How To Easily Dye Your Black Hair Blonde Like A Pro

Granted, dyeing your natural black hair blonde can be very demanding but you need not panic because with simple tips treated here, you can do it like a pro

By Emmanuel Onitayo
How To Easily Dye Your Black Hair Blonde Like A Pro

Dyeing Black Hair Blonde: What You Need To Know

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No doubt, since most hairs are naturally black in color, going platinum blonde would be one way to stand out in the crowd. Yes, black hair can be great and indeed it is, but for some reasons, you just might want to have a change of look and that's not bad either. Most times, with a blonde hair, some super cute outfits look so great on you than they would have been had it been you haven't dyed your hair blonde.

But then, not everyone whose hair is black can proceed to dye it blonde. Your hair must be in good shape and must not have been over-dyed in times past for you to qualify to have your hair dyed blonde. Essentially, the hair dyeing process is a bleaching one in which oxidation and reduction reactions take place in succession.

Similarly, even if your hair appears strong and you haven't tampered with it in a very long while, bleaching is naturally not recommended for very thin or fine hair. And that's for a very obvious reason. The fine or thin hair is naturally fragile and would most likely start breaking or falling out should a powerful chemical such as those used in hair bleaching be allowed to pass through it. It can make such hair to even become very porous and completely frizzy.

So, in a nutshell, your black hair must be physically strong and relatively virgin if you want everything to go on well with the hair dyeing process. In addition, dyeing your hair blonde is a process that requires enormous patience. You aren't going to be able to finish it in a day or week. Usually, you should have some 2 to 3 weeks as your budgeted time when planning to dye your black hair blonde.

On the time it would take to dye your black hair blonde, factor such as whether your black hair is natural or was dyed to be black has a role to play. As it is, a natural black hair would take a lesser time to be dyed blonde than a black hair that became black as a result of dyeing it. In the latter, you would first have to remove the dye before commencing the bleaching process, and, of course, that would elongate the entire hair bleaching process.

Dyeing Black Hair Blonde: Materials Needed

As you get ready to give your hair a new look by dyeing it blonde, you need certain materials to be on the ground to have a hitch-free hair-dyeing process. You may have some of these things at home while some would definitely have to be bought either in a salon or a pharmacy shop. Here are those things needed.

1. Bleach powder. You mustn't try to use a bleach meant for wears for your hair. Get to a nearby shop to get a hair bleach.

2. Volume Developer. You would be mixing this with both your toner and bleach. It comes in strengths such as 20, 30, and 40. The greater the number, the faster the hair bleaching process. But then, you may be on your way to subject your hair to an irreparable damage if you use a 40-volume developer. 30 or 20 is okay.

3. Brushes specifically meant for hair dyeing. You would be dipping this most time into the dye. 

4. Normal or generic hair shampoo. It's good to have this in abundance and close to you because you would be needing it often at some points.

5. You Need a toner preferably Olaplex toner to complete the hair dyeing process. However, if you are going for other ombre adventures, a toner can be very optional.

6. Hand gloves preferably two sets

7. Mixing bowls and giant hair clips.

8. Tin foil and towel

9. A face mask.

You can get a hair dyeing kit from a beauty shop containing most of these things but experience has shown that the kits' contents are usually inadequate to arrive at a seamless hair dyeing. If your hair is of high volume and thickness, you may want to look beyond the kit or box and get these things individually.

Dyeing Your Black Hair Blonde: Can You Do It At Home?

Why not? You can pretty much dye your black hair blonde at home by yourself. Although truth be told, if you have enough money to dispense with and you are not very good at trying out new things, it would serve you well to request the services of a professional hairdresser to help dye your black hair blonde.

Turning your black hair blonde is no child's play and if you are very worried you might get something wrong along the line, just walk in right into a reputable salon and have your hair bleached by a professional. As you watch your hair turning to different colors before your eyes and finally blonde, you can get enough courage to try things out yourself next time.

But if you are confident in yourself and wouldn't consider the few instructions to be soon rolled out here too heinous, you can pretty much dye your black hair blonde by yourself. Many people have dyed their hair blonde or ombre successfully in times past and even now.

Dyeing Your Black Hair Blonde: The processes

In turning your natural or dyed black hair to blonde, at least six processes are required and here are they.

1. Bleach Preparation

2. Dye Removal (for a dyed black hair)

3. First Bleaching

4. Second Bleaching

5. Toning

6. Conditioning

These are the six major steps to be taken if you plan to bleach your hair blonde at home by yourself. Let us briefly examine each one of them.

