Our Favorite 30 Cute & Beautiful Long Bob Hairstyles Of 2018

Long bob hair is beautiful in itself. We have collected some best long bob hairstyles for 2018. You can try some on and rock the look.

By Tanaya Nath
Our Favorite 30 Cute & Beautiful Long Bob Hairstyles Of 2018

Our Favorite 30 Cute & Beautiful Long Bob Hairstyles Of 2018

The long bob, or lob as it is famously called, is a gorgeous hairstyle. If you don’t want to cut off too much of your locks, this is the perfect choice for it lets you hold the length. You can style the haircut in different ways. You can sport colored layers or inverted style.
Even the big shots like Julia Roberts have worn this hairstyle in the movie Pretty Women, and she did look stunning. Here, we have accumulated 30 of our favorite gorgeous and cute long bob hairstyles for 2018.

Chocolate Brown Long Bob Hair With Layers

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If you want to keep the length of your hair at the front, go ahead. It flatters every face shape. Opt for hand blended slight highlights in your chocolate brown long bob hair. Layers will add a little bounce and density in your hair. You can also use extensions for adding some thickness. It is a beautiful style of hair to keep if you are looking to rock 2018.

Balayage Blonde Long Bob Hair

If you don’t like dark hair, you can go for ombre long bob hairstyle. Have your hair cut just below the shoulders and hand painted from dark to lighter shade. Give your hair a little volume with wide ringlet curls.
You will love it.

Angled Straight Long Bob Hair

This is a gorgeous looking style of hair that needs minimum maintenance. The angled haircut that grows longer as you move from back to front on each side leaves a high impact.
You can style it even in your morning hair. All you will need is a hair straightener and hair smoothing serum.

Blunt Slick Straight long Bob Hair

It isn't always a textured hair that is always gorgeous and turning heads. Something as simple as this blunt slick straight long bob hairstyle can also steal the show. Give them a blunt cut right below your shoulders and run a straightener through them. The polished look of your hair will take the heart away of every onlooker.

Bedhead Curls In Long Bob Hair

Give your long bob hair the curls that tells everyone you just got out of your bed and that you have had a fantastic night. Give your hair big cascading curls and let them behave the way they want. Pair them up with some seductive and edgy ensembles.

Red Hot Long Bob With Bangs

Sophisticated, seductive and fierce describes this hairstyle the best. It is enticing and the best for round face. Keep the bangs extra long for framing the face and adding some length to your other side round face. It is a gorgeous hairstyle that gives you a lovely appearance.

Choppy Long Bob Hair

If you have thick hair, this hairstyle will be your best friend. It is casual and cute. You can make it unique with a casual contrast of dark brown and red-brown. Chopped locks along with tons of layers of different lengths and size will finish the style in style.

Clipped Back Long Bob Hair

If you like to keep your face open and your eyes do the talking, this hair style will do the job. Do the deep side part in your hair and toss your hair to one side. Clip them behind your hair, over your ear. This will keep your hair away from your face. Go for platinum hair color for a bright and sexy look.

Bouncy Long Bob Hair

This is one of my all-time favorite long bob hairstyles. The hair, along with the bangs, has lots of volume underneath the hair, creating a full-bodied look. The bouncy style it comes with is fun and youthful. You can use this hairstyle for any occasion.

A-line Long Bob Hair

This hairstyle is super laid back and yet chic at the same time. It has mousy brown locks that are just gorgeous. You don’t have to do much for maintaining and styling it. All you have to do is run the hair straightener and toss it on one side for ready for the day look.

Contrast Curls In Long Bob Hair

Contrast colors in this hair style give your hair a life long with a different look. Have your hair done in the beautiful shades of blondes and browns and add to them some big romantic curls. If you have a fancy occasion, mark your presence with this hairstyle. All eyes will be on your hair.

Sandy Long Bob Hair With Dark Underneath

Sandy blonde long bob hair  is beautiful in itself. You can add little punch to it by coloring the underneath hair dark. It will add a stunning contrast making it adorable and very stylish. This is one trendy look that will make you and your hair the centre of attention and the talk of the town.

Curls With Wrap Around Braids In Long Bob Hair

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Braids are just braids. They are so beautifully feminine that adding them in any hairstyle is just tempting. They are so dainty that they look good on almost everyone. And for many reasons, it has gained a spot in the featured long bob hairstyles of 2018. The wrap around the braid separates the coy curls in this hairstyle. It looks simple but is very easy to create.

Highlighted Romantic Curls In Long Bob Hair

Romantic curls are, well, romantic, yes. They make almost any hairstyle beautiful. Get your long bob hair layered with dark chocolate brown locks. Add to it some blonde highlights and turn those tresses into big romantic curls.
This will make your hair look enticing and elegant. The perfect hairstyle for the date night, right? Let your hair be the envy to the onlookers.

