30 Gorgeous Dreadlock Hairstyles For Women You'll Want To Try

Who says dreads are meant for artists and musicians alone? You too can rock it, in fact, with many styles. Here are some female dreads hairstyles you would love

By Emmanuel Onitayo
30 Gorgeous Dreadlock Hairstyles For Women You'll Want To Try

Female Dreadlocks: Overview

Far from just being a hairstyle for reggae musicians or the black women alone, dreadlocks or dreads have become a welcomed hairstyle among men and women of different backgrounds and cultures today. Although it has to be admitted that based on the special nature of dreadlocks in which dry and frizzy hair is the most supported by it, it is likely to do well most on black men and women.

Something good about dreadlocks is that you can style in in as many ways as possible. You have no restriction to the number of styles to which you can decide to make it into.  As such, in this piece, we shall look at 30 different female dreadlock hairstyles that you would love to make. So, if you are ready, here we go!

Female Dreads Hairstyles #1: Ponytail

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Surprised? Don't be. Dreads can pretty much be styled ponytail and that's an easy way to ensure it is not covering your eyes while working. Many artists with dreadlocks prefer this style because of its compatibility with them. Good enough, you may not even need to see any hairdresser for this; just pack your dreads to the back and hold them with a clip or band.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #2: Twisted Dreadlocks

Yes, you can twist your dreads by adjusting its texture. Dreads allow for different textures and once you arrive at the right texture, you can twist it into whatever shape and length of your choice to arrive at a great look.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #3: Crimped Dreadlocks

This dreads hairstyle is sure to give you a youthful outlook and it's very gorgeous. Just a part of your hair in one side and proper grooming are all you need with it. Crimped deadlocks have been reigning since the '90s and it's one of the dreadlock styles that isn't going out of fashion yet.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #4: Half Up Do

Here's another of the fabulous dreadlock styles you would like. Check out celebs such as Shakira, she's rocking the dreads big time! You would, however, have to get a good stylist that knows how to style it Shakira's way so as to get the much-needed look.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #5: Curly Dreads

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And who says dreads and curls are enemies? Just check out how amazing the above picture is! By parting the dreads somewhere in the middle and shaping them into curls of your choice, you are sure to rock a magnificent look. If you aren't convinced yet, check out Medusa.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #6: High Bun

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Here is another of such dreads hairstyles that you can pretty much rock even on a very formal occasion. The dreadlock high bun, if styled correctly, goes perfectly well with your formal dresses. Just tell your stylist to help wrap those locks high and appropriately, and if you're gifted, you can do it yourself.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #7: Mohawk

Mohawk isn't just for wavy hairs alone; in fact, by the very nature of dreads, Mohawk is one of the best-suited styles for it. Get the style done and sport a look that sets you apart from the crowd.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #8: Super Neat Style

Of course, from the name of this dreadlock style, you can guess what quality it's got. No doubts, it takes time and you probably would need a diligent stylist to keep those locks perfectly neat and in shape.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #9: Uneven Dreads

It sounds insane or irregular but hey! It's great. It has a mix of short, long, and medium dreads that gives a kind of shaggy look. You can spice it up with accessories of your choice.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #10: Half Ponytail

You cannot do this style if your dreads are super short. Here, you are exploiting the length of your locks to rock two different styles with the ponytail just one. The rest are just left beneath the ponytail but styled to all-back.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #11: Ombre Locks

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Wow! It's such a flattering dreads style. Guess what? Everyone seems to like it. Select the color of your choice which can either be a ginger shade that is bright or a pop color. To crown everything up, get some brightly colored threads to pack your locks up

Female Dreads Hairstyles #12: Fishtail

Interestingly, even with locks, braiding is still possible. Almost all braiding styles that can be done on a normal hair can also be done with locks and one of such is the fishtail braids. It's surely amazing.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #13: Double Ponytail

Here is a dreadlock style that is even compatible with your short dreads. Granted, it's a child's style but adults who want to relish their inner child can still opt for it big time.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #14: Ballerina Bun

A Hippie ballerina can be so thrilling. You just gather all your locks at the center or crown of your head and then wrap them in buns that are held tightly with giant pins. Even if some of those locks become loose with time, it would only add more beauty.

Female Dread Hairstyles #15: Nest

You know what a nest is? Dreadlocks can be made in such a manner. Just in case you have some stunts to play with your dreads, this is one style that serves you well. However, it might not be appropriate for very short dreads.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #16: Double Color

Great news for anyone wondering what style could be done with their short dreads. You can extend the locks and in the process, insert some very nice colors to aid your overall look.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #17: Pin Ups

Go for this style if your locks are of shoulder length. It would make a pin-up girl out of you. What's more? You don't need more than a bandana to style it. No need to see any hairdresser; simply gather your entire locks around your crown and tie with a red bandana.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #18: Wavy dreads

Yes, you can sport the wavy style with your locks. It's all about manipulating the texture of your dreads and then making it into a wavy dreadlock. You can even spice it up by giving yourself bangs.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #19: Short Bob

Starting around 2016, short bob locks have been making the rounds with a lot of stylings around it. As such you may want to go the way of short stresses with your locks. It's cool.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #20: Denim Shaded

This is another wonderful and colored extension you can make with your dreadlock. You don't have to worry about the damage that coloring chemicals can be wrought to your hair. The denim blue or gray extension does it all.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #21: Half Bun

So, let's say you don't want to go for a full bun for your dreadlock, the half bun style is the way to go. It showcases your innate freak for Bohemia. The bun is wrapped up and directed to your back.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #22: Sea Green

If you are blessed with long dreads, the mermaid style can be an option you would want to try out. And the best way to go about this is to do the green locks style. It's all about coloring your dreads green right from the roots.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #23: Ponytails With Bangs

You could introduce some insights into your dreadlocks by exploiting its thickness to get bangs with it. The more dreads you can get out of your hair, the better the bangs. Some would be styled ponytail while the short soft ones to the front head would be cut into bangs.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #24: Donut Bun

This donut bun is circular and it sits right at the middle of your head. It is particularly good for women of round or oval face shape. Adding some accessories such as a colorful headband can add a huge beauty to the style.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #25: Headband Style

This allows you to sport your natural hair alongside dreads. And you know what? You are at liberty to determine how you want to go about it. You could decide to cut your natural hair to your forehead short while the rest to the back are made dreads. The headband would help add color to it.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #26: Chocolate Dreads

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Here is another sweet style for your dreadlocks. It ensures that your locks get the abundant volume to give you a wow look. Towards the end of the hair, you can even decide to make it into curls.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #27: Butterfly

Yes, if your dreads are very long, another impressive style you may want to try out with is the butterfly style. Simply gather the locks in the middle of your head and make it into a small butterfly shape.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #28: White Dreads

Imagine the contrast an all-white dread would give on dark or chocolate skin. And to emphasize the contrast further, you could decide to leave the base of the white locks black.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #29: All-Back Style

This is very good and impressive if your dreads are long and well-groomed. Simply pack them to your back and you are good to go.

Female Dreads Hairstyles #30: Updo Dreads

You could put the tiny portion of your locks into updos to give a very impressive hairstyle. Updos are great with locks of soft texture and if well-groomed, can make a great look.


There are certainly more than 30 styles you can rock with your dreadlocks but we believe you should find at least one or two out of the ones we have put forward in this piece to rock your world. Dreads are indeed great!



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