10 Things You Should Consider Before Getting A Nipple Piercing

There are a lot of things that you need to be aware of before you get nipple piercings. Below are pros and cons that you were not aware of.

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10 Things You Should Consider Before Getting A Nipple Piercing

Pros and cons you need to be able before getting a nipple piercing

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Everyone has their opinion in regards to nipple piercing and there are pros and cons of pierrcng. Some folks will complain about how nipple piercing is ungodly and others will claim that it has improved their bedroom life. Maybe you have your own opinion. Perhaps you want to have it yourself and look cool. You might be crossing your arms and protecting your breasts when you hear about breast piercing and the fear runs through your system. Some people just have a voyeuristic fascination with the whole breast piercing thing and you have to get rid of that fear just like you gathered the courage to go under a needle to get a tattoo, in case you have one. The nipple piercing trend has been having a big moment for some few years now, thanks to celebrity influence.

Whatever our entertainers do become a style that their fans from all over the world want to take and emulate. The likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Amber Rose, Rihanna, and Kristen Stewart have piercings on their nipples. The art is popular within the celebrity circles and that is just a drop in the ocean. Many girls are taking the art, and piercing parlors are receiving an influx of customers willing to have nipple piercings. In an interview, celebrity piercer, Brian Keith Thompson, the owner of Body Electric told Refinery 29 that he had pierced cardiac surgeons and other professional nipples one could imagine. He has worked on Jessica Alba, FKA Twigs, and Beyonce. You might not be Rihanna, Beyonce, or Kendall Jenner, but you could be a little more like any of them if you take your nipple game to the next level. However, you need to know the pros and cons of the nipple piercing and be aware that there can be a crust in your breasts. The art is mainly for females even though there are men with nipple piercings. You should also be aware that it’s a painful process and it will cost you more or less considering the service. But there are some pros and cons in regards to nipple piercing.

Below are pros and cons you need to know before getting under the piercing needle

1: It really hurts, a con

If you are going to have anything done on your body, prepare for the pain. That includes nipple piercing. With piercing though, there is going to be a significant amount of pain that you will feel. Just thinking about having an enormous needle go through your nipples is enough to scare you off and you might have no courage to go through with nipple piercing. But it’s part of being a female to go through some pains in life and if you can handle heart breaks, why not a needle through your nipple? It’s not a horrible experience as you might think, it’s a painful process but brief.

Kendall Jenner said in one of the episodes of their family show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that nipple piercing isn’t as painful and costly as most females hype it to be. If Kendall did it, why not you? It depends on your pain tolerance. You either feel a slight pinch or extremely uncomfortable but it will be brief. You can expect the site to be tender for some few days, but the real pain will only be felt during the process. It’s not a big con enough to make you give up on nipple piercing. Therefore if you want to do piercing, be aware that piercing has its pros and cons.

2. Confidence is key in nipple piercing

You can’t show the world all your naughty piercings unless you and your fellow females are porn stars, but nipple piercing can be proudly and tastefully exposed. Take a look at Rihanna. She’s never ashamed to show her nipples to the world and let people touch them. You can choose to be like her and give your nipples some indecent exposure. Not every woman can go braless unless she is with her fellow females or her partner. You can still wear a bra that’s is tighter on the thin side so that it can show the imprint of your nipple piercings. Piercing your nipple is not a taboo and so you can show them off without any fear especially if you would want people around to notice how sexier you have become.

3. Healing of the piercing takes about 6-8 weeks

Once you get your nipples pierced, expect to heal six weeks later. Active females who usually romance with the partners on almost every occasion might take longer to heal. Larger breasts also experience a longer healing period. You will be required to have an aftercare product which is usually obtained from the piercing parlor. When treating the new piercing, you will be required to wash your hands thoroughly before touching them. You will also have to set aside about ten minutes every day to soak the area in saline or sea salt. After soaking, you will have to rinse to remove residue. Do not wash the wounds with soap and water for over thirty seconds in one wash, and do it twice a day. When patting fry, you will have to use disposable paper products because the towels can snag. Some females experience healing problems in the nipples. It’s usually because of jewelry rejection or an allergy to the jewelry material. You could have the issue too, and the healing process could be aggravated or prone to infection. The best thing to do is see a doctor to know if you could have any of these issues.

