80 Best Haircuts For Long Hair - Easy And Cute Hairstyles For 2018

This year wear your best long hair, and get a haircut that shows off your hair type, no matter if it's wavy, thin, curly, or just long.

By MJ Faublas
80 Best Haircuts For Long Hair - Easy And Cute Hairstyles For 2018


Confidence is your 2018 motto, and to understand the truth behind real confidence, you must take an honest look into the mirror. You've heard your faves talk about confidence and have always felt like a confident male or female. But this year, you've decided to bring out your most confident self. Here's a survey to take and see how high your confidence in yourself is and how to maintain it:

Answer all questions with a Yes or No.

1. Do you often leave your house to run errands without makeup on?
2. Do you have to put on makeup right after waking up in the morning?
3. Do you feel your partner would like you less if you wore less makeup?
4. Do you like your hair?
5. If you had to run out of the house, would your prep time be under ten minutes?

As you can see, those questions pertained to your physical appearance and how you view yourself. Confidence begins with our physical perception of ourselves. If you're one of those male/females that has to throw on some makeup to check the mail; then you have some work to do. However, if you're a male/female that feels good about yourself right after waking up in the morning, then let's discuss how to change that head of hair of your to make 2018 your best year yet.

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Working on the Self

Based on the small survey you just took, you should've realized whether your confidence level was high or low. If you scored on the lower end of the survey here are some tips to follow to boost that confidence level and get you to enjoy your new year:

1. Understand that each male/female is different, and you need to celebrate yourself as much as you celebrate others.
2. Take some time out to do some 'feel good' activities for yourself. Sometimes, the lack of confidence is not as physical as it may seem.
3. Take a warm bath on those days you feel extremely tired. A warm bath will relax your mind and help you focus on the good qualities of yourself, boosting your confidence.
4. Eat a healthy meal. Regardless if your low confidence is from the physical appearance or internal issues. A good meal will boost you and help you see the bright side of things.
5. Get some sleep. Yes, sometimes it's not as much about our inability to see the good in ourselves as it is about fatigue. Lack of sleep makes the human mind behave in ways it would otherwise not, so turn off that Ipad and get some sleep.
6. Go for a run. Yes, exercise. It will boost your adrenaline and bring on those happy hormones you've been missing in your life. Before you know it, you'll be glowing, and feeling confident about yourself again.

Let's Talk about Hair

Now that you understand that the confidence game is an internal affair let's talk about hair. So, you've wanted to try out a new haircut and just haven't had the guts to try so. Well, now with this new understanding of self and confidence, you should be able to walk into the beauty parlor and ask for that daring haircut. Keep in mind that this will not only change your life temporarily but will open doors to the life you've been trying to create for yourself.

So, be that male/female that makes actual changes in his/her life this year. Even if it starts with the kind of haircut you decide on, you're taking the actions towards a more successful, happy, best year.

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2018 Best Haircut for Long Hair

You've sat in front of the mirror and repeated that '2018 my best year ever'. But did you know that one of the key ingredients to having your best year is on your head? Yes, a simple haircut can redefine who you are. A haircut can bring out your best day after day. But it all depends on which direction you take your long locks. 

For example, if you cut too much off, you'll spend the entire year trying to regrow your hair from a horrendous haircut experience. However, if you don't cut enough off, you'll spend the rest of the year trying to style unmanageable hair. So what do you do?

To begin, you must explore what the theme for this year is for you. What do you mean when you say your "best" year ever? If your best year includes traveling, then you might want to keep your long hair as natural as possible. However, if your best year involves getting some personal bucket list to accomplish, then you'll be open to changing your hairstyle as often as possible. This creates some space for change and can be exciting.

But whatever your best year involves, have fun and remember to change up your hairstyle as often as you change your mood. This will help you to live your best year in your fashion and will bring much happiness into your life.

Having Your Best Hair Ever

Having long hair is not a simple task, whether your long hair is curly, wavy, thin, or natural, there is always some form of difficulty in maintaining your long locks. Not everyone can afford to run to a beautician each time they wish to change up their looks, and so those of us with long hair are left to be more creative than most.

The longer your hair grows, the more you find that a simple haircut can become the most tedious task on your hair care list. A simple haircut can become something that you dread each time your length goes beyond what you'd like. For example, if you have thin hair, you must learn to cut your hair accordingly so that as you blow-out your hair, it may look fuller. However, if your long hair is natural, then you deal with tangles and broken brushes. This, too, can be so frustrating that you might want to cut it all off.