Asymmetrical Inverted Long Bob Hair

This asymmetrical inverted long bob hair is among those hairstyles that you can wear anywhere and on any occasion. Wear your lengthy asymmetrical long bob hair with a side sweep for a sexy look. If you have a round face, don’t go for bangs.

Super Side Sweep In Long Bob Hair

Long bob hair can also give you a distinct and oh so sexy look with an extreme side sweep. Part your hair randomly from over the middle of your one eyebrow and throw all your hair over to the other side. The tresses falling delicately over your face and eyes creates an enchanted look. Your hair will steal the show with this style.

Long Bob Hair with Beachy Waves

If you are getting ready for summer, especially the beaches. How can you leave your hair out? Get them beach ready as well. Get your hair done in platinum blonde and add to them some nice long beachy waves. Your hair is ready for a beach day and so are you.

Long Bob Hair With Round Edges

If you love the innocent school girl look or the nerdy next door neighbor look, go for round edges in your long bob hair. All you have to do is take a hairbrush, turn the edges of your hair inside and blow dry them. You are good to go with just a little effort and maintenance. Easy, isn’t it?

Side Pinned Long Bob Hair

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Side pinned hairstyles are always trendy and chic. Give your long bob some twirls and deep side part them. Pull back the hair on the side with lesser hair and pin them behind your ears. You are done. This hairstyle is gorgeous and easy to achieve.

Messy Brunette Long Bob Hair

If you like a tougher ‘I don’t give a damn’ look for your hair, go for this messy brunette long bob hairstyle. This dusty gorgeous brown shade of this style of hair is dreamy. Part your hair in the middle and fill it with texturizing spray. Comb with your fingers, and you look like a sexy girl with carefree attitude.

Long Bob Hair With Lion’s Mane

You are a lioness and why not look like one. Get your long bob a look of lion’s mane. Use loads of texturizing spray and volumizing mousse on the sides and style your hair just like the way a lion’s mane looks. Consider adding extensions for giving it the thickness of the mane. You are ready to roar.

Wispy Bangs And Long Bob Hair

Be the belle of the ball with your long bob hair and wispy bangs. If you have seen Kerry Washington sporting this look, you would know how insanely gorgeous it looks. Keep these wispy curls swept away from your face. For a more adorable style go for straight cut wispy bangs.

Retro Long Bob Hair

The charm that a retro style has, no modern style can create it again. Retro being retro, it never goes out of style. Get your round bob hair some rounded curls for recreating the look of the 1950s. Trust me; you will never regret this hairstyle. This hairstyle is simply cute.

Graduated Long Bob Hair

When you straight style your graduated long bob cut hair, it gives a distinct grown out illusion. This style looks chic without much ado. Keep your tresses dyed in solid colors or go for subtle balayage to take the minimalistic to a whole new level. 

Tousled Long Bob Hair

If you have fine hair, the tousled long bob look adds to the volume of your hair. This messy and tousled look provides a modern look along with plenty of body and shape to your hair. Give your long bob hair some nice big waves and toss them around using your fingers for the look. Use extensions for a fuller look.

Smooth Cinnamon Colored Long Bob Hair

If you are a fan of the shine in solid colors, long bob hair is the best way to show it off. This haircut is made gorgeous because of its simplicity. Have your straight locks done in cinnamon color? If you have a medium skin tone, you must go for this color; you will love it for sure.

Blonde Long Bob Hair With Gentle Lowlights

Any long bob haircut is effortlessly messy, and that makes them the best. The vibe it gives out is undeniably sexy. The longer your front pieces are, the more undone your appearance gets. This is one thumb rule of this hairstyle. The gentle lowlights with sifting honeyed hue add more dimension and depth to your hair.

Magenta Roots And Rose Gold Layers In Long Bob Hair

People remember the ones who love to sport bright colored hair. If you have that bold streak in you, go for this long bob hairstyle. With short rose gold layers, add some dimension to your pink long bob hair. It will brighten up your skin tone, making you look more awake and alive.

Straight Long Bob Hair With Side Bangs

This hairstyle is among the 2018 favorites for some reason. Your cheekbones are not only highlighted but are also given a sexy, flirty look with the long side bangs. Color your under layers caramel for adding some dimension to this style. This caramel underlayer will also elevate your look above the average long bob hair. Perfect it by blowing it out for creating shape and straightening.

Unkempt Long Bob Hair

Long bob hairstyles have a lot of attitudes and that too in spades. And, who doesn’t love a little attitude? Wash your hair and let it hair dry till it is damp. Blow dry it upside down, and using a hair straightener twist it lightly for creating crimps. This will add some imperfect texture to your long bob hair. Put on some texturizing cream, and it's done.


Long bob hair can be styled in many different ways to create many different looks. You can have your hair in layers, or go for inverted style. You can also use extensions for adding thickness. The best part about all the long bob hairstyles is that they are easy to maintain. Find the one that appeals to you and try out that style.