50 Dark Hair Color Ideas & Styles You Must Check Out

So you've always wanted to try dark hair colors, well, here's some ideas to try out. These colors are guaranteed to brighten your skin.

By MJ Faublas
50 Dark Hair Color Ideas & Styles You Must Check Out

Dark Hair Equals Fun Girl

The saying that "blondes have more fun" was not created by a darked hair hottie. Of course, if more research was made, the facts would include, "blondes have more fun in the absence of dark haired hotties". Yep! It's been said and it will continue to be said. Dark haired beauties have more fun than any other beauty. 

Dark haired beauties have to remain conservative, and yet animated; they have to maintain great responsibilities, and yet have an approachable side. So you see, the dark hair beauty has much to uphold when it comes to balance. 

So, let's say you've been wondering of which hair color to choose as the seasons change. You've been blonde, red, and you've even tried pink and purple. But when it comes to doing dark, you seem hesitant. It could be due to the stereotypes placed on dark hair beauties. You don't want to come off as uptight, too serious, or distant. However, the more you think about it, the more reason you find in the ideas that come with going dark.

For example, your new dark hair will give you a sense of mystery. You will have the option to add highlights to your dark hair color. And finally, the hair style ideas are ridiculous. You'll have so much fun with your new dark hair that you'll wonder why it took so long to make this decision. So, let's explore the ideas and possibilities.

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Dark Hair Don't Care

The idea of coloring your brown hair dark can be frightening, or unimagineable if you are a blonde. But, for one moment, imagine where your mysterious side gets to be explored. You can mystify your circle of friends with the choice to color your hair dark. You can bring excitement to your hair styles, and bring out the most unknown parts of yourself out to play.

But, then again, you could play it safe, keep your hair as it is and wonder what is missing in your life. Well, the choice is yours. But, one thing that's for sure, those who venture out of their comfort zones are more happy and confident. So, would you rather be as confident as Wonder Woman, or live in the shadows of your unknown self?

You decide.

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Let's Explore the Dark Hair Color Charts

Dark hair is not simply black hair. Dark hair color comes in a variety of shades and can include highlights. From the shades of brown, to the darkest of black, the dark side is filled with a complex of colors to choose from. But, in order for you to understand the importants of dark hair color, we must explore the charts.

Super Dark Hair Color Ideas AKA Black Ops

Black hair is the main option you might feel you have when it comes to the color of your dark hair. But, even the color black has its shade options on the dark charts. Here are some ideas you may want to try:

1. Blue-Black Dark Hair Color

It's a dark color choice filled with mystery. Is your hair navy blue? Or is it jet black? Only the sun can expose your dark secrets. This hair color is top in the dark hair color charts. And not everyone can get away with this tenacious hair color, so give it a try.

2. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Jet Black & Straight

The dark hair color jet black will bring out your eyes, no matter their color. However, the darker your eyes, the more they will be highlighted. And your skin will also glow like never before. 

3. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Black with Blue Highlights

Who said your dark hair had to be boring? Sprinkle some color into that dark color. It can be blue or green, the option is all yours. But never think that your dark hair color has to be boring.

4. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Black and Wavy

This style option adds some volume and life back into your dark hair color. Your only option when wearing your dark hair color is not straight, you can wear your dark hair color wavy, which will add life back onto your head. Not to mention the beauty of your skin against that dark hair color. Enjoy!

5. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Middle Part Style

Let's say you're not so adventurous in the hair color and style options, so what better way to get your feet wet in the dark hair color ideas than to go dark, but keep the traditional center part, straight style? It's beautiful, mysterious, and simply classic.

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6. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Long & Black

If you're unafraid of some length, this could be the perfect style for your newly dark hair color. Not only will you have great color, but the length will be so much fun to play with.

7. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Blue/Black Waves

Maybe you couldn't commit, but you can just add the dark hair color option to your naturally wild blue hair. Good choice.

8. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Wigged Out

The options are limitless when you wear a wig as your dark hair option. Just in case you're not ready to commit to the many dark colors that are available, you can try it out temporarily with a wig. And with most wigs being lace front, you have endless options in dark hair styles to try.

9. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Black & Short

Nothing brings out the sexy in you like a short crop cut, now imagine if it was black. Your skin would glow, your eyes would pop, and most importantly, your fierceness would come out to play.

10. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Black, Purple, Bob'd

What other way to bring some fun to the traditional bob hair style than with a hint of color. If your original color was brown, the added highlights might be a bit off, but if your original hair was lighter, then that color will pop and bring out all your beauty for admiration.

Color Me Chocolate Dark Hair Option

Ok, so black hair might not be for you right now and to get you started on your path to dark hair, the color brown (or brunette) could be more of your style. The wonderful thing about brown hair color is that it can be as dark as you wish or have some highlights to enhance your look. Let's explore your brown hair colors  from dark to medium.

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11. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Deep Brunette Waves

Even if you're not ready to take a walk on the complete dark side, the color brown can be your introduction to dark hair color options. Brown is a versatile color that can be as dark as black or medium in color. So the ideas are endless.

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12. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Chocolate Belle

Chocolate doesn't have to be just for eating, sometimes, a dark chocolate hair color can be just what the doctor prescribed.

13. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Reddish Brown Spirals

Remember that adding dark colors together could just get you the ideal color that you've been searching for. This reddish brown color is spectacular and the spirals really bring out the color and style.

14. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Dark Brown Curly Updo

This hair style can be ideal for your wedding or holiday party. The dark brown color is elegant and adds sophistication to your updo ideas.

15. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Brown with Extensions

Let's say you decided to get that hair cut for the summer, and now you've decided you want your length back after trying out that dark brown color you've been wanting to try. Well, the best way to add length to your temporary short locks is to add some extensions. The extensions can be the same color or even a dark shade of brown. It's all up to you.

16. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Dark Brown Layer'd Bob

This one is for those of us not only wanting to take a walk on the dark side, but also wanting to slide through the short side. This dark brown layered bob is perfect. Try it, you'll love it.

17. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Dark Brown Ombre

If you're wanting to add some flair to your summer hair, this dark brown ombre mix of colors is perfect.

18. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Chocolate Short Bob

This short bob is versatile and ideal for those hot summers. You can go from the office to an evening out with the girls without having to worry about your hair.

19. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Dark Brown High Pony

So you added the colors, but were not sure about cutting. Well, this high pony is perfect for your new hair color. It will add style to any ensemble you may want to wear.

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20. Dark Hair Color Ideas: Dark Chocolate Ombre Highlights

This style is not for the less adventurous, because not only are you walking all over the dark side, but there is a festive party all around your head. Be brave and try this one out.

Hair Styles to Try with Your Dark Hair

Now that you're more comfortable with your dark hair, you realize your skin glows like an angel, and you're feeling more confident. We might as well dive into some new styles to wear with that color. If you've gone through the hair color chart and found the best color that suits you, your skin, and your facial features, the last thing is to choose a hair style and head to the beautician to make it temporarily permanent.

Your new hair style with your hair color is guaranteed to land you a new beau if you're single or make your man take a second look at you if you're already taken. So get ready for some fun this summer.

Dark, Medium, & Brown Hair Styles

21. Hair Style & Color: French Side Braid

This French braid look is unique, and will spark up many conversations at any gathering. So get ready to be the center of attention.

22. Hair Style & Color: Blunt Bob

The most stylish, fashion forward woman will admire you for trying out this bold look. The blunt bob is not for the faint of heart, and matched with the dark brown color, you'll be making one of the most sophisticated statements this summer.

23. Hair Style & Color: Pony with a Twist

For that summer wedding, this pony with a twist will be essential. Whether your a bridesmaid or just a guest of honor, your hair will be the talk of town.

24. Hair Style & Color: Bride with Flare

If you're that bride that loves to make a statement with your hair, than this style is perfect for you. It's right in the dark hair color chart and will leave your guests in awe of your beauty.

25. Hair Style & Color: Spiral Diva!

If you're looking for that curly hair style to make your eyes and skin pop, well look no more. This style is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.

26. Hair Color & Style: Prom Ready!

For that prom look, this style is perfection. Your dress, hair, and skin will all be adored when you make your magical entrance.

27. Hair Style & Color: Brown Black Magic

This color is not for the weak, and the style screams "adore me!" So, if you're feeling adventurous, try it on for size.