But don't panic just yet, there are many ways to maintain your hair, and this could be the beginning of the best relationship you've ever had with your long hair.

Best Way to Maintain Your Long Hair

While having long hair is the desire of many, daily maintenance can be difficult for many. But fear not, there is a simple step-by-step formula to maintaining your long hair.

Step 1: Plan your Haircuts
A well-maintained head of long hair will need to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. This will help keep your long hair healthy. A simple haircut goes a long way when it comes to maintaining your long hair, and the more you practice, the easier it becomes. 

Step 2: How much to cut
You should only trim off 1/2 inch of your ends during each haircut. 

Step 3: When to wash your hair
You should only schedule washing your long hair 2-3 times per week. Because you will be conducting your haircuts, you don't want to wash your long hair over, as this will cause damaging or severe dryness.

Step 4: Properly drying your hair
Hair drying can seem like the simplest task in your process. However, if you're not careful, you will damage your long hair even more. When drying your long hair, keep the rubbing to a minimum. You might thin out your hair if you rub too hard. 

Step 5: Eat healthily
Yep! You read that right, eat healthily. All the vitamins and minerals, all the foods on the nutritional pyramid. All of it. The healthier you eat, the more your hair will grow, shine, and last during those beautiful hairstyles.

Step 6: No tight hairstyles
No, no, no. Just say no to those tight hairstyles that pull at your scalp. This does more damage to your entire head of beautiful long hair than any other step on this list.

Step 7: The less heat, the better
Remember the importance of no heat to your hair. If you want your long hair to be healthy and full of life, the less heat, the better.

Step 8: Quality products only, please
Yes, sounds superficial, but if you purchase the best in quality of products you'll replace them less and get better results. That means, quality brushes, maintenance products, styling products, etc. Don't let money be the reason you lose that head of long beautiful hair.

Step 9: Silk pillowcase or silk headwrap
You've heard it time and time again, but never thought it pertained to you. But adding a silk pillowcase or silk headwrap to your routine will keep your locks shiny and healthy.

Best Products to Maintain Your Long Hair

1. Wash
For the best in shampoo, try Pantene Pro-V Gold Series Sulfate-Free Shampoo. It's one of the silkiest of shampoos that leaves your long hair soft and manageable.

2. Condition
Add the Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner to your routine and never go wrong.

3. Lift
Want to add some fullness to your thin hair, try Sally Hershberger Supreme Lift. This product adds fullness and leaves no residue to your hair. You should always apply this product to damp, freshly washed, conditioned hair.

4. Dry
If you desire a quick dry, use the Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer.

5. Style
To add curls to your long hair use Velcro rollers, their inexpensive and will cause no damage to your hair. Use as often or only after a haircut to add some bounce to your long hair.

6. Spray
When all that styling is complete, you'll need a perfect hairspray. Try the Sebastian Shaper Fierce Ultra-Firm Finishing Hairspray.

80 Best Haircuts for Long Hair

Male and females have one thing in common, and that's the fact that we like beautiful, healthy hair. No matter the color, whether you have thin, curly, wavy, long hair, you want it to be as healthy as possible. So, here are some haircuts and hairstyles that both males and females may try and feel like their best selves this year.

Best Wavy Haircut for Long Hair

1. Loose Spiral Wavy Long Hair

This haircut is versatile and beautiful. Watch as everyone enjoy your sense of style when you sport this loose spiral wavy long haircut. 

2. Loose Wavy Long Haircut

It looks straight, but this haircut is wavy as can be. You will look marvelous sporting this new haircut anywhere.

3. Long Wavy with Extensions

Need to add some fullness to your wavy long hair, well add some extensions. You have a multitude of choices, so you can go for a more natural look or add some color for excitement.

4. Braided Wavy Long Haircut

Following a wash, put your wavy hair into a long braid which will add some style to your look.

5 Blonde Extension Wavy Long Hair

Some of us have natural long wavy hair, while others like the look, but lack to thickness. Extensions are always a go to when it comes to adding volume to your long hair. Whether your hair is thick or thin, you can benefit from some extensions. The blonder the extensions the better.

6. Messy Wavy Blonde Long Haircut

For those of us who enjoy long hair, a haircut may seem out of the plans; but, there is a way to keep your hair long and maintain those monthly haircuts. A simple trim will be beneficial to your hair and prevent dead ends from building up as you grow your hair. And the messiness is only a style that will enhance your haircut and make your locks look even more beautiful.

