50 Cute & Trendy Curly Hairstyles With Bangs In 2018

Who says you can't have bangs with curly hair? Here are 50 amazing and trendy curly hairstyles with bangs rocking the fashion charts in 2018.

By Amanda Palmer
50 Cute & Trendy Curly Hairstyles With Bangs In 2018

Curly hair with bangs

Bangs need a lot of commitment and care to maintain them. Curly hair with bangs are trending the fashion charts in 2018 and in this article we shall have a look at some of the cutest and trendiest curly hairstyles with bangs. Contrary to the popular myth that women with curly hair cannot sport bangs, bangs look really cute with curly hair. These can be bangs straightened with a straightener or naturally curly bangs.

Some women prefer having straight bangs with curly hair. For this, you can get keratin treatment on your bangs only to straighten their texture and removing the frizz. Keratin treatment is like a strong conditioner which adds a lot of nourishment and condition to your frizzy locks. If you do not want to straighten your hair completely, you can choose keratin treatment with wavy hair which will only nourish your curly hair and make them more manageable.

Undercut hairstyle for curly hair is one of the hottest hairstyles trending this year. An undercut hairstyle is one in which the top of the hair is styled in curly locks falling like bangs on the forehead and the sides are shaved off or kept very short. Many women color their top curly bangs or add highlights to their curly bangs in an undercut hairstyle raising their style quotient. Undercut hairstyle looks great on both men and women with curly hair. 

If you do not have naturally curly hair, you can always get a perm. Perm adds a lot of volume to limp and straight hair. Perm bangs are also great if you have a large forehead. Some women go for straight bangs with perm hair. 

If  your curly hair does not grow really long, you can always add hair extensions of the same color and texture as long curly hair look really great with bangs. With hair extensions, you need not worry a lot about managing your hair but can only maintain them short and healthy with curly bangs and add hair extensions when required. 

Curly hair with bangs look really pretty and dreamy in hair updos. When all your hair is swept up, some curly bangs framing your face look stunning. Updos with bangs can be done on any hair texture and the length of the bangs may vary depending upon the updos. Many women sport straight bangs with curly hair for updos. The straight bangs frame their face and can be styled in different ways while the curly locks are pinned securely in the updos.

Bangs on curly hair look great in braids too. The curly locks are styled in either one or two braids while the bangs can be styled in a curly texture or straight texture. Bangs look best when left a little longer for curly hair. Braids look great on college going or school going girls. Women can style their hair in braids and then make an updo. The long bangs on the sides enhance a braided hairstyle. 

Tips to maintain bangs with curly hair

There are certain tips one should keep in mind if you plan to have bangs with curly hair:


Always keep the climate in mind before styling your curly hair in bangs. Everyone's curly hair behaves in a certain way with the changes in moisture in the air. Too much humidity can make curly bangs pop up and appear bigger but dry weather makes your bangs appear limp. 


Long Bangs

Long bangs typical to the 70's style look the best. If you do not have long curly hair, you can always add hair extensions. People with long and curly hair have more options with a longer length. They can either wear a side or center parting. Long curly bangs can be easily pinned backwards when you want to style your hair differently. You can also straighten them using a straightener. Short and curly bangs do not look too flattering. Perm ringlets falling on a large forehead do look good but if you have a short forehead, then your short curly bangs make your face appear shorter. Short bangs are also harder to control and style. 

Chop them off when dry

Getting a trim or getting a haircut when you hair is dry is a good idea as you know exactly what length your bangs will be after a chop. Curly hair tend to get longer when wet and tend to spring back or shrink when dry. You will not be shocked about their length when you cut your curly bangs short this way. 

Don't crop them off too short

Never cut your curly bangs too short. Short curly bangs are not only hard to style but they also do not look very flattering. Aslo, you never really know what length would really look good on your face. You can always start chopping when they are a little longer and proceed upwards slowly until you are happy with the length. 


