10 Ways To Give Yourself The Best At-Home Bikini Wax Like A Pro

Forgot to wax? Don't worry, I've got your back. We're going through 10 ways to give yourself the best at-home bikini wax like a pro.

By Hannah S.
10 Ways To Give Yourself The Best At-Home Bikini Wax Like A Pro

How To Give Yourself The Best At-Home Bikini Wax Like A Pro And With Minimal Amount of Pain

Ladies, summer has officially arrived, and there's only one way to beat the heat: pool party!

Leading up to that hot and sunny Saturday, you have everything perfectly picked out from head to toe. All of your friends and maybe even your crush are meeting you at the pool, and you couldn't be more excited. New bathing suit? Check. Cute cover-up and sandals? Of course. Sunglasses and Sunblock? Check. Check. But it's the day of the soiree, and as you're pulling up your teeny yellow polka dot bikini, you notice something: your pubic hair or as some like to call it, a situation.

Need I say more? You forgot to wax!! Or as Samantha Jones says, "honey, wax much!?"

Having hair "down there" is completely natural and okay! But when it's unwanted or overgrown, it's easy to see it as embarrassing. And hopefully, you'll catch it before your Samantha of the group points it out.

Trust me; we've all been there so don't feel bad! Plus, I've got you covered to avoid that situation! Through plenty of trial and error (I'll spare you the details), I've discovered how to give yourself the best at-home Brazilian bikini wax with a minimal amount of pain — I use Ulta's Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit or Gigi's Mini Pro Waxing KitNow, these waxes aren't completely painless, but it's totally bearable and worth it in the end. After all, pain is beauty, right? RIGHT?

Finding a waxing kit that you like is super beneficial, as some are more painful than others, but it will also provide you with all of the materials you need for Brazilian bikini success: wax, sticks to apply the wax with, a heater to melt the wax, and some even offer pre and post gels and moisturizers as a bonus! Plus, all kits come with directions in case you forget a necessary step. 

10 Ways To Give Yourself The Best At-Home Brazilian Bikini Wax Like A Pro & Pain Free!

1. Picking The Best Wax For An At-Home Brazilian Bikini Wax

Some of you might have used wax sticks in the past or had someone use them on you while getting your eyebrows done, but you don't even need wax strips for what I'm about to say! A huge plus for various reasons! Wax strips are not only messy, but they can make things more painful than they need to be when dealing with larger areas. 

Now first thing is first: picking out the best wax for your first at-home bikini wax. Not many people know this, but there's two types of waxes that salon and spas use. They often choose between soft and hard wax. Both are great, but they are used for different areas of the body. Soft wax is used for larger areas, such as arms and legs. In addition to this, you have to use a strip to pull off soft wax off from the skin (ouch!). This can also strip the skin, causing over exfoliation, which leads to irritation. This is because with soft wax, you usually have to go over the same area multiple time. No one wants to have to do this on an area as sensitive as your bikini line.

That being said, hard wax is best for sensitive areas like "down there" and will cause the least amount of pain if applied and removed correctly. While using hard wax, you also won't have to use a paper strip to pull the wax off. Simply apply a thick, warm, smooth layer of wax to the desired area and let it set for a few seconds. After the wax has somewhat dried you can remove the wax with your fingers (I'll go over applying and removing the wax later). Not having to use wax strips also makes things easier while cleaning up post-wax. Another plus of hard wax is that it works to remove shorter hair so you shouldn't have to wax the same spot twice. This will help decrease pain, skin sensitivity and irritation. It will also help save you some time!

2. Prepping Your Skin To Make This Brazilian Bikini Wax As Pain Free As Possible

Exfoliate The Bikini Area

Chances are if you're doing an at home bikini wax, you don't have much time to prep your skin, as it's probably an emergency situation; however, there's definitely ways to add skin prep into your daily routine so you're always prepared. I didn't realize this until recently, but exfoliation is crucial for all parts of the skin and this is no exception to your bikini area. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and access dirt. I suggest exfoliating around your pubic hair a few days before you plan to wax. By removing dead skin from the pubic hair area, the wax will stick easier to your hair. 

