties entertained by most men as regards the size and length of their "thick meat" being small are often exaggerated. In most studies conducted, researchers have put the average size of a male's penis at between 2.8 to 3.9 inches when flaccid and between 4.7 to 6.3 inches when fully erect. Similarly, talking about the circumference now, when erect, it is found to be around 4.7 inches. As such, it is difficult to justify the claim that five inches penis size is small. In fact, one study conducted by some researchers and reported in the Journal of Urology. One fascinating conclusion the don arrived at was that "Only men with a flaccid length of fewer than four centimeters (1.6 inches), or a stretched or erect length of fewer than 7.5 centimeters (3 inches) should be considered candidates for penile lengthening." So, speaking from a scientific point of view, it is nothing short of fallacy to call your five inches penis small. But the fact is that each person has their definition of what is small and what is big. And most times, our perception is hugely influenced by what the media and popular trends have to say rather than what the truth actually is. However, a valid question which we are going to address in the next section would be whether there is a relationship between a heavy and protruded "third leg" and sexual satisfaction.

Five Inches And Sexual Satisfaction

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Of course, almost everyone would agree that the length and size of the penis have nothing to do with its excretory function but the real fuss is whether a penis considered to be small by the carrier is good enough to provide as much sexual satisfaction as the often advertised big ones. Well, this is not a subject that a person's unverified opinion can be relied upon as the basis for coming to a valid conclusion and as such, it would be nice to review what facts and authorities have to say on it. In the words of Derek Llewellyn-Jones, a former associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Sydney who also doubles as the author of the Bestselling book 'Everywoman,' "the size of the penis is not related to its function. A man with a small penis is as sexually adequate as a man with a large penis, and can provide as much sexual satisfaction." Just in case you are not satisfied with that statement and want more reassurances that your supposed small penis is no hindrance to your ability to satisfy your lover, let's consider this. Suppose for the sake of argument we assume that your penis size has a lot to do with your ability to satisfy your wife or girlfriend sexually, it would be good also to consider the average length of a woman's vagina. At least, by so doing, one can conclude if your five inches penis is inadequate for some types of vaginas or not. Doctors Masters and Johnson did quite an extensive work on this subject and others in the 1960s and among other things reported by them is the fact that a woman's vagina which has never been stimulated ranges from between 2.75 inches to 3.75 inches. At arousal, they put its length at between 4.25 inches and 4.75 inches. This size range is actually not static as the vagina is capable of extending to whatever length required of it to accommodate its needs. But then, regardless of its length, just about a third of the entire length is thought to be involved in a woman's sexual response. That means that even if your woman's vagina is up to 8 inches long, only the first 2.7 inches of the entire length is significant for sexual pleasuring. So, placing your five inches penis beside a woman's 2.7 inches vagina tells plainly why the theory of a larger penis being a precursor to satisfying a woman better cannot be further from the truth.

Why You Should Be Happy With Five Inches

Rather than being unnecessarily resentful about the size and length of your DNA-assigned organ, here is why small (that is five inches) is better.

1. Small Penis, Small Penetration Problem

When your thing is just five inches, it is almost impossible that you would hit the cervix during thrusting but a disproportionate dick size can occasionally touch the neck of the womb during intercourse thereby causing some discomfort to the woman. And you know that once a woman starts experiencing pain during sex, it can be difficult to make her believe it won't be painful the next time. Come to think of it; even before you attempt having sex with your girlfriend or wife, mere citing your too big thing can turn her off. It's a fact that some girls become afraid of a huge third leg especially if they had once had a nasty experience with one before. And so, instead of having a nice time with your sweetheart, the story may change just because of a frightening big dick. Your five inches penis would hardly cause any fright to your girlfriend or wife, and she may even consider you "harmless" seeing that your dick is of average size. And don't forget; when it comes to sexual satisfaction, the size and length are not the only things that matter. If the physical attraction is not there or you are a greenhorn in the business, a large penis would not help matters.

2. Five Inches, Normal Life

If your "thick meat" is longer than five inches, you may have to admit that you've got a difficult life to contend with at least to some extents. Granted, the idea of having a dick above five inches when fully erect can theoretically sound great; but in reality, it comes with certain challenges. First, a more than five inches penis can present a problem with condom fitting. Yes, it is true that most condoms can stretch, but when your thing is longer than five inches say eight or more, the condom can exceed its elastic limit and then break during penetration. You may even find it not being firm enough to your manhood. Second, with a more than five inches penis, you can pretty much scare anyone away from wanting to have sex with you. It is true that being heavy down there can present some attractions to some women, but most women of average stature are more likely to be afraid of you. Third, you may find it hard to separate women's love for you and your penis. In other words, when your penis is significantly longer than five inches, that may be the only reason some women are sticking around you, and as such, in your early years, you stand the high chance of being used by these. How does it feel to know that someone is merely using you? Also, if your dick is larger than five inches, it's clear you would have to get special pants to package it well. You cannot probably walk into any boutique as any of your friends would do and pick pants; they would likely not fit you. And isn't it quite embarrassing to start looking for a designer because of a more than five inches penis? Perhaps the most annoying of all is the unwanted attention that a dick longer than five inches draw. As you move around, you can be sure that many who know you have gifted down there would always keep their eyes to your groin area. Your penis would now become a sort of object of attraction for everyone. Are these things not enough to make life unbearable for you as a man? That's why you should be grateful if your dick is five inches or below. While you get all the sexual satisfaction you can ever crave for; you also get to avoid many of the annoyances that attend having a more than average penis.

3. With More Than Five Inches, Oral Sex Can Be Difficult

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It doesn't matter how gifted a woman is at giving blowjobs; a more than five inches penis can make her gag too early. In fact, her effort at pleasing you orally may compare to removing a drop of water out of an ocean; no matter how hard she tries, it won't be significant. If care is not taken, in the process of trying so hard, she may cause an abrasion on your dick with her teeth because it is just too much for her mouth to handle. Therefore, if you are a lover of oral sex, a more than five inches penis is the last thing you want to pray for. It won't give your woman the control she wants. You would hardly find a woman who can handle such a huge build without complaining. But with a moderate penis (five inches or below), that challenge can easily be addressed.

Five Inches Is Okay - Conclusion

As you have seen in this piece, if you have a five inches penis, you should rather be grateful, happy, and proud. You should not allow any advertisement of whatever sort to make you look down on yourself as if you are inadequate or that you cannot satisfy a woman with a five inches penis. Of course, you can! When it comes to sexual satisfaction, what matters most are confidence on your side, attractiveness from and to your partner, and a knowledge of what to do; it's never a matter of disproportionate penis size. Five inches is more than sufficient to get the deal done!