Hairstyle 101: 30 Different Bun Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Truth be told, there are many different types of bun hairstyles that you can coif within a couple of minutes and still look incredibly good when you step out.

By Auntrone89
Hairstyle 101: 30 Different Bun Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

30 different types of bun hairstyles for women

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There are different types of beautiful bun hairstyles that look exceptionally well on women with medium to long hair. And the fantastic thing about these bun hairstyles is that they don’t take a lot of time and skill to master. Irrespective of the types of bun hairstyles that end up tickling your fancy, they’ll only take up a few minutes of your time, and you’ll be good to go.

In addition to consuming less time in the name of coiffuring, learning how to work your buns will require even less time as well as commitment. Here are some buns you can get to enjoy:

1. Unique types of buns: curly side bangs + high bun

Curly side bangs + high bun hairstyles are without a doubt beautiful, all-season coiffures that women with medium to long hair can wear and automatically look sexier. And apart from having medium to long hair, you’ll also need some curly hair magic to complete the charm of the curly side bangs + high bun hairstyle.

These types of buns will also look incredibly awesome on black women especially those who don’t mind wearing big, attention-grabbing earrings and shiny necklaces. Finally, the curly side bangs + high bun coiffure also happens to be one of those types of buns that will look extremely good with little makeup.

2. Rock the rose bun coiffure and look different

Apart from being plausibly unique and beautiful coiffure, the rose bun is one of those cute hairstyles that you can pull up in a matter of minutes and end up looking gorgeous. The charming aspect about these types of buns is in their messy nature – meaning you won’t have to work too hard to achieve the look but will still look beautiful when all is said and done.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t have to learn a few tips about coiffuring these types of buns. If done correctly, the final look should have this bun looking like the petals of a fully developed rose flower, hence the name. Feel free to spruce your bun up a notch using either shiny or colorful beads.

3. Look different in low knotted bun hairstyles

The low knotted bun, just as the name suggests, involves tying a low-hanging using your loosely tied strands of long hair. If done correctly, the rather sexy low knotted bun coiffure should accentuate your facial beauty rather effortlessly. And another beautiful aspect about the low knotted buns is that they are so easy to do that you can easily have them coiffured on your way to work or to the club.

You can also choose to wear the low knotted bun quite differently by simply dying your hair. And if hair-dying isn’t your thing, how about accessorizing your bun with some shiny ribbons or beads. Unfortunately, these types of buns only work on women with long hair and not medium-length or short hair.

4. The rope twist pinwheel bun hairstyles

The best thing about bun hairstyles is that they’ll always look good with just about any accessories you decide to wear. The latter explains why the rope twist bun hairstyles look effortlessly amazing especially with those cute and feminine bows and beads carefully tied around them.

If coiffured correctly, the rope twist pinwheel bun should leave you looking like a cool-headed professional. And probably the best thing about it is that you won’t even spend much time or effort working on the bun. Therefore, if you don’t know how to coif the rope twist pinwheel bun, then doing so should be your next order of business, you know, for your own sake.

5. Look different in the chunky knots types of buns

The chunky knots bun hairstyles are indeed the perfect hairstyles for women who aren’t afraid of making bold fashion statements. To achieve this incredible bun hairstyle, you’ll begin by working a fringe and coupling it with tightly pulled hair. The women who don the chunky knots bun hairstyles always have an air of elegance floating around them, especially if the bun is done correctly.

6. Wear the half-up bun and end up looking different

The attention-grabbing half-up bun hairstyles are reserved strictly for women with long, beautiful hair. Thankfully, the half-up bun can still work irrespective of whether your hair is naturally curly or straightened. As long as your hair is long, then your half-up bun will always look incredible as long as it’s correctly done. Feel free to match your half-up bun with your outfits as well as personality especially if you’re a yo-yo kind of girl.

7. The twisted types of low bun hairstyles

Unfortunately for girls with short hair, the twisted types of low bun hairstyles are reserved strictly for women with long hair. The only time the word “short” applies to the twisted low bun hairdo is when we’re talking about the time it takes to style it.

To achieve the twisted low bun, you’ll start by parting your hair three ways right before tying a long pony on the middle portion. You’ll then spin the other two sides around the middle ponytails until you get a nice-looking bun.

8. The tripled mini types of braided buns

If you aren’t into messy buns, then you should try rocking the tripled mini types of braided buns because the chances are that you’ll fall in love with the look. Apart from looking cute as well as sophisticated, the tripled mini types of buns are elementary to style and only take a few minutes of your time.

To pull it off, you’ll start by parting your hair into three portions and braiding individually starting with the top part. You’ll then finish things off with joining the three braids skillfully to achieve that gorgeous blazer look on your head.

