Top 100 Best Arm Tattoos Ever For Men - Unique & Cool Design

Want to get a unique and cool arm tattoo design? Scroll on below to choose from our selection of top 100 best arm tattoos for men.

By Amanda Palmer
Top 100 Best Arm Tattoos Ever For Men - Unique & Cool Design

Arm Tattoo Designs for Men

Arm Tattoos upgrade your swag quotient and make you unique from other men. When you have toiled for hours together at the gym building your biceps and triceps, why not flaunt your body with unique tattoo designs on your arms?

Here we have a vast array of quirky arm tattoo designs for men. These cool and unique designs range from simple quotes to full sleeve tattoo art. Each ingenious design will give you plenty of ideas for inking your arms. Tattoos always look cool on men. Tattoos are a way to draw attention to your sculpted muscles.

You can choose your forearm or upper arm to get a tattoo. The forearm is less costly and is also the most mobile part of the body. It is also most visible considering that men wear half sleeves or sleeveless less quite often. A tattoo on the forearm is more visible than a tattoo on the upper arm. A tattoo on the forearm can be done in continuation with the wrist and then the back of the palm too. Some tattoos can be done to look of an armband. Below we have some quirky designs of snakeskin armband tattoo and floral armband tattoo. A tattoo done on the upper arm can be done in continuation with the shoulder and sometimes the back depending upon the design. 

Some people opt for small designs or quotes on the forearm rather than elaborate patterns and themes. It all depends on personal preferences and choice of design. Before we scroll down to see the designs, let us gather some more information on arm tattoos for men. 

Men Can Cover their Arm Tattoos

The best fact about arm tattoos is that men can easily cover them. However, these days, more and more people are accepting the tattoo trend, and they are not frowned upon in workplaces. With an arm tattoo, men can easily hide their tattoos wearing a full-sleeve shirt or T-Shirt. There are some companies which consider tattoos as unprofessional but men can easily cover their arm tattoos and go to their workplace. 

However, there are some departments for men which have strict rules and regulations about having tattoos. The military department is strict regarding tattoos and has certain protocols as to where you can have them. The marine department only allows tattoos which are 2 inches above the wrist and 1 inch below the elbow. 

There are some societies, offices run by older people, conservative people who do not accept tattoos. Do your homework first and deciding your priorities before getting yourself permanently inked. 

Many tattoo designs are unisex and can be inked on females too. There are other designs which look good only on males and not on females such as a scary skull would look better on a man than a woman because it oozes of ruggedness and masculinity. However, there is no strict rule for the same, and it depends on personal choices. Female tattoos are more demure, soft and love-based generally. 

Before getting a tattoo, males and females must also remember that a tattoo is forever until you get laser treatment done or a coverup tattoo is done. So, choose your design well. Some designs which appeal to you at one point of time may not appeal to you after a few years.

So think and analyze carefully and only then plunge into getting yourself inked. Many males and females in love are getting their lover's names engraved on their skin thinking their love is forever. But after a few years, their relationship breaks but the tattoo remains giving them ugly memories forever. So, it is better to choose a design that you will not get tired of even after many years.


A Little Info on Arm Tattoos

So before you begin your inking process, brief information about the pain factor will prep you up. While getting a tattoo on your arm or shoulder, you might face a lot of pain especially when you get yourself inked in your armpits. The major axillary nerve might scream with pain pushing your tolerance level to test. But thankfully, it is only the armpit which pains tremendously. The outer arm is least painful in regards to tattooing your body. Although the inking process can be a little painful, it is all worth it in the end.

Before you get yourself inked, you must know that the pain tolerance level differs from man to man. As mentioned above the armpits pain the most when getting a tattoo on the arm, but when you are considering the entire body, the parts below the belt hurt the most. Any area of the body with thin skin will hurt the most. Even the ribs area hurt a lot. 

The forearm hurts the least because it has a lot of fat and muscle tissue which gives padding between the nerves and needles. Some men, when unable to bear the pain, ask for an anesthetic cream to numb the area before getting the tattoo. 

