10 Best Eyeshadow For Green Eyes: Make Your Eyes Pop With Makeup

Green Eyes are the rarest of all. Read about 10 best eyeshadows for green eyes to enhance their appearance and make them pop with color.

By Amanda Palmer
10 Best Eyeshadow For Green Eyes: Make Your Eyes Pop With Makeup

Best Top 10 Eyeshadows for Green Eyes

Green eyes are very rare to find. Only 2 percent of the Earth's population is said to have green eyes. Many factors such as melanin and stroma come together in a perfect blend to form green eyes. Green eyes are unique and rare, and it can be tough to find some best-suited makeup products geared toward green eyes. 

The below article tackles the best eyeshadow shades for green eyes. According to the science of colors, the best-suited eyeshadows for green colored eyes are purples, taupe, copper, gray and emerald green. Scroll down the tutorial below to learn about the top 10 best eyeshadow shades to make your green eyes pop.

Next time, enhance the look of your mesmerizing green eyes with perfectly chosen eyeshadow shades given in the tutorial below.

1. Purple Eye Shadow

Anyone with green eyes should load up their beauty stash with purple eyeshadow. Purple eyeshadows look best on green eyes. The contrasting effect of the purple eyeshadow enhances your green eyes beautifully. To create a striking effect, you can apply a purple eye pencil around the eyes and then smudge it a bit. Apply purple eyeshadow of the same color and blend it to get a little more dramatic effect. Women who have olive skin tones with green eyes would look pretty with purple eyeshadow. You can apply a winged or a normal eyeliner as you prefer but it is the rich purple or periwinkle shade of eyeshadow which will create the dramatic effect. Apply lots of mascara to complete the look. 

You need to balance this look with a nude lip color or a light purple shade of lipstick. A darker shade of lipstick will take the focus away from your eyes. 

2. Smoky Gray Shadow

Smoky and gray eyeshadows look great against green eyes too. Silver eyeshadow is quite different from gray eyeshadow, and here we are talking about the rich and mattes hues of a gray eyeshadow for green eyes. This will cover your eyes beautifully and also bring out the strikingness of your green eyes. Black eyeliner is essential when you apply gray eyeshadow to define your eyes properly against the matted tones of gray. Complete the look with loads of mascara. 

Pair this with a natural lipstick to retain all the effect on your eyes. 

3. Antique Gold Eyeshadow

Antique gold eyeshadow looks amazing on green eyes. Many green eyes have gold flecks in them. A gold shadow brings out the gold in the eyes and creates a very flattering look. To create a more dramatic effect with gold eyeshadow make sure you blend them outwards and then top it up with loads of mascara. This will make your green eyes pop with makeup. An antique gold eyeshadow looks better on light green eyes, but these can work with any eyes on the green-color spectrum. Wear false eyelashes or apply loads of mascara to complete the look. 

This look can be carried off well with a nude shade of lipstick dusted with gold lip powder. 

4. Smokey Peach

If you want to go natural and yet create some drama, try a smokey peach eye look. Anyone with green eyes can pull off the smokey peach eyeshadow well. These make your green eyes look even more striking. A smokey peach eyeshadow has tones of pink and orange which go well with the striking green color of your eyes. This shade, however, cannot be done on someone with an olive skin tone. A woman with a fair skin tone can pull off this eyeshadow better as the peach tones will be more visible on light-toned skin. You can quit the eyeliner her and instead apply a lot of mascara to enhance the green of your eyes naturally. 

Since your eyes have a light hue here, you can pull off a dark plum or wine shade of lipstick. 

5. Deep Plum

Try experimenting with a deeper purple shade of eyeshadow rather than a bright purple. As this too belongs to the purple family, it blends very well with green eyes. A deep plum color of eyeshadows brings out the brilliance of your green eyes even more. Deep plum color is a dark, and it enhances light eye colors even more. This one might become your favorite day wear or casual nightwear look when you do not want a lot of drama around your eyes and yet want to create a striking effect with your eyes. 

This eyeshadow shade blends beautifully with a dark lipstick shade of the similar hue. These contrasting shades will bring about the green in your eyes strikingly well.

