30 Most Adorable Tiny Tattoos You'll Want To Copy From Celebrities

Celebrities have often been spotted with really cute and adorable tattoos. Here are some 30 tiny tattoos taken from celebrities that you would want to copy.

By Amanda Palmer
30 Most Adorable Tiny Tattoos You'll Want To Copy From Celebrities

All About Tattoos

Everyone is going crazy about tattoos. These tiny or large inked patterns on skin has taken the world by storm and everyone wants to have at least one. While some prefer big and huge designs, there are others who prefer teeny weenie designs which can be covered up when they don't want the world to see it. 

Tiny tattoos are ideal if you are going for your first ink. They expose you to the pain behind getting one and with a small tattoo; you can prepare yourself for a bigger one. As tattoo removal is not easy, you should start with small tattoos first. 

A tiny and cute tattoo design could be just a cute little design or a powerful word message. This word message could be for the world or it could some a powerful impact on your life. Tiny tattoos are a great way of remembering a particular incident or date which you would always want to cherish in your life, e.g. You can get the birth date of your son or daughter inked on your wrist as a sweet reminder of your bundle of love. 

Tiny tattoos although small can be very impactful. Cute tattoo designs also reflect your fun and sweet inner persona. 

Tiny and Cute Tattoo Designs

Ranging from gorgeous faces to floral designs, cute tattoos are adorable. Unique graphic symbols and quotes also look adorable and reflect your belief in something. There are plenty of options when it comes to tiny and cute tattoos. 

One can take inspiration from the various tattoos in the internet or copy some cute tattoos from celebrities. You can always create your own cute and tiny tattoos too. Tattoos are always-changing. Something that was trending a few years back might no longer be in fashion now. Something that you liked years back could have you cringing at the mere sight of it. Ranging from infinity symbols to unique tribal prints, tattoos are endless. Although some tattoo designs remain uniform, there are a few which keep resurfacing after every few years. 

Since a few years, the tiny tattoo craze has revolved around animal faces. These animal faces are seen everywhere right from your fingers to your ankle. People are coming up with new and interesting places to get their tiny animal faces inked on their bodies. The animals which people choose could also have a story behind. While some animals reflect your inner personality, some choose an animal's face only because they find that animal really cute. For example, a woman can get a rabbit's face inked on her little finger because she finds a rabbit really cute and adorable. 

A lot of American Indian-themed sleeves have also been in great demand. Tattoos with an animal headdress piece with either a female face or a lion face has been really popular. Apart from lion, a tiger and a cheetah has also been spotted as a headdress. 

Not many people prefer to choose from the flashboards with generic prints as shown by the many tattoo artists. Instead, people are opting for many personal pieces and designs which they draw themselves or get illustrated by artists or illustrators. 

What was really iconic in the 90s is no more a preferred tattoo design now. Nowadays, tramp stamps and tribal arm bands are really in demand. For smaller tattoos, people are opting for hearts and arrows or single quotes for their tiny tattoo designs. Girls generally opt for tiny floral designs or cute quotes printed on their fingers. Even mandalas are a huge trend these days. 

Celebrity Tattoo Trend

Celebrities have always managed to set trends which their fans follow like crazy. Although their trends don't last as long as their careers, they do give us some fashion goals for sometime afterwhich they are ready with another trend. 

Tattooing is an aesthetic art in which the trends and connotations keep shifting. The trend for tattoos keep changing as people always desire a unique tattoo and do not want the same tattoos as their parents had. The generation gap exists in the choice of tattoos. 

A body of a Sudanese villager from the 700 AD kept in a British museum currently has the monogram of Archangel Michael inked on the inner thigh. This just proves that tattoos had been popular since time immemorial. Tattoos have been popular with Japanese, Egyptians and aristocrats since a very long time. 

Celebrity Winston Churchill had a tattoo of his anchor on his forearm. President Theodore Roosevelt had a tattoo of his family crest on his chest and King Harold II had a tattoo of his wife's name, Edith inked over his heart. Many such celebrities and famous people in the past had tattoos tiny or large on their bodies. 