However, do not exfoliate the day that you plan to wax! This is extremely important. Exfoliating the day of will lead to serious exfoliation. Just don't do it. And if you've been taking care of your skin, you shoudn't need to. 

I just started using DERMADOCTOR KP Duty® Body Scrub from Sephora and I'm obsessed! It's a little on the expensive side, but you can use it to exfoliate all areas of the body and only need a dime size amount, so this bad boy should last you a few months! Well worth the $46! Another great option are these quick and easy exfoliating bath washcloths.  These are great if you're in a time crunch or traveling. 

Let Your Hair Grow

It's important that you're pubic hair is the right length so the wax adheres to the hair and removes easily. You don't need to have a full-on Miranda-situation, but you also don't want your pubic hair to be too short. This will cause irritation and razor bumps, as it will be extremely hard to get the hair up. Most recommend that your hair is about 1/4 inch grown out. This should take around two to three weeks, making it the perfect length for the wax to stick to. 

You also want to make sure that the area is well moisturized leading up to your bikini wax. This doesn't mean applying a thick layer of moisturizer, as this will make the wax harder to stick onto your hair, but like any area of your body, you want to keep it smooth and hydrated. Moistorizing the area on a regular basis will also help reduce chances of irritation. I swear by KOPARI Coconut Melt. It's $18 from Sephora so super affordable! And the best thing about it is that it's made of 100 percent pure, organic and unrefined coconut oil. Not to mention it smells great. 

3. Get The Wax and Kit Ready - Making Sure It's The Perfect Temperature Is Key

You're finally ready to prep the hard wax! There's many reasons I love Gigi's Mini Pro Waxing Kit, but one is that it comes with a wax warmer! Simply put the wax warmer on high and place the wax on it for about 10-20 minutes. Now don't worry if you don't have a full on waxing kit. You can also purchase a wax warmer separately from the wax or place the wax in the microwave. Just make sure to check up on the wax and don't overheat it. Either way, you want to make sure that the wax is warm, can stir easily and is smooth. I always recommend testing the temperature of the wax on a small strip of skin like your hand or wrist. This will ensure that the wax is the correct temperature and texture.

4. Make Yourself As Comfortable As Possible - After All, You're In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

The wax is warm, and you're ready to get going with your Brazilian wax! Go ahead and lay down a towel. This will help avoid any mess and the wax strip dripping on your carpet (trust me, It's a disaster). I suggest you sit with your feet together in the butterfly position. Yes, I'm referring to the pose that they used to make you do in P.E. class as a kid. This position is the most comfortable and will separate your legs enough so you can see what you're doing. And speaking of seeing, go ahead and grab a mirror with a bright light. You're going to need it to access the situation as you go. 

5. Get Waxing - Use The Waxing Kit and Apply The Wax To The Bikini Area

Stir the wax with a wax stick, dip the stick into the wax and gather a full amount. After this, take the wax and apply it to a small, dry and clean area on your bikini line. The wax stick will also help you place the wax in the exact area you want. You will apply the wax in a smooth motion and in the same direction that your skin grows. Once you have a thick layer of wax on the skin, gently pat it down to your skin and let the wax set. 

6. Let The Wax Set

You'll know that the wax has set after a few seconds. I'd say about 10-15 seconds, and the wax will be good to go. How else will you know? It will have cooled down and will stick more to your skin. In addition to this, you can continue to gently pat the wax down, ensuring it's sticking well to the hair. 

7. What's The Best Way To Remove The Wax From The Bikini?

Once the wax has set, it's showtime - remove the wax! The first pull is terrifying, but you get used to it so don't be scared. Some people even have a close friend pull the wax off for them.

However, if you're pulling the wax off slowly go ahead and take one hand and hold down the area around the wax. This will keep the skin from pulling when you remove the wax, decreasing pain. Take the other hand and grab the top of the wax and quickly remove it in two quick pulls. Always pull the wax off in the opposite direction that the hair grows! 

