Top 50 Trendy Asian Men Hairstyles To Try Out

With choices like Korean guys, Asian men are becoming the new men of choice for women. And, nothing is more attractive on an Asian men then his hairstyles.

By MJ Faublas
Top 50 Trendy Asian Men Hairstyles To Try Out

Hey Ladies: Asian Guys are Fun!

When girls think of Asian guys, they mostly think of Jet Li, Jackie Chan, or most recently Korean Pop group BTS. Asian guys are often seen as serious guys whom some women find unapproachable. But very few women understand just how much fun Asian guys are.
Asian guys are one of the least explored men on the Earth, and the more women venture out to Asian guys the more they find their exploration to be filled with awe, fun, and wondrous adventures.

Asian guys take some getting used to. For example, if you're a shy girl, you might want to practice by having a conversation with the Asian guy who delivers your food every week. You'll find he has many interests that you share and that getting to know each other is easier then you thought. 
If you're not adventurous enough to rush in and converse with an Asian guy, do a simpler task; check out his hairstyle. Believe it or not, an Asian guys hairstyle will tell you more about him than you think. For example, if his hairstyle is a buzz cut, you might find that he has a mysterious side, but is also fun to be around.
An Asian guy with short, medium, or undercut hairstyles might be more approachable than you think. These Asian guys don't live inside the traditional boxes of society and will be more than willing to share a moment with you in light or deep conversation.

So, the next time you see an Asian guy, pay attention to his hairstyle, you could be standing next to your new bestie or better yet, your future husband.

Asian Guys & Their Hair

The ladies are onto you and your hairstyles; now you need a new way to wear that helmet on your head without causing any disturbances in your well crafted life.
Believe it or not, there are thousands of hairstyles that you could try, but you might not be fond of many of them. So, to protect your mysteries and keep her wondering, you'll find below 50 hairstyles that not only look sexy on Asian guys like yourself but will have her wanting to run her fingers through your hair all day and all night.

Buzz-cut & Fade Hairstyles for Asian Guys

When looking to try a new hairstyle, the buzz cut is the most go-to hairstyle most men tend to veer too. The buzz cut is not a practical hairstyle as there are many ways to wear the buzz. Some men are more adventurous than most and go for a full buzz, while others tend to want to keep a bit more hair on top and go for an undercut or fade.

No matter how you wear your buzz cut hairstyle, most ladies find men with buzz hairstyles irresistible anyway. So, if the plan is to attract your crush, or simply to get that hot girl next door to notice you; the buzz cut will do the job well my friend.

1. The Complete Buzz

Commitment has never been an issue for you, and so when it came to deciding on a buzz cut, the complete buzz was the best choice for you, and so you went for it.

2. Military Buzz-cut

Nothing says takes you more seriously like a buzz-cut. With this buzz-cut, she'll have no choice but to be at attention.

3. Clean Buzz

Nothing says a sophisticated man like a clean buzz cut. The style that was meant to be worn by the military men has reached the streets and is making Asian men look sexier than ever.

4. Flared Fade

Let your hair flow with this flared fade cut, regardless of whom you are Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese; you're bound to look irresistible to the girls in this hairstyle.

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5. Retro Undercut

Every girl likes a bad boy, but every mother wants a classy guy for their daughter. So, impress her mom with this vintage buzz undercut hairstyle and be the guy that her family welcomes with open arms.

6. Classy Undercut

He looks like he stepped out of the renaissance era, but your Korean guy was only trying something new, and now you can't keep your hands off of him. This classy undercut is bound to keep you too busy for a while.

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7. Faded Mohawk Buzz Hairstyle

She can run her fingers through it; it's a versatile hairstyle, and very convenient for the season. Be that guy that all Asian men envy this summer with this fun short hairstyle.

