50 Cool Braided Hairstyles For Your Long Hair That You'll Love

Who says braids are boring? Be a trend-setter and stun everyone with these 50 cool braided hairstyles for your precious long hair.

By Amanda Palmer
50 Cool Braided Hairstyles For Your Long Hair That You'll Love

The pleasures of sporting long hair

Have you always worn your hair long? If yes, does that often make you feel that you cannot style your precious locks like your friends with shorter hair do? Don't worry anymore! Here we have some amazing, jaw-droppingly cool braided hairstyles to style your hair. You will not only look cool but also feel that growing your hair with so much care and attention was all worth it. Maintaining long hair can be strenuous and tough but it does ooze of femininity and grace. If you have always had long hair during your school days, it must have been very convenient to braid them. You never gave it much thought until now, when you started college. Your friends with shorter hair find it easier to manage their hair and most of them leave their hair down all the time. Women with long hair cannot leave their locks down all the time. It is tough to manage such long hair left free. You might be finding it quite boring to sport the same hairdo all the time. The maximum you can do is to tie it up in a bun or a ponytail if you do not want to braid it. But these styles give the same look to the front of your face. But here, we have some surprising styles for braiding long hair. Plenty of these hairstyles will not only help you manage your precious locks but also give your face a different look every time. It's time to get creative with your precious locks now. Normal three-strand braids, fish braid, French braid, Dutch braids and many such others are just a few examples of so much that you can do while braiding long hair. Braiding long hair is a true work of art. The advantage of long braided tresses is that you prevent your hair from flying all over your face and yet sport a very pretty look. Braided hair can be paired with any outfit. We can guarantee that you will not only look cool but also motivate your other friends to grow their hair. These styles are simple DIY hairstyles which take only some time until you become a pro. Some guys too prefer women with long hair! Your journey to being a trend-setter starts now:

Unique braids in picture tutorials

Below are some unique styles of braids for long hair. They have been shown with a picture tutorial which help make them self-explanatory.

1. A Fishtail braid

A braid as pretty as this one might require some help but once you get the hang of it you can do it yourself. This one requires you to divide your hair into two parts instead of three. Then you keep taking some strands of hair from one part and add it from below to the other part of the hair. You do the same from the next part of the hair. Repeat the entire process for the entire length of the hair and then secure your braid at the bottom.

2. French Braid for long hair

A French braid looks very elegant and has a lot of variations. It gives a different look to your face and also keeps the short hair from coming to your face. You need to take a thick portion of hair from the front of your face and start braiding them down their entire length. As you proceed with each step, you have to take small sections of hair from the sides and join them with your braid as shown in the picture below. By the time you reach the middle of the braid, all the hair on your head will be secured in the braid. Braid your remaining hair in the usual style for its entire length.

3. Dutch Braids for long hair

The dutch braids look cool, stylish, and also keeps your hair in place. It is just a normal braid done in the reverse pattern as seen in the tutorial below. French braids and dutch braids are actually just an inside-out version of each other. A french braid is done with 3 pieces of hair just like a regular braid, but hair is added to each side as you overlap them over the center strand of hair. In a dutch braid, you underlap. Although guys might not know the difference between a dutch braid or a normal braid, they will surely find you cool and surprised when you tell them that this is one of your DIY tasks.

4. Rope-twisted braid

This particular style is very easy to do and does not require any external help. All you need is to divide you hair in three sections and tie them with rubber bands. Twist each strand of hair like a rope taking it down its entire length. Once done with all, you can either re-tie them up again in a ponytail as shown below or braid them.

[-VIDEO TUTORIAL-] "How to do a rope twist" Rope twists are a basic of toddler hair styling! They're so easy, cute, and quick! I'm sure you all know that if you attempt to twist 2 strands of hair together, it will look like 1 strand and come untwisted. Try doing it this way, your twists will stay all day! 1β€’Start with 2 even strands 2β€’Twist both strands clockwise 3β€’Place the right strand OVER the left (left under the right) 4β€’Twist the right strand clockwise again 5β€’Repeat steps 3&4! It's that easy! Just a quick reminder to always cut out your elastics at night time. Click the link in my bio to purchase my favorite elastics and spray gel! My fabulously festive nails were done by @glamourgels!

