100 Small & Dainty Female Tattoo Ideas That Will Always Be Classy

There are thousands of delicate tattoos that look extremely good on just about any female. Without further ado, here are 100 examples:

By Auntrone89
100 Small & Dainty Female Tattoo Ideas That Will Always Be Classy

100 adorably delicate tattoo ideas for females

Small, delicate and beautiful tattoos are, more often than not, left for females simply because they unmistakably represent the feminine essence. Without further ado, here are 100 tattoo ideas that you can wear on just about any part of your body and end up looking a tad bit hotter:

1. The paw + heart tattoos for girls

Small paw tattoos are often reserved for females who also double up as love animals. This design is simple and therefore offers room for tweaking as well as personalization.

2. Cute hummingbird tattoos

Hummingbird tattoos are perfect for emphasizing the feminine essence as well as elegance making it perfect for the female crowd. Feel free to choose from the plethora of hummingbird tattoo ideas available online.

3. Cute G-Clef tattoos for the musical girl

Needless to say, dainty G-clef tattoo designs are intended for girls who not only love music and aren’t afraid to show it. G-clef tattoos can also be tweaked and personalized, meaning you can easily come up with your own customized design.

4. Pulse tattoos for girls

Pulse tattoos are as delicate as they are beautiful. And this explains why they’ll always look good irrespective of where you have yours tattooed.

5. Delicate 3D butterfly tattoos for females

You can always count on the small, 3D butterfly tattoos to stand out as long as they’ve been correctly done. You’ll also have the privilege of choosing from the many butterfly tattoo designs available which can be lots of fun.

6. The Jewish Star tattoo for the religious girl

Apart from having the ability to accentuate their feminine beauty, the Jewish star tattoo is used by many girls to show their allegiance to their Jewish roots.

7. The small anchor tattoos for females

The dainty anchor tattoo designs are not only cute but also come with a lot of deep personalized meanings attached to them. Anchor tattoos are also simple and at the same time very easy to spot.

8. A constellation of stars

Apart from being undeniably cute and delicate, constellation tattoos have this unique ability to make any female look like a star, pun intended. And on top of that, the beauty of constellation tattoos lies in their ultimate simplicity.

9. Delicate camera tattoos for girls

Females in love with photography can get a small camera tattooed on their ring fingers – a creative and humorous way of showing that they’re pretty much married to the craft.

10. The small & delicate 3D heart tattoos

The small & delicate heart tattoos aren’t just feminine but will also look hella good on any part of your body. Also, feel free to toy around with different heart tattoo designs and ideas until you get the perfect one.

11. Crown tattoos for royalty

When all is said and done, dainty girls who value themselves WILL ALWAYS be desirable. That said, you can decide on getting a small crown tattoo which has its meanings etched on you knowing your worth.

12. Elephant calf tattoos

Elephant calves are not only delicate but also extremely adorable creatures. And as if that’s not all, you can always have plenty of options as far as the designs are concerned.

13. Delicate rosary tattoo designs

Small rosary tattoos are often used to symbolize protection from up above or the spiritual realm and often look extremely gorgeous around a girl’s wrist, neck or ankle.

14. Tribal butterfly tattoos for girls

Butterfly tattoo ideas are not only feminine but can also be tweaked into unlimited creative designs. And on top of that, these tribal tattoos can also look good on just about any part of the female body.

15. Tarot card tattoo ideas for the spiritual female

The thing about dainty tarot card tattoos is that they always come bearing strong and often personal spiritual meanings. It, therefore, goes without saying that you’ll be required to pick your tarot for your tattoo very, very carefully.

16. Delicate wrist ribbon tattoos

Another cute tattoo idea for females is the delicate wrist ribbon tattoo. And the beauty about this design is that you can have it either in black or multicolored, depending on whatever tickles your fancy.