7. Long Haircut with Wavy Subtle Highlights

Every time you've wanted to color your hair, you changed your mind. Well, here's a style to add to your monthly haircut appointments. Some subtle highlights can be the adventure that was missing in your hair diary. If your hair is darker, add some bright highlights throughout, while for lighter hair colors, adding thinner sleek highlights might do the trick. Either way, you'll change your look and turn some heads.

8. Mop Top Wavy Haircut

It won't be the most subtle haircut you've received, but it will temporarily change your look and bring some much needed excitement into your life. These waves look like a mop top and allows your circle to see that you can change up your look to be a bit more extreme than your usual self. This look is for the female looking to share her bolder side.

This look will have all the attention on your haircut.

9. Decorated Loose Wavy Long Haircut

Any female with long wavy hair will look great in this style. Pull some of that long hair back and add some decorations. This haircut can be worn for a special event or a first date. Either way, you'll look amazing.

Flowered wavy long haircut.

10. Wavy Long Haircut with a Hat

So, you've been wearing your long haircut for some time now and need to dress it up. After a haircut, if you're up to it, just throw on a cowgirl hat and go out there and show the world that this female knows how to have some fun.

Play dress up with your long wavy hair.

Best Haircut for Thin Long Hair

11. V Shaped Haircut for Thin Long Hair

If you have thin hair and don't like extensions, then the V shaped haircut is perfect for you. It adds volume and layers to your hair and allows your hair to flow. This will add texture to your thin hair and help build the body you've been looking for.

QUICK TIP: What if someone wants their ends cut into a "V" but doesn't want layers? 🤔Some people have thinner hair and just want really blunt ends. Pulling the hair to the front could create layers and appear thinner . When that is the case, I just literally cut a V into the hair with it laying straight down the back. ✂️ _____________________ I've probably only done 3 V-shaped haircuts my entire career, so it takes me foreveeeeeeerrrrr to get it to look balanced. ⌛️ On this day, tape from the front desk saved the day! 🎉 Hope this helps you if your rarely get this haircut request and struggle with it like I did. ❤️ I'd super appreciate it if you tag a friend who might find this helpful too. ❤️❤️❤️

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12. Add Color and Texture to Thin Long Hair

Nothing redefines long thin hair like color and curls. Curls add texture to thin looking long hair while the color adds definition.

13. Ombre Curly Ends for Thin Long Hair

Adding ombre color and curls at the ends of your thin hair will add volume that is normally missing from your haircut.

14. Partial Braid to Thin Long Hair

To add some style and definition to your thin long hair add a braid to one side of your haircut.

15. Feathered Natural Thin Hair

Add some volume and body to your thin hair by feathering your locks out. 

16. Bone Straight Thin Long Haircut

No one will know that you have thin hair when you rock a bone straight haircut.

17. Add a Bang to Your Thin Haircut

A bang changes the appearance of the shape of your face and the thickness of your hair. So add a bang to your long thin haircut and change so much about yourself.


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18. Layered Thin Long Hair

Layers always add volume to any haircut, so of course it's ideal for thin long hair.

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19. Middle Part Long Thin Haircut

A middle part will accentuate your face, bringing out your beauty. Also, the middle part will bring balance to your haircut and can be enhanced by adding curls, waves, or just wearing it straight.

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20. Go For Red

Dying your hair red changes everything. The redder the better. The color red brings out the depth of your natural locks allowing you to change your look effortlessly.

Best Male Haircut for Long Hair

21. Blonde Curly Viking Hairstyle

This hairstyle allows any male to let out his feminine side and be seen for the strong individual that he is. Whether your  natural hair is wavy, curly, thin, or straight; adding some curls to your blonde hair makes it look full of life. This is the hairstyle that will change your year.

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22. Fully Bodied Man Hairstyle

Only those with the highest confidence dare try this fully bodied long hair cut. It is wavy, layered, and makes any man look as handsome as ever.

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23. No Excuse Goth Long Hair Cut

For the goth in every man, this long haircut allows you to walk with confidence in knowing whom you are.

24. Rico Sauvé Haircut

You're like a smooth criminal when it comes to the ladies, and your long hair says so much about you. Why not make it curly and sport your long hair like no other.

25. Flowing Curly Long Haircut

Want to look like you're in a rock band? Well, try the haircut below and bring your long locks into the world of rock & roll.

26. Tapered Casual Long Haircut

Mr. Cool officially has a look now and it's the tapered casual long haircut. It's one of the best haircuts for men not looking to wear their long hair without some personal touches. This style can be worn curly, wavy, or straight.

