40 Most Flattering Hairstyles For Round Faces

You are about to know some haircuts that are suitable for women with round faces. These styles cover both long and short hairs.

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40 Most Flattering Hairstyles For Round Faces

40 haircuts and hairstyles for women with round faces

Let’s admit it. Every hair stylist has a hard time styling round faces. No matter which style you make your hair, the end goal is to hide your cheeks. At other times, you want to look sassy in your long hair or haircuts, but it remains an impossible dream. The round faces are hard to experiment with different styles. People who don’t have round faces say that women with round faces look like little kids when they try some hairstyles. To the beautiful ladies with round faces, there is some good news for you. There are styles, many of them, that would go with your round faces, especially if you have long hair and can do haircuts. To start off, you need to determine if you are among the women with round faces. You can do so by checking if your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline have the same width and fall on the same line. The width and the length of a round face are roughly the same sizes. People with round faces have soft features and no sharp angles on their faces. The best examples of people who are naturally like that are the East Asians. So, do you fall into the categories of people with round faces? If yes, there are some tips that you need to follow to choose hairstyles and haircuts that will complement your round face well and make use of your long hair. You need to avoid heavy straight bangs because that style creates a horizontal line that can widen your face visually. In case you are a plus-size woman, you need to shy away from compact and sleek haircuts that can spoil your look. Regardless of the hairstyle or haircut of your choice, leave the elongated locks by the sides of your face because they will make your face look slimmer. Lastly, don’t be afraid to change. Now let’s go through the hairstyles that can be made from your long hair or haircuts that are suitable for round faces.

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1. Shaggy bob for long hair

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the celebrities to emulate and also her haircuts are an inspiration, especially to girls with round faces. Lawrence rocks her hair in an asymmetrical bob that attracts a lot of people. Styled in shaggy, this haircut, even though it’s not long and with a side parting, the bob works wonders at offsetting Jennifer’s round face structure.

2. Curled bob

This cute haircut is a no-brainer for women with round faces who have an intention of revamping their style. The blonde highlights, bouncy curls an amazing deep side bang help to make the wide cheeks look slim and draw attention to the pretty chin area. Girls with round faces can try this style and also try with an ash shade of the blonde pairs with yellow undertones.

3. Fauxhawk

As we know, the best haircut for round faces is one that adds height and has an elongating look. The fauxhawk does that well. Women with round faces who know how to rock this hairstyle stand out.

4. Layers and loose waves

You require long hair to try this hairstyle. Blunt bangs may not be one of the best styles full faces can try because they mostly highlight the cheeks but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid them. Messy waves are also good for round faces.

5. Side bun with bangs

Some women with round faces look amazing when they try the side bun with bangs. You can try a low bun that sits on one side of the head and looks less round. It’s a style worth trying.

6. Smoky waves for long hair

A long wavy bob from your long hair is one of the styles hotties with round face should have because it’s universally appealing.

7. Short bob with side swept bangs

If you look at stars with round faces such as Hayden Panettiere rock this hairstyle, you can’t stop but admire how it compacts with their roundness.

8. Tousled texture for a baby face

Chin-length short hairstyles don’t go well for round faces because they focus on the cheeks, but when you combat them with choppy long layers and sharp lines, everyone will stop to take a look.

9. Big swoop bangs

The short curly bob might not be suitable for round faces, but if you pair them with big bangs that are swooping down your face, and streamlining the top half of the face, you will look beautiful.

10. Formal hairdo for curvy faces

Updos are said to be daunting for ladies with round faces because they influence the focal points. One specific thing is that they work as hairstyles for chubby faces.

11. Voluminous waves

This is one of the favorites for women with round faces. It’s a wavy style with oodles of volume that keeps the cheeks hidden and allows the waves to fall on the cheekbones.

12. Blue bangs for round faces

Whoever told you that pixie cuts are not for overweight women is not truthful. Vibrant colors will make the style fun and flirty, and its one of the styles women with round faces should try.

13. Sleek straight long hair

This is one of the perfect styles to suit the long hair that some people with long faces have. Since round faces lack length opting for a long hair in a sleek and straight manner is ideal.

14. Wavy pastel pink lob with bangs

A pretty pastel pink lob makes textured hair look good for people with round faces, especially when you pair with bangs. The hairstyle is considered feminine. Beach waves are the way to go with this cut and color.

15. Long hair with layers

All ladies with round faces have many haircuts to choose from including cutting their hairs into layers. Whether you have a straight or curly hair, don’t allow the layers to end at the chin.

