25 Breathtaking Eagle Feather Tattoo Designs That You Will Love

Eagle feather tattoo designs not only look beautiful but they also give a strong spiritual meaning. Browse through these 25 breathtaking eagle tattoo designs.

By Amanda Palmer
25 Breathtaking Eagle Feather Tattoo Designs That You Will Love

Eagle Feather Tattoo Designs

You might have come across many people sporting an eagle feather tattoo design. Have you ever wondered why they would choose an eagle feather to be inked on their bodies? Why not a feather of any other bird? Does it hold any specific reason? Or does it just feel soft, pretty and delicate? 

Well, an eagle's feather is regarded as an element used for healing in the Native American culture. It has significant importance in many other tribes too. Many tribes consider an eagle's feather tattoo important medicine. Throughout the country, many tribes were found to hold the eagle's feather tattoo is high regards. An eagle is a powerful bird. It has an amazing flight and practices authority over many other birds. To get an eagle feather tattoo inked on your body represents authority and power too. 

An eagle feather tattoo might also represent the person's fondness for nature. The person to get this tattoo inked on his body could be a nature lover and a wildlife enthusiast. 

Another important reason to get this tattoo inked on the body is that it has a deep and spiritual connection with the Native American heritage. This tribe had been performing various practices which were passed on to their generations later. We shall read about the association of an eagle feather tattoo with the Native American tribe in the later segment of this article. 

Many women get this tattoo to demonstrate their equality with men. This tattoo is a symbol of power, and by getting this inked on the bodies, women signify that they have equal rights as men. People get this tattoo on the back, shoulders, wrists, arms and even legs. Depending upon the designs, some tattoos are small whereas some are very big. 

An eagle is an exotic and relatively rare bird species. According to many federal wildlife laws, to possess any wild bird's feathers is illegal but in regards to the eagle feather, many exceptions have been made. The Eagle Feather Law enables the American Indians to continue with their traditional cultural and spiritual practices that require them to possess eagle feathers. This law was based on certifiable American Indian ancestry who were members of a federally recognized tribe to obtain eagle feathers legally. Any other unauthorized people possessing an eagle feather or to be a part of their possession could be fined up to $25,000.

The law justifies the importance of the bird and to get the feather of such a remarkable bird inked on one's body could have deep spiritual significance. Those who cannot legally possess an eagle feather, make peace with getting one inked on their bodies as this is acceptable by the law!

Meaning of an Eagle Feather Tattoo

Let us read in-depth about the significance of an eagle feather tattoo. The spiritual meaning of the eagle is one that has a connection to the spiritual world. It is said that the Eagle, just like drums, help in connecting the physical world to the spiritual world above and also helps in taking our prayers to the Creator. The eagle bird is always found perched on high buildings, cliffs or treetops as if watching over humans. 

Many of the eagle feather tattoos have four colored beads at the base of the feather. These beads are of different colors: red, yellow, black and white. These colors are in fact the four quadrants of the native American medicine wheel. They represent our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual side and also represent the four seasons in a year or the four stages of humans: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. It is quite a complicated concept, and not many go for this medicine wheel and instead only go for the delicate and pretty feather. 

An eagle feather tattoo also represents all the relations a person has. In a nutshell, it signifies the essence of the Native culture. Those who are deeply rooted in the Native American culture or believe in it might get an elaborate eagle feather tattoo with the colored beads and medicine wheel. Some people get this tattoo inked to spread a message of power, authority, equality or believing in spirituality. 

The Celtics believed that the eagle feather would enable them to transform into birds and they will thereby get a birds-eye view of the world. The Egyptians believed that the feather symbolized justice and truth. 

With a little difference in the significance of the eagle feather, one thing can be summed up for sure. It is a significant source of power, bravery and a higher calling. These deep meanings have given the eagle feather tattoos their soaring popularity today as more and more people seek a pretty eagle feather tattoo drawing for their bodies.