6. Royal Blue

Royal blue is a striking shade that goes nearly with every eye color, but it does look the best with green eyes. Royal blue is a very prominent and dramatic shade, and most will not opt for it believing that it will look too artificial and non-classy, but if properly paired with a blue dress and the perfect shade of lipstick, you can hit it off well. 

Wear a lighter shade of lipstick with a royal blue eyeshadow to balance the colors on your face. 

7. Rich Brown

A brown shade of eyeshadow can never go wrong as it oozes of class and subtlety. A rich brown hue of eyeshadow looks great on blue and brown eyes, but this technique is often used less with green eyes. Actually, it looks great on green eyes. It brings out the brightness of the green eyes with its dullish hue and complements it perfectly. Majority of green eyes have brown flecks, and hence the brown eyeshadow makes those hues pop out even more. If your green eyes have bright golden flecks instead of brown, then you can avoid this eyeshadow hue. Apply mascara to complete the look.

For a day look, wear a glossy nude lipstick to enhance the green in your eyes even further. 

8. Shimmery Red

Another contrasting shade, a shimmery red eyeshadow is quite daring and dramatic to pull off. Make sure your event calls for some drama and bold makeup. But red goes well with green eyes. It is the contrast that brings out the best of both the shades. A red hue warms up light green eyes beautifully. You can quit the mascara and apply a light eyeliner only to enhance the effect of the warm hue. 

You can wear a red lipstick with a red eyeshadow for a formal look. 

9. Pale Orange

Natural tones like oranges and peaches complement green eyes beautifully. Warmer tones like peach, red or oranges bring out the best in green eyes and make them pop. For a day look, use a pale orange eyeshadow to complement your green eyes. An orange eyeshadow extracts the golden and brown hues from green eyes beautifully. Some green eyes also have hints of orange and yellow, and the natural orange eyeshadow makes these colors appear on the eyes. 

Wear a light colored lipstick in nudes, corals or light oranges to pair with a pale orange eyeshadow for a perfect brunch look. 

10. Brilliant Yellows

Ever experimented with brilliant yellow hues of eyeshadow? Not many must have done considering it too bold and drastic. But for green eyes, the yellow eyeshadow enhances the yellow hints in the green eyes. Diverse shades of yellow eyeshadow make your green eyes appear more striking because of the hints of yellow hues and tones in green eyes.  All the shades of yellow eyeshadow from mustard to vibrant yellow will look good on green eyes.  

With vibrant yellow on your eyes, you have to balance the color on your lips with something more natural and neutral. 

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Types of Green Eyes

There are three shades of green eyes found in humans. One is true green which has hues and tones of dark green and light green. This one is the rarest green eyes. Second is the golden green which has shades of gold/yellow and green. This one is also quite rare, but the most commonly found green eyes are the hazel eyes. Hazel eyes have hues of green with flecks of gold and brown. 

A color wheel is the best way to determine which colors will best match or enhance green eyes. On a typical color wheel, the most complementary shade for each color is the one directly across your starting color. Bang opposite to green on a color wheel are shades of red and violet. Hence, red, wine, plum and lilac/lavender are said to be the best friends of green eyes. 

For a bold makeup effect, a green shimmer powder on the edges of your eyelids add a lot of drama and pop to your eyes. They will stand out, and the shimmer will enhance the green of your eyes even further. 

True Green Eyes

True green eyes look the best with rich red tones. These will make your green eyes appear more green. 

Golden Green Eyes

Smokey eyeshadow look best on golden-green eyes as these add a contrasting depth to the lightness of the eye color. 

Hazel Green Eyes

A periwinkle hue looks best on hazel eyes. Add some violet or plum mascara to enhance the golden hue of your hazel green eyes. 

Best lipstick shades for green eyes

The above tutorial gives you some great tips and tricks to choose the perfect eyeshadow for green eyes. Even if you have done your eye makeup perfectly but apply the wrong lipstick, the final look would go all wrong. To get the perfect makeup look with green eyes, you have to pick out your lipstick accordingly too. Red-browns and pink lipstick tones look best with green eyes. Wine/plum and lilac/lavender lipstick shades bring about the golden hues in the green eyes creating an altogether striking effect.