Dyeing Black Hair Blonde Process 1: Preparation

If you haven't got yourself a kit, preparing your bleach would be the first thing to do as you get ready for this hair-dyeing adventure. Here, you would have to mix the bleach powder with the volume developer in the right proportion.

The correct proportion for this mixing is 2:1. That is, for every 2 ml of the volume developer, you are to add 1 ml of the bleach powder. The turning of these two ingredients must be done in a bowl and in a place that is well ventilated.

Turning or mixing in an ill-ventilated area can turn out to be lethal for you because the volume developer has a very offensive odor. Please, note that throughout this mixing, your gloves must be on. And above all at this stage, you should ensure that the mixing of the powder and the volume developer is thorough.

As part of the preparation for the hair bleaching process, you would have to divide your hair into several parts each held by a giant hair clip. This is necessary because a hitch-free hair bleaching is best done in sections.

One more thing you would want to do before commencing your hair bleaching proper is to, first of all, test your mixture. The reason you would have to test the bleach on a hair strip is to ascertain how long the bleach should stay on your hair when you finally apply it.

So, apply the bleach to a few strands of your hair and wrap it in an aluminum foil. Keep checking intermittently to see the holding capacity of your hair to this bleach. Ideally, the bleach should not exceed 45 minutes at most on your hair. However, some hair might require a shorter time than this.

Dyeing Black Hair Blonde Process 2: Dye Removal

You can skip this stage if your hair is naturally black. That is, you didn't arrive at a black hair as a result of dyeing it. However, if your hair has been dyed black or ombre or any other color, you would have to get those colors off your hair first before you can bleach it blonde.

What this means is that for you, this would be your first process even before you commence preparing the bleach. For removing your previous ombre or dye, you would have to purchase the dye removal box from a nearby shop or salon. The box normally contains two bottles containing citric acid and the other containing a reducing agent rich in sulfur.

You are to mix the two together speedily and ensure that you do so only when you are ready to apply it to your hair. The reason the two bottles are kept separate in the box is that the reaction is quite spontaneous such that if mixed and not used in time, the mixture becomes incapable to play its role.

So, once mixing is uniform, apply the dye removing package to your hair straight and rub it uniformly into your hair. Don't be afraid; none of the two mixtures is toxic. Let the mixture rest on your hair for at least 20 minutes before you wash it off.

Ensure that you wash off the mixture with a generic hair shampoo. If perchance the washing was not done properly, never mind. The surrounding oxygen would mix with the mixture in your hair and by oxidation, get rid of the remaining dye. Once this stage is completed, leave a space of one week before jumping to the process 1 above.

Dyeing Black Hair Blonde Process 3: 1st Bleaching

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Now, you are set to apply the bleach into your hair. Recall that in process 1 above, we said your hair must have been divided into compartments to make the process easier. Again, ensure that you don't dip your bare hand into the bleach. Always wear a glove and dip only the dye brush into the mixture to apply it.

In applying the bleach to your hair, there are different opinions as to where best to start from. Some believe that you can start applying the bleach to your hair from the root and go down, while others advocate going from the bottom up to the hair root. Well, there are no verifiable shreds of evidence to confirm whether where one starts applying the bleach from affects the overall quality of the hair bleaching process or not.

But we would advise that you start applying the bleach from the base of your hair up because the temperature at the hair root is always higher than those at the end of the hair. As such, by the time the bleach would get to the roots, you would need approximately the same time to leave it on your hair before washing it off.

After about 30 minutes the bleach has stayed on your hair, wash it off with a mild shampoo and cold water. What you would notice after this first bleaching is a change in color of your hair from black to orange.

This is absolutely normal and a sign that the process went successfully. If you are, however, not comfortable flaunting a yellow hair around for the space of one week you would have to wait for the next hair bleaching, you could tone it ombre or any other intermediate color. But the best thing is to let it be that way.

Dyeing Black Hair Blonde Process 4: 2nd Bleaching

At the expiration of the one week that you did the first bleaching, it's time to pick up your bleaching kits or box again and repeat the whole process once more. If you can wait for more than a week, it is better but never be in a hurry as to commence another hair bleaching in a space of less than one week.