9. Look different in the gorgeously braided low bun

This beautiful-looking bun will look perfect on women with medium to long hair. And just like its braided high burn cousin, as we’ll find out shortly, doing the low braided bun will not take up much of your time. If appropriately coiffured, the low braided bun always looks professional and at the same time undeniably beautiful.

This means that women rocking these types of buns can as well walk from the boardroom and into the bar for happy hour with the friends without worrying about changing her hair. 

10. The braided types high buns

As you might already have known, there are different types of braids that look extremely good, explaining why braids are the number one choice hairdos for bridesmaids. But as far as the braided types of high buns are concerned, plain braids don’t even come close.

Fortunately, coifing these types of high buns is extremely easy as long as you’re willing to take the time to learn how to go about it.

To achieve this look, you’ll start by braiding your long hair from one side of your head, across your head all the way to the opposite side. You’ll then tie a high burn right before clipping the braid strategically across it to officially complete your look.

11. The roll-the-hole bun types of hairstyles

If you have medium to long hair and want to try out one of those unique-looking buns, then you should give the roll-the-hole bun coif a chance. At first, learning how to coif it might be a bit difficult. But once you’ve taken the time to learn the craft, then the process should get more natural, and to some extent enjoyable, with time. Besides, the roll-the-hole bun hairstyles happen to be among those effortlessly elegant hairstyles that can easily be conversation starters.

12. Look different in the creative bow bun hairdo

Younger girls with long, beautiful hair can always to go for the beautiful and creative bow bun if they want to end up looking like a million bucks. To achieve this simply breathtaking hairstyle, you’ll start by doing a quick and easy high ponytail. You’ll then divide it into two soon after tying the two separated parts like you would a ribbon. Finally, you’ll pin your work of art into place and voila! Your creative bow bun hairdo will be complete!

13. The high dome bun hairstyles

If you’d like your hair to look much shorter and with a light note of messy – without being too messy – then the high dome bun hairstyle is the perfect coif for you. In as much as the coif is predominantly black girl coiffure, a fair share of gorgeous white girls who’ve tried wearing the high dome bun has ended up looking fabulous.

14. The single bow low bun hairstyles

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The single bow low bun hairstyles are best left for women with medium-length hair. In addition to having medium-length hair, these types of buns are also the best choice for women who love and embrace the beauty in simplicity.

The reason why the single bow low bun is perfect for women with medium-length hair is that one will need a rather small, low hanging bun to complete the look. The single bow low bun also blends quite perfectly with casual or formal wear which, in most cases, not only matches the outfits in simplicity but also in color coordination.

15. Cornrows + high bun hairstyle for black women

African girls rocking cornrows have a lot of different hairstyles at their disposal. And among the plethora of coiffures is the beautiful cornrows + high bun hairstyle. As long as you have your long and beautiful cornrows ready; working a high bun only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be good to go. You can get to whip this incredibly beautiful hairstyle in your sleep after only a few days of vigorous practice.

16. Look different rocking the beautiful top knot bun

Just as the name suggests, the top knot bun involves tying a simple but beautiful knot on top of your head. The top knot bun is without a doubt the perfect hairdo for women who love keeping things quite simple, from their makeup, hair all the way to their day to day outfits. And if done correctly, the top knot bun hairstyle is supposed to have that feeble, featherlike appearance on top of your head.

17. The flower braided bun

True to its name, the flower braided bun hairstyle is supposed to look like a flower petal when you’re done working on it. But before you attempt this stunning bun hairstyle, you’ll be required to have long, beautiful hair.

In addition to the long and beautiful hair, you’ll need to take some time off and learn how to coif the French braids in reverse. As much as this might sound complicated, it’s far from that. And once you completed your reversed French braids, you’ll the roll and pin them in place to achieve your breathtaking flower braided bun look.

18. The chestnut bun hairstyles

A properly coiffured chestnut bun makes long hair appear short and elegant in a matter of minutes - and without the need to trim it at any given point.  The chestnut bun hairstyle is perfect for women who aren’t into trendy, bold and messy bun hairstyles but still want to look elegant and beautiful.

Another good thing about the chestnut bun coiffure is its versatility. You can simply wear it on both formal and informal occasions and still look breathtakingly gorgeous.

19. The ‘90s double bun hairstyles for girls

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’ll leave you looking adorably badass, then you have to try the ‘90s double bun ‘90s coiffure. Unfortunately, these types of buns aren’t meant for women with either short or medium hair as they only work with long, beautiful hair.

To successfully pull off the ‘90s double bun coiffure, you’ll start by parting your hair into two portions. You’ll then tie the two portions of hair to medium ponytails juxtapose to each other. You can add some personality to your ‘90s double buns by highlighting them with the same color or different. 

20. The different-looking high satin bun

The different-looking buns are, more often than not, reserved for women with long, naturally silky hair. To achieve this look, you’ll start by tying up a high bun before tying it in place with a cute, colorful ribbon and you’ll be good to go. The reason why the high silky bun is reserved only for women with long, silky hair is simply that the huge, high bun has to be made from a considerable volume of hair.