17. Cute, single word tattoos for girls

Instead of going for the extremely popular quote tattoos and looking like everyone else, you can choose to have a single word tattooed on your body. For instance, you can have the word “believe” tattooed on your wrist.

18. The simple cross tattoos

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Instead of getting a small rosary tattooed around your wrist or ankle, you can opt to go for the small, simple and feminine tattoo either on your finger or wrist.

19. The arrow with two opposite heads

You don’t have to have a thing for archery in order to get your personalized and dainty arrow tattoo. Thankfully, you can always ask your tattoo artist to get a tad bit creative and give you something creative as well as unique.

20. Sprout tattoos for females

A small and delicate sprout is often used as a symbol of new beginnings for the female who rocks it. Sprout tattoos can either be plain black, plain green or multicolored, all depending on your personal preference.

21. The small, delicate & feminine bunny tattoos

Small bunny tattoos will always be adorable, explaining why they’ll always look good irrespective of where you choose to wear yours.

22. Cute ghost tattoos

Ghost tattoo ideas are as cute as they are feminine. This is probably so because they have this peculiar way of showing that a girl is free-spirited by nature.

23. Cute landscape tattoos

Everything about mother nature is dainty, meaning you can never go wrong having small hills, horizons or landscapes tattooed on any part of your body.

24. The smiling emoji

Emoji tattoos are the perfect fit especially if your intention of getting it is to show the world that you’re indeed a naturally happy person. Feel free to add some yellow into your emoji tattoo in order to it lifelike and therefore complete the charm.

25. Badass claw tattoos

Small claw tattoos will always look extremely good, and badass, on females especially if they’re done correctly. They can also be tattooed on their shoulder, wrist, arm, leg and any other part of the body you wish.

26. Tribal sun tattoo

The sun is a symbol of hope, strength, new beginnings. Thankfully, there’re countless feminine tattoo ideas for you to choose and wear with pride.

27. Fruit tattoos on the thigh or butt

Fruit tattoos might be small, dainty and simple but the meaning behind them is always crystal clear. In most cases, a girl would get a fruit tattoo to symbolize her sweet nature.

28. The lotus tattoo for the spiritual female

Females wearing the delicate lotus tattoo are more often than not spiritually awakened and aren’t afraid of showing it.

29. The little owl tattoo

Just like the small tortoise tattoos, small owl tattoos symbolize wisdom which makes them perfect for girls who are either wise or are in the path of seeking wisdom.

30. The small & delicate lotus tattoos for females

Simple lotus tattoo ideas are not just feminine but also happen to have a lot of spiritual meanings behind them. You can also look good wearing it on just about any part of your body.

31. The small elephant with an umbrella

We can all agree that as meaningless as this rather dainty and feminine tattoo might be, a tattoo of a tiny elephant holding an umbrella is a tad bit humorous.

32. Beautiful mandala tattoos for girls

Mandala tattoos are known for two things, their delicate nature as well as their undeniable beauty. And that why they’re perfect for females with a deep appreciation for nature and all of its wonders.

33. QR Code tattoos for the cute geeks

Girls, especially those who are into coding, can never go wrong with the cute QR Code tattoos. Besides, they can get a tad bit more creative and use their QR Code tattoos to open their emails and social media accounts etc.

34. A small tortoise tattoo for the wise girl

The list of adorable feminine tattoos cannot be completed without the small tortoise tattoos. These tattoos are not only adorable but also symbolize wisdom.

35. The tribal flower tattoo

The tribal flower tattoo is as delicate as it is plausibly dainty, meaning that any female donning it knows that she is indeed beautiful and isn’t afraid to show it either. 

36. The delicate arrow tattoos on the foot

A small, delicate arrow tattoo on a female’s leg is likely to symbolize her undivided focused on moving towards the right direction in every aspect of her life.

37. Meaningful number tattoos

Small numbers make beautiful tattoos simply because they often carry a significance. Number tattoos are also very easy to do and will always carry an air of mystery around it.

38. The small lioness tattoo designs

The lioness has to be the ultimate symbol of feminine strength and ambition. And that’s what makes it arguably the best tattoo ideas for females.

39. The flying dove tattoo for girls

As simple as the dainty tattoo of a flying dove might look, it always comes laden with a lot of significance/personalized meaning. You can either get the flying dove on its lonesome or the one where it’s carrying a branch in its beak.

40. Tribal crescent moon tattoos for females

Girls can get this incredibly hot and creative tattoo on their waists, wrists, behind their ear, leg, arm etc. for whatever reason and still look good.

41. Multiple hearts tattoo designs

Instead of getting a tattoo of a single heart tattoo, how about you make it three or five, each probably representing a member of your family… or boyfriends ha-ha, just kidding. 

42. Arrow + delicate feather tattoos

Any tattoo consisting of an arrow + delicate feather combination is always beautiful and unique especially if you attach a personal meaning to it.

43. The key tattoo for females

For some reason, that’ll probably remain a myth to myself and several others, key tattoos ALWAYS look hot on just about any girl. Key tattoos can either be simple or golden, depending on whatever tickles your fancy.

44. Glow-worm tattoos

Though not as popular as most of the female tattoo ideas on this list, glow worm tattoos are undoubtedly beautiful and that’s the exact reason you might wanna go out and get one. 

45. Yin yang tattoo designs for girls

Even the smallest yin yang tattoo can easily be spotted simply because it looks incredibly hot. Girls can proceed to wear them either on their wrist, foot, hand, neck or at the back of their ear and look flawless in the process.

46. Chest petal tattoos for the bold female

Getting a small petal tattooed in between your breasts is not only bold but badass. And apart from delicate petals, you can always get a tad bit creative with the designs.

47. The little guitar

Just like the G-Cleft tattoo, girls with an immeasurable love for music can always get the small guitar tattooed on their bodies.

48. The skull & crossbones for the adventurous girl

To cut the long story short, skull & crossbones make the best tattoo ideas for daredevil girls whose goal in life is to seek thrill and adventure.

49. Tiny infinity tattoos

Just like the yin-yang tattoos, tiny infinity tattoos look extremely good on girls who wear customized versions that also come with personalized meanings.

50. Two delicate parallel arrows tattoo for females

Apart from being plausibly cute and creative, the parallel arrows tattoo, more often than not, symbolizes two people focused on heading towards the right direction. This particular piece will extremely adorable on your wrist, leg, foot, arm or shoulder.

51. Rainbow tattoos for girls

Rainbow tattoos do come with a plethora of personalized meanings. Meaning that your rainbow tattoo might either symbolize hope or your full support for the LGBT community.

52. Constellation tattoos for females

We can all agree that the sky makes very interesting tattoo ideas that also happen to carry a lot of personalized meanings. For instance, you can decide on getting a small plough tattoo for reasons best known to you and only you.

53. Cute squirrel tattoo ideas

Squirrels arguably make the best tattoos for girls simply because they are cute, cuddly, graceful, industrious and cunning – all wrapped up in one fluffy bundle. In addition to the obvious beauty, there’re plenty of squirrel tattoo designs for you to choose from. 

54. Queen of hearts

The undeniably beautiful and adorable “Queen of Hearts” tattoo is popular amongst females especially those who value themselves. Such tattoos often remind them to never settle for anything less than what they actually deserve.

55. The cherry blossom tattoos

Instead of wearing an actual bracelet - or anklet - and run the risk losing it in the process, you can always rock a small and dainty cherry blossom tattoo around your wrist or ankle and still look flawless.

56. The cherub footprints tattoos

Everything about a baby is cute, adorable and cuddly. And that explains why getting the footprints of a cherub tattooed on any part of your feminine body will always accentuate your overall beauty.

57. Cute pup tattoos for the dog-loving girl

Most girls do love puppies. And this is simply because puppies are adorable, delicate and fluffy, just like girls are supposed to be. This means that if you love puppies, you can either get the face or the entire puppy tatted on you.

58. The small, Jesus face tattoo for females

A Jesus face tattoo is not only badass and laden with meaning but will also never, ever go out of style. Just make sure you’re having your piece done by a gifted tattooist.

59. Starfish tattoos for females

Starfish tattoo designs are awesome! And if you want yours to stand out, then I’d strongly advise that you go for the multicolored designs. Also, feel free to attach a personalized meaning to your starfish tattoo as it comes with a plethora of meanings.

60. The tiny wolf tattoos for girls

A wolf is a symbol of strength, resilience and “badassness” – if that’s even a word. Meaning that if any of the above words apply to you, then you are by all means worthy of that wolf tattoo.

61. The small coconut tree tattoo

The small coconut tattoo is meant for girls who stand tall especially in the face of adversity. If that’s you, then feel free to get this design tatted either on their shoulders, arms or legs.

62. A tiny ship tattoo for girls

A little ship tatted either on the wrist, neck, legs or heel is the perfect symbol for a girl who is on the journey of self-discovery. It can also mean that you’re seeking new beginnings especially after moving on from someone or something.

63. Delicate asterisks tattoo for the artistic female

The beauty of asterisks lies squarely on their simplicity. Therefore, a woman wearing an asterisk tattoo is likely to end up looking like a million bucks. Asterisk tattoos look extremely gorgeous especially if its worn across the chest.

64. The lotus + arrow tattoo for girls

The lotus symbolizes purity and rebirth while the arrow is often used as the perfect symbol for undivided focus. Therefore, the lotus + arrow tattoo should mean that you are focused on turning over a new leaf.

65. Feminine geometrical tattoos

Sometimes, all it takes for a female to look irresistibly beautiful is a small and simple geometrical tattoo. Thankfully, geometrical tattoos don’t have to bear any deep or hidden meanings in order to stand out.

66. Clamshell tattoos

The fact that clam shells are small, simple and adorable is what makes the cute tattoo ideas for girls. And that’s exactly why girls get clamshell tattoos – to show the world that they’re cute and adorable on the inside without having to put it in words.

67. The Peter Pan tattoo

Peter Pan tattoos show that you are a free spirit who will stop at nothing to ensure they’re always happy and fulfilled.

68. XOXO tattoos

XOXO tattoos, which come in a plethora of personalized designs, are used to symbolize love or a loving person.

69. Cute compass tattoos for girls

Females get compass tattoos for two reasons: One, they might be working towards something in life or two, when their ultimate goal is to travel - and not only see but experience - the world.

70. Initial tattoos

If you’re not big on sophisticated and/or detailed tattoos, you can always go for tattooed initials and still look fabulous when all is said and done. Remember to always pick out the perfect font and design that works out for you before getting on with it.

71. Lyric tattoos

We all have that one song that breathes life into our souls. It, therefore, wouldn’t hurt writing a lyric along your collarbone, wrist, arm or leg and look beautiful while you’re at it. 

72. The hyena tattoo

Corny as it may seem, some girls will go for a small hyena tattoo as the perfect symbol for their hunger to succeed in life. More often than not, these girls often have a twisted sense of humor.

73. Mathematical symbols

Just like geometrical symbols, most mathematical symbols used as tattoos have no deeper meanings. This means that they’re only used because they happen to be as cute as they are perfect conversation starters.

74. Wanderlust tattoos for the female travelers

Wanderlust tattoo ideas are perfect for girls who love to travel and see the world.

75. The diamond tattoo


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The diamond tattoo is, more often than not, used to symbolizes high value. Meaning that any female wearing it is likely to respect herself and as such holds herself in the highest regard possible.

76. The flower on the lobe tattoos

Small earlobe tattoos are cute, creative and needless to say, the perfect alternative to expensive earrings. And in a bid to be a tad bit creative, you can have a multicolored flower tattooed your earlobe.

77. World map tattoos for females

Small, world map tattoos are perfect for females who aspire to travel the world.

78. Caterpillar tattoos for girls

Any girl can get a caterpillar tattoo to symbolize hope especially when presently going through an ugly situation.

79. Anchor + quote tattoo combination tattoos

Feel free to add a personalized quote to your small anchor tattoo in order to tweak its original meaning into a more personalized and unique one.

80. Tiger fist tattoos for fierce female

The “tiger fist” is reserved for a female who is not only fierce but also a go-getter who isn’t afraid to take risks and achieve their clear-cut goals.

81. The pulse + quote tattoos

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As small as they may be, the pulse + quote tattoos are extremely effective in delivering the intended message, especially when worn along the collarbone.

82. A bee on the wrist

A small bee tattoo is often used to represent hard work, industriousness, fierceness, and sweetness.

83. The โ€œlittle foxโ€ tattoo for girls

A delicate, little fox tattoo comes with a plethora of personalized meanings depending on the girls wearing it. These tattoos can either be multicolored or plain, depending on your personal preference. 

84. Smile tattoos

This particular single word tattoo is a perfect reminder to anyone who sees it of the importance of always smiling even when going through a difficult situation.

85. Small, dotted heart tattoos

The most beautiful - and probably the most satisfying - thing about small heart tattoos is that they often come in countless creative designs and among them, the dotted heart design.

86. The small rhino tattoo

Rhinos are naturally strong and formidable animals. And that’s exactly why they make meaningful tattoo designs for strong and formidable girls.

87. Stick people tattoo

Stick people tattoos are as simple as they are adorable - in their own humorous way.

88. Date tattoos

Tattooing an important or significant date is and will always be cute especially when its written delicately and in unique fonts.

89. The hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbirds tattoos usually symbolize strength and elegance.

90. The flock of birds in flight

Birds in flight tattoos symbolize strength in numbers or spontaneous oneness.

91. A cute mouse head tattoo

Girls who are fast and crafty can always get a mouse’s head tattooed on their bodies and end up looking plausibly incredible in the process.

92. Symbolic tattoos

Getting one tattoo to symbolize something totally different is without a doubt incredibly thoughtful.

93. A tattoo of a small, red balloon

A small balloon tattoo is not only delicate but feminine in nature.

94. A fly tattoo

It’s not strange for a humorous girl to tattoo a small fly on herself just to show how “fly” or “cool” she is.

95. Maori butterfly tattoo designs

Just like the heart tattoos, butterfly tattoos can also be creatively tweaked in a bid to attain uniqueness, the Maori themed butterfly being just one of the infinite ideas.

96. The crescent moon with a face

You can get a crescent moon with a face tattooed either on your ankle or wrist. As simple as it may seem, this tattoo will always stand out no matter how tiny it may be.

97. The Cheshire cat tattoo designs

Whether you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland or not, getting this small tattoo on any part of your body will always look hilarious.

98. Forest tattoo designs for girls

Forest tattoo designs are perfect for girls who love nature - and trees in particular.

99. The Celtic triskelion tattoos

Getting a Celtic triskelion tattoo on the leg wouldn’t be such a bad idea especially if you’re intrigued by the ancient Celtic culture.

100. The multicolored flock of birds in flight

The multicolored flock of birds in flight tattoo is the perfect choice for girls who love birds and color. This design looks extremely good either on your back, chest, leg or wrists.


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As mentioned much earlier, there are plenty of delicate tattoos that girls can rock and look extremely good and effortlessly so. Therefore, it is important to always take your time to ensure that the design you find is without a doubt the perfect fit for you. In the event that you are spoilt for choice, then asking your tattooist for help shouldn’t be such a bad idea – assuming that the tattooist in question is as experienced as he or she is insanely talented!