How To Do Your Hair Like Audrey Hepburn: 60's Iconic Haircut Tutorial

Audrey Hepburn was a shining beacon during her time until now. She has inspired many not just with her films but also with her glamorous hair.

By Ally Uyao
How To Do Your Hair Like Audrey Hepburn: 60's Iconic Haircut Tutorial

Woman Behind the Icon: Who is She?

From the first time she stepped foot on Hollywood back in the Golden Age of 1950s, Audrey Hepburn's name has graced many famous classical films that until now are considered to be legendary. Born on May 4 1929, in Brussels, Belgium to a Dutch mother of noble descent and a father of English and Austrian lineage, she started as a model at a young age and was propelled to stardom in 1948 when producers came knocking at her door during her fledgling modeling career.

Hepburn later won many accolades as a well-known actress such as Academy Awards, Golden Globe Award, Special Tony Award, Grammy Award and Presidential Medal of Freedom to name a few. Having led a very glamorous life, she became an icon for many women in the world no matter the age even to young girls as Hepburn became an awe-inspiring role model. Likewise, humanitarian works of the British actress in United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) as an ambassador also strongly endeared her to the world. She definitely left her bold mark in the world.


A Hair Goddess Thy Name is Audrey Hepburn

Classy and graceful. Having starred in multiple prominent movies, Hepburn was seen in the big screen in different roles from singing Moon River in Breakfast at Tiffany's as flighty socialite Holly Golightly to working-class girl Eliza Doolittle of the musical, My Fair Lady. Although the characters she recreated in the theaters are sometimes opposite of each other, one thing remains the same in her portrayals aside from her superb acting skills, it's Audrey Hepburn's impeccable and timeless taste in hairstyle.  

For every occasion, she has maintained that effortless, sophisticated mien known only to her with just the way she simple arranges her hair. Even with fabulous hats, jewelry, and accessories, her light shines true. It can be said that a girl's hair alongside her smile is her most natural accessory and Hepburn is a true testament to that statement.    

1950's To 1960's Quintessential Hepburn Signature Hairstyles

Know the inside tricks of the trade to imitate Hepburn's hair looks. This article will act as a tutorial to nitpick her haircuts down to the tiniest and most subtle details. It will also enumerate her illustrious hairstyles throughout the years of her profession. 

Carefully browse through the photos of Hepburn below and you might just pick up a thing or two about her characteristic hairdos from the time she was at the peak of her stardom. Take note of her style and let us delve into her charismatic life.

Year 1951

During this time, Hepburn was part of the lead cast as the Parisian girl of the play in Broadway called Gigi. She was not that famous in 1951 as she just started acting.

Photographed for Tatler Magazine on February 14th, 1951, her hair is done in an updo with the front micro fringe in thick ringlets around her face.

With a fabulous Givenchy hat accessorizing her hair, Hepburn is photographed by Willy Rizzo in Paris on May 1961 with her fringe peeking out at the bottom of the hat. 

Year 1952

Before her big break in Hollywood after Gigi, Hepburn did not appear in any movies in 1952. She was seen with her hair tied in a short ponytail with her bangs out in the sun and a playful smile on her face in this picture. 

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Year 1953

For her first blockbuster movie, Hepburn became visible once again in Roman Holiday as Princess Anne. For her resounding success, she won an Oscar as Best Actress. 

Throughout the film, Hepburn can be seen either with her hair arranged in a low ponytail or in a secured chignon as she wandered the sights of Rome. Her long hair is also freely loose in some scenes.  

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Year 1954

Following the next year, she garnered an Academy Award nomination for her role in Sabrina. This photo was taken of her by Dennis Stock at the train station of Glen Cove in the state of New York during a break in the filming of Sabrina. She was wearing a turban hat with her windswept bangs out in the open and statement loop earrings. 

Year 1955

At a particular point in the course filming for her movie, War and Peace, Hepburn was photographed by Pierluigi Praturlon at the Cinecittà Studios in Rome on October 1955. Her hair is pulled in a top bun while the lower part cascades down past her jaw with the ever-present curled full fringe above her eyebrows.  

Year 1956 To 1957

Hepburn donned a romantic short curly bob parted in the middle for a photoshoot for Love in the Afternoon. Her fringe is longer than her usual and swept to the sides. Thick brows also highlight the color of the whole haircut.

As for the actual filming on set, she tied her hair in twin short pigtails with red hair ties and side-swept baby bangs. 

Inside one of the publicity photos for her film, Funny Face in 1957, Hepburn is depicted in a sleek hairdo with her hair swept off her face and no fringe in sight. A subtle hair accessory was also added for effect above her forehead. 

This photo definitely has an Old Hollywood vibe to it. Sporting a hairpiece comprised of a black, thin large bow and a dark birdcage veil, Hepburn flaunts the vintage look in this photograph. 

On the set of Funny Face, her hair is taken in an upscale hair bun.