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Braid styles taking half of the hair only

5. A half dutch braid for long hair

Just take some hair from the front and braid them down their entire length in the dutch braid style. Leave the other hair lose. You can curl some of your hair from the bottom to give a surreal look to your hair. This hair style looks good with flowy gowns and dresses.

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6. Simple half-up dutch braids

Slightly different from above, this hairstyle requires two dutch braids from the top portion of your instead of one. Join both the braids after half and let them lose with the other hair.

Simple half-up dutch braids. Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day πŸ’πŸ’

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7. Half braided hair style

Guys will get mesmerized by this lovely hairstyle that is a very easy DIY style. Divide your hair in the front in three portions as shown in the picture tutorial below. Braid them down the entire length and make a bun with the three braids. Secure them in place with bob pins and leave the rest of the hair lose. This takes very less time and looks very dressy and neat.

8. Loose half-braided hair style

This loosely-styled half-braided hairstyle looks good on someone who has long and flowy hair. Take a few thin locks of hair from both the sides a twist them into a lose braid as shown in the picture below. Easy to make and very eye-catching, this style looks good with any outfit. Try coloring your hair in a bold shade like pink or purple and you will definitely turn heads around.

9. Twisted side braid

A simple DIY hairstyle, this one requires just a small lock of hair from the front to be braided all the way down and then twisted to the other side of the head as shown in the picture below. This one is very easy to style and you can add some blingy accessories down the length of the braid to add some color to your hairstyle.

10. Half-fishtail braids

This is the perfect hairstyle for a formal event. It gives an ethereal look to your hair from the back. Take thick locks of hair from both the sides and make fishtail braids along the center as shown in the picture.

Braids bun hair styles for long hair

11. Braids bun

Tie up all your hair in a big bun, leaving a lock of hair from the side. Braid that lock of hair down the entire length and then roll it over the bun as shown in the picture tutorial below. This looks very elegant and neat.

12. Triple braided bun for long hair

This is the perfect hairstyle to go with your flowy gown. After you have managed your hair all these years so well, DIY hairstyles come easily to you. This neat look is actually very easy to do. All you need to do is to divide your hair into three sections and braid them from the front for the entire length down. Secure all the braids with separate bands. Roll them in a bun shape and secure with a bob pin. You can keep the central strand of hair thicker than the other two at the side.

13. Messy bun

Although it seems quite complicated, this hairstyle is very simple to do and looks very classy and elegant. Your guy would love you see you all dolled up like this! All you need to do is to take all your hair, twist it and pin it up on the area where you tie your ponytail, with a hair clutch. After that, you can gently release some strands from the grasp or just loosen some strands from the grasp. This will give a sort of messy look to the hair but it does compliment well with a formal attire.

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Braided ponytails

14. Braids of braids hairstyle

Divide your hair in very thin sections and braid all your hair. Then tie all the thin braids into a ponytail with a rubber band. Re-braid all the braided strands of hair as shown in the picture tutorial below.

15. Braided ponytails

Dare to be different with this braided ponytail. A typical hairstyle seen on African women, this one takes some time and oodles of patience. It is very simple though and all you need to do is to gather some locks of hair and braid them down the entire length. Once done, just gather all the thin braids and tie them up in a ponytail. You can take a particular braid from down below and use it to cover your rubber band. This style looks stunning, cool and keeps all the fly-aways in place.

Styles shown in a video tutorial

Below are 14 easy DIY hairstyles shown in a video tutorial for your convenience. The names of the styles are written below. These hairstyles are easy DIY styles for school-going teenagers with long hair. These styles do not take a lot of time and guys in your class will definitely wonder how you have the time to get dolled up every day!

16. Windsor Tie - half up

As you can see in the DIY video tutorial, all you need to do here is to take small portions of hair from the sides and tie them up like a Windsor Tie. Your hair looks neatly tied up, in place, and also strikingly beautiful.