Another important factor to note while getting a tattoo is your current shape and weight. A tattoo when you weigh 100 kg on your back or thighs might look completely different when you down 30 to 40 kgs. It is obvious as the skin sheds its fat tissue and shrinks. This will effect the tattoo too. But a forearm tattoo is not affected much when a person puts on weight or loses weight. 

Before getting a tattoo, it is recommended that one should reach their ideal weight and get into a fitness regimen to maintain it.

1. Wanderlust Design Tattoo

If traveling is your first love and you are a quintessential globetrotter, then this simple and elegant design of a wanderlust traveler is just for you.

2. Pyramid and Time Tattoos

If the Pyramids of Egypt enthrall you, then do get yourself this quirky print along with a wall clock to keep reminding you that time flies. 

3. Simple Tattoos

A simple, colorful design tattoo which you might never tire of. 

4. Skull Tattoos

If you like skulls, dragons, snakes and everything else that is creepy, get yourself this creepy tattoo and keep your enemies away. 

5. Owl Tattoos

A quirky owl tattoo is one of our hot favorites and most sought after because of the mysterious aura of the bird. 

6. Best Lion Tattoos

This tattoo is perfect for those who are born to rule and live life king-size. 

7. Ornamental Tattoo Designs

This pretty ornamental design is more like a sleeve tattoo which covers up your entire arm. 

8. Tribal Design Tattoos

This one is quirky, cool and unique. It will cover up your entire arm like a sleeve. This one is apt for a woman too.

9. Wood Tattoos

If you have a rugged and raw masculine appeal, then do get this tattoo to enhance your persona. 

10. Mandala Designs for the Arm

A current favorite and trending right now, Mandala design tattoos look cool and unique.

11. Illuminati Designs

Illuminati designs look very cool on the arm because they cover up the entire arm like a sleeve tattoo. 

12. Runes Tattoo Designs for the Arm

Get yourself this quirky runes tattoo design on your arm to reflect your unique choice and persona. 

13. Wings Tattoo

Give wings to your dreams and thoughts with this amazing wings tattoo which starts on the shoulder and continues down till your upper arm. Wear sleeveless tees to showcase this wonderful piece of art.

14. Tattoos with Quotes

If you prefer minimalistic tattoo designs and quotes, go for some lovely quotes which motivate you and get them done on your forearm to always remind you of your vision or values in life. 

15. World Map Designs

If the entire world intrigues you then do get yourself a world map design tattoo on your upper arm or forearm to remind yourself that one day you will travel the world. This design is apt for a woman too.

16. Portrait Tattoo

Get the face of your beloved inked on your forearm or upper arm to always have her close to you and whenever you miss her, remember she is just a hand away!

17. Dog Tattoos

Get the memory of your beloved dog inked on your body and soul forever with this wonderful dog tattoo.

18. Abstract designs

If you don't want anything in particular, an abstract design tattoo will be perfect for your arm. These never get out of fashion, and you will never get tired of them.

19. Shipwreck Tattoo Designs

If you have a memory of a shipwreck in your life or if you are a sailor intrigued by ships, then this beautiful design is just for you. It will cover up your entire arm like a sleeve tattoo.

20. Watch Tattoos

If you are always particular to time or if you always run ahead of time, then this quirky watch tattoo design is just for you. Even a woman can get this tattoo.

21. Stag Tattoo for Men

This one is minimal and yet looks very manly. Get it done on your forearm. 

22. 3D Tattoo Designs - Best for Men

If you are always intrigued by 3D designs and paintings, then this one is just for you. A 3D design reflects your inner sense of always seeing something beyond than what is visible. 

24. Symbol Tattoos

Minimalistic and impactful, symbol tattoos are great. These can be about a particular symbol you like or the symbol of your company. 

25. Sanskrit Tattoos

Ancient Sanskrit texts have deep meaning and impact. Get one for yourself today.


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26. Animal Head Tattoos

These are fun and cute. If you are an animal lover, then these tattoos are perfect for you. The animal heads can be of any animal that you like the most. 

27. Spiritual Tattoo Designs for Men

 A staunch believer of religion can get the symbol of their religion engraved on their arms to remind them continually of their vision, motto and beliefs in life.

28. Comic Tattoo Designs

If you are a fun-loving person and love cartoons, then you can choose from a wide array of cartoon characters and get one engraved on your skin forever.

