15 Foods And Diet Supplements That Will Help Decrease Estrogen

Lack of sleep and high stress can contribute to high estrogen but there are quite a few natural diets and foods supplements that can help decrease estrogen.

By Annabel Crystal
15 Foods And Diet Supplements That Will Help Decrease Estrogen

Natural Diet And Food Supplements That will help decrease estrogen

There are quite a few natural diets and foods supplements that can help decrease estrogen. Lack of sleep and high stress can contribute to an increase in estrogen. High estrogen levels can contribute to a high risk level of ovarian cancer and breast cancer. These vitamins will also completely get rid of your symptoms. 

Therefore, eating the right foods, sleeping as much as possible, and taking the right diet supplements can contribute to helping to lower your estrogen levels. Supplements can be hard to reach and understand so here is a breakdown of exactly what you need! In general, B vitamins, zinc, omegas, green tea, magnesium, selenium and melatonin are the top contributors to help decrease estrogen. As a high estrogen sufferer myself, I can relate and know what can help decrease the symptoms of increased estrogen levels.

The top 15 foods and diet supplements that will help decrease estrogen are the following

  1. Female Hormone Balance drops  - which includes only natural ingredients 
  2. Goop: High School Genes 
  3. Hum: Moody Bird Vitamins 
  4. Ritual - developed for women’s wellness in mind! a combination of K2, Vitamin D3, B12, boron, iron, vitamin e, magnesium, folate, and omega-3. basically the bad boy of all vitamin pills, no need for 12 separate pills. Just take 1! 
  5. Natural Stacks - Seratonin & Dopamine - your mental health is tied directly to everything else. Both of these supplements are very high in all B’s. Which I take Dopamine in the AM for a natural mental boost, and Seratonin at night to calm me down. I notice that both these supplements really kick in during my PMS stage - they definitely calm me down on so many levels. 

Vitamins in combination with the right foods will help eliminate and reduce your symptoms from high estrogen.

@ritual essential women’s multi-vitamin review: . . These vitamins have literally changed my life. I am on day 31 and I could not recommend them enough! My mood has improved exponentially, my skin is glowing, my lashes are growing, and I feel more clear, calm, and collected than I have in YEARS. I’m not sure if I can attribute all of these benefits to @ritual, but I’m pretty damn positive that taking these vitamins has a lot to do with it! I have started seeing some weight loss on the scale, only about 5 lbs this month but I haven’t seen a loss in a long time! I am even planning on talking to my doctor about starting the process of weening off the anti anxiety medication I’ve been on since 2012, so if that doesn’t prove that these vitamins are a game changer, I don’t know what will! This is not a paid advertisement btw, just my true honest opinion. . . #ritual #womensmultivitamin #wellness #womenswellness #womenshealth #ritualvitamins #highlyrecommend #multivitamin #review #health #wellness #balance #cristasplate #fooddiary

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Foods & home remedies to help decrease estrogen levels

There are plenty of foods & at home remedies to help decrease estrogen levels. If you have a medical reason - you could receive B12 shots and hormone therapy from your doctor to help you decrease your estrogen. So if your levels are severe enough and unmanageable through these tips, definitely see a doctor. I am not a doctor! So go see what they say ! There are hormone tests that you can take that can check your levels of estrogen.

This next suggestion is a tough one, since high levels of B vitamins are in very dark leafy foods, I recommend going vegan & gluten free, yikes! I know, it is hard to digest and you probably don’t want to because food is so enjoyable. But, if you practice developing and cooking highly flavorful vegan & gluten free food, then your body will notice a difference. If you are already vegan and gluten free and are ready for the next level - eat RAW food to help with your estrogen! This means not to cook any of your vegetables and basically just eat salads all day err day ! It’s much harder especially if you love a warm meal. Maybe just do this in the summer? Green foods are nutritional, not just for pleasure.

Last but definitely not least - believe it or not, a little self care goes a long way. Taking a 20 minute bath in epsom salt - which is high in magnesium, can contribute to balancing you out! Work out! Working out releases endorphins which make you happy - happiness lowers stress and therefore your estrogen! Life is cyclical , just go with it. Self care can definitely help to reduce your symptoms from high estrogen.

The strongest vegetables to help decrease estrogen

Leafy greens and food can help decrease estrogen because they are high in B12, Iron, and all of the necessary minerals to help keep estrogen down. It is also the most natural method, which your body can easily process to give you the best results.

The best Cruciferous foods to consume to reduce high estrogen should be at least 50% of your diet! Yes, make the change! You can do it!!

  1. Brocolli, duh. 
  2. Spinach, double duh.
  3. Kale, triple duh
  4. Asparagus
  5. Artichokes
  6. Avocados! Yay! Bet you didn't think so
  7. Sugar Snap Peas - so delicious!
  8. Cauliflower
  9. Cabbage
  10. Bok Choy
  11. Collard Greens
  12. Turnips
  13. Rutabagas
  14. Shiitake Mushrooms

Keep the sugary vegetables down - carrots are very high in sugar! Also, being more natural in general, and not allowing chemicals into your body will also help - did you know sugar, salt & white flour are BLEACHED?! Yup, go organic. You do not want that junk in your system. The junk can even be contributing to your high estrogen levels because it needs the healthy food to keep it down.

If you think you don’t like these vegetables, trust me, once you constantly consume them you will begin to crave them. You will surprise yourself! If you go vegan - let’s say for 30 days, and then go back to “real” foods - you will start to notice and pick up on the chemical flavors that you probably didn't notice before. So many reasons to go vegan, but that’s for another article. 

Being a vegan and eating a ton of vegan foods are the cleanest way to live - you will notice a higher level of energy and less bloating and digestive issues, and can reduce your estrogen levels naturally.  So there are even more benefits to being vegan than just helping to decrease your estrogen. If you eat correctly, you can even reduce your cholestorol, your blood pressure, and even your sugar levels in addition to your estrogen. Diabetes patients have seen major improvements from turning to a vegan lifestyle. You will also find yourself needing to reach out to your supplements less, becuase you will be obtaining your vitamins, that will help reduce estrogen, more from real foods . So let all foods be a catalyst to heal you from your high estrogen levels.