Year 1959

In the Nun's Story, Hepburn appears in a short understated haircut. Which greatly contrasted to her long luxurious hair with wispy fringe in Green Mansions which came out in theaters on the same year. 

Starring in The Unforgiven, Hepburn's hair is cleanly pulled back in a ponytail with a bandana tied at the nape. 

Wearing a fur hat which also acts as a part of her smart bun, Hepburn looks enchanting in this photo. 

Year 1960 To 1961

Hepburn attained the peak of her career as Breakfast at Tiffany's smashed the movie theaters and became prominent in 1961. In this film, Hepburn's timeless iconic look materialized. Her hair was in an elaborate coiffure atop her head with a few curved fringe peeping out. There is also some color blonde entwined in her brown locks.

Taken from one of the scenes of the legendary film, Hepburn's upper hair is drawn back in a puffy updo with the lower part of her hair resting on her shoulders.   

Year 1962 to 1963

In Hepburn's romantic spy film, Charade, Hepburn acts out a female mystique role in a puffy clean updo with lash-grazing side bangs. Much like her look in August 1962 photographed by Bob Willoughby in Paris, France during a break in the filming of Paris - When It Sizzles which later was produced in 1964.

Much like her look in August 1962 photographed by Bob Willoughby in Paris, France during a break in the filming of Paris - When It Sizzles which later was produced in 1964, she wore her hair in a voluminous front bun. 

This photo was taken by Vincent Rossell at the Studios de Boulogne, Avenue Jean-Baptiste-Clément, in the suburbs of Paris, during a publicity shoot for Charade on January 1963. She was dressed in a brown ski outfit by Givenchy and had her hair slicked back with her thick lashes finishing the elegant look. 

Whatever hairdo Hepburn tried, it always turned gold on her. This was evidenced by the photo shot by Bert Stern at Vogue magazine’s studio especially for a fashion editorial called “The Givenchy idea” wherein her hair is piled precariously in circular style and tangles. 

Year 1964

On one of her most captivating and winsome roles, Hepburn became a household name for My Fair Lady. The film won eight Academy Awards featuring Hepburn as a naive flower vendor. In the photo below she put on a prim and proper ballgown dress composed of white flounces and lace. Her garb was accompanied by a wide intricate hat influenced by high-class fashion of old and her micro bangs out.

Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle in the upscale embassy ball. Her hair was paired off with a glitzy hair accessory band perched in the middle of her glam bun. 

Year 1965

For her part in the movie, How to Steal a Milion, she was clothed in a haute couture Givenchy ensemble with a matching mask of black chantilly lace encompassing her updo and face.  

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Year 1966

For the promotional photoshoot of Two for the Road, this photograph of Hepburn was shot wearing a race car style Mary Quant mini dress with her hair in the frequent bun and thick fringe framing her face and eyes.

While filming on set for the film, this colorful photo shows her shoulder-length hair pulled back with a black headband from her face. 

Year 1967

In this American thriller film, Wait Until Dark, Hepburn sports this serious and edgy short haircut parted in the side. This almost pixie cut hairstyle contrasts greatly to her usual movie hair looks. 

The Audrey Hepburn Hair Tutorial

From the various looks listed above, you can certainly copy each one as to color, length, texture and fringe. If you still want more resources at your disposal, you can also watch the 8-minute video below to get an idea on how to do-it-yourself for a sixties vibe. 

Chic Hacks To Copy Her Looks

Just follow the suggestions we will give out below and you will be closer to achieving the beguiling Hepburn hair you have always wanted. 

Tip #1: Don't Be Afraid to Accessorize Your Hair

There are many hair accessories to add to your hair from attractive hats, turbans, headbands and many more. It increases the dimension of the whole 60s look.

Tip #2: Flaunt the Micro Fringe

Have you noticed how Hepburn always maintains the short fringe even when she changes the hairdo? It's because her eyes are more emphasized and given attention this way. You can replicate this favorite go-to of hers anytime.  


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Tip #3: Put Up Your Hair in a Classic Chignon

When in doubt, put your hair up in a chignon for a smart and pristine aura. Slay the look with your fringe out. 

Tip #4: Go for the 60s Loose Textured Curls

If you noticed Hepburn's waves in her hair, they are not that pronounced and dramatic. They stay classic and loose in a textured way to retain body. 

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Tip #5: Match Your Hair With a Little Jewelry

Increase the glam factor of your hair with jewelry either directly attached to your hair or on your ears or neck. 

Tip #6: Puffy Half-Up and Flowing Half-Down Hairdo

Can't decide whether to put your hair up or let it stay down? Do both with this look and you'll never go wrong. 

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Tip #7: Wear Your Most Confident Smile

But at the end of the day, just smile and be confident! A girl can do anything with a bold smile. 


That's a wrap for the entire Audrey Hepburn 60s look. We hope you loved the ideas stated for the tutorial and will try your hand at a few. Truly, Hepburn was a legend not only because of her prestigious films but also due to her lasting grace and style.