You would be doing your hair a great damage if you rush the process. Similarly, ensure that during the one-week time frame, you do not dip your hair into any shampoo solution or wash your hair with it. That's because shampoos increase the sensitivity of the scalp and would cause you great discomfort in your second hair bleaching session. Instead, ensure that your air is adequately moisturized.

So, dip your dye brush into the bleach and repeat the bleaching process like the first one described above. This time around, after washing the dye off your hair, you would notice a change in your hair color from orange to gold or perhaps yellow. What that means is that you are getting closer to rocking a blonde hair. It means that your hair has been well-lightened.

Dyeing Black Hair Blonde Process 5: Toning

Upon a successful two-stage hair bleaching, the next step in turning your black hair to blonde is hair toning. Please, note that if you began the hair bleaching from a naturally black hair, the color change progression can go from black to red or orange and finally to yellow. The yellow color signifies that your hair is bleached enough and ready for toning.

At this stage, you can dye your hair ombre or platinum blonde. But since blonde, not ombre, is our major focus, the next thing is to get to your box or kit and lay your hands on your blonde dye known as the toner. If you didn't buy the bleach kit, you would need to be shrewd in your choice of toner to buy. Ideally, you should wait till after the second bleaching stage to know which toner you would need.

If your bleached hair only contains yellow tone(color) with no orange, you can use a pearl blonde dye to neutralize it. However, if it is orange, only an ash blonde dye would work well. It has a blue tone in it which helps to neutralize the orange tone in the hair. In all, you get a nice blonde hair if you choose the right toner.

Generally, you should have both the ash and pearl hair blonde dye in your box because you cannot always tell what pigment would predominate on your hair after the toning. Again, a box dye that is not a salon brand can give a very poor hair-toning outcome. So, be sure of the brand you are opting for.

Now, here is how to apply the dye on your yellow or golden hair. Ensure that you first mix it with a 20 volume developer as you did with the bleach. Remember not to dip your bare hands into the chemical. This time around, you've got to be very fast in the way you apply the mixture into your hair so you can have a uniform ash blonde hair. Allow the dye to stay for up to 20 minutes in your hair before you wash off and there you are, blonde!

Dyeing Black Hair Blonde Process 6: Hair Conditioning

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Granted, your hair is now blonde and we should say a big congrats on the feat. But then, you should be aware that some degrees of damage has been done to the hair shaft in the process of turning your black hair to blonde. You, therefore, need to regularly apply a hair conditioner to restore its texture and feel.

Also, get some protein treatments for your new hair to make it constantly be in shape. There are protein sprays for hairs which you can get from a branded salon near you for that purpose. In essence, you have just dyed your black hair blonde if you indeed follow these few steps here.

Dyeing Black Hair Blonde: Precautions

In the process of turning your black hair to blonde, certain precautions are necessary first for your safety, and second, for the success of the hair dyeing process. Here are they.

1. Make sure to always cover your body well during the hair dyeing process. The dyes and bleach are very harsh and can irritate your skin if adequate care is not taken.

2. Be sure to mix the chemicals in the right proportion as suggested here or better still, as contained in the instructions in your kit.

3. Never dip your hand directly into either the toner or the bleach; wear your hand gloves throughout the process and use you dye brush instead of dipping your hands into it.

4. The mixing and bleaching should be carried out in a well-ventilated place to prevent choking.

How To Maintain Your Blonde Hair

Your new blonde hair will soon begin to fade off and look less attractive if some maintenance steps are not taken to put it in place. Here are a few things you must do to keep your blonde hair in shape.

1. Make sure you moisturize your blond hair regularly. That's because bleached hairs are very prone to drying. But with regular application of moisturizer and conditioner, you can get your hair past this hurdle.

2. Reduce whatever hair styling that would demand that you introduce heat to your bleached hair. Excessive heat can lead to your hair breaking or falling out.

3. Do not stay too long in the sun especially when your hair has just been dyed blonde.

4. Treat your blonde hair with protein extracts to make it looks healthy always.

Dyeing Your Black Hair Blonde - Conclusion

Hope you can now see that hair dyeing to blonde is no big deal; it's pretty simple though you need to be careful and smart with it. Your hair needs to be in perfect shape before bleaching can be possible in the first place.

Hair bleaching, whether to ombre or blonde or to any hair color, should not be done every now and then as it can potentially cause your hair an irreparable damage.  But once in a while, it's good to try out new things like this, and we hope you would find the information here enlightening. Good luck to you as you take steps to dye your hair blonde.



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