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29. Armband Designs

Minimalistic and pretty, an armband design can be done in various prints and designs. Choose this one given below as it is very soothing and apt for men. Females can get more floral armband tattoo designs.

30. Hippie Tattoo Designs

If you love the hippie culture, then choose this hippie design tattoo for your arms.

31. Grasshopper Tattoos

Quirky and fun, this grasshopper tattoo will bring out your fun element. Try one today. You can get it done in its natural shades or black and grey only. 

32. Snake Tattoo as Armband

This is for those who are daring. A snake tattoo on the arm gives a feeling of a snake crawling all over you. So try this only if you have a love for the deadly reptile. 

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33. Octopus Tattoo for Arm

An octopus tattoo on the arm looks unique and cool. You can get this one done in bright shades or only in black and gray.

34. Floral Tattoos for Females and Males

Few men would choose this. But if you love flowers or want to impress your beloved, then get this one done on your arms. Beautiful shading is done in the design below. 

35. Compass on the Arm

An avid traveler and a globetrotter, let the world know about your passion by seeing this tattoo on your arm!

36. Musician's Tattoo for Men

If you love music and if you can play music, let the world know about your talent with this beautiful keyboard tattoo. 

37. Horns Tattoo

Bring out the devil in you by getting this unique and quirky horns tattoo. 

38. American Native Tattoo Design

For all the Americans, who love their native ancestors, this tattoo will show your love for America. 

39. Queen Design Tattoo

A queen design tattoo can reflect a lot of things. A man who thinks his wife is the queen of his heart or for a man who respects women a lot. 

40. King Design Tattoo

If you are a born leader and love to rule, then wear your attitude on your sleeve with this king crown tattoo. 


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41. King of Spades Tattoo Design

Show your love for cards with this King of Spades Tattoo.

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42. Fox Tattoos

If you have a cunning and clever trait, then do wear this tattoo on your sleeve so that none can deceive you.

43. Geometric Designs

Simple and yet elegant, this minimalistic design is for those men who love everything synchronized and in a pattern. 

44. Scary Tattoo Design for Arm

Wear your attitude on your sleeve with this daring tattoo. This scary tattoo will scare away all your buggers. 

45. Graffiti Tattoos

Graffiti tattoos have a deeper pun and meaning. Getting one on your arm is fun.

46. Anchor Tattoos

A sailor or a person in love with boats and ships can get this quirky anchor design tattoo on the sleeve. 

47. Best Ganesha Tattoos

God Ganesha will always sit on your sleeve protecting you from all evil. Only a devout Ganesha fan can get this one. 

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48. Best Shiva Tattoos

Get this mysterious Shiva tattoo on your sleeve and let the world know that you are a devotee of Lord Shiva.

49. Fish Tattoos

Fishes are cute and fun. Get some engraved on your arm forever. 

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50. Snail Tattoos

If 'slow and steady, wins the race' is your motto in life, then get this meaningful snail tattoo on your arm.

51. Vintage Art Tattoos

A vintage art tattoo has charm and beauty. If you are in love with the retro times, then get this vintage tattoo.

52. Fierce Design Tattoos on Shoulder and Arm

Wear your fierce attitude on your sleeve with this fierce design tattoo. 

53. Moth Tattoo on Shoulder and Arm

Butterflies are for females as moths are for males. Get this quirky moth tattoo on your arm if you like moths. 

54. Black Tattoo

Show your love for black with this blackest black tattoo on your arm.

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55. Love Tattoo Design on Shoulder and Arm

If you are a romantic by heart, then do get this love anatomy tattoo design on your sleeve. 

56. Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos show your belief in Christ. Get one cross tattoo on your arm if you are a religious man. 

57. Pattern Tattoos on Shoulder and Arm

Pattern tattoos can be plenty, and one can choose from a wide range from patterns available at tattoo shops.

58. Wolf Tattoos

A wolf can symbolize scary, clever and a dominating personality. Choose it if your attitude reflects any of these. 

59. Star Tattoos

Simple and yet elegant, this star tattoo is something that you can never get tired of. 

60. Tiger Tattoos

Scare your enemies away by wearing this scary tiger tattoo on your arms. 