17. Single side-lace French braid

As the title of the style is self-explanatory, you take a thick lock of hair from the front and braid it towards the side as shown in the tutorial.

18. Side lace braid rose

Continued from the above style, take the braid and turn it round giving the look of a rose. Secure it with bobby pins.

19. Side twist pony tail

Just take a lock of hair from the front and, twisting them, take them towards the other side and secure them with a bobby pin on the other side. Your face gets a different look with this hairstyle and gets done quickly.

20. Double twist pony tail

Very convenient for those who have a lot of small hairs on the forehead which refuse to stay secured in a braid or a ponytail, this hairstyle also changes the look of your face completely. Divide your hair from the front into two portions and twist them as shown in the video tutorial. Twist them around the sides and then tie them in a ponytail.

21. Double lace braids

As shown in the video tutorial, divide your hair into two equal portions. Braid them down towards the entire length and you can secure the braids with matching bands.

22. Double French braids and buns on top

Following the tutorial for the double lace braids, later, roll them up into buns to give a look of roses. Secure them with bobby pins.

23 French braid Faux hawk half up

French braids look very pretty. The DIY video is self-explanatory. See how you impress your guy with this smart hair style.

24. Triple Twist half up

One of the prettiest hairstyle for women with long hair, this can be done on women with straight or wavy hair. You need to take three thin strands of hair on either side and, twisting them, come to the center where you secure them with a bobby pin. You can braids these strands now or leave them loose.

25. Triple Twist fishtail braid

Continuing from above, plait up the entire hair into a fishtail braid.

26. Boho half up braids and twists

Just another hairstyle for those who love braiding their hair. This one is an easy DIY hairdo which you can master if you practice regularly.

27. Ponytail cascade

You don't have to wear the same boring ponytail every day. But if you find a pony tail very practical, this one will add oodles of grace and charm to your regular pony tail.

28. Messy bun with braided hair

Just braid all your hair loosely and roll it up like a braid. Secure them with bobby pins. Now, once done, release some strands of hair from the bun giving the look of a messy hairdo. This one can be done really quickly and but you might need a back mirror to do it more easily.

Funky Styles with braids

Here are some more styles which are easy DIYs and the pictures given below are easy guides.

29. Bun and braids

Tie all your hair from the front into a tight bun. Leave some hair at the back portion of your head. Make as many braids as possible as shown in the tutorial. Decorate these braids with funky hair accessories or hair color.

30. Braids with beads

Stun the guys with this quirky hairstyle. Guys and girls will wonder whether it is your real hair or a wig. This funky hairstyle requires you to braid all your hair in thin braids. Add colorful and stylish beads on the braids to give you an edge as shown in the picture below.

31. Thin and thick braids

Divide your hair into thin and thick sections. Braid them down their entire length as shown in the picture below. This looks funky and stylish.

Double braids styles

These are less complicated and might have been worn by many of us during our school days.

32. Simple school girl style

Just divide your hair into two sections and braid them in normal style down their entire length. Secure the braids with matching bands.


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33. Double fishtail braids

Instead of a single fishtail, divide your hair into two portions to make double fishtail braids. Secure them at the end with a hair band.

34. Tied and twisted braids

You need to tie your hair will long ribbons in this style. As shown in the picture tutorial, take the ribbon along the entire length of your pony tail, looping it around the pony as you go down. Take a thin-edged comb and release the hair from the loops as you go down to create the effect as shown in the picture.

Crown braids

Ever thought of wearing your hair in a dainty crown above your head? Show the world that you are proud of your hair and enhance the beauty of your face by piling your precious tresses on your head like a crown.

35. Braided crown

If your hair is really long and you do not want to leave it in a braid all the time, then tie it up on your head like a crown as shown in the picture below.

36. Multiple braid buns

Divide your hair in 6 sections and braid all of them down their entire length. Roll the braids in a bun all in same line as shown in the picture below. They will look pretty like a crown on your head.