8. Creative Guy's Buzz

This short buzz hairstyle is for that creative guy who is too busy mastering his art to have time to be concerned with his hair. But, this hairstyle keeps this guy looking as good as possible to the ladies. No matter where who he is: Japanese, Korean, or Malaysian, this Asian guy is bound to turn some heads with intrigue.

9. Businessman's Buzz

He's the guy the organization goes to for the deal to close. Without this guy, the organization would be in shambles, and most importantly, this guy looks so good doing what he does best. His hairstyles are always clean and sophisticated, while he looks as if nothing bothers him.

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10. Casual Buzz Hairstyle

You only wanted to try a hairstyle out temporarily and couldn't decide on a style. Why not go with the casual buzz cut and as your hair grows, you can convert your hairstyle into an undercut. This way you will have tried two styles in one.

Short Hairstyles for Asian Guys

For the Asian guys not yet ready to try out the buzz cuts, here are some fun short hairstyles to try out.

11. Messy Short Hairstyle

If it's short enough, heading to the beach won't be a problem, for the wetter your hairstyle gets, the sexier you'll look.

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12. Side Swoop Undercut

Not dedicated to completely cutting your hair off, well, the side swoop will fit your profile and make your short hairstyle look irresistible.

13. Classic Short Hairstyle

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14. Colored Tips Short Hairstyle

So, you committed to the short hairstyle but needed to take it up a notch. Coloring your tips blonde will get the job done.

15. Spike Short Hairstyle

For those days when your hairstyle is not looking so fresh, don't throw a hat on that gorgeous head of hair. Instead, spike it up. It can be soft spikes or strong spikes using hair gel. Either way, let your creativity shine through your choice of spikes.

16. Fearless Short Hairstyle

Not one to go for the full undercut look, but want to try something new. This fearless medium hairstyle is just right for you. It states fashionable and fearless to all who dare to look your way.

17. Relaxed Short Cut

This look is ideal for a wedding or a first date. If you're looking to be your best on a special day and yet still look relaxed, this hairstyle is perfect.

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18. Buzz Fade Short Hairstyle

This is the style most women desire in men; it says that he is trying, but not too hard. He aims to look his best but doesn't spend hours in front of the mirror.
This buzz fade short hairstyle is ideal for the guy who wants to look his best, without leaving a question mark on any woman's mind.

19. The Nice Guy Short Hairstyle

There's no other way to show the ladies how much of a nice guy you are then with this hairstyle.

20. The Working Man's Hairstyle

You decided a while back that your life would be all work and minimal play. But that doesn't mean all those days at the office have to take a toll on your choice of hairstyle.
You can still look handsome even though every ounce of the brain cell is dedicated to your career.

Medium Hairstyles for Asian Guys

21. Sexy Medium Hairstyle

Looking for a way to make all women gaze at you with bedroom eyes, well this sexy medium hairstyle will do the trick.

22. Medium Pull Back

Everyone will take you seriously with this hairstyle, regardless if it's a boardroom meeting or a job interview. You're bound to make a statement.

23. Rounded Medium Hairstyle

All you'll hear as you pass the girls by is "he's so cute." Be ready to get approached by a few of those lovely ladies with this rounded medium hairstyle.

24. Movie Star Hairstyle

You've witnessed the ladies go crazy over this hairstyle, and now you want to try it yourself. Go ahead, but be warned, the swarms of ladies will be coming for you.

25. Cool Guy Hairstyle

A little ombre on top, and medium cut and you've got yourself a cool guy hairstyle. No one can say otherwise.

26. Catching the Waves Hairstyle

Heading to the beach and still want to look good? Try this hairstyle on and see how many stares you get from the ladies.

27. Wavy Afro

Why not, you've always wanted to but were scared of the stares and judgments. Well, time is on your side as your natural medium thick hair has grown out and now you want to try out an afro.

28. Schoolboy Throwback

Nothing says style and coolness like this throwback hairstyle. Let your cool schoolboy free.

