25 Bohemian Style Decor Ideas To Design Your Living Room Interior

Do you want to take steps to a funky, arty and modern living room? Bohemian style decor is the way to go. Follow these steps to great interior design.

By Shannon Garner
25 Bohemian Style Decor Ideas To Design Your Living Room Interior

Bohemian Style Interior Design

Are you looking for a calm, relaxed and cultured home decor? No need to look further when you hear the word "Bohemian." Bohemian style decor embodies everything from peace to love. With the funky colors to the crazy patterns and plants. Eccentric is one word to describe Bohemian Decor amongst many others. The Boho style decor was motivated by individuals with a bohemian sense of attitude. Artsy people such as architects, painters, writers and photographers. If you are looking for an artsy living room then Boho may be exactly what you are looking for. 

Color & High Definition

The colors you choose in your living room is not such a big deal when Bohemian style colors are all colors intertwined. No need to match because a Bohemian style is not meant to match. Think about your grandma's living room but a lot more glamorous. But if you need a hint for the best colors to use then don't be afraid to go with oranges, greens, reds and different shades of brown. These colors pop out and also give the room a hint of a 70s look. 


The lighting in the living room is going to be a major player when it comes to decorating. What type of ambiance are you wanting to set? Do you want bright lights or dim? The best type of lighting for Bohemian style would be natural lighting, not too bright. Bohemian style is all about setting a relaxing vibe so you can enjoy the moment. For example, during the day you can open up your windows and bring in natural light in such a manner. This type of light will also help with the nurturing of your plants, don't forget them. When evening sets in then you can change the lighting to dim. Dim lighting is comfortable and cozy. 


Lanterns, a perfect source of light when the light is dimmed of course. We do not want too much brightness in one room especially, just to relax and hang out. The lantern gives the room a classic look without having to try too hard with lighting. 


Not only will you bring welcoming light but your living room will smell amazing.  Don't push too much on the scent of the candle, it should be settled. 

String Lights


You could go ahead and visit a furniture store like Ashley Homestore and buy all of your furnishings from one place in hopes that you'll be able to find bohemian styled furniture. Or, you could go a different route and shop at your favorite vintage shops and see what steals you can get from these retailers. With bohemian style decor, there is never one same piece of furniture in your living room. To have different pieces of furniture in your living room vs. a living room set you are setting yourself apart from others already because bohemian furniture is all about character, without character you do not have a bohemian living room. If you must, you can get an idea board going for your living room furnishings. Take your time and don't rush into anything. The best part about decorating is that its an ongoing project. 

Plush Chairs

Vintage Couches

Throw Rugs

Floor Pillows

Now don't go out and buy any type of floor pillows because it may be easy just to throw pillows on the floor and call it decor but, there is more to it. The way the floor pillows look and the seating arrangement is going to make a difference for the better. Decorative pillows are always fun, don't forget about those. 


Not only does having inside plants bring ambiance to the room but, it also helps purify the air in your home making it easy and healthier to breathe. Also, if your plants are real it is amazing practice on taking care of something or someone other than yourself. 

Artwork Decor

This is my favorite part of interior designing...finding the artwork that makes your living room "you" or shall I say, "bohemian." There is so many things that you can do to make your living room look the way you want it to. And don't think that less is more because more is more. The more plants, the more candles, the more artwork the merrier. 

Graphic Art Prints

Canvas Paintings

Wall Plants

Textual Art

Start Designing Your Living Room

Now that you have an idea of what bohemian style is you can go ahead and start designing your space. The bohemian decor will give your living room such an exciting vibe and great definition that when people come over, they are not going to want to leave. Let your apartment be the epitome of who you are and what you believe in. Not only is Bohemian a way to decorate your house but, a lifestyle that you embody. Let your friends into your new living room and let the modern bohemian lifestyle rub off on your company. Let your living room shine with a fullness of life, culture and random things that your friends and family cannot keep their hands off of. 



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