7 Mistakes Capricorn Woman Tend To Make When In Love

Although a Capricorn woman will never make wrong judgements about her love life, there are certain mistakes she tends to make when in love.

By Amanda Palmer
7 Mistakes Capricorn Woman Tend To Make When In Love

A Capricorn Woman's Personality

A Capricorn woman paints a pretty picture of a strong personality who is often very independent and ambitious. She is someone who believes in running shoulder to shoulder to men in every field. She is someone who knows exactly what she wants from a relationship and is not afraid of being alone. When in a relationship she needs a lot of love right from the beginning. She is not someone who cares much about exotic outings or holidays. She knows that she can fend for herself very well.

From her lover, she desires a sense of familiarity, coziness and their traditions. To build tradition in a relationship, she needs to enjoy repeated experiences with her partner as this tradition makes her feel safe and loved.

The fact that she comes across as a powerful and tough woman is a false facade that she wears in front of the world. Her real love would be someone who manages to penetrate in her shell and see her sensitive self. She wants her partner to respect her.

A Capricorn woman tends to sacrifice her desires for the benefits of others and often shies away from her feelings. Often in a relationship, she ends up the martyr or takes up the entire responsibility on her shoulders. Her true love will not let that happen, and she will reciprocate then in the most beautiful way.

A Capricorn Woman in Love

When a Capricorn woman falls in love, she takes some time to come to terms with her feelings. Although she takes a lot of time to choose her partner and does not fall in love blindly, she takes some time to admit to herself about her feelings. She has a strong intuitive sense and generally does not make a wrong decision regarding her love life. Initially, in a love relationship, she will keep her feelings guarded until she feels very confident about her partner.

This sometimes leaves her unsatisfied in life because her mind also rules her love life. She does not let the weak emotions and feelings of love decide her partner and will often choose to be with someone who is safe and feels 'right.' 

A Capricorn Woman's Negative Traits

Although certain characteristics of a Capricorn woman can be seen as a negative trait when calculating her compatibility with other signs, there are some signs with which her characteristics pair very well.
A Capricorn female does not easily move with new people. She takes time to get close to people, and it is tough to befriend them easily. She is very warm and trusting in a relationship but will have to have oodles of patience to get close to her.

So, take your time and learn to love all the sides to this complicated sign! It will be worth it in the end!!

Capricorn Woman Love Advice With Other Zodiac Signs

Read the description below to see the compatibility of a Capricorn woman with other signs of the Zodiac:


Not an ideal match, this one will have a lot of problems. The constant bickering between the Ram and the Goat might result in a very unhealthy relationship.
A Capricorn woman is quite dominant by nature, and the Aries man will find it difficult to play a submissive role. A lot of compromises are required from both the partners to make this relationship work.


This can be excellent compatibility for both the partners. Both the Earth signs share same values on the professional front and beneath the sheets too. In household matters, they share a similar mindset regarding finances.


This compatibility will spark off initially like fire, but in due time, their relationship will hit a dry patch. The very responsible Capricorn will not very happy with the flighty and restless ways of the Gemini man.


A great example of how opposites attract, a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman manage to complement each other and bring about the best in each other. Theirs can turn out to be successful long-term compatibility because each can provide what the other lacks. They might face some issues when the Cancer man demands some affection and the Capricorn woman does not give in to unnecessary emotions.


Although this pairing will take off on a very erotic note, a long-term partnership is unlikely. They are great in bed, but when compared to lifestyle and ethics, they are vastly different.


A Capricorn woman and a Virgo man make a natural match with long-lasting possibilities. Their differences complement each other.


A Capricorn woman with a Libra man in a relationship can have a lot of problems. The Libra man loves to socialize while the Capricorn woman prefers the company of her close friends. A Libra man also leads a very extravagant and lavish lifestyle much to the dismay of his responsible woman.


This pairing can work only if the Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman communicate with each other openly. A Scorpio man desires to reach inside the hard outer shell of his woman. She needs to show her vulnerable side to him.


This is not an ideal match either because the Capricorn woman and the Saggitarius man have very different values and characteristics.
A realistic Capricorn woman and highly depress her optimistic Sagittarius man.


This match is professionally compatible but does not get along on the romantic side.


Although same signs do not match well, a Capricorn woman's pairing with a Pisces man is a hit. Both share workaholic tendencies and a huge sexual appetite.

7 Mistakes made by a Capricorn Woman in Love

A Capricorn woman can prove to be the most romantic lover a person could ever have. But to make them love so deeply, a strong man who has the capability of penetrating her hard outer shell is required. If a Capricorn woman falls in love with you, then you are a lucky man, and she will fill your home with love, laughter, security, and prosperity. They can handle problems efficiently and are also quite organized. It will take time to get there, you will need a lot of patience, affection and trust to get to that level of relationship with her.

But as no one is perfect in this world, the Capricorn woman also tends to make a lot of mistakes when in love which more often than not lands their partners in trouble. Read the description below to know about some seven possible mistakes your lady love might make. Some may hurt her, and some may hurt you, but if you are aware of them beforehand, you might come up with a newer way of tackling them.

1. They Refuse To Try Something New

For a Capricorn woman, stability, security, routine, and familiarity are vital. She is one of the most organized signs of the Zodiac who has a plan and a backup plan for every important step in life. This characteristic creates stagnancy and monotony in relationships.
To counter this, a Capricorn woman should try at least one new thing every month with her partner to bring on a fresh breath of air in their routine lives.

2. Care about Too Many People

Capricorns tend showing their love and care for too many people. This, at times, puts a lot of burden on their shoulders and sometimes many people take advantage of their personality. They can often be cheated or used for money, sexual pleasures or to get chores done. To counter this, a Capricorn woman should wait for a few months in a relationship before giving herself completely to her partner.

3. They are Too Critical

A Capricorn woman often holds very high standards for herself and also tends to expect the same from others. She also does not hold back if she finds that someone has not put in their 100%. This characteristic can pose a danger if she puts her opinion in front of her lover in their relationship or sex life. To counter this, you have to remember that not everything that comes into your mind should be spoken out loud.

4. They Are Materialistic

A Capricorn woman holds greater value for materialistic things even if that leaves her feeling sad, unhappy or lonely. She needs to understand that nothing is more significant than true love in this world.

5. They Are Very Bossy

A Capricorn woman can be very bossy in their work front as well as at home. They are born leaders but this quality although might help them in their workspace, at home, this comes across as domineering. If your partner is not too submissive in the relationship and wants his own 50% stand, then things might get tough. To counter this, learn to respect and value your partner's opinions too.

6. They Have A Strong Intuitive Sense

Capricorns are born leaders, and the reason why they succeed in the work front is also that most of the time they are correct. They have a strong intuitive sense and sharp insight. 
This slowly becomes their character and gets into their head. Sometimes, even if they are wrong, they do not agree, and this could create a lot of issues especially at home. They also do not accept their faults easily and blame their partners for everything.

7. They Don't Compromise

Their uncompromising nature can also lead to issues at home. She needs to listen and respond to her partner's needs too and cannot have everything the way she wants.

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This above description tells us about the mistakes a Capricorn woman makes in a relationship which might lead to problems in love. 


This brief description gives a rough idea of the characteristics of a Capricorn woman. While the science of Zodiac compatibility and pairing do give us an in-depth insight into every sign's personality, relationship compatibility and behavior in love, one must remember that true love knows no boundaries and restrictions. You can make any relationship work if true love persists!

No matter where you fit in the signs of Capricorn lovers, have fun and enjoy each aspect of the relationship - love is usually enough! Good luck!

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