Continue these steps and work your way inward toward your bikini area. After each pull, I place one hand over the spot that was just waxed. It's calming, and the pressure and coolness of my hand control the pain.

8. Did You Get It All?

The first time you give yourself an at-home Brazilian bikini wax will probably take the longest. But you'll get better with time. After you have worked your way into the bikini and continuously gone through steps 5-7, you should have gotten all of your pubic hair off. However, if you aren't sure, no biggie! Go ahead and use your mirror to access the situation. If you happened to miss a spot, apply a small amount of wax to the missed area.

If I'm unsure if I've removed enough hair, I'll even sometimes throw on a pair of bikini bottoms or underwear to see how they feel and look. 

9. How Should I Care For My Skin Post Brazilian Wax To Avoid Pain & Irritation?

After you've finished waxing, you're going to feel like a million bucks and completely bikini ready! But it's still important to take the necessary steps to avoid any post skin irritation, bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burns. This will make your next bikini wax way smoother (seriously, it will make your wax last longer and your skin smoother). 

Take a Cold Shower or Apply a Cold Compress

It's best to take a cold shower or apply a cold compress to the bikini area right after it's been waxed! This will help immensely to reduce swelling, irritation and redness. Another plus is that it should feel pretty good and cooling.

Use Aloe, Recovery Gel or Oil

It's completely normal to experience redness after waxing; however, calming products made with aloe vera, recovery gel and essential oil will help prevent and clear up any skin irritation. 

You can't go wrong with any of these but some of my favorites are: Farsáli's Rose Gold Elixir, Megababe Thigh Rescue and Shaveworks The Cool Fix™.

Farsáli's Rose Gold Elixir can be bought at Sephora and is $22 for a 0.34 oz bottle. When applying the elixir, I usually take a few drops directly to my bikini area or into the palm of my hand and then gently rub it in. Make sure to let the elixir fully absorb into your skin before applying any other products or getting dressed. This should leave your skin leaving super hydrated and soft. 

Another product that I love to use on the days following my wax is Megababe's Thigh Rescue. The name alone is amazing, but it also does the trick in stopping with chafing. This is a huge problem for me after I get waxed and during the hot summer months. Many times, your skin is so soft after being waxed that it's easy for skin to rub together and get irritated. Thigh Rescue looks like a deodorant stick and is super easy to use. Simply swipe the stick directly across the top of your legs and bikini area. The formula from the stick with melt into your skin, helping to keep the area chafe-free. 

Shaveworks, The Cool Fix™, helps to prevent ingrown hairs and feels amazing. It's a lotion/gel that can be applied directly to the skin right after you have waxed. It works to target ingrown hair, razor bumps, and razor burn. The formula helps to release trapped hairs from underneath the skin. In addition to this, it also kills bacteria. And this can be applied to anywhere on your body! So you can use it on your bikini line, underarms, legs, etc.


Avoid Tight Clothing Immediately After That Might Rub Against The Skin

10. Post Brazilian Wax Care

Continue To Moisturize & Exfoliate The Area

Essentially, you want to continue to do all of the pre skin prep on the days after your bikini wax. Don't exfoliate right away because the skin is fresh and you dont want to irritate it. But after a few days, you should continue to exfoliate your bikini area a few days a week. This will actually keep your wax fresha and lasting longer because it will remove any dead skin and help keep pores clean. 

Get On A Waxing Schedule

Getting on a waxing schedule might sound silly, but it's extremely helpful in the long run. Once you get on a routine, your body and hair knows what to expect and will get on the same growth pattern. Your hair growth will start to get on a routine and grow back at the same rate. This will make it easier to wax because all of your hair will be the same length at the same time. 

Some people even say that once they get on a waxing schedule, they feel like their bikini hair comes back thinner. One can only hope!

You're bikini area is perfectly smooth, sleek and hair free. Now what? Jump in the pool and enjoy the party!