Pull through braids

Pull through braids look very nice if you have thin hair. They are easy to do and give oodles of volume to your hair. Check out these styles:

37. Simple pull through double braids

Horizontally divide your ponytail into 2 sections with one on the top and the other at the bottom. Split the bottom section of hair into 2 equal parts and wrap them over the top section, then tie them together with a hair elastic band. Repeat the previous step over and over again until you have pull-through braided your ponytail completely.

38. Pull through braids tied up on the top

Continuing from above, take the braids and pull them on the front as shown in the picture below. Secure them with bobby pins.

39. French braid with pull through braid

Start with French braiding your hair from the top and tie your hair in a pull through fashion as you proceed down.

Shoelace braid

A unique work of art, a shoelace braid is a particular style of braiding long hair which will astonish any guys who look at it. It requires some expertise but once you master the technique, you can style it in different ways. Few styles are shown below.

40. Side shoelace braid

Pick up a 1 inch section of hair from the left size of your parting as shown in the picture from right in front. Next, split this section of hair in two parts and make a knot as if you are tying a shoelace. Keep adding more hair to both the sections of hair and tie them into a loose knot again. Repeat this step until you reach the back of your head, then pin it down.

41. Half shoelace braid

This style has to be done only with a small section of your hair so that you can leave your hair loose.

Game of thrones braids

Games of Thrones left all of us with new hair goals. The famous television series showed us pretty braided hairstyles which all of us would love to try on our own heads. The very awful character of Cersei Lannister made us cringe with hatred every time she came on screen but one thing for sure is undoubtedly true - she was very right about her hair styling. Here are a few styles below:

42. Side braids and buns

Take small sections of hair from the sides and braid them towards the center. Roll them up in buns as shown in the picture tutorial below.

43. Enchanting braids

The picture tutorial is very self-explanatory. You have to make three ropebraids in the front and tie them in a ponytail halfway through. Divide the front of your hair into 4 more sections, 2 on each side and make fishtail braids for half of their length. Secure them with bobby pins behind the ponytail. Your hairstyle is ready! This is one of the most enchanting hairstyles one can do especially if you have long and flowy hair.

Hippie Braids

Hippie hair styling is all about braiding your hair in thin braids from wherever you want and leaving the rest of the hair lose. Check out a few styles from below.

44. Side and center hippie braids

A braid in the front and a braid in the center behind, hippie braids have no particular rule just like hippies themselves.

45. Waterfall effect with braids

While you braid your hair with three strands, in this particular hair style, you use the third strand from the head and leave it there not taking it along with you, as you braid a lock of hair from one end to another end. The picture tutorial below is self-explanatory and the hairstyle looks very dainty and delicate.

Chain-link braid

Chain-link braiding is another superb style of braiding your hair. Surprise guys with the variety of hairstyles you can do on your hair. Let's see how it's done:

46. Chain-link braid ponytail

Divide your ponytail into 4 equal parts, with each part tucked between the fingers of your left hand. Now, with your right hand, pick up parts 2 and 4 and bring them over to your left so that they now become parts and 1 and 2 and sections 1 and 3 become sections 3 and 4. Keep repeating this pattern until you reach the end and then secure with a rubber band.

47. Double chain-link braids

Do the above mentioned style on both the braids.

Side braids

Side braids had become a recent rage in the fashion industry and almost everyone has been seen sporting this style. Check out below.

48. Side fish tail

Braid your hair on the side in a fish tail. This looks better when a little messy so do not worry about the fly aways.


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49. Twisted side Dutch braid

Take your hair on the side and make a dutch braid.

50. Braid in braid in the side

Divide your hair in 3 or 6 sections and braid them towards the side. Re-braid them again as shown in the picture. This style looks good even in half braided hair, center braid and a side braid. It just adds some quirk to the otherwise regular braid.

Braids are a wonderful way to style your hair. Long hair can be conveniently managed with braids. Those who have long hair need to maintain it carefully, or else it gets tangled and may break. Braiding it keeps it safe and secure. Braiding also gives a very pretty look to your hair and face. Next time, step out with any of the pretty braids shown above. Be a trend-setter and do not even think about chopping your precious locks!