27. Blowout Long Haircut

You're going in for a haircut any ways, why not get that long hair of your blown out and wear it in a new style for a few days.

28. Curly with Color Long Haircut

You're trying curly long hair for once, but want to try something new....add some color (any color).

29. Male Hi-Bun

You've been wearing your long hair straight, curly, and wavy at times; but now it's time to give it a break. Try out the male bun and feel free to explore the world around you.

30. Bone Straight Long Hair

Not into the curly or wavy hair? That's cool. Here's a hairstyle you'll like to explore, it's as straight as it comes.

31. Loose Curls Long Hair

The males that wear their hair curly have those moments when those curls loosen. Why not add some hair spray to that hairstyle and go on about your day.

32. Male Bob Haircut

Who said only women can wear the bob haircut, try it out for size and make it wavy too.

35. Partial Ponytale

Need to get some work done, well put that long hair into a partial ponytale and get to work already.

36. Male Lo-Bun

We get it, you're an artist and need to have your long hair out of your face at times. A lo-bun is a perfect way to keep your long hair out of the way without resulting to a haircut.

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37. Messy Thin Long Hair

No part, no curls, no waves, just your thin long hair relaxed and laying straight.

38. Wet Wavy Male Long Hair

It's a natural style your hair goes into after a long swim, but now you can wear it as a fashion statement.

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39. Pull Back Long Haircut

Once you've grown your lon ghair out and want to change up your look, pull your long hair back and expose that handsome face.

40. Straight Side Part Long Hair

You can wear your long hair in any hairstyle, but now you choose to wear a side part after your recent haircut. Go for it.

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Best Curly Haircut for Long Hair

41. Tight Curly Long Hair

Never straighten that curly hair of yours, instead, wear your long hair curly and with pride. If anything, just add some color to the ends.

42. Tight Wild Curly Long Hair

Nothing says prideful curly hair beauty like some tight wild curls. When you head off to your beautician, as for the tightest, curly hairstyle possible and watch as the world embraces your awesomeness.

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43. Afro Curly Long Hair

Your naturally curly afro has been wrapped into a bun long enough. Now it's time to let your curls loose and wear your best hairstyle this year. 

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44. Red Curly Haircut

Whether you're a natural red head or you just want to take a walk on the red side; this curly long haircut is perfect for you. Red heads actually have just as much fun as blondes, they just have a better way of keeping their secrets. It's 2018, and you should take a walk on the other side of hair color.

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45. Curly & Bouncy Long Haircut

Instead of sticking to the normal straight hairstyle, why not make your ends curly and bouncy, even if it's just a one time thing.

46. Braided & Curly Long Haircut

You've been meaning to do something different with that long hair of yours, but of course you want to keep it curly. Well, let's splash on some color and braids and have some fun already.

47. Vibrant Curly Long Haircut

Your hair has been growing like wildflower, and you have no plans of getting a haircut anytime soon. Well, when you go to see your hairstylist, as for some vibrant curls with highlights. Adding highlights to your curly hair will enhance your style and help you appreciate that long hair of yours even better.

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48. Long Blonde & Curly

Platinum blonde has been a color you've always wanted to try, but now, you can go a step further by making your long hair curly as well. This could be your best year yet and your hair will thank you for being a daring, fearless female.

49. Long Curly Pigtails

Whether you're playing dressup or just having fun, try some curly pigtails in your hairstyle regime. You have two choices with this haircut, either entice or make 'em laugh. Either way, you're letting them know 'this female came to play'.

50. Long Loose Curly Haircut

If your goal was to grow your hair to your waist, well this haircut will help. Each month your only job is to cut the ends and your curly locks grow.


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51. Long Curly Ombre Hair

Here's to trying something new. Ombre, curly, long hair that can turn heads and make you the center of attention.

51. Flowered & Curly Hairstyle

Lots of curls, flowers, and a little bit of ombre. This hairstyle is perfect for any major event in your life. 

52. Big Curly Haircut

It's all about how little you trim during each haircut, your natural locks are bound to grow and become your best asset. If this year was about bringing out your best hair, well, the less you do to your long hair the better.

Long Haircut for Black Females

Having long hair while being a black female can be challenging sometimes. However, the challenges are based on the perception of the person behind the long hair. Whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy, kinky, straight, or worn in dread locks. The amount of affection you give your long hair is determinant on the amount of frustration you will have while styling it. 