The Association to Native Americans

Although initially, the eagle feather tattoo was mostly inked by descendants of the Native Indian American culture only, in the recent years, it has become popular in the mainstream culture with more and more people anticipating different meanings. It has become a popular body tattoo design, and there are innumerable variations to this tattoo today. 

In many Indian tribes, the eagle feather is regarded with high importance and is considered powerful because it represents the spirit of these mighty and legendary birds.

It also signifies the cleansing of the energy in the environment and the purifying of the spirit. The eagle feather is believed to uplift the person's spirit and fills the person with deep gratitude towards the spirit of the bird. 

However, the Native Indian American tribes have always held the highest regard and meaning for the eagle feather. From the warriors in their tribes to a simple chef, everyone profoundly respects the eagle feather. The warriors in the tribe were given an eagle feather to represent victory, courage, and bravery. These feathers were also used for communication, in the sense that they used to communicate with the spiritual world using these feathers. 

These numerous meanings and significance of the eagle feather tattoo resonate with many people. They get an eagle feather tattoo inked on their bodies to associate with the nobility of their hearts. They also portray that they can easily take flight in their spiritual journeys as well as their daily lives. 

Present Day Eagle Feather Tattoo Designs

The popularity of the eagle feather tattoo continues to grow today because of its association with the spiritual world and its adaptation in the numerous ancient cultures of the world. It represents a powerful and holy exchange between two worlds. It is often seen as a direct message given to the Creator.

It is believed that if one wears an eagle feather tattoo permanently, he will have a connection with a loved one who has now passed on to the spiritual world. The Native Americans used to wear these feathers in their headgear or as ornaments on their necks. Possessing these feathers is not quite practical in today's world, and hence the tattoo idea of an eagle feather came up. This way, one can always have the drawing on their bodies permanently.

Although some people get this eagle feather drawing inked on their bodies because of its meanings, some get the drawing inked anywhere on their bodies in different variations and unique colors. The intricate detailing of the feather drawing is quite mesmerizing, and some feather tattoos look almost real. 

The people in the armed forces, if allowed, get an eagle feather drawing inked on their bodies too. They take the eagle feather as a representation of hope, freedom, and honor. 

The colorful feather symbolizes dreams, faith, higher spirits, enlightenment and inspiration for those who believe in magic, purity, truth, and divinity. The tattoo design is getting popular every day as more and more people are understanding its importance and its significance. 

25 Breathtaking Eagle Feather Tattoo Designs

Going through all the eagle feather tattoos inked by people in the recent years, we have shortlisted some of the prettiest and most breathtaking ones for your reference.
These are inked on shoulders, wrists, arms, ankles, feet, legs, thighs, torso and back areas of the body. Some designs are petite while some are quite huge. You can pick your favorite from here or take inspiration and get one done with your ideas.
Tattoos tell a story and with one as powerful as the eagle feather - speaks volumes to your faith, culture, heritage, and beliefs.

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A beautiful design with many variations, the eagle feather tattoo is a great idea. Before getting the tattoo inked on your body, you should keep in mind that it will be a permanent affair.
If after some time, you get tired with the tattoo, removal will be a very tough process. You need to browse through many designs before you choose your favorite. Also remember, if you get the tattoo on an area of your body which can be covered easily by clothes, only then should you go in for a large design. A small, petite eagle feather tattoo can be done on your arms, wrists, and ankles. These look very delicate and almost like an ornament which you might never tire of - remebering the story you are telling.

If you are new to tattoos, then it is a good idea to start with a small feather design on your ankle, wrist or behind your neck. Do not get yourself a large tattoo for the first time as it might have you cringe at the sight of yourself after a few months. You have got to be very sure about the tattoo and always seek a professional to do your tattoo. An eagle feather tattoo design has a lot of intricate detailing and is a work of art. Only a professional tattoo artist will be able to do justice to your eagle feather tattoo design. 



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