4. Don’t dare to switch your own nipple piercing rings, a con

The editor of Your Tango, Kiarra Sylvester, ordered some new rings after her nipples were completely healed and tried to put them on. It was a big mistake because after removing the other rings, it took her ten unsuccessful minutes to push them through. She gave up after she felt like throwing up due to the pain. She tried to put the original one back in and she felt like she was getting another nipple piercing. 30 minutes later, a friend came around to help her push her previous nipple ring back through and it went in. Five years on, she has never changed her nipple ring again. You need to be aware that you may never know when the whole begins to close up, but it would be hard to navigate unless you have the same equipment the nipple piercer uses. So, after you get a nipple piercing and you feel like changing the rings, go back to the same parlor and have it done. You don’t deserve the pain that comes with the shortcut.

5. You will have to get rid of bras for a while

It would be a lie if I told you that your nipple piercing wouldn’t be painful the next day after the initial piercing. Like mentioned above, you will have to wait for about six to eight weeks to heal completely. Many females opt to go sans-bra to avoid any risks of having their fresh nipple piercing pressed against anything.

However, after doing the nipple piercing will you stay indoors for all those weeks? Not really! You need to get out, meet your friends, party and fetch groceries. Before going out, you will have to wear a soft, clean shirt allowing your nipple piercing to be as comfortable as possible. After they start healing, you will be required to wear a clean bra every day to avoid irritating the healing wound. The items in your closet can also possess a danger to your nipple piercing. Go to your nearest cloth store and buy yourself a few pairs of sports bra that you will be wearing at night.

You should also keep the jewelry away. If one snags your nipple piercing, you will experience agony like never before. In case it happens, clean the area right away and try to get the jewelry back in. You can also return to the piercing parlor for assistance. But piercings are supposed to be seen so why hide the piercing with a bra?

6. Consider your age and occupation before piercing

Body piercing has different laws from one state to another, and that includes nipple piercing. If you are under 18, the piercing parlors will want to see your parent or guardian, or a note of parental consent alongside your I.D. If you happen to be over 18 and a career woman, there are more things that you should consider including the formality of your job. As mentioned in point 5, you might be required to go braless for a time or maybe all the time.

Think about the uniform or the suit that you need to wear to your work to fulfill your daily duties. If you wear uniform, be aware that the nipple piercing might be visible through some fabrics or clothing and so if your work in a church, for instance, you need to bury the thought of having a nipple piercing. But again, it depends if the church cares. Piercing could be a con or a pro though and don't feel offended with yourself if you feel like going for piercing.

7. The type of jewelry used in piercing is important

The type of metal ring or bar that you will be pierced with depends on its cost. Rihanna has gold and platinum nipple piercing because she could meet the cost. Perhaps you can afford the classical stainless steel, make sure it’s of either medical or implant grade in order to avoid any allergic reactions which result from cheap metals which are often in jewelry bought from overseas.

Expensive options include gold, silver, and platinum and as long as you have much money, you could be like Rihanna. But if your budget hangs lower than their cost, just avoid buying cheap metal for the sake of your nipples’ safety. Don’t say you were not warned. one of the pros of piercing is that you can choose your preferable piercing jewel.

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8. You can still breastfeed with piercings, first pros

We have been discussing mostly the cons, and now, maybe we should touch on pros. Some females wonder if it’s appropriate to do nipple piercing and then allow their infants suck those same nipples. According to Elite Daily, it’s safe to breastfeed while wearing a nipple piercing but you need to plan accordingly. If you don’t, you might hurt your nipples.

