99 Cute Finger Tattoo Designs You'll Find Adorable

Finger tattoos are petite and cute. If you are planning to get one on your finger then do check out these 99 cute finger tattoos.

By Amanda Palmer
99 Cute Finger Tattoo Designs You'll Find Adorable

Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are sweet, sexy, mysterious and cute. They help expressing one's thought's, ideals, beliefs and philosophy on one's self. Finger tattoos are a tiny piece of intricate art done to express yourself on your fingers. Some people get a finger tattoo on the top of their fingers, while some get it hidden beneath their fingers in their palm. Some women even get a finger tattoo hidden between two fingers and show it to the world only when they feel like. This adds a mysterious aura to their personality and raises their swag quotient like never before. 

Finger tattoos are a great start into the world of tattoos. If you are someone who thinks getting a tattoo on the body is too much, then a finger tattoo is just the perfect tattoo art you should opt for. It is minimal and yet impactful. You also get to feel the pain when you get inked. If you plan to get a bigger tattoo elsewhere late, you now have an idea of the pain you will have to go through. Finger tattoos are fun to get creative with and to conceptualize. 

Many women opt for meaningful and symbolic tattoos. They express their values, beliefs or personas via their cute finger tattoos. Although tattoos have grown quite popular these days and become a fashion fad, it does not go down very well in our parent's generation. If you also belong to a family of conservative parents or parents who do not like the idea of getting their children inked all over their bodies, then too, finger tattoos are a great way to calm their nerves and get their nods of appreciation. 

Given below are some of our best and cutest finger tattoo designs that you can choose from:

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Getting Cute Finger Tattoos

While selecting your finger tattoo, do not get carried away. Think about having a permanent ink art on your body for a long time. Ofcourse, you need to be sensible and select a design which will not irritate you or bore you for months to come. Visualize your fingers with a tattoo design you have in mind. If you are still not sure, try making a similar design with a sketch pen on your fingers and keep repeating it if it washes away. If you feel that you really like it and would want a cute design forever, only then go in for a finger tattoo. 

You have now completed the first step towards getting a finger tattoo. 

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Things to keep in mind while getting a finger tattoo

Once you have decided on getting a finger tattoo, there are certain other facts which you must consider before taking the plunge:

1. It will hurt

Finger tattoos will sting. Remember, getting a tattoo hurts and when you get it on delicate parts of your body where your skin is soft, it hurts even more. Fingers are full of nerves and very thin skin. The skin on the fingers is placed on the knuckles and bones. There is hardly any fat or muscle to cushion the sensation of the needle of tattoo pen.Finger tattoos hurt more than any other locations. 

But whatever said and done, finger tattoos are looked upon as a symbol of love, commitment or an important message to the outside world. People agree to go through the pain if they decide to get a finger tattoo done as a symbolic representation of their love.

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2. Finger Tattoos fade quickly

The skin on the fingers soaks up the tattoo ink differently than the skin on the other parts of the body. Our fingers are constantly exposed to friction, washing and because there is not too much fat in the fingers, the tattoo fades away quickly. Finger tattoo designs fade away more quickly as compared to other parts of the body. If you really like your finger tattoo design, you might have to get it re-touched periodically. 

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3. It is a tough place for a perfect tattoo

If you have a particular intricate design in mind, a finger is not the ideal place to get it done. The reason being that the finger is a tiny area and the due to the tricky nature of the finger skin, the ink does not appear as very dark and the colors also do not appear as very bright. The tattoo lines also tend to get very fuzzy and unclear. So either select a simple design or do not be very particular about the sharpness of your design. 

4. Upkeep required

If you really like your finger tattoo design and want it to stay the way it is then you need to get it touched up rather frequently. Whenever your ink starts fading, you might need to get an appointment from your tattoo artist for a touch up. 


5. Do not go for Wedding Ring Finger Tattoos

Ring finger tattoos are just what their name suggests. Diamond shapes, runes, dates and initials are some of the most common ring finger tattoos that people opt for. Although the concept sounds sweet. I know it does not substitute for a real diamond ring but you have both to symbolize your longlasting relationship. 

But the reason why one should not opt for wedding ring finger tattoos is also related to the fading of finget tattoo designs. After some months, the ink on the fleshy part of the fingers tend to fade away and you are mostly left with a blotchy part of your design on the finger. 

Sometimes, these wedding ring finger tattoos become a hindrance to your actual wedding rings and the beauty of your rings lessen with a dark blotch appearing on the sides. Finger tattoos tend to get hazy and light after some time so it is best to have them on some other fingers and save your wedding ring fingers for actual wedding rings. 

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Types of Finger Tattoos

Now that we have discussed about all the facts you should be aware of before getting your finger tattoo, let us proceed to various cute finger tattoo designs. The pictures shown in this articles are examples of the many designs one can get. These pictures are all varied ranging from symbolic, letters, love tattoo designs and others. Select your preferred design from the pictures. Your finger tattoo design would reflect your sense of style. 

Some people even get finger tattoos matching with their close friends or boyfriends to symbolize the depth and love between them. A finger tattoo could also be a milestone to a personal event in your life like a childbirth or marraige. Finger tattoo designs could also mean the beginning of a new relationship or the end of one. 

There are many types of finger tattoos:
* Wedding Ring Tattoos
* Zodiac Sign Tattoos
* Love Tattoos
* Feather Tattoos

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding Ring Tattoos can be an interesting and unique wedding tradition. Getting a similar ring finger tattoo on the fingers can be a sweet way to embark on a new marital journey of life. Both the spouses can either get their initials inked or their wedding dates inked. Everyone desires to do something different for their wedding and a ring finger tattoo is a great way to do something unique for your marriage. If you do not want to spend unnecessarily on a costly diamond ring too, then getting a ring finger tattoos on your fingers is a beautiful way to seal your relationship. Many young American couples are skipping the diamond ring tradition thesedays and preferring to get themselves inked. 

