Curly Bangs: 10 Ways Girls With Curly Hair Can Rock Bangs

Who says bangs are only for women with straight hair? Here are 10 cute ways in which girls with curly hair can rock bangs.

By Amanda Palmer
Curly Bangs: 10 Ways Girls With Curly Hair Can Rock Bangs

The myth of curly hair debunked

We have all grown up thinking that women with curly hair cannot have bangs. Maintaining bangs can be a little tough and for women how have curly hair, this process is definitely tougher. But it is not impossible!

Women with curly hair have a raw sex appeal. Their naturally curly hair has oodles of character and volume and it is high time we embrace them and learn a few less-known facts about them. We often come across women spending thousands on straightening their curly hair. They might end up looking different for some time but their hair starts looking like a mess when new curly hair from the roots start emerging. The only option then is to let your hair grow naturally again or keep on touching up your roots with a straightener every 3 weeks. 

But the new fashion fad is all about rocking curly hair. In fact, curly hair was once such a huge trend that women used to spend hours at the saloon getting their hair permed or curled. There is also no limit to curly hair styles. We have come much further than just leaving curly hair open or tying them up in a pony tail. Curly hair can have bangs too. It takes some expertise and a lot of technical know-how to style curly hair with bangs. The natural curls which fall on your cheeks look beautiful if done properly. 

So here are some 10 amazing ways girsl with curly hair can rock bangs:

1. Find an expert stylist

If you have ever felt that you look terrible with bangs in curly hair, it is probably because you chose the wrong hair stylist and not the wrong hairstyle. You need to find a stylist who has done some styling on curly hair and knows the science of curly hair.
An expert stylist can cut and style your curly bangs in a style that will suit your face shape. You cut them too short, and they will look weird. The stylist should give you a cut based on your hair weight and density and not on the curl pattern. Curly hair should be cut in a such a way that it enhances its natural curls and gives plenty of natural movement.

Also before you head to any stylist, you have got to find your curly hair muse. There are many curly haired models and celebrities out there and many of them rock bangs amazingly. Analyze your face shape and see which of your favorite curly-haired celebrity has the similar face shape. Follow their style ensuite. 

2. Keep in mind that curly hair needs a lot of hydration

Curly hair if hydrated well behave themselves and stay put. Dry and curly hair look frizzy, and you will have your curly locks standing all over your face. The key to curly hair is hydration.
Treat your curly locks with plenty of hydrating products such as leave-in serums, conditioners and hair spas to coat them with heavy conditioners. Also, you can consider getting a diffuser.

3. Ask your stylist to cut your hair dry

Curly hair appears longer when wet and shrinks back to a shorter length when dry. Girls with curly hair might have longer hair than they appear because of the coiling or the ringlets.
If you cut bangs in curly hair when wet, you might approve of a length which you might regret later. It is best to cut curly hair bangs when your hair is dry so that you get a better idea of the length of your bangs.
You can tell your stylist to cut your bangs in dry hair, and it is always better to start at a longer length. You can continue to shorten it until you reach a satisfactory length.

4. 70's style bangs are the best

Always start with cutting your bangs a little longer. You can go step by step and decide on a particular length without cutting your bangs too short and regret it later.
The 70's styles of bangs were longer. They allowed you to pin them up when you do not want them to fall over your face. Longer bangs which fall over your cheeks or sides can also be pinned up half way up looking very pretty from behind.

5. Curly hair bangs hairstyle for a square face

For girls who have a squarish face, heavy bangs are the best bet. They will help to soften your prominent jawline and get all the attention to your eyes. Your bangs should be feathery and longer on the sides and reach just below the eyebrows on the forehead. 

6. Curly hair bangs hairstyle for a round face

You can cut curly bangs for a round face in such a way that it creates an illusion of elongation. Make sure your bangs are thick and fall just above your eyebrows. You can also cut just a few bangs on your forehead instead of covering your entire forehead.
A few curly locks falling here and there on a round face look very pretty. You have to avoid curly bangs above your eyebrows on a round face else your face will look more round. Graduated layers on the forehead are also best avoided.