Get your piercing 18 months before you decide to get pregnant, that’s is according to Breastfeed Support. If you are currently or recently breastfeeding, you will have to wait for three months after weaning before going to the piercing parlor. While it’s mostly safe, the ducts could be damaged during the piercing process and result in lower milk supply, leaking milk, and a latch difficulty.

Breastfeed Support states that most women find it easier to remove the nipple piercings six months before pregnancy as the sensation from the pierced nipples can result in early contractions. You can buy extended jewelry as well. However, if you are not crazy about losing your piercings, make use of a piercing retainer instead of metal barbells. Just when you thought we had run out of pros in piercing.

9. You will be cleaning your nipples before foreplay

Some people say that after nipple piercing, they still get some crusts on their nipples. It’s not an infection though, but just the nipples are secreting a lot, but you need to consult a doctor to be sure of this. After going through the process, you might start experiencing the crust yourself and you will have to be cleaning your nipples. It’s important to thoroughly clean them before you allow your partner to put that nipple in his mouth.

Don’t imagine dried nipple crust can turn your man on. Hygiene is also key. Make sure that you keep your piercing clean using DIY saline solution. You can also expect a bit of crustiness in the first few weeks. If you love working out, be cleaning your nipples after every spin class. Sex is not bad, but make sure you keep hands and fluids away from your nipples until they have been healed. You wouldn’t want to take any chances with that piercing.

10. Nipple piercing increases sensitivity and arousal

For many females, piercings make the nipples more sensitive to the touch almost immediately. There are people who have heightened their sexual sensitivity and through nipple piercing, got their breasts some extra attention in the bedroom. Is that not the purpose of it all? If not, then why are people getting the nipple piercings? When nipple piercing hit the fashion scene, it was basically for two reasons, eroticism and looks. People report that having their nipples done makes them more sensitive. You can be turned on by your breasts rubbing against each other in your clothing. If you get a good rider, he will be able to arouse you with your flatter nipples. To be good to yourself, don’t allow your partner to touch those nipples for the first eight weeks from the time you left the parlor. Instead, find some other ways to entertain yourself until the piercing is no longer vulnerable to germs, rejection, and germs.

11. Be aware that a piercing can close fast

One of the saddest things about nipple piercing is their ability to close back after being drilled. You should be aware that nipple piercing tends to close quicker than most piercing. Therefore, you have some few minutes to leave them without any jewelry before the holes start shrinking slowly. But there is a positive side of it. If you decide that your nipple piercing days are over, you will just let them close up, and you won’t need much scarring to do so. At least that's one of the pros about piercing.

12. Allow both boobs to undergo piercing

Don’t be the girl that punks out and gets only one nipple to get pierced. Don’t be angry if you get judged. It’s either you are a good girl or a bad one, there are no halves, and so, you need to pierce both nipples if you decide to take that road. Don’t even try to change your mind after the first nipple piercing stating that it’s too painful, were you not warned? You will look silly and embarrass yourself. Imagine telling your friends that you got only one nipple pierced.

They will just laugh at your cowardly act. You should consider that this is one of the most painful areas in your body and it will hurt if you want the piercings. If Kendall Jenner can take all the pain, why not you? So, if you start it, finish what you started all else, you will make your boobs look like circus freaks. Courage is the key, and with both nipples pierced, the better look you will have. Piercing is a balanced kind of thing.

After the pros and cons of nipple piercing

To wrap this up, getting your nipples pierced is your own choice and just like any other piercing or tattoo, a nipple piercing takes time to heal completely. You need to keep in mind your job, lifestyle, and past medical conditions that influence the healing process and ensure that the crust stays short. Getting a nipple pierced is not only safe but also a common practice, and if you find that your nipples don’t look attractive when pierced, the areas close in less than 24 hours after the piercing has been removed.

Before taking the plunge, it is advisable to do a lot of research to know the pros and cons of nipple piercing and then assure yourself that you will be able to commit to the process. You won’t be like Rihanna, but you will look good at a lower cost. Bottomline, the piercing will make you look amazing. Those are the facts about nipple piercing and their pros and cons.