61. Nouveau Tattoo for Guys

A nouveau tattoo looks great on guys.

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62. Snake Skin Armband Tattoo for Guys

You can get the snakeskin tattoo in the form of an armband or all over your sleeve.

63. Christ on Nails Tattoo for Guys

Christ lovers can get this meaningful tattoo on their arms. 

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64. Whale Tattoo for Guys

A whale tattoo for guys can show that they are larger than life in their attitude. 

65. Death Tattoo

A death tattoo can symbolize that you are not afraid of death. 

66. St. Michael Tattoo

St. Michael tattoo on the arm looks really good. 

67. Rambo Tattoos

If you have always been a Rambo fan, then get him engraved on your arm forever. 

68. Ship in a Bottle Tattoo

A ship in a bottle tattoo can be done in diverse ways and color combinations.

69. Dragon Tattoo for Guys

Show your love for dragons with this dragon tattoo. 

70. Crow Tattoo

A crow tattoo can mean that you have a cunning approach towards life and that no one can deceive you.

71. Mechanical Design Tattoo

For guys who love mechanics. 

72. Muscle Design Tattoo

Show your strong muscles with this funny muscle design tattoo.

73. Bear Tattoo

A bear tattoo looks scary and gigantic on the arm. 

74. Rain Tattoo

Everything in the world depends on the rain. Show your love for rain with this simple rain tattoo.

75. Pistol Tattoo

A daring tattoo, this one is for those who are not scared of anything in life. 

76. Eyes Tattoo

A beautiful and quirky tattoo, this one is a work of art.

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77. Bird Tattoo

Fly away and chase your dreams by wearing your free spirit on your sleeve with this bird tattoo.

78. Ram Skull Tattoo

A Ram Skull tattoo looks really cool on the arms. 

79. Jelly Fish Tattoo

Jellyfish tattoo for those who love sea animals.

80. Peacock Tattoo

Show your love for beauty by getting this pretty peacock tattoo on your sleeve. 

81. Battleship Tattoo

Love the game? Engrave it forever. 

82. Creepy Tattoo

This one looks too creepy!

83. Rose and Clock Sleeve Tattoo

Wear this beautiful artwork on your entire sleeve. 

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84. Floral Sleeve Tattoo

This one is done with beautiful shading.

85. Cross Armband Tattoo

Wear a cross tattoo like an armband.

86. Ornamental Moon Tattoo

This one looks very nice on your upper arm. 

87. Japanese Design Sleeve Tattoo for Guys

Japanese designs are very different and unique. Get one on your sleeve today. 

88. Elephant Sleeve Tattoo

An elephant sleeve tattoo looks huge and unique on your arms. 

89. Crying Zeus Arm Tattoo

If you love Zeus, then have him close to your heart forever. 

90. Mother Mary Tattoo Sleeve

Nothing can be more pure and appealing than Mother Mary. 


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91. Goddess Kali Tattoo on Sleeve

The Goddess Kali looks all-powerful on your arms. 

92. Lion King Sleeve Tattoo

Here is another variation of The Lion King - for the entire arm like a sleeve tattoo.

93. Arm Tattoo with Quote

Simple and yet impactful, choose a quote you like best. 

94. Shading Tattoos on Sleeve

You can choose any design: tribal, pattern or geometric and get it done in a shading style.

95. Space Tattoo on Shoulder and Arm

Space symbolizes infinity. Get this quirky tattoo on your arm if you are always intrigued by space. 

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96. Name Tattoos on Arm

Engrave the love of your beloved on your arm forever. 

97. Eagle Tattoo

Let the world know how clever you are with this eagle tattoo on your arm. 

98. Porn Tattoo

Be daring and get this porn tattoo on your arm. You can always cover it in public and show it only to your beloved. 

99. Alcohol Tattoos

Love booze. Get this alcohol tattoo today. 

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100. Demon Face Tattoo on the Arm

Show the world your demon face when required with this demon tattoo. 


You can choose from the above pictures of arm tattoos for men or get similar ones done. 

No matter where your voice leads you - make wise choices, remember they are permanent, and each tattoo tells a story. Your body is the canvas, and the tattoos are the painting - tell the story well.