6. Curly hair bangs hairstyle for an oval face

In this face shape, you can experiment with a few more styles of bangs. But the best hairstyle is in which the bangs fall a little below your brow bone. This accentuates the facial features beautifully. 

7. Ways to tie up curly hair with bangs

There are numerous styles in which curly hair with bangs can be tied up:

1. Pineapple hairstyle

Sweep up your hair and tie it up in a way that it resembles a pineapple. This style is great for a busy day. Get some short bangs on the front and sweep up your lengthier curls up with a clutch. 

2. Updo with a bandana

A beautiful hairstyle for a casual day at the beach, an updo tied up with a bandana looks very cute particularly if you have curly hair with your bangs falling all over the bandana. A bandana keeps all your hair above your nape in case you are feeling hot and sticky and yet lets all your curly bangs fall all over.

3. Half-up high pony

This is the best way to style curly hair for women who have long curly locks. Get some graduated bangs on your forehead if you have a long or an oval face.
Tie up half of your hair in a ponytail with a statement hair accessory. Let the rest of your curly tresses fall behind your shoulders.

4. Wear a cute hairband

This particular style suits girls with curly hair of any length. Let your short curly bangs frame your forehead while you part your bangs from the rest of your hair with a cute hairband.

5. Create a middle parting

By creating a middle parting as shown below, you let your curls fall individually on either side of your face. The shorter bangs also fall on either side of your face. This hairstyle is perfect for someone with a heavier or round face.

8. Create an illusion of bangs if you do not really want to cut your hair

This is a great way to create an illusion of cute curly bangs. You need to sweep up your hair in an updo and pin up some locks falling in the front with tiny bob pins. This way these locks will create an illusion of bangs falling on your forehead.
This is a very versatile hairstyle in which you actually do not shorten the length and yet sport a bangs look. The benefit of having curly and voluminous locks is that your bob pins will hide beneath them giving you a very natural look.

9. Color your bangs in a different shade

Choose a color depending upon your daring level. Get crazy and color your bangs a royal blue and let the rest of the curly hair be in a natural brown shade. If you do not want such a bold color, consider highlighting your bangs in a lighter shade than the rest of your hair. Let your bangs fall naturally over your forehead. The merger of this light shade with the darker shade of your hair will look unique. 

10. Cut your curls in graduated layers

Giving your curls graduated layers will allow the different sections of your hair to bounce individually creating a dreamy look. The layers can fall on the sides and let the bangs fall on your forehead. You can even highlight the edges of your bangs and layers in a different shade to focus more attention on them. 

Layers and bangs give a lot of bounce and volume to curly hair. If you feel your hair has got too voluminous, you can always tie them up in various hairstyles to avoid the hair from fluffing up all around your face. 


At times, you can consider straightening out your bangs just for a change. You cannot overdo this with a heating iron as this will spoil your hair. A few straight bangs falling over your forehead amidst your curly ringlets or wavy tresses looks dreamy. It is a great hairstyle, and you can rock this look for a party or an event.
There are many good qualities of small and large hair irons available on the market. The smaller ones are value for money and also great for managing your bangs. Women with straight hair often use curling irons only to curl their bangs. Women with curly hair can do vice versa by only straightening their bangs and letting the natural curly texture of the rest of the hair remain.

Bangs in curly hair require greater maintenance than bangs in straight hair. But with a little care, you can rock this style with your curly locks too. You might need a lot of curl protection products and creams available in the market. These creams and serums will retain the moisture and bounce in your curls making them look healthy and frizz-free. Find out the best products for your curls and get them all ready before you head out for your cut. 

These tips mentioned above and tricks will help you rock your bangs in curly hair. Be adventurous and try something new.