Feather Finger Tattoos

Feather finger tattoos is one of the most popular tattoo ideas. In the pictures here, you will find many feather finger design ideas. It has a cultural heritage and deep symbolic meaning. One can get it done in various ideas. A feather tattoo design is a symbolic of the character of the bird it was plucked from. These feather designs can symbolize taking flight, being elegant or being very clever. They reflect the characters of the birds they are picked from. It means that your personality is similar to the bird whose feather you have got inked on your finger. 


Zodiac Sign Finger Tattoos

Zodiac finger tattoos are astrological tattoos or horscope tattoos which either speak about your relationship with a particular zodiac sign or your own zodiac sign. These are simple but they can symbolize volumes of your personality. You can ink various signs of the zodiac sign like the animal or flower it is connected with. Zodiac tattoo ideas are the safest ideas as this is a design you can never get bored of. Your feelings, beliefs, love and idols may change, but your zodiac sign remains same forever. 


Cute Diamond Finger Tattoos

Diamond finger tattoos ideas are highly popular. These ideas are common for both men and women and people get it on any finger. Diamond look great as small finger tattoos. Some people pair them with other designs while some have only diamonds as their small finger tattoos. A diamond as your small finger tattoo can be a stand-alone tattoo because of your love for diamonds or your aspiration to get one for yourself soon. This is also an ideal design for little finger tattoos. 


Cute One Word Tattoos

One-word designs as little finger tattoos or small finger tattoos are the best tattoos for your fingers. They are impressive and catch a lot of attention. Everyone wants to read the words and know the reason behind getting those words inked as your little finger tattoos or small finger tattoos. They look elegant and very simple. One-word can speak about your personality, beliefs and values. It can also tell the world about your love. One-word like 'peace' or 'faith' can have a lot of meaning in your life and you may want to have it as your little finger tattoo or your small finger tattoo forever in your life. 

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Meaning of Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoo designs can have or may not have any meaning. Some people might choose only very cute looking cute finger tattoo designs and some may choose meaningful finger tattoo designs. Some may choose zodiac signs or important dates as their little finger tattoos or small finger tattoos. 


Ideal Placement of Cute Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos hurt a lot. There is no ideal placement for finger tattoos because the skin in the hands is same throughout. It is thin and the fingers are full of nerves. There is no cushion of fat beneath the skin to add some absorption for the pain. Finger tattoos eventually fade too because hands are always in contact with some friction, movement or frequent washing. This leads to eventual fading of the finger tattoo. The skin in the armpits is thin too. If you are planning to get a tattoo on your armpits, be prepared for a lot of pain. Your finger tattoo will pain a lot too.

There is no ideal placement of finger tattoos as people get them anywhere on the fingers. Some get it on top of the fingers while some get it beneath their fingers. Some get little finger tattoos while some get small finger tattoos. Some get finger tattoos on their fingertips while some get it below their nails. 

Finger Tattoos Preparation Tips

Now that you have decided to get a particular design inked on your finger, there are some preparation tips before you get your cute little finger tattoos. The trend of finger tattoos has been made popular with celebrities these days. We see many celebrites showing off their cute little finger tattoos on screen. One can find small tattoos on the sides of the fingers, near the knuckles or even beneath the fingers. Clients post thier tattoo pictures on pinterest or on instagram and many people take inspiration from there. But one needs to remember that although, finger tattoos look nice, they do not stay the same and need regular touchups. If they fade, you are lucky as you can get it done again but if they get blurry, as they usually do, you will have to wait for them to fade quickly to get a fresh one again. 

Before going to the tattoo artist, you can do some manicure. Keep your hands dry and clean when you get a tattoo done. After a finger tattoo, do not exfoliate your hands too often as this will cause the ink to fade away and leave your skin blotchy. 

Some firms have strict laws for tattoos and if you get a finger tattoo, you cannot hide it from your colleagues. So if your job norms do not allow you to get a visible tattoo, then you might have to consider another part of your body.

Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting Finger Tattoos

One of the most important questions asked is about the cost of a tattoo. Although big tattoo artists charge huge amounts as they have established themselves in the industry, an average shop has a minimum amount that they charge for finger tattoo designs. It does not matter whether a floral design is at the back of the finger or on top of it. The minimum amount of a finger tattoo also varies from location to location. One can expect $60 for a finger tattoo in Chicago while the same tattoo could cost between $50 to $90 in the UK,. 

Tattoo pricing does depend on the place where you want it to be done. Some artists charge hourly rates, while some charge according to the designs. A good tattoo is not cheap and while getting a tattoo, do not compromise on the rates because it is something that will be visible to you and the outside world every day. Be sure of the design you want and be prepared to see the same design every day for the next couple of months. 

Maintenance Tips After Getting Finger Tattoos

Once you have got a finger tattoo, there are some maintenance tips that can help you keep your tattoo long lasting and vibrant. Regular touch-ups will let you maintain your tattoos better. You might need touch ups more than once every year. Tattoos on the sides, bottom or near the knuckle might need a lot of touch ups. Select an experienced tattoo artist who has worked on a lot of finger designs. The artist should be very patient and skilled for giving you a finger tattoo. 

Love Infinity Finger Tattoo

A Love Infinity finger tattoo is done to signify the moment of love between a couple and also to signify the status of their marriage. 

Select a design from the above pictures and get your own finger tattoo .You can even take inspiration from the net or choose a design close to your heart. Finger tattoos are really cute and you can get a minimal and symbolic design for yourself that will make you full of awe whenever you look at your fingers. 



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