This means that if you don’t have long hair, then you can always employ the “services” of hair extensions in your bid to achieve the loose and puffy feel on your stylish bun. You can then complete your look by tying your puffy bun in place using a golden ribbon.

21. The high curly bun types

The beautiful thing about buns, or other bun-related hairstyles for that matter, is their ability to look extremely good on just about any kind of hair, including long, curly hair. And needless to say, the high curly bun hairstyle is just one of the many bun types that exist as a testament to this rather obvious fact. To accentuate the attractiveness of the high curly bun, feel free to have long, beautiful curly hair highlighted before you start styling your hair.

22. The crown bun hairstyles

The crown bun is arguably the most elegant bun hairstyle on this list, hence the royal-like name. If done correctly, the crown bun will end up sitting pretty on top of your head, making you look like the modern semblance of the ancient Egyptian queen.

To complete that royal charm, feel free to wear the right kind of makeup and jewelry that not only stand out but also complement your crown of follicles – all pun intended. Again, the crown bun hairdo will look extremely beautiful and elegant especially if done correctly, meaning that if you love your hairstyles short and messy, then the crown bun isn’t meant for you.

23. The ballerina bun for beautiful women

Preparing the ballerina bun for medium or long hair is not only comfortable but can also be a fun-filled experience. To realize the outrageously cute ballerina bun, you’ll start things off by tying a high ponytail. Then using an elastic band, you’ll tie the high ponytail in place. The next step will involve twisting your high ponytail carefully to form a sweet, loose bun.

Once the cute ballerina bun is done, you’ll use pins to hold it in place, and your work would be officially done. You can always accentuate the ballerina bun’s beauty by simply complimenting it with different types sexy outfits, ornaments as well as shoes.

24. The crossover bun types

Women with long silky hair look extremely good in these types of buns especially if they style it correctly. And apart from looking undeniably hot, the crossover bun hairdo is often reserved for women who prefer a more chilled out approach to life. The latter applies to both their fashion sense as well as their general personalities. This explains why women in jumpsuits and yoga pants look extremely hot in cross over bun hairstyles.

25. The loose, low rolled chignon bun types of coiffures

Apart from being plausibly chic in appearance, the loose, low rolled chignon bun hairstyles are flawlessly perfect for just about every occasion, formal as well as informal. In addition to this, this type of bun will also make your medium to long hair look seemingly short and messy without you running the risk of trimming it.

26. The cotton candy bun coiffure

In as much as the cotton candy bun isn’t messy in appearance, the hairstyle will somehow manage to give its lucky wearer that cute, informal look rather effortlessly. And besides being plausibly beautiful, this hairdo also happens to be one of those hairstyles that’s very easy to pull off. All you’ll need is some rubber bands and hairspray, and you’ll get it done in a matter of minutes.

27. The “gangster” bun hairstyles

The rather messy “gangster” bun is often accompanied by a clean, nicely tied-up bandana hence the hairdo’s rather name unofficial name. To achieve this look, you’ll start off by tying a nice high bun right before wrapping a nicely folded bandana to complete the charm. Just be careful to pick a bandana that matches your outfit as well as skin tone to be on the same side.

28. The big sock bun for women with long hair

Pulling off the big sock bun hairdo is extremely easy. You’ll naturally start off by working up a beautiful, voluminous pony right before “throwing” a nice sock doughnut into the mix. You’ll then roll the sock around the pony while tucking all your hair around it until you achieve the desired look.

29. The upside-down braided bun coif

The upside-down braided bun happens to be among the few bun hairstyles that require help from an extra pair of hands. This is because you can’t do the upside braids at the back of your head on your own and expect to get them correctly. Unfortunately, this stunning and unique hairdo only works on women with long, beautiful hair.

30. The fun bun hairstyles

The fun bun hairstyles are without a doubt the perfect choice for women with medium to long hair who also happen to have jovial personalities. To achieve this look, you’ll start by tying a huge bun right above your face.

This hairstyle looks flawless on women with round or chubby faces as it does a great job as far as the face elongation effect is concerned. And just like it’s the case with most bun hairstyles, coiffuring the fun bun only takes little of your time but also assure you nothing but pure fun in the process.


It’s always wise for every girl or woman to have a handful of bun hairstyles that she can quickly style to befit any given occasion. And as we’ve seen throughout this article, there are different buns dimmed perfectly for different circumstances. Apart from that, you should also choose bun hairstyles that will look extra good on your hair type.

In other words, you’ll be required to not only focus on what you want but also what your hair will allow you to have. Lastly, as you make your mind on what types of buns to add to your hair arsenal, it’s imperative always to have as much fun as you can while you’re at it!