29. The Asian Lover Hairstyle

It's not for everyone; you have to be pretty sure of yourself to try it. So, go ahead and let out your Asian lover side free.

30. Medium Topped Fade

Feeling free and confident about your life, well try this hairstyle to show off your new found happiness.

Different Hairstyles for Asian Guys

31. Side Swoop Hairstyle

For the guys who want to keep their hairstyle a bit longer, this side swoop hairstyle will be a perfect match. This hairstyle allows enough hair to be styled in different directions and angles while keeping your face the focal point.

32. Coiffed Cut Hairstyle

To keep your hands off his coiffed hair is something you'd never want to attempt as his hairstyle screams for fingers to run through it. This coiffed hairstyle is just what he needs to make you never look at another again.

33. Medium/Long Hairstyle

If you're unsure of how you'll in a short hairstyle, go for the look on the left. However, if you're in the mood for true change, the style to the right will be for you. Either way, you have two handsome hairstyles to choose from.

34. Asian Ombre

Stylish, handsome, and a go-getter is how you'll be described in this hairstyle.

35. Poof High Top

It's a whimsical hairstyle only you could wear with confidence. This poof high top will make all your friends want to try it and make all the ladies admire your sense of style.

36. College Kid Hairstyle

Regardless if you're a new graduate, or heading into your final years of high school. This college kid hairstyle will have everyone taking you seriously, as it exhibits some maturity to your youthfulness.

37. Buzz'd Mohawk

It was on your hairstyle bucket list and you figured why not now. This buzz mohawk is not for the simple man as it will make you the center of attention in any crowd. So, if you're ready for that spotlight, try out this buzz mohawk on for size.

38. Shanghai Style

If you are ever in Shanghai, try this hairstyle. It's bound to change either your life or your view on style.

39. Musician's Hairstyle

You want to be taken serious as a musician and need that hairstyle that shows off your talents. Well, here's a hairstyle that will be a perfect accessory to that guitar of yours.

40. Wavy High Top

This hairstyle is fun and adorable to gaze at. Your partner will not stop staring at you for days after getting this wavy high top hairstyle.

41. Sandy Blonde Hairstyle

If you're going to try a new hairstyle, why not go for a full change. This sandy blonde hairstyle is perfect for the change you've been looking for new.

42. Boy Next Door Hairstyle

You're the guy she crushes on daily and yet is afraid to talk to. Well, it's your turn to make a move, and you can do so with this hairstyle. Once you get your hairstyle, go next door and spark up a conversation with her already.

43. The Couples Hairstyle

It's fun and versatile; this hairstyle can be worn as a couple. With both you and your Belle sharing the same hairstyle, you're bound to be called the 'cutest couple' ever.

44. The Adventurer's Hairstyle

Well, they did say 'blondes have all the fun.' So, you've decided to put the statement to the test and went full blonde and full buzz. Good for you.

45. Traveler's Hairstyle

The choice is yours with this one; you may go medium/short or long. But either way, have some fun with your hairstyle.

46. K-Pop Hairstyle

You wanted to try this for a long time, and even if you never leave your house with this hairstyle, you can say you did try the K-Pop hair on once.

47. The IDGAF Hairstyle

You're the guy everyone doubted, and now you want everyone to know just how you feel. Here's a hairstyle that will make them all leave you be.

48. Wavy Twins Hairstyle

You guys do everything together, and now you can share a hairstyle that will make you both look oh-so-handsome to the ladies.

49. The Casual Guy's Hairstyle

You're simple and casual. Give yourself some sports, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and life is perfect. So here's a hairstyle to show off your style casual ways.

50. The Thinker's Hairstyle

Your favorite past time is to read and ponder on your new findings. This hairstyle says that you're a light, fun, and enthusiastic person who enjoys some alone time.

Hairstyles All Year Round

You now have an encyclopedia of hairstyles to choose from and all that's left is some hair products, a clipper, and some time to try them all out.