28. Hair Style & Color: Sleek Chic

For the chic style in each woman, this color and style combo is above all charts. You'll look mezmerizing at any event, and if you're just heading to work....Here's to Mondays!

29. Hair Style & Color: Haiku Bob

It's short, simple, and sophisticated. This haiku bob is perfection and will make your skin and bone structure look amazing.

30. Hair Style & Color: Bunched Updo

Not one to stick to traditional hair color or style? Well, this updo will be just what you needed to make your mark at any summer event.

Black Hair Color & Styles

Welcome to the dark side and there are no exits. All you have to do is sit in the beauticians chair and let her do her magic. Guaranteed, you'll be satisfied. You ready?

31. Black Hair: Frazzled Short

Regardless of your profession, you must admit, this is one hair style that requires a level of confidence to be worn around town. And you are that confident woman that will make all viewers admire your bravery and beauty. Above and beyond the charts with this hair style and color combo.

32. Black Hair: Long, Spiraled Curls

It seems like a simple hair style and color combo, until you pair it with that outfit you've been saving for that special night. And then it's all eyes on you. So be ready.

33. Black Hair: Spiraled Short

Let's say you wanted to go for that "Oh I'm having a bad hair day" look, but secretly knowing this is the style you intended to wear. Well, look below and give it a try.

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34. Black Hair: Samurai Pony

For the ninja in all of us, this style is ideal. Be it for Halloween, Cosplay, or a Friday!

35. Black Hair: Wedding Ready

Well, for all those weddings this summer, there is a style for every bride.

36. Black Hair: Breaking All Rules!

Ever had bangs so short, you wondered what you were thinking? Well, there's a time for trying everything once. Now go out there and break all the rules and live above the charts.

37. Black Hair: Wild & Loving Life

This hair style is perfect for those Fridays when you know you won't make it home until Sunday. Your hair is bedhead ready and you are loving each strand.

38. Black Hair: Just Bowtiful

Wanting to add a little dazzle to your simple updo? Well, here's a bow.

39. Black Hair: Wild Braid

Not sure how to wear your hair for that first date that happens to be a picnic? Well, here you go!

40. Black Hair: Wild Bun

For those busy Saturdays, here is a hair style that will make you look like you never miss a beat.

Many More Colors & Styles

If all the colors and styles were not what you were looking for, here's some simple, sophisticated, work-ready styles to choose from.

41. Dark Hair: Boardroom Ready

That presentation is ready, your suit is pressed, all that's left is your hair. Well, try the style below. You're bound to impress your boss.

42. Dark Hair: Bridal Sleek Look

For the bride that appreciates simplicity, this hair style will be beautiful on all her bridesmaids.

43. Dark Hair: Lovely Hair

The style is simple and yet versatile. This look is for the party girl who can't commit to a full updo.

44. Dark Hair: Ended with Curls

Not one for a head filled with curls? Well, how about just some curls at the end and call it done.

45. Dark Hair: Simply Straight

The simplicest of all straight hair styles for dark hair beauties, but still never losing its ability to turn heads. Enjoy! 

46. Dark Hair: Short Bob'd & Sleek

A hair style only to be tried by a warrior who must conceal her true identity wink. You will turn all heads with this color and style combo.

47. Dark Hair: Bang & Bob

For the busy girl that has little to no time for her hair styles, this look can be worn as is or pinned up on one side to add sass. The choices are yours to choose from.

48. Dark Hair: Clipped

For the clipper happy diva, this look is beautiful and just for you.

49. Dark Hair: Transitioned

Wanting to transition to the dark side, but not wanting to let go of your signature look? Well, here you go!

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50. Dark Hair: Massively Goth!

She told you she was about that life, and yet no one was prepared for this massively goth look.

Choose & Wear Wisely

The dark side is a side once you venture into, you might not ever leave, so when choosing your colors, choose wisely. The hair style that you pair with your color is just as important. But of course, styles come and go, but colors are where your true personality lies.

No matter your background, profession, or recreational activities, you will find that the dark side is the best place to be. In order to enjoy your dark hair color, you must first select from the many styles provided above. Then and only then can you truly dive into the dark side and be one with the world.



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