In modern times, the tattoo trend is quintessentially taken forward by famous celebrities. The modern mainstream tattooing is getting driven by our popular celebrities. Celebrities often get the exposure to the best in every field before the mainstream public. They set trends and we people follow them. 

Regarding the trend of tattoos taken forward by celebrities, a tattoo artist was quoted as saying, “If you see a celebrity on TV with a lot of visible tattooing, chances are we’ll get an email the next day saying, ‘I like this idea’, people go off for summer holidays having seen people showing off their tattoos, and then all come back in August asking for certain designs, and that business goes into the winter.”

Seeing the craze for tattoos in celebrities, this art has gained massive importance and many professionals have come up in this field, some which design tattoos, some which only illustrate and some which write about the various patterns and their meanings. 

Famous celebrity Helen Mirren stated that tattoos were very popular many many years ago when only sailors and prisoners got themselves tattooed. She was quoted saying, "And I decided to get a tattoo because it was the most shocking thing I could think of doing, and now I'm utterly disgusted and shocked because it's become completely mainstream, which is unacceptable to me."

Celebrities like Cheryl Cole, Pamela Anderson and Hary Styles have all sparked the tattoo trend. Celebrity Pamela Anderson sparked the barbed wire tattoo craze way back in 1995 but that trend is no more in fashion now. Her tattoo looks faded and now she wants to remove the ink. 

Celebrity Harry Styles started the trend for stripped down, black tattoos. They looked 'prison-like' and had resemblance to tattoos shown in books called, 'The Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia'. 

Celebrity David Beckham's famous black and grey, detailed tattoos were influenced by a totally different era of prison culture. 

Tattooing in the LA prisons way back in the 70s and 80s were done with single needles as they did not have tattoo machines. Tattoo can also be linked to the hip hop American rap culture. The tattoos reflecting American rap culture were more of scripts and graffiti and swirly writing. 

Celebrity Cheryl Cole started new tattoo trends with her unique hand tattoo that lead many people to copy her style. 

Although many celebrities did not opt for tattoos because of their visibility and the fact that their profession demanded their bodies to be spotless and presentable, many celebrities are now breaking barriers with tiny an cute tattoos which are hardly visible and can be easily covered. 

Tattoo Regrets Amongst Celebrities

The greatest regrets regarding tattoos amongst celebrities are about an ill-placed and badly done tattoo. They also get into trouble at times with their contracts if the tattoo is somewhere visible. It the tattoo is small and discreet and can be covered, the celebrities do not face any problems. Hence, more and more celebrities these days are opting for small and cute tattoo designs. 

Tattoos also reflect their fashion choices. If people do not accept a particular tattoo design, they receive a lot of backlash from their fans.

30 Cute and Adorable Tiny Tattoos of Celebrities

The following are some cute and tiny tattoo designs of celebrities. Many of them are done on the wrist or ankles. Flower designs, meaningful quotes and some cute faces are the main choices of celebrities. Take your pick from the below celebrity designs or get inspired by these and innovate your own tattoo designs. 

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Many young girls opt for pretty flower tattoos or other meaningful quotes on their wrists and ankles. Some girls even get meaningful quotes or flower tattoos on the back of their neck. This area can be easily covered with thier hair if they do not wish to show it. Some girls choose more discreet locations like underbelly, innerthigh or underboobs. These areas of girls can be easily kept hidden from the world at large and they can showcase their tattoos only in swimming costumes or bikinis or short clothes like these. 

Wrist is a great location to get some meaningful quotes or flower patterns tattooed. You can choose quotes or designs which have some impact on your lives or choose some really cute and tiny tattoos which raise your style quotient immensely. 

Tiny and cute tattoos can be done on the arm also. This area in girls can be easily covered when they do not want to show their cute arm tattoos. They can wear sleeveless tops when they wish to showcase their arm tattoos. Selecting an appropriate tattoo area is very essential. Do not choose an area of your body or a tattoo design which will have you cringing after a few years. But, as it is difficult to predict whether you will like a particular tattoo after a few years or not, it is advised to go for tiny, cute or meaningful tattoos which not never bother you. 

Happy tattooing!



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