16. Curly updo for medium hair

This timeless and classic hairstyle will suit all face shapes and hair textures. If you have a round face, consider this style for a wedding.

17. Long hair with fringe

If you are round-faced, you can choose to break the monotony by trying the fringe. A long one will just be fine.

18. Dramatic black and blonde balayage bob

Playing with two tones is a good idea for people with round faces. Sometimes solid colors make round faces look rounder and more beautiful.

19. Middle parting

You can opt for this hairstyle when you are in the mood for trying a casual and effortless hairdo, and it makes one’s face look longer and slimmer.

20. Face-framing layers and subtle caramel

Long layers are widespread in different styles of haircuts and face shapes. Medium face-framing layers are however suitable for plus size women who most likely have round faces.

21. Curly hair

This is one of the styles that doesn’t need you to hide your round face with hair. When you chose to layer, try the triangle layers haircut or the choppy layers through the back.

22. Cropped bob with choppy ends

Since fuller faces have curved lines, all hairstyles with long soft waves complete them well, but if you have a round face, upgrade it with choppy ends and style some amazing loose waves.

23. Long layers with sea wave curls

This style is every round-faced girl’s favorite, and you can pair then with layers leaving your hair on top of its game.

24. Long caramel blonde hairstyle with layers

Haircuts for round faces require layers to bring a sharp look and edge into the look, and you should keep the cut longer and let the layers to cascade. You won’t stop admiring that layered look.

25. Short bob hairstyle

The short bob is a classic, but it accentuates the roundness of the face. You shouldn’t worry though as it’s not the only style that exists. Angled bob is the way to go for round-faced ladies.

26. Chocolate hair with partial blonde

Chocolate hair is suitable for all ladies regardless of their skin tones and hair textures. The subtle balayage is placed on one side of your hair to mitigate the roundness of your face.

27. Modified pixie hairstyle

A modified pixie with long layers running across the forehead and cropped on the sides is one of the styles that girls with round faces.

28. Long choppy pixie

Most of today’s trending haircuts are simply choppy. The method is ideal for straight and round faces as it balances the qualities of both faces.

29. Close-cropped hairstyle

A longer bang creates an illusion of length by minimizing the apparent overall width of the face and makes a face look slimmer. If you are round-faced and you prefer either long or short, this could be your style.

30. Ash brown waves with face-framing highlights

For women with round faces, this haircut can work in your favor. Dark colors are known to make clearer outlines along the cheeks. So, open it up instead and maintain the darker tones at roots.

31. Wavy mid-length hair

All women including those with round faces want to spend the least time styling their hair. So, one of the alternatives you have is getting some real big Velcro curlers. Leave them overnight or blow dry to add those lustrous waves to your hair.

32. Dark Honey blonde pixie bob

A layered and side parted pixie bob is another suitable haircut for round faces. Uniformity should always be avoided in round face cuts so sweeping some of your manes to one side makes you look amazing.

33. Easy waves

This is what many round-faced women consider a show-stopper. If you are looking for a shoulder-length medium haircut, then you can go with this.

34. Mid-length wavy hazel blonde hairstyle

In case you are not a fan of shorter styles, you can take textured medium haircuts. They are loose waves that frame your face by covering your cheeks and corrects its shape.

35. Hot curls

Curls are definitely in, and it will always be like that. Avoid going for wild total curly spirals if your hair is shoulder length. Try the spiraling curls and compare the look.

36. Asymmetrical shag with bangs

Asymmetry is another big solution for girls with round faces. That makes asymmetrical cuts worth exploring, and you can enhance it with a messy styling.

37. Ballerina buns

Are you round-faced and likes to keep your hair long but you despise excessive styling, then this hairstyle is worth trying. You only have to tie your hair in a bun on your head.

38. Cherry balayage bob

You can always color play, and you can go for a cute hue that matches your skin tone. Consider your eye color and examine opposites on a color wheel. This layered style is worth trying.

39. Palm tree ponies

All girls with round faces should try this. A cute and simple ponytail keeps your hair out of your face in a neat way and allows you to flaunt your amazing makeup.

40. Balayage waves

A round face with an attractive low forehead looks amazing when you wear a medium haircut and no bangs. The bangs usually reduce the visual length of the face. When you style forward the front pieces, you create a mysterious look, and it could look good on you if you tried it.

And to wrap up this haircuts compilation...

As you can see, there are many hairstyles including layered ones that you can try all year round if you have a round face. So why don’t you make yourself pretty for the night?