Most would believe that adding heat to their hair would be the simple solutions; however, as stated above, it doesn't matter the texture of your hair, too much heat is not healthy. When thinking about natural black female hair, the number one rule is moisture. The more moisture the better. So here are some fun styles to try on your head of long hair.

53. Naturally Textured Double Braided

Black females don't have to wear their naturally long hair in an afro anymore. The naturally textured long hair can be styled in many fashions. This double braided pull back hairstyle is perfect after a haircut.

54. Wild & Free Blow Out

After a haircut, a nice blow out is always a necessacity, but what if you're not into the heating of your hair to get that desired hairstyle your beautician wants to try on you. Well, a simple blow out that is wild and free is perfection to that beautiful head of long hair that you wear to nicely.

55. Side Parted Dread Locks

A head of healthy hair starts at the root, and you'll enjoy wearing your dread locks in this side parted style at your next appointment with your beautician.

56. Natural Spiral Curls

On those wash and go days, let your natural spiral curls free and go on about your busy day.

57. Crowned Braid

Be creative with your natural head of long hair and add a braided crown to your style. Only you can wear this hairstyle with all the confidence it requires. So go for it!

58. Wash & Go Twist Out

This style is ideal for those days you are anti-heat on your head of beautiful long hair. Just wash, trim, and go. Your hair will thank you.

59. Sister Locks Side Part Hairstyle

Finding new ways to wear your sister locks can be demanding, but a simple side part can do the trick and bring out your natural beauty.

60. Beaded & Jeweled Natural Hair

After you've tried all the styles on your natural long hair, your only option left is to add some beads and jewels and have some fun.

61. A Simple Bun

A simple bun is always the go to for those busy days. After you've worn your natural haircut for awhile, there comes those days when you need a break and that's what the bun is for.

62. Natural Afro Puff Side Pony

All hair needs to be cut, but it's the after style that really matters to most. This side pony is beautiful and versatile for your long afro.

63. Pull Back Dread Locks

It's simple, beautiful, and at times breathtaking. The ability to wear your long hair in dread locks is one thing, but when your long hair is pulled back and exposes your beautiful face, well that's another story.

64. Natural Wavy Fallout

Sometimes all you need after a haircut is to let your locks relax, this natural wavy fallout hairstyle is perfect for your hair texture.

65. Middle Part Afro

Whether you're making a statement at work or for a photo shoot, this hairstyle works.

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66. Curly Straight Long Hair

A visit to the beautician can be time consuming, but why not make the best of it with this curly straight hairstyle that speaks volume on your long hair's versatility.

67. Double Twist Pull Back

For those casual Fridays at the office, this double twist pull back hairstyle is perfect.

68. Flat Twists

This is a style you can try yourself, just grab some hair gel, clips, and your mirror and go to work. 

69. Kinky Curly Relaxed Hairstyle

What better way to show off your long hair than with this kinky curly relaxed hairstyle.

70. Kinky Curly Family Affair

While you're busy beautifying yourself, add some style to your daughter's hair and enjoy.

Versatile Long Hairstyles

When you're ready to try something new with your long hair, these styles below are your best choices.

71. Braided Twister

The excitement is all in the back with this versatile hairstyle.

72. Braided Locks

Add some fun to your locks with this loose braid.

73. Voluminous Side Swoop

The work is in keeping this versatile hairstyle to last more than one day or one event. But you got this.

74. French Braids

French braids are absolutely necessary for those days when you want to let your haircut relax and be free. The French braids will protect your long hair from unnecessary heat that may be needed to upkeep your new hairstyle.

75. Pinned Loose Pony

When looking for natural hairstyles that will leave your locks comfortable and painfree, the pinned loose pony is a must.

76. Mid-Bun Hairstyle

Wearing a bun too often can be boring, but when the bun is paired with bangs, it could change the style a bit.

77. Blonde Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

After a color and haircut, add some style to your head with this interesting blonde braided mohawk.

78. Mid-Part Straight Hairstyle

It seems like to most weared hairstyle amongst long haired females, however, adding some color to the back ends of your locks will add some change to this traditional style.

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79. Thick Bang Straight Hairstyle

It will be the hairstyle to love most as it brings out your eyes and allows you to wear a multitude of different other styles.

80. Long Pony Braided

It's sexy and fashionable, so why not try this long pony braid.

Try Them All!

You've seen them all and all that's left is for you to try them all. So, head to your beautician or grab your hair tools and a mirror and get ready to have some fun with that head of long hair.