Proper use of leave-in serums or hair products

The point behind getting curly bangs is to not expose your hair to keratin treatment or a straightener but to style them in their natural texture. You might need to use some leave-in serums or hair products to make your curls stay put and frizz free. Curly hair which is shiny, bouncy, nourished and healthy looks beautiful. 


Don't iron them everytime

Quit the use of the straightener for your curly hair. If you do not want curly bangs, you can get keratin treatment only on your bangs to straighten them or get permanent rebonding done only on your bangs. Frequent use of a flat-rion will damage your hair. 

With curly hair, you might have to choose hair products formulated especially for curly hair. Make sure you use a detergent free or sulphate free shampoo. Using a strong shampoo will strip your hair of its natural oils and render it dry and frizzy. Plenty of hair dry creams are available in the market which hold and retain the moisture in the hair after a shampoo. Let your bangs air dry and do not comb them while wet. 

To keep your curls in place, not springing up and not crispy, you can use a leave-in serum or conditioner to nourish your hair. If you must dry your hair quickly, you can use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment on. 

Optimum Hydration

An essential tip for curly hair is to ensure that your curly locks are well-hydrated. You will have your curly bangs all standing out on your head if they are dry and frizzy. Proper hydration is necessary to make your curly bangs appear frizz-free and bouncy. 

Leave-in serums, conditioners and hair-spas are hydrating products which do not let the hair get dry. 

Curly hairstyles with bangs look great

Curly-haired girls need not use bangs as a way to style their unruly locks, instead, it is one of the most sought-after hairstyles these days. Every one is desiring to curl their limp and straight locks to get some volume and texture in their hair. To add bangs to curly or wavy hair enriches your look and enhances the hairstyle all the more. Bangs on curly hair will completely change your outlook on curly hair. Curly bangs can be styled on any kind of curly hair, from wavy to thin ringlets. 

Short curly pixie cuts to long curly hair with bangs, all look great. Curly hair can be given a different makeover with styling some great bangs on the forehead. They look cool with an updo, braided, pontytail or a curly half-up hairstyle. Once you have styled your curly hair with bangs, we can promise that you would want to maintain the bangs look every time. 

50 Cute & Trendy Curly Hairstyles With Bangs In 2018

There are plenty of curly hairstyles with bangs. Some of them have popped up back from the 70's while some have been newly invented by fashion gurus. Whoever may be behind these hairstyles, they are creating raves in the fashion industry and almost everyone is sporting a curly hairdo thesedays. Those who have been born with naturally curly hair can now sit back, relax, and skip browsing about all the possible keratin treatments to straighten your hair. Wear your curly hair with confidence and be the trend-setter sporting some dreamy bangs over your curly locks.

Below are 50 amazing curly hairstyles with bangs. You might feel that some of them are similar but when  you look carefully, you will see the difference either in the way the bangs have been highlighted or the length of the bangs and the curly hair. These hairstyles sure give you curly hair goals and so hurry up and take your pick now!

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Style your bangs according to your face shape

Another important factor in getting bangs chopped is to be mindful of your face shape. Every face shape requires a different bang style. Even curly bangs need different styling to suit the face shape. Long faces can carry short bangs but round faces either need graduated long curly bangs or long bangs on the sides. People with square faces look great with eye-brow length curly bangs and so on. You need to ascertain your face shape before getting your bangs. 

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Curly bangs tend to take the focus away from the face. Curly bangs are the best way to show off your curls. Bangs tend to make your face slimmer and also are great in concealing the length of your forehead. 

Curly bangs also do not grow as fast as straight bangs as they tend to coil up and do not require trimmings as often as straight ones but they do need a lot of care in terms of hair products and conditioners you use. 

Ascertain your face shape and give a twist to your curly hairstyle by getting some great bangs. If you do not like curly bangs, you can even consider straightening your bangs to give a very trendy look to your curly hair. 



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