100 CRAZY Beautiful Face Tattoos You'll Want As Well

It has been proven time and again that most females look incredibly cute with face tattoos. Therefore, here are some of the top 100 designs you can choose from:

By Auntrone89
100 CRAZY Beautiful Face Tattoos You'll Want As Well

100 cute face tattoos for females

Truth be told, there’re plenty of cute face tattoos that not only look incredibly hot on a female’s face but also have a plethora of personalized meanings. Some of these rather cute facial tattoos for women include the following:

1. The kanji face tattoos

Simply put, women who wear cute kanji face tattoo designs especially right below the eye always look badass – period.

2. Little heart face tattoos

Heart tattoo will always look breathtakingly beautiful. Don’t believe me? Well, feel free to check Tumblr or any gallery for design ideas.

3. Ornamental side-face tattoo for females

Ornamental face tattoos, whether temporary or permanent, will always look flawless.

4. Facial stripe tattoos

Facial stripe tattoos are as cute as they are unique.

5. Numerical face tattoos

Different women get adorable facial numerical tattoos for different reasons and meanings.

6. Faith tattoos

The word “faith” can be written in different designs. Feel free to check any gallery for unique ideas.

7. Face snowflake tattoos

Snowflake tattoos can contour a girl’s face effectively regardless of whether it's temporary or permanent.

8. Cross face tattoos

Cross tattoos are among the most popular face tattoos for women.

9. The diamond tattoo and its meaning

Any female rocking a tiny diamond on her face most certainly values herself.

10. The facial line tattoos

Facial line designs are best left for the fierce women.

11. Cute eyebrow dots for females

Any online gallery about eyebrow tattoos looks extremely great on just about any girl.

12. Mandala face tattoos

Irrespective of whether they’re permanent or temporary, you can always count on facial mandala tattoos to properly accentuate your beauty!

13. Face stars tattoos

Stars on a female’s face reflect her self-worth.

14. Over-the-ear ornamental string tattoos

Whether it comes with a personalized meaning or not, over-the-ear ornamental tattoos have a magical way of accentuating one’s beauty rather effortlessly.

15. Multiple mandala tattoos

You can always go for several mandalas on your face and still look flawless.

16. Facial spider tattoos

Spiders will always make cute facial tattoos — period.

17. Facial spider web tattoos

Apart from getting a spider, you can always get the web and still look awesome!

18. The reserved cross tattoos

This tattoo design is reserved for women who aren’t afraid of experimenting.

19. The tiny crown tattoos

These adorable tattoo designs are perfect for queens.

20. A stake to the face tattoo

A stake to the face tattoos often symbolizes sharp and/or smart female.

21. Compass tattoos on the face

Compass tattoos are best left for women seeking direction.

22. An arrow tattoo on the face

Arrow tattoos, more often than not, symbolize focus.

23. Butterfly tattoos on her face

Butterfly tattoos are very cute – period.

24. A rose tattoo

Rope tattoos on the face come with a plethora of meanings.

25. When “vanity” is tatted on her face

Writing “vanity” on your face might point to you being a lover of the good life.

26. Half ear mandala tattoos

Perhaps the best thing about mandala designs is that they can be tweaked into unlimited creative designs and still look flawless.

27. Facial quotes

You can have any meaningful quote tattooed on your face.

28. Facial anchor tattoos

Facial anchor tattoos are beautiful and at the same time are laden with personalized meanings.

29. Rose flower tattoos for females

Apart from having different cute meanings, rose flower tattoos are and will always beautiful.

30. Geometrical symbols

A lot of cute facial tattoo designs are coined from geometrical symbols which goes to show just how beautiful they are.

31. Sanskrit facial tattoos

Sanskrit facial tattoos are often reserved for girls who love traditional texts and fonts.

32. Adorably tiny elephant tattoos

Baby elephants are undeniably cute which explains why they’ll always make the cutest facial tattoos, especially for females.

33. The full face Asian tattoos for elderly females

These cute, full-face Asian tattoos look extremely good, especially for older women.

34. Tribal chin tattoos

You can always put any cute and/or creatively meaningful tattoo on your cheek and end up looking chic – pun intended.

35. Beauty spot tattoos for the females

Females with these cute dots tattooed on their faces will always look beautiful.

36. Eyebrow replacement tattoos

Brow tattoos are reserved for females who find tweaking their eyebrows every morning a daunting task.

37. Chinese lettering tattoos

Chinese letters are beautiful, end of story!

38. Sprout tattoos

Sprouts always make perfect as well as meaningful facial tattoo designs.

39. Inked hairlines for women

The fact that inked hairlines are unique and rare is what makes them beautiful.

40. Cute lady berg tattoos

Lady bergs are the epitome of cuteness, which automatically makes them awesome facial tattoo ideas.

41. Crescent moon facial tattoos

A colorful crescent moon not only makes cute face tattoo ideas for women but also comes in a plethora of impressively unique designs.

42. Batman symbol tattoos

Females who love Batman can have his symbol tatted on their faces and look badass.

43. The crying crescent

Instead of getting the normal (read boring) crescent moon, you can get a tad bit creative and draw a crying face on it.

44. The Maori facial patch

Maori tattoo designs are and will always be awesome no matter where you choose to have them inked.

45. Teardrop tattoos

Apart from having an obvious significance, teardrop tattoos are often beautiful especially if done properly.

