Bangs With Wavy Hair? It's A Thing And Here's Why

Being a woman means having the chance to try out many hairdos before landing the perfect look. One hair coiffures you'll need to try is the wavy hair bangs.

By Auntrone89
Bangs With Wavy Hair? It's A Thing And Here's Why

Reasons why wavy hair with bangs is the in-thing

Gone are the days when hair texture dictated the type of haircuts, bangs or coiffures that girls adopted. Nowadays, cute girls with wavy hairs have taken risks and tried differently layered haircuts and even with bangs and in the end looked hella good especially with the bangs.

As a result of this, more girls are throwing their proverbial hats in the ring, some even going as far as styling their wavy hair bangs after washing with mousse.  The mousse is not only known for making hair look healthy but also helps in achieving the wavy bangs.

But before settling on your wavy hair bangs of choice, it’s important to consult with your hairdresser before doing anything drastic. This is important because your hairdresser is experienced with the bangs and will know which hair coiffure or wavy bangs style is better suited for you.

Therefore, making the necessary “wavy bangs” hair consultations before settling on the wavy hair bangs — or any other special wavy bangs haircut — that tickles your fancy. Some of the most popular wavy hairstyles that involve wavy bangs include the following:

1. The wavy hair bangs split down the middle

Despite this wavy hair bangs all-time hairstyle favorite for girls with straight hair bangs, the curly girls have recently been hoping on the wavy bangs bandwagon. The curly headed girls that had the balls to adopt the wavy bangs hair coiffure have not only managed to kill the coiffure but also buried it, metaphorically speaking.

The advantage with this version of the wavy hair bangs lies within its magic in accentuating a woman’s beautiful face. This is simply because the wavy hair bangs give the beautiful, wavy/curly headed woman that timeless conservative look that leaves her looking a tad more presentable. Adding the side swept hair strands to the wavy hair bangs split down in the middle style can also cute, though it doesn’t work for everyone.

Emphatically, the wavy hair bangs split down in the middle hairstyle also happens to be very easy to maintain. And this isn’t the only advantage because many things can make this type of wavy hair bangs qualify as arguably the most convenient hairstyles any wavy headed woman can end up donning.

The latter also explains why the wavy hair bangs slit down the middle hairdo is among the number one hairdos for the busy, wavy-haired woman. The wavy hair bangs slit down the middle hairdo can also look good on the plain haired woman. Also, expect the wavy hair bangs split down the middle hairstyle to look hella good with different hair colors or dyes.

2. The honey highlights wavy hair bangs hairdo

I would strongly recommend the honey highlights wavy hair bangs especially for the beautiful women looking to add more depth to the bangs on their beautiful, wavy hair. Thankfully, the honey highlights wavy hair bangs look effortlessly breathtaking especially on women with naturally curly or wavy hair bangs.

But that doesn’t mean women with naturally straight hair can’t still look good in the honey highlights wavy hair bangs hairdo. Note that using mousse can also lead to artificial waves on your bangs as well. If you are trying the hairdo for the very first time, care enough to seek the services of a good, experienced hairdresser.

Always let an experienced hairdresser do your honey highlights wavy hair bangs, plain wavy hair bangs or any layered wavy haircuts for that matter. That’s the only way you’ll enjoy donning the honey highlights wavy hair bangs on your curly head.

3. The big wavy hair bangs hairstyle

Another incredibly amazing hairdo for women with wavy or curly hair is the big wavy hair bangs. For the best results, consider donning this all-weather hairstyle done after washing your hair umpteen times with mousse if you want to achieve the desired wavy or curly effect on your already big hair bangs.

The big wavy hair bangs hairstyle is also amazing because it can be easily coiffured into a lot of other styles as well. But if you don’t know how to experiment with different styles and hair dyes on your newly acquired big wavy hair bangs, then it is important to maintain your look and not try anything over the top.

Feel free to have your wavy bangs either side swept or have the wavy bangs combed or cut in any way you deem sexy. But always remember that before you achieve this type of big wavy hair bangs, you’ll have to be patient enough to let your wavy or curly hair grow without trimming it.

Having little patience especially when it comes to beautiful wavy hair is concerned is understandable. It’s just too much work and frustration especially when it comes to maintaining the puffy, wavy hair bangs. But trust me, the moment you don the big wavy hair bangs is the moment you’ll realize that the struggle to attain the big, wavy bangs was all worth it!

4. The lazy day topknot wavy hair bangs

The lazy-day topknot with wavy hair bangs, just like the name suggests, is one of those wavy hair bangs hairstyles that don’t need too much work in the name of maintenance. And if you ever find yourself not having a clue on how to go about maintaining this hairdo, stop.

This is because learning how to go about it will only take a little bit of training and you’ll be able to get your lovely, lazy day topknot wavy hair bangs right. All you’ll ever be required to do is learning how to tie your wavy hair bangs into a knot and boom; you are a pro with the lazy day topknot wavy hair bangs.

And the good thing about this particular style of wavy hair bangs is that you’ll still look good despite not taking up much of your time working on your bangs. I’d also recommend the lazy day topknot wavy hair bangs hairdo for any woman because happens to be that one perfect wavy bangs hairstyle for every occasion in every season.

5. The wavy pony hair bangs with colorful wrap hairdo

If you aren’t in the mood for the lazy day topknot wavy hair bangs for your lazy day, feel free to don the timeless wavy pony hair bangs hairdo complete with a colorful wrap. This look is so simple and so hot that it can beat a good number of layered haircuts or umpteenth mousse washes at any given day.

But before you try it out, the first and therefore the most important thing you ought to do is ensuring that your hair is clean. This will ensure that your wavy bangs are looking very attractive when you put the colorful wrap on it. Also, make sure that the colorful wrap you are about to put on your head is not only clean but also matches with your skin undertone.

That’s how it’ll end up accentuating your beauty apart from giving your bangs that much-needed pop. If it’s your first time trying this hairdo out, then consulting with a friend who knows a thing or two about the wavy pony hair bangs with colorful wrap hairdos.

Apart from employing the wavy pony hair bangs coupled with a colorful wrap hairdo for your lazy day, don’t shy away from donning it just because you want to end up saving a couple of bucks that you’d have otherwise lost trying a new hairdo or hair bangs.

6. The half-up top knot wavy hair bangs

The half-up top knot bangs happen to be one of those impressively cute, bucket-list hairstyles that every wavy headed girl should don at least once in her lifetime. The half-up top knot wavy hair bangs cut somehow manages to add more volume/bangs on top of a woman’s head look like a crown.

This will, in turn, make her look much better than when she has her hair side-swept instead. She’ll also need a nice, clean and colorful piece of cloth to wrap her wavy bangs in place for this hairdo to come full-circle.

7. The cozy locks wavy hair bangs

Girls who’ve ever donned the wavy hair bangs should also consider donning the cozy locks wavy hair bangs over any layered haircuts because the hairdo is more than likely to suit them. In addition to suiting them, the cozy locks wavy hair bangs are very easy to maintain, and its puffy bangs will most certainly keep you looking like a Disney princess for a very long time to come.

8. The pixie with wavy bangs hairdo

The pixie bangs cut is a universally acceptable cut for beautiful women irrespective of the texture or color of their wavy bangs. This is simply because anyone can pull off the pixie bangs haircut and end up looking stunning! You can either cut it shorter or have it side swept — all depending on whatever floats your boat. Either way, you’ll always end up looking like a million bucks.


There are a ton of hairstyles that can look flawlessly beautiful on any woman with wavy hair bangs. Therefore, always feel free to talk to your hairdresser and make sure you are donning the perfect wavy bangs haircut that will effortlessly look good on you.

The good thing about almost all wavy hair bangs haircuts out there is that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to pull them off. And that said, you should never hesitate using the wavy bangs advantage to your advantage if you know what I mean!