46. Jawline quotes

Feel free to have your relevant quotes tattooed along your jawlines and look extremely gorgeous while you’re at it.

47. Eagle face tattoos

An eagle is a symbol of unmatched strength and focus.

48. A tiny tortoise

The tiny tortoise tattoo signifies wisdom or intelligence.

49. Birds in flight tattoos

You can get a “birds in flight” facial tattoo since a single bird tattoo is too mainstream.

50. Lippie tattoos for girls

Pick one of the countless lip tattoo designs and rock it with pride.

51. Feather tattoos

Feather tattoos are beautiful and also come with a plethora of personalized designs and meanings.

52. Biomechanical face tattoos for girls

You can always count on biomechanical tattoos to always look flawless on any female.

53. Bee tattoos

Bee tattoos often symbolize beauty & industriousness.

54. Pet portraits

Pet portrait tattoos are strictly for reminiscence purposes.

55. Icon portraits

You can have your icon’s portrait tattooed on the side of your face.

56. Clown tattoos

Girls get clowns tattooed on their faces for a whole lot of reasons – none of which I’m aware of, to be honest.

57. Skull face

Only bold girls can have their faces morphed into a lifelike skull using ink and a needle.

58. Grasshopper tattoos

Grasshopper tattoos symbolize a learner or willingness to learn.

59. Unicorn tattoos

Unicorn tattoos often symbolize beauty, purity, and uniqueness.

60. ‘Thorn on the face’ tattoos

All thorn tattoos are incredibly creative.

61. Infinity tattoos

Nothing says “eternity” more than a cute, infinity tattoo on a girl’s face.

62. Werewolf tattoos

Werewolf tattoos are strictly for tough girls.

63. ‘The floating cloud’ tattoos

All floating cloud tattoos look flawlessly cute, especially on girls.

64. Ancient coin tattoo

Ancient coin tattoos look hot on girls who love history. 

65. Rainbow tattoos on the face

Rainbow tattoos are and will always be adorable.

66. The little red fox tattoo

The little red fox tattoo design is perfect for crafty/witty girls.

67. The smiling emoji

A smiling emoji symbolizes a happy person.

68. A centaur facial tattoo

Centaur tattoos are deemed perfect for girls who are intrigued by everything mythical.

69. A fly tattoo

Fly tattoos are often reserved for girls with a twisted sense of humor.

70. The little horse tattoo

Horse tattoos have traditionally been used to symbolize grace and power.

71. Single letter tattoo

Single letter tattoos always bear a personal meaning.

72. Sword tattoos

Sword tattoos often symbolize fearlessness.

73. Fish tattoos

Fish tattoos act as a symbol of elegance and beauty.

74. Hourglass tattoos

Hourglass tattoos often bear a plethora of personalized meanings.

75. A raining cloud tattoo

You can always count on a raining cloud to accentuate your beauty.

76. Snake tattoos

Snake tattoos, especially on the face, are best left for the bold women.

77. Iconic face tattoos

Feel free to have the word “iconic” tattooed across your face.

78. Clawed tattoos

Animal claws make badass tattoo designs, period!

79. Cherub tattoos

Cherub tattoos often symbolize purity, love, and innocence.

80. Floral tattoo designs

Flowers will always make breathtaking facial tattoos.

81. Constellation tattoos

Constellation tattoos on a girl’s face are as cute as they are intriguing.

82. Rosary tattoos

Rosary tattoo is the perfect choice for religious girls.

83. Ribbon tattoos

To cut a long story short, a girl can never go wrong with a cute ribbon tattooed on her adorable face.

84. The Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus tattoos is perfect for girls who love Egyptian mythology.

85. Cute hieroglyphic symbols

Again, such tattoos are perfect for girls who have a thing for Egyptian mythology.

86. Dragonfly face tattoos

The dragonfly is a totem that carries a lot of different meanings to a whole lot of different people.

87. QRD Code tattoos

Geeky girls can’t go wrong with a small facial QRD Code tattoo on their pretty faces.

88. Mathematical symbols

Almost nothing makes a girl’s face look more complete than a properly placed mathematical symbol tattoo.

89. Elephant calf with an umbrella

Simply put, this design is an overload of cuteness.

90. Bell tattoos

All bell tattoos are cute even without any personalized meanings.

91. Colorful teardrops

Add some color to your regular teardrops and stand out rather effortlessly.

92. Musical symbols

Musical symbol tattoos are perfect for music lovers.

93. A ghost face tattoo

Ghost face tattoos are just the very best.

94. Stick people tattoos

The beauty in stick people tattoos lies within their one-dimensional structures.

95. Facial dice tattoo

Whether they are multicolored or in simple white and black, dice tattoos will always be breathtaking.

96. Pineapple tattoos

Pineapple tattoos symbolize sweetness and good health.

97. Hummingbird tattoos

“Elegant women get elegant hummingbird tattoos.” - Anonymous

98. Bible verse tattoos

Bible verse tattoos are often for reminiscence purposes.

99. Guitar tattoos

Guitar tattoos are perfect for music lovers.

100. Butterflies

Instead of getting one butterfly, try getting two or three butterflies tatted on your face.


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When all is said and done, there will always be plenty of adorable facial tattoo designs that women can rock and look flawless in them. Whether temporary or permanent, you can always count on your facial tattoos to accentuate your beauty rather effectively. Feel free to visit an online gallery such as Tumblr or Instagram